Last season was the first time I noticed it. Football players wearing pink on Saturdays and Sundays. It may have happened in years past, but the first time I recall seeing it was the fall of 2011.

First it was wristbands. Then hand towels. Then cleats. Then the officials’ whistles and hats. Then the goalpost cushions. And of course the breast cancer awareness ribbon painted on the field.

Then, I’ll never forget being in Gainsville last year for the ‘Bama-Florida game, watching college football in a restaurant outside the stadium leading up to kick-off. And there it was: Indiana University had traded their white interlocking IU logo on the side of their helmets for a pink one.

Let me repeat, a team actually substituted the color pink on its uni’s for the standard issued, university sanctioned white. One small step for man, one giant leap for the political correctness insanity that is bringing our country to its knees.

Now here’s the deal, before you react, let’s get something straight. I realize what all the pink fuss is about. It’s about raising awareness for breast cancer, the second most common form of cancer in women. Early detection is key, and women need to be reminded to have mammograms and/or check themselves regularly.

Going deeper, who doesn’t like boobies? Show me. Show me the person out there, man or woman, that is FOR breast cancer? Show me the person out there that is anti-boobs. Boobies are a wonderful gift that the good Lord bestowed upon mankind, and saving the lives of women is definitely a worthwhile endeavor.

But for the love of everything good, do I HAVE to watch Monday Night Football and see receivers in pink gloves? Do I have to see the Chicago Bears coaching staff in pink hats? Is there a single life that will be saved because Matte Forte is wearing a pink chin strap?

Look, I get it. Football is a man’s sport, watched primarily by…surprise…men. So inundate men with this ridiculous pink exercise every October so they’ll get involved with the effort. But hey, men don’t have unlimited access to boobies anyway. If you don’t believe me, go home from work today and institute your own unannounced “check” on your wife. You’ll be met with lots of things, none of which are warm and receptive to your concern.

Now, by the same token, I believe pink DOES have a place in football, but it should be used as a punishment. For instance, the entire Arkansas Razorback football team should have to wear pink for their play this season. And if Auburn loses to them this Saturday, the Tigers should have to don the pink. And Cam Newton, for all his pouting and childish behavior, should have to wear a pink helmet, signifying the pusskit that he truly is…though I don’t think he would mind it:

But getting back, what I’m saying is, of all the things on TV, the majority of which are geared toward women, can’t we leave football alone? Isn’t HGTV the place to drench in pink? Isn’t every drama on network TV geared toward the fairer sex? Shouldn’t Pinterest be the proper target online?

Men like women. Men like their boobies. And men want women to take the natural precautions necessary to remain healthy and be who God created them to be.

But dangit, please stop the madness and quit with the pink in football. Today I sound the drum. Please…please…leave the political correctness at the turnstyle and let one of man’s last remaining possessions remain manly. Hasn’t America been feminized enough?

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73 thoughts on “Please stop with all the pink in football”

  1. For me, it’s the money.

    Take football alone——–how much money goes into pink shoes and helmets and gloves and jock straps that COULD have gone towards actually doing something to research breast cancer treatment?

    Nevermind that more people get colon cancer. Maybe we should have a month where everyone wears brown ribbons with a little red on the tip.

    The Komen foundation does a lot of good. They also spend an awful lot of money on waste. A pink banner on the scores wouldn’t cost money and would raise awareness.

    But pink shoes cost money and look ridiculous.

    1. Conduit, let me buy you lunch sometime. Your thinking is just downright scary, because it’s so practical…and correct. Something missing in today’s day and age. Spot on, friend.

  2. not that it’s a surprise, but what a terrible, thoughtless, ignorant & absolutely unneccesary article. put a name behind this if you have so much to say. any chance to raise awareness isn’t a waste. you ought to be ashamed.

    1. I COMPLETELY AGREE! This is appalling! Apparently this IDIOT doesn’t realize men can have breast cancer too!!! What a shame he was allowed to write this!

