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With the 2013 NFL Draft now in the rearview mirror, Bama managed to have nine players drafted, a modern day Alabama record. Of course you know about Dee Milliner, Chance Warmack and DJ Fluker going in order in the 1st round, 9th, 10th and 11th, and Eddie Lacy going in the 2nd round to Green Bay.

Other Tide players taken were:

• LB Nico Johnson to the Chiefs (2nd pick of round 4, 99th overall)
• OL Barrett Jones to the Rams (16th pick of round 4, 113th overall)
• DL Jesse Williams to the Seahawks (4th pick of round 5, 137th overall)
• DL Quinton Dial to the 49ers (24th pick of round 5, 157th overall)
• TE Michael Williams to the Detroit Lions (5th pick of round 7, 211th overall)

Three more Alabama players announced free-agent signings on their Twitter accounts Saturday evening. Safety Robert Lester signed with the Carolina Panthers, defensive end Damion Square to the Philadelphia Eagles and long snapper Carson Tinker agreed to terms with the Jacksonville Jaguars.

So what about Barrett Jones?

What the heck, NFL?
For the love of everything good and green, how in the world could Barrett Jones be picked so low? Jones was…get this..the 20th offensive lineman taken in this year’s draft. How is that even possible?

Jones is a three-time national champion, starting at different positions along the line in each of those three seasons. A unanimous All-American in 2011 and 2012, Jones is a leader, not likely to be caught with a hooker or capping somebody in the hood. The highly decorated lineman has won the Wuerffel, Outland, Jacobs, William V. Campbell and Rimington Trophies. But somehow Valdosta State’s Edmund Kugbila was taken ahead of him. Jones edged James Madison’s Earl Watford by just three selections.

Here’s the bottom line. NFL teams looking for new players are like people shopping for used cars. Every facet of a player’s history and game are taken into account before dollars are allotted to acquiring him. Basically, if there was a “Car Fax” for football players, the NFL would have it. One critique I heard of Jones was that he has “short arms,” as if the highly decorated Bama star is a T-Rex or something.

Look, I get it NFL scouts. You think you know more than all the committees who picked Barrett Jones to All-SEC and All-America teams, and all those who tapped him as the nation’s premiere offensive lineman, lining his trophy case in process. And you think you know more than the game’s most powerful coach, Alabama head coach Nick Saban.


One thing is for sure…Auburn sure ain’t busting out NFL prospects.

These eagles had more NFL selections than the War Eagles.
Hear that recruits? Wanna make it into the NFL? You can’t get there by way of Lee County, Alabama.

If you want to play on Sundays, if you go to Auburn you have about as much chance as the Toomer’s Corner Oaks springing forth from the poisoned soil this morning, in resurrection fashion. And now that the Gus Bus is back in town, with his dipsy-doo, trickeroo offense, that fact ain’t changing.

Auburn offered up just one player in this year’s draft, Corey Lemonier taken in the 4th by San Francisco. It was the second consecutive year the Tiggers have managed one whole player among the 254 taken. Amazingly, no one wanted Onterio McCalleb, who set SEC records for his ability to sprint out of bounds.

Here is a short list of schools who had more players taken in this year’s draft than Auburn:

1. Eastern Washington
2. Portland State
3. Rice
4. Nevada
5. Vanderbilt
6. Appalachian State
7. Florida International
8. LaTech
9. San Jose State

So ever since Cam Newton took a pay cut to come out early in 2011, in the 1st round alone Bama has tripled the amount of players than Auburn has had picked in the entire field of selection. Yep, good job Carl Lawson. We know what got you there, and it wasn’t the thought of an NFL future. Maybe you just join Navid Nousel in believing in Auburn. Yeah, that’s it.

Bama in another NIT
Finally, this week Tide head basketball coach announced that Alabama would be playing in next year’s preseason NIT tournament, along with Duke and Arizona. That’s all Alabama needs: Another NIT tournament.

