How could Barrett Jones be picked so low in this year’s draft? The answer is in your Sunday Cup Of Coffee

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With the 2013 NFL Draft now in the rearview mirror, Bama managed to have nine players drafted, a modern day Alabama record. Of course you know about Dee Milliner, Chance Warmack and DJ Fluker going in order in the 1st round, 9th, 10th and 11th, and Eddie Lacy going in the 2nd round to Green Bay.

Other Tide players taken were:

• LB Nico Johnson to the Chiefs (2nd pick of round 4, 99th overall)
• OL Barrett Jones to the Rams (16th pick of round 4, 113th overall)
• DL Jesse Williams to the Seahawks (4th pick of round 5, 137th overall)
• DL Quinton Dial to the 49ers (24th pick of round 5, 157th overall)
• TE Michael Williams to the Detroit Lions (5th pick of round 7, 211th overall)

Three more Alabama players announced free-agent signings on their Twitter accounts Saturday evening. Safety Robert Lester signed with the Carolina Panthers, defensive end Damion Square to the Philadelphia Eagles and long snapper Carson Tinker agreed to terms with the Jacksonville Jaguars.

So what about Barrett Jones?

What the heck, NFL?

For the love of everything good and green, how in the world could Barrett Jones be picked so low? Jones was…get this..the 20th offensive lineman taken in this year’s draft. How is that even possible?

Jones is a three-time national champion, starting at different positions along the line in each of those three seasons. A unanimous All-American in 2011 and 2012, Jones is a leader, not likely to be caught with a hooker or capping somebody in the hood. The highly decorated lineman has won the Wuerffel, Outland, Jacobs, William V. Campbell and Rimington Trophies. But somehow Valdosta State’s Edmund Kugbila was taken ahead of him. Jones edged James Madison’s Earl Watford by just three selections.

Here’s the bottom line. NFL teams looking for new players are like people shopping for used cars. Every facet of a player’s history and game are taken into account before dollars are allotted to acquiring him. Basically, if there was a “Car Fax” for football players, the NFL would have it. One critique I heard of Jones was that he has “short arms,” as if the highly decorated Bama star is a T-Rex or something.

Look, I get it NFL scouts. You think you know more than all the committees who picked Barrett Jones to All-SEC and All-America teams, and all those who tapped him as the nation’s premiere offensive lineman, lining his trophy case in process. And you think you know more than the game’s most powerful coach, Alabama head coach Nick Saban.


One thing is for sure…Auburn sure ain’t busting out NFL prospects.

These eagles had more NFL selections than the War Eagles.

Hear that recruits? Wanna make it into the NFL? You can’t get there by way of Lee County, Alabama.

If you want to play on Sundays, if you go to Auburn you have about as much chance as the Toomer’s Corner Oaks springing forth from the poisoned soil this morning, in resurrection fashion. And now that the Gus Bus is back in town, with his dipsy-doo, trickeroo offense, that fact ain’t changing.

Auburn offered up just one player in this year’s draft, Corey Lemonier taken in the 4th by San Francisco. It was the second consecutive year the Tiggers have managed one whole player among the 254 taken. Amazingly, no one wanted Onterio McCalleb, who set SEC records for his ability to sprint out of bounds.

Here is a short list of schools who had more players taken in this year’s draft than Auburn:

1. Eastern Washington
2. Portland State
3. Rice
4. Nevada
5. Vanderbilt
6. Appalachian State
7. Florida International
8. LaTech
9. San Jose State

So ever since Cam Newton took a pay cut to come out early in 2011, in the 1st round alone Bama has tripled the amount of players than Auburn has had picked in the entire field of selection. Yep, good job Carl Lawson. We know what got you there, and it wasn’t the thought of an NFL future. Maybe you just join Navid Nousel in believing in Auburn. Yeah, that’s it.

Bama in another NIT
Finally, this week Tide head basketball coach announced that Alabama would be playing in next year’s preseason NIT tournament, along with Duke and Arizona. That’s all Alabama needs: Another NIT tournament.

With the losses of Moussa Gueye and Trevor Lacey, another post-season in the NIT looks to be on the horizon. The early NIT tournament is actually a prestigious tournament to be a part of. The later one, well, we just call that the post-season at Alabama.

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