Auburn and Gene Chizik are still ahead of schedule versus Saban and Alabama. The prognosticators who opined the Chizik-Saban parallel and how Chizik was running ahead of Saban’s schedule at Alabama were more correct than they ever knew. Not only did Gene Chizik make a New Year’s Day bowl his first season, make a splash in recruiting, win a national championship in his second season, but now Gene Chizik will get fired before Saban and have his program under serious NCAA sanctions. There is no way Nick Saban could top this trailblazer of a coach.

The biggest news in the Yahoo story is that the NCAA probe is “more widespread than just Robinson.” Forde reported, “According to multiple sources, NCAA investigators have been working for weeks on potential improprieties involving Auburn recruits, players, coaches, representatives of the school’s athletic interests and third parties. Assistant coaches Trooper Taylor and Curtis Luper have been scrutinized by the NCAA, sources said.” reported the NCAA was on campus at Auburn looking into allegations. According to the report, “The NCAA interviewed at least one Auburn assistant football coach and several players on campus this week in a continuing investigation of the signing of former Tigers’ running back Jovon Robinson.” The report also confirms the investigation goes beyond Robinson.

This is a shock to nobody. The taint of cheating has surrounded the program since Tommy Tuberville was forced out by an administration scared of Alabama and football coach Nick Saban. When Auburn hired Trooper Taylor, a person familiar with coaching in the SEC told me that Auburn was going to cheat at an unprecedented level.

And judging by the NCAA’s regular investigation of Auburn’s alleged cheating, who could doubt that information now.

Of course, the biggest joke is all the God talk from Auburn and its football coaches. Topping it off was Chizik’s book released by religious publisher Tyndale House. Chizik’s book All In trumpets how it was all a “God Thing”™ that a 5-19 coach landed the Auburn job. Chizik cited as a reason for his confidence the passage Psalm 33:9-12. Chizik explained that winning the national championship over Orgeon was a “God Thing.” On page 253, he explained the God Thing™ was how his players grew spiritually. He said, “God blessed our team,” (p. 254).

Now all the religious talk appears to be nothing more than hypocrisy.

This is icing on the cake for Alabama fans watching the implosion of Auburn football. Is this the best time ever to be an Alabama fan?

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  1. Sing it with me, “it’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas…”

    Normally I wouldn’t be insensitive, but it’s Iron Bowl week. Die in a fire, Auburn. Trooper Taylor is as good of a leader as Cam Newton. Your face is a turd. Auburn sucks. Neener. NEVER AGAIN.

  2. Normally, I would have some compassion for Auburn and their implosion.

    However, the “6 finger” deal pretty much removed any compassion I had for the Auburn team and their fans.

    I hope they are the next SMU.

  3. Well, thank you, Capstone, for this completely non-biased, never-hitting-below-the-belt, lovely objective journalism! I especially like the part where you discuss how Chizik uses his religious beliefs to support his team (how horrible of him!)…and that YOU think he’s just a hypocrite, when it has not even been shown by the investigation that he has any part in all of this! …and even if he does, that does not prove he is “faking” his whole religious belief system. Way to use absolutely no logical fallacies in your piece, too…let’s see…slippery slope (“the implosion of Auburn football”), post hoc, ergo propter hoc (“Now all the religious talk appears to be hypocrisy”), Ad Hominem (the ENTIRE “God talk” paragraph), fallacious appeal to authority (“a person familiar with coaching in the SEC told me”). Solid, solid journalism.

    1. This is an opinion piece, so it isn’t reporting a story, but rather this is analysis.

      As for your critique, meh. There is no appeal to authority since I am simply repeating what was told to me by a source. The comment illustrates how people in the business of college football view Trooper Taylor. That isn’t an appeal to authority, that is a statement of fact that should be viewed in light of the anonymity of the source.

      The entire God Thing paragraph is representative of what I think about how people at Auburn use God. I think they are full of shit. Especially when the religious zealots like Chizik and Malzahn and their wives behaved so Christlike in their treatment of Paul Finebaum on his visit in 2009 to the Plains. Didn’t Jesus bitch at his rivals? Oh wait, no. He didn’t.

      As for the post hoc comment, errm, see, in the real world time moves in one direction. Someone claims to be a Christian and then we judge that claim based upon the life they live, the way the conduct themselves, etc. So, how do we judge if someone is all talk or serious about living a Christian life? I’d say we judge based on what Jesus said, what type of fruit they bear.

      What fruit has Auburn and Chizik and the Family brought forth? NCAA investigations. A transcript that Auburn sent in that is MUCH different from what other schools submitted.

      Yeah, those are the fruits of what appears to be a hypocrite.

      As for slippery slope, what are you talking about? I think it is clear that Auburn football has imploded. It is at a historic low.

      1. Amen Cappy. And don’t forget too on that resume is a laundry list of arrests, fights and behavior completely foreign to Galatians 5, the passage that illustrates the behavior that a life truly following Christ will bestow.

        Use of the God card for convenience and PR is as dispiccable as godlessness itself. And no, that’s NOT a “God” thing.

