Siran Stacy was an explosive running back who burst on the scene for the Crimson Tide in 1989. An instant impact player, Stacy’s break away speed and agility made him a two year starter and All-SEC performer.

But it isn’t that ability he’s best known for today. Rather, the former Bama great is better known for sharing a message that gives people hope.

On November 19, 2007, hope was the last thing on the horizon for the athlete from Geneva, AL. When a drunk driver struck Stacy’s family vehicle, just minutes from their home near Dothan, everything good in his life seemed to come to an end.

Tragically, four of Siran Stacy’s children were killed in the accident, along with his wife, Ellen. Only Stacy and his four-year-old daughter, Shelly, would survive.

Stacy’s career in professional football was short-lived, playing just one season with the Philadelphia Eagles and a handful of others in other leagues. But when one looks at the life of a man like Siran Stacy, you see something bigger than him. Something certainly bigger than the game of football.

Preachers are a dime a dozen. It isn’t hard to find a shiny, happy someone on TV promising you the prosperity of 1,000 kingdoms if you will only do A, B or C.

But in Siran Stacy’s life, there is a longevity that simply has to come from another world. His life hasn’t been picturesque. It hasn’t been without pain. And yet, the man is still standing, pointing anyone who will listen to a higher power that sustains him whether at the bottom of life or anywhere inbetween.

The summer following the horrible tragedy, Stacy was asked to share his story with the Meadowbrook Baptist Church in Oxford, AL.

“I could have decided not to come out of it,” Stacy told an overflow crowd that Sunday. “But I came back. I told the devil to get away, and I came back.”

Six years after the accident, Siran Stacy is still ‘coming back.’ In what could and has sunk throngs of others into the depths of despair, Siran Stacy still shares a message of hope and triumph in the midst of incredible personal tragedy.

The significance of this is, tragedy or setback will likely happen to us all sooner or later. But it’s the courage to find something deeper and keep going that should inspire even the most wayward soul. And better yet, give that soul hope.

Siran Stacy finds his strength in a God he says never left him in the midst of unthinkable tragedy. And if his life, courage and testimony are any indication, his God may be something we should all look into.

Stacy speaks to churches, schools and other groups on his faith, his story, and on the subject of drunk driving. According to the schedule on his website, Stacy will be speaking this Sunday at the First Baptist Church of Trussville, AL, with services at 9:15 and 10:45am. If hearing him in person isn’t an option, the church features a live stream of their services here.

Learn more about his ministry and upcoming dates at

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