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  1. RE: joining Chabad must be a case of out of the fniyrg pan, into the ! ~ me, aboveEXCERPT (01/10/08) :Ite28099s just been announced that Madonna spends 120,000 dollars a year one280a6.WATER!!!! Please reread that sentence for the full effect. Yes mam, The Queen Of Pop (not the drink, the music) spends almost 10,000 dollars a month on special Kabbalah-blessed water for her and her clan. And whate28099s the price tag on this special e2809cholye2809d water? 5 dollars for each small bottle.SOURCE e28093 EXCERPT (10/29/08):Madonnae28099s plan to ensure all of her children get an express ticket to Jewish-lite heaven was to fill her indoor home swimming pool with Kabbalah water.This would have gone nicely with the bench press she found near the Dome of the Rock, the pull-up bar she bought at a Southern Baptist community auction, and the sauna she made from the inside-out skulls of over a dozen Lucifarians.The Kabbalah water in the pool e28093 well thate28099s actually true. She was gonna stand there with millions of imported plastic bottles and dump each individual one into the deep end until it was at least semi-swimmable.Not any more though. Now shee28099s just getting divorced e28093 and Guy Ritchie has decided that whatever pours out of his green garden hose is probably good enough. Thate28099s why he just canceled her weird, massive water order. . . SOURCE e28093

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