With the losses of Moussa Gueye and Trevor Lacey, another post-season in the NIT looks to be on the horizon. The early NIT tournament is actually a prestigious tournament to be a part of. The later one, well, we just call that the post-season at Alabama.

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28 thoughts on “How could Barrett Jones be picked so low in this year’s draft? The answer is in your Sunday Cup Of Coffee”

  1. barrett jones: you would have thought rumors of drug use were out there or something. maybe he would have been picked higher if rumors of drug use WERE out there.

    don’t know if you saw the anthony grant presser but it would be interesting to get a second cup from you this morn.

    the company line now is that it’s not my fault. (grant) not lacey’s either.

    meet the parents. trevor’s dad is a thug and both are trying to exploit him for NBA riches and blah blah blah.

    from where i sit, the presser was damage control to stem the perception that grant’s losing control of the program.

    to his credit, he was obviously fighting the crud (i know, i am too) and handled himself well in the crossfire of some of the more intelligent questions i’ve heard from the mainstream sport media in alabama in some time.

    some are saying that end of the season pressers like this are common but i just can’t get past feeling somebody got to him, like maybe our new AD, and told him he was getting his panties tightened up in the press and the fan base is grumbling and he better say something to stem the bleeding.

    (and you know our b’ball program has to be getting pounded on the recruiting trail over all this. Lacey was only his signature recruit after being a two-time Alabama Mr. Basketball. now, for whatever reason, he’s jumped ship. and recruiters from other schools don’t care what the reason is, they’l happily fill in the blanks.)

  2. Wow, I try to give the benefit of the doubt to fans that diss other schools unnecessarily, but you’ve done a fine job of finding an irrelevant way to show your small-minded hatred of Auburn for no other reason than just your own need for triumph. Bravo.

    1. You could have just said “not likely to be caught capping somebody” and left it at that. But you purposely, assuming you do write with purpose which I know may be a stretch, added “in the Hood”. Were you making a racial comment ITK because Jones is white? If not then explain why you added “in the Hood” because it not like people getting capped outside of the hood “never happens” either.

      As Ricky Ricardo might say, ITK I think you have some “splainin to do” or otherwise people will think you are a racist based on that comment.

      1. “Splainin to do”? is that some type of racial insult suggesting that Latinos arent capable of proper pronunciation?

        1. No Yellowhammer, that is a quote from a very popular television show caled l “I Love Lucy”, that was made by an actual Latino, Ricky Ricardo. So I doubt he was making “some type of racial insult suggesting that Latinos arent capable of proper pronunciation”. Seeing how he was a latino himself.

          But I’ll give you a pass Yellowhammer for not knowing all of this, since you probably didn’t have television or possibibly even electricity in your backwoods redneck bama home when I Love Lucy was on television.

          1. But nice attempt Yellowhammer at trying to deflect away from ITK’s racial statement.

          2. First of all, you talk as if you are a fan of the show. I can only assume you found humor in the half witted antics but obviously ignored or simply didnt understand the life messages of intergrity, morals and high standards that was adored by millions of fans including myself. Secondly Desi Arnaz did not come onto this blog and purposely misspell a word in an attempt to recreate an accent that you obviously find humorous. That was you, and it was lame at best. Thirdly, you should get up with another flamer who ferquents this blog by the name of Hoo(some of my best friends are black) pie. It seems the both of you would have similar opinions on several different levels.

          3. You are correct about one thing Yellowhammer, Desi Arnaz did not come onto this second rate blog and purposely misspell a word in an attempt to recreate an accent, he went a national television show seen by millions of people and pronounced those same words with the exact accent I recreated with the way I spelled them, which you obvioulsy got based on your comments. And if you think my spelling attempt to recreate Desi Arnaz’s accent was “lame at best”, let’s see your spelling attempt to create that phrase in Desi’s Accent smartass. Yea I know you’ll come up with some other smartass comment why you want do it, but the FACT will be that my spelling was spot on and you can’t do it any other way. Right redneck?

            And you should be more careful about quickly jumping to wrong conclusions for which you have no bases for making.

