Erik Murphy scored 15 points and Kenny Boyton added 13 to drive Florida from a second-half deficit to beat Alabama 64-52. The Crimson Tide was up by eight, but Florida put together a 23-5 run over the final ten minutes of the game to defeat Alabama. Trevor Releford led Alabama in scoring with 12 points. Alabama falls to 19-10 and 11-5 with the loss to the Gators.

Most troubling for Tide fans is that Alabama held the eight-point second-half lead with 12:23 on the clock.

Yet, Alabama could not stop a surging Florida team.

It is an unfortunate trend in Alabama basketball.

Fans are left to ponder: “Is this as good as it gets for Alabama basketball?” And “Are we better off today under Anthony Grant than we were four years ago under Mark Gottfried?”

There are no easy answers at this point.

For Alabama to improve on the court, there must be a significant improvement in recruiting. Can this happen given the current state of basketball talent in the region?

It is just one more question for Alabama fans to consider. When Gottfried coached Alabama, the Crimson Tide fielded a more talented roster. Yet, Gottfried failed to attain the high expectations. Today, Alabama has not yet met the expectations created when Anthony Grant was hired.

Will it?

Is the athletic department administration even watching the mens’ or womens’ basketball teams?

5 thoughts on “Alabama Basketball: Tide surrenders second half lead and falls to Florida”

  1. You mean to tell me that Alabama plays basketball? I had no idea. I thought that basketball was the game that so many football players at schools that don’t have an outstanding off-season program would play and get themselves hurt before the season started. Alabama basketball …. who knew?

  2. Alabama is better with Grant as coach!! His offense
    sux’s but defense is his bread and butter, Grant is
    a classy coach who would not get Alabama in trouble
    with the NZAA or make the university look BAD!!

  3. It’s just hard to watch Bama get bludgeoned in foul ratio and continue to go on scoring droughts (scored 5 points in the final 8 minutes) and accept the fact that our coach is making $2 Million annually to get us to the NCAA’s 1 out of 4 years.


  4. Don’t know if we are better, but the female students are safer with Gottfried gone.

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