  4. Well, good, because it doesn’t even come close to being journalism at all. Nice attitude, neanderthal.

  5. Hard for barners to believe that hypocrites is how they are viewed by every other fan base in the SEC and the country when they are so confident of their righteousness. Makes it so much more enjoyable to watch them burn down their program not to mention their treesp

  6. Could this investigation have anything to do with Cheesesticks contract? If the ncaa is nosing around the football program, the Dyes and Jacobs would save millions by firing ol Chizic for just cause….. that is if this rag of a newspaper I just read has any crediability which I have some doubt…….. RTR

    1. To go on probation, lose schollys as well as post season play/ticket sales would cost millions more than a crummy 7.5 to oust the chiz. I heard that theory yesterday and laughed because for that to be true means the incompetence level in the athletic dept. is far worse than previously known. That is simply barner babble trying to spin some positive from this debacle.

  7. My brother made a good point about this investigation yesterday.

    He said it’s easier to fire a coach under NCAA scrutiny than for simply a bad record in a terrible year. If they fired Chizik a month ago, what difference does it make? A $4.5 million difference, at least.

    But with a pending NCAA investigation (that Auburn at least knew something about since they elected to take Trooper off the recruiting trail five weeks ago with no public explanation) it makes a lot more sense why they still have Chizik today through all of the “pending” investigations and into the real thing, and why they probably won’t have Chizik Monday.

    It also means Malzahn, who I thought might be Auburn’s next head coach, won’t be Auburn’s next head coach. He was a part of what the investigation is alleging, so Auburn doesn’t have a choice with Malzahn anymore, for better or worse.

    We laugh at the investigation, and well, screw it, it’s Auburn, we should laugh. But anyone who again thinks it isn’t serious is ignoring the severity of the program’s relationship with the NCAA.

    I forget the names of the people my brother mentioned who put their names on the line during the last investigations (which seemingly have to be mentioned as not being part of any new investigations every time an article mentions the NCAA and Auburn). I’m not going to argue the Newton thing, Auburn won, let it go. But the point is those NCAA investigators were pissed, and they publically said so, including directly to Auburn’s Gene Chizik in a live press conference.

    Witch hunt? I disagree, but I understand the argument at least. Completely regardless of that, however, Auburn simply didn’t quit being Auburn. They can’t. Why would they? It’s worked, for the most part. So I understand it.

    But what I can’t be is surprised by it. And what nobody should do is underestimate how pissed the investigators were and how scrutinous have been since. I think it’s going to be a bigger deal than we realize right now, and it’s going to happen quickly, maybe even as soon as early next week.

    Bury ’em. It’s Auburn. Roll Tide.

  8. From the man who gave us such gems as Do What We Do, We Allin, and Happy Happy Fambly, we now have “No Comment.” LMAO

  9. Make no mistake, Auburn University and its fans are getting EXACTLY what they DESERVE. Trolls such as Hoopie and Finebaum Junkie can choke on this too, when they’re not choking on each other’s cock!:)

        1. Oh I didn’t read where you get to skip the SEC championship game and go directly to the National Championship game, that must only be in your classless mind where those rules apply. LMAO

          1. Reading comprehension skills would do you some good. Follow me…

            If we beat Georgia we get to play Notre Dame for the National Championship, therefore we are in the running to PLAY FOR THE NC. Georgia is also PLAYING FOR THE NC. Both teams in the SEC Championship game is PLAYING FOR THE NC.

            Why are you so stupid?

          2. “Playing for a 3rd NC in 4 years” does not equal “we are in the running to PLAY FOR THE NC”- you dumb gump.

            And Georgia is not “PLAYING FOR THE NC”, they are playing for a chance to play in the NC game.

            The only part you got right in your response to me was “IF YOU BEAT GEORGIA” you get “TO PLAY FOR THE NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP”

            It’s not my reading comprhension skills, it’s your thinking skills.

      1. … and Bama effectively eliminated any hope for LSU getting a chance at anything this season. But wow. Congratulations on winning nailbiters against Auburn, Ole Miss and Arkansas this year. You all can wear those ‘3rd in the SEC West’ rings proudly.

  10. Aparently this is the typical bama web page where your say random shit to make your self feel better. bama fans probably have the worst class of anyone and when nick Sabin is under investigation at the end of this year y’all will be crying. So get over your selves and quit acting like your 5.

    1. Do you normally come to a rival fans site after a beat down? (and using the phrase “beat down” is being kind……a new word or phrase needs to be invented to describe what happened yesterday)

      Also, you need to come up with some new talking points. Every Auburn fan has been saying the same thing since Nick Saban took over. It losing its substance.

    1. “butt fucking and cock sucking” must be an obsession of bama fans because none of them can seem to make a comment on this site without those words. The teabagger didn’t have a chance, look at the kind of people he surounded himself with.

  11. Truth, the butthurt racist:

    Using the same logic you applied to Bama’s victory over LSU where team’s dreams come to die, LSU really lost…you know, even though Bama dominated last yr in T-Town, using your logic, we won

  12. “The Teabagged” not the “Teebagger.” If you blame a whole fanbase for the actions of ONE, you’ll probably profile every black man as a thief or derelict based on the actions of ONE in the community. Isn’t that right, “The Truth?” why don’t you call me the ‘N’ word again like you did last year?

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