            But all of this was just an attempt for you to deflect and not to respond to my point about ITK’s racial comment. What’s your opinion on ITK’s non-racial comment that I am trying desperately to make racial?

            But I will give you credit for responding, that’s more that ITK will do, even though we both know he reads every post on here.

          4. LMAO, you are a special kind of idiot.

            Hey, quick question. Do you think Auburn will score against ‘Bama this year? I don’t, but I’m interested in your opinion. There isn’t a single player on Auburn’s team that’s ever done it. Not even a kicker. So tell me, whatcha think?

          5. ITK I guess it takes a rea l”genius” like you to demonstrate how smart he is by calling someone else a name such as “a special kind of idiot”. The world is full of geniuses like you who, when they can’t intelligently defend thier statements or opinions, simply resort to calling people names.

            I called your statement racial because you purposely added “in the hood” to the end of a statement where is was not necessary to communicate the point you were trying to make regarding Jones’ character. Obviously Tony Campbell also had an issue with your statement, so I am not the only one as you tried to infer in another post by saying “nobody thinks that statement was what you think it was” in another post. And then you are just laughable when everybody knows clearly what you were inferring when you said in the hood, yet you later make the “intelligent” comment “Hoods are made up of all races.”

            And as for as your question in your last post, my opinion is I couldn’t care less if Auburn scores against bama this year or not. That game doesn’t mean shyt to me. Just that question alone shows how small minded you are.

  3. I am really stunned that a lineman with the pedigree of Jones went so low. But to be honest a lot of NFL teams know he is a premeire OL and probably wanted to wait him out for the money his agent would demand. He was a steal for the Rams. Something tells me he won’t be that cheap when it is time to renegotiate his contract. Either way. He will play on Sunday somewhere. And he will be one of the great NFL lineman. He has won everything else he could. I expect to see him playing in an All star game in the next 4 years.

  4. Yes, it is true. Auburn is the new Leper in the NFL draft. Luckily, everyone who plays an offensive position knows that most NFL offensive coordinators get wet in the pants for a former “dipsy-doo trickeroo” player.
    Here is a word of advice. If you cannot stand in the pocket and make a good throw under pressure. You probably wont go high in the NFL draft. If you are a RB who is used to running into the gaps of a spread and not a pro set. You probably wont go high in the draft either. (If at all)
    And if you have been through Auburn’s program which has been viewed nationally as out of control. Well Jeez….What can you expect.

  5. Onterio McCanada will be fine in the CFL.He is the most under-rated player in the draft. I mean C”MON! According to Track’em Tigers and that Jew Goldberg, McCanada runs a 3.2 second 40 yard dash.Phillip Marshall has him a 2.9 seconds.

  6. I remember after Cam-Daddy left. I was utterly devastated.. Because Cam used to **** me in my *** until I could not ****. I cried for days missing Cam. He was truly a fine Auburn man. I almost commited *******. I went to bed and the next ***. Onterio **** me in and **** **** to me over and over. He has a nice sized **** and can **** **** * *****l
    Stop hatin’ on my Onny!!!!!

    * This post has been sent from a computer on the Auburn University wireless Network.All content within has been seen and censored in a way that is in covenant with our Creed.

  7. Jesus *******Christ Kristi!!! SHUT THE **** UP. !!!

    * This post has been sent from a computer on the Auburn University Wireless Network.All content within has been seen and censored in a way that is in covenant with our Creed.

  8. Don’t Ya’ll make me come own there!!!!

    * This post has been sent from a computer on the Auburn University Wireless Network.All content within has been seen and censored in a way that is in covenant with our Creed.

  9. I thought I’d actually get an answer.

    The one thing I do know about the NFL is I don’t know the NFL.

    I don’t understand the NFL.

    I know the NFL is money. I understand that. I don’t have a problem with that, either. The Raiders don’t have to be good (for a decade) to sell tickets (why LA has two basketball teams and two baseball teams but no football teams is kinda weird, but they still have a ton of Raiders fans there buying merchandise and painting their lawns silver and gold).