    2. Well, I’m not because pink cleats and wristbands don’t do anything but make pricks like you feel like they’ve done something.

      The article has nothing to do with the seriousness of breast cancer, just questions why the game we love has to be thrown up upon by the color pink, with bullies like you ready to jump on anyone who questions it.

      Last I heard we still had the freedom of speech to think what we want. Since you’re obviously an Obama supporter, I guess you’re itching to take that away from us so that the masses are forced to think like you do and pat one another on the back for a job well done.

      Pink wristbands = no cancer. Got it.

  3. Stupidest shit ever written. Without a doubt. Self-centered, mindless, sexist…and so poorly written it should be a crime.

      1. Yep, look up stupidest in the dictionary. Its right after “stupider” .

        ex. “That is the most stupidest thang I ever hurd of”!

      2. Fuck you dickhead, you’re a hack writer, and a general waste of skin…

        And by the way ‘stupidest’ is one of the ‘superlative’ forms of ‘stupid’. Look it up, you might even see your own photo!

  4. This is garbage. Leaving aside the fact that you trivialize efforts to raise awareness, you completely ignore the fact that men can (and do!) get breast cancer, too.

    1. Welcome to Capstone Report. If you’ll read the article I address the seriousness of breast cancer. Sorry I didn’t satisfy you by getting after men to get mammograms. But thanks for stopping in and setting me straight.

  5. Yes, please stop showing awareness for a great cause because some ignorant dumb ass doesn’t like a color. This article is embarrassing. I agree with Bill, if you’re going to write something so idiotic put your name behind it.

    1. I have no problem with the color pink, Jeremy. I just don’t think you can tell me what “raising awareness” really means, or how a pink chinstrap makes the world a better place.

  6. And the Capstone Reports shows their true classless colors of Bama fans yet again. Yet, this is even a new low for you guys. Wow, use breast cancer to get in another childish shot at AU.

    1. Welcome to Capstone Report. Glad to see you got the email from your buds to come in and set us straight. Wow did you show me.

      Like all activists, if someone has a differing opinion you attack them. Hence the evils of political correctness, literally taking down our country bit by bit.

      The article has nothing to do with the seriousness of breast cancer, though I doubt you read it. It simply questions the obnoxious use of the color pink, questioning why the game we love has to be spray painted pink for month by bullies like you who attack those who don’t believe pink cleats raises anything but eyebrows by organizations that spend enormous amounts of money on useless campaigns when the funds could and should go to research.

      Now I’ll sit back and wait on you to tell me how stupid I am, again.

  7. I’m a Bama fan to the core, but this is yet another embarrassing piece from this website. You seriously use such a dreaded disease to take a shot at a rival? That’s stooping to a new low.

    1. Yep, you’re a Bama fan alright. I believe you.

      I’m welcome to my opinion. The only sin I’ve committed is daring to go against the wave of political correctness on an issue I don’t agree with.

      Again, who is FOR breast cancer? Let’s see a show of hands. (Mine is down.) I simply think it’s trivializing the effort even more to make football players wear pink and then look at one another and nod in approval like you’ve done something.

      Sorry, but I’m right. But you’re welcome to your opinion.

  8. Well. As a female football fan, I suppose I should get back in the kitchen and restrict my viewing to HGTV when not browsing Pinterest.

    In other news, has it occurred to you that perhaps one of these men playing/coaching/reffing have a wife/mother/sister/friend/aunt/daughter battling this disease that the team is supporting as a whole?

    1. That would be great, Kate. And I like my bread toasted.

      But on a serious note, what does that even mean? How is wearing a pink sweat towel “supporting anybody” but a bunch of do-gooder activities who want to bully their way onto the gridiron?

      I’m just waiting for the lung cancer people to come along and kick butt. Lung cancer is still the most common form of cancer.

      Again, no one is FOR cancer of any kind. I just think all the pink efforts are silly. And unnecessary in football. That’s all.

