Reports today surfaced today that Reuben Foster’s father was arrested today in Dania Beach, Florida, an area just north of Miami. It’s there Danny Foster has been on the lam from police, working odd jobs.

Danny Foster has been wanted for shooting an 18-month old Reuben Foster in 1995, and his mother, Anita Berry Paige. The elder Foster was arrested in California in 1996, but managed to escape in December of that year. Danny Foster has been on the run ever since.

Simply put, we as fans have no clue what these young men we follow, root for and hope sign with our schools are going through.

What a triumphant story in the making is Reuben Foster. A little boy betrayed by his sperm donor (I hesitate to call Danny Foster, that piece of trash, a “father”), grows up to become something more than special, accepting the opportunity to receive tutilege from likely the greatest father-figure he could ever ask for.

In three years Reuben Foster will be a millionaire; he is that kind of talent. But in the meantime, Foster just instantly became a fan favorite. America loves an underdog, and nobody embraces a story like Reuben Foster’s like the Bama nation.

Welcome to Tuscaloosa, Reuben. Welcome home.

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