    But the football? I dunno. I don’t get it. The sport in the NFL is often amazing, but also often terrible. The parity of the draft is supposed to help even-out the teams to be more competitive, right? Because for as much as I can’t stand the Charlotte, NC Panthers and as much as I don’t care about the Jaguars, they wouldn’t be pulling first-round talent ever.

    But they’re getting better than top talent in the late rounds?

    So I just don’t get it. Barrett Jones played center….among other things. I’d like to think the NFL teams know he wasn’t just a center, etc.

    But then he gets picked so late, and Lacy and Lattimore go so late, the only thing I undertand about the NFL now is that I still don’t understand (or love) the NFL.

  10. Auburn might not be in the top 10 of all time producers on NFL talent but then again neither is Alabama. See link below. And yes I know the link has not been updated for this year’s draft, but even if it was it wouldn’t change the results very much. For example LSU would still be ahead of Alabama since both schools each had 9 players drafted this year. And bama would still be behind Tenessee since bama would have had to had 23 players drafted in this years draft for them to catch Tennessee.

    According to this list Auburn is in the top 25 of all colleges in terms of producing NFL talent.

    So I guess your statements “Wanna make it into the NFL? You can’t get there by way of Lee County, Alabama” is just a bunch of BS like a lot of the other things you write.

    1. LOL, gotta dig deep for that one. And gotta laugh at the words…

      “Auburn also with….” as in, “Also ran”… which is the kind of program Auburn is.

      1 Hall of Famer, all time Auburn? That’s good. We have 7.

      1. Didn’t have to dig deep at all, the writer of the article did all the digging to present the FACTS. But then you never let the facts get in the way of your comments, especially when discussing Auburn. Like the FACT that your original comments didn’t have any thing to do with the number of Hall of Famers now did it, nor does it have anything to do with the number of players in the pros for a particular school. For example every school ahead of Alabama in numbers of players in the pros has less Hall of Famers than Alabama except for Notre Dame, USC and Pittsburg.

        What a player does once he gets to the pros, and sometimes just a matter of which team he lucky enough to play for is what helps determine if he makes it to the NFL Hall of Fame, NOT what university he came from.
        But nice try in trying to change the subject or argument when the facts don’t support your original comment.

        Now how bout defending your “not likely to be caught capping somebody IN THE HOOD” comment you made. Since I see you chose to respond to this post, but not my earlier one dealing with that comment of yours.

        1. You understand the point of sending so many players to the NFL so early and consistently is what affects many recruits’ decision to go to any school, right? You do understand that’s the point about realizing where the top-tier of talent ends up when everyone knows they are leaving early, correct?
          Isn’t that why Cameron Newton went to Florida in the first place? And you can’t blame him for that, right?

          Or do you think he went to Blinn…and then Auburn…because that was the best path to being picked in the first round of the NFL Draft?

          History is one thing, but college football star careers have always lasted four years or less. Having four years of consistent success sending top talent to the NFL is something recruits actually do care about. I don’t think there are many recruits thinking about going to Auburn and then saying, “wait, look at what happened in 1965 through 1979 with their NFL-drafted players, now I know what to do…”

          1. Bla Bla Bla Conduit.

            But what about ITK’s statement about Barret Jones “not likely to be caught capping somebody IN THE HOOD” ?

          2. Dude, nobody thinks that statement was what you think it was. ‘Hoods are made up of all races. But by all means, keep pounding the dead horse. Lord knows that’s the only thing you’ve ever pounded.

  11. I suppose that part of the previous statemet is right. But then too, Tommy Tuberville ran a more NFL-friendly offense.The transition for the players would have been much easier. As far as defense, I would say Auburn has not had a decent one sinceTuberville left.
    Gene Chizik is not the whole reason for the poor performance in Lee County. So much emphasis is placed on the trick plays, fancy choreography on the sidelines and trying to use smoke and mirrors. i.e. The emphasis on the plan and not the physical execution.

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