      1. The support comes from a branding standpoint.

        In reality, the pink towel does absolutely nothing. And really, if you want to support breast cancer research or awareness, skip all the pink accessories and donate you’re ten dollars directly.

        But in this case, that is neither here nor there.

        As far as why breast not lung (or for that matter, heart disease, number one killer of women. More prevalent, less dramatic).

        Support for breast cancer is so much more prevalent because it strikes specifically at the people we as a society tend to revere most (mothers) or think of as generally weaker, or need to be protected. Essentially, breast cancer strikes specifically at what is considered the “heart of society” so people are more likely to rise up against it.

        But as far as wearing pink for support when, in reality, just donning a color does nothing, that’s all about mentality and branding.

        Those battling the cancer and cancer survivors identify with pink as the color of the fight, so while they know it does nothing to wear it, they see it as a sign of solidarity, and that’s who the football players are doing it for.

        So, if it brightens the day of even one terminally ill woman, it’s probably worth it.

        Again, I acknowledge the futility of wearing pink whole heartedly. It does nothing, statistically, for awareness, stopping cancer or anything like that, but if it makes them feel better, and the affected women watching feel better, it’s probably not that bad a thing.

        But I am curious … would you feel less strongly about this if the color for breast cancer awareness were say …. dark blue or yellow? Not trying to incite anything, just trying to understand from a marketing/public sentiment perspective.

        1. But, all that is said from a marketing perspective.

          As a football fan … I had actually never really noticed or cared. I’m usually too busy yelling, shouting and eating, as it should be.

  9. All of you can go fuck yourselves! Not a Goddamn one of you bleeding heart bastards have ever posted here before. So take you left wing dipshit asses back where you came from, mind your own business and stay off of our football blog. And keep your pink shit out of football. Go fuck with Soccer, womens basketball and tennis and softball. Fucking dumbasses. And if you shithead dweebs think I give a shit what your opinion of me is then I invite you to visit me so I can explain myself fully. My adress has been previously posted on here. RTR!

    1. One other thing. I’m not being coldhearted. I’m responding to the innundation of one time asshole posters coming on our sports blog and dissing the writer of this thread. It none of their special interest business. As for me, although it’s really none of your fucking business, my younger sister dued of uterine cancer and my mother died of breast cancer after having a masectomy. So I have more right to my opinion than you do yours. What next? You want to add fucking colors and adds for Gays, MIA’s, MS, Lung Cancer, Prostrate Cancer, Drive By Shootings? Why don’t we just make football unis the colors of the fucking rainbow? Better yet why don’t we embed on both sides of the helmet scrolling advertisement screens so they can cover everything. This is football you dumbasses, not commercialism, nor political correctness, not the fucking bleeding hearts club. So piss off! RTR!

      1. Crimsonite, how many “hey, go check out this website and fight back” emails do you think the one-time-posters passed around?

        Again, nobody is FOR breast cancer. I’m just one that thinks the money spent on the campaign could be better used for, I don’t know, finding the cure.

    2. What about Baseball? They use pink bats on Mother’s day and autograph them to auction off for breast cancer. They do the same thing with the NFL balls/uniforms.

  10. It would be interesting to note by scientific study,not feelings, if (raising awareness) actually has a beneficial effect on mortality and morbidity or is just another way of making someone feel as if they are doing something to combat a disease associated with such a high emotional quotient. Too many times in this post modern age we equate feelings with absolute truth. If you don t believe this then look at the posts by the flash and the truth and other associated barners .

    1. Chuch, an UNBELIEVABLY astute observation, friend. The pink thing is a facade…a front to make those upset about something they can’t control believe they are really doing something.

      Breast cancer…any cancer…is horrible. But forcing me to watch pink on the gridiron changes nothing.

      The irony is, once Obama care is in motion, and research and development goes bye-bye because there is no monetary motivation to do it, all cancers (new and old) will be even more formidable than they are today.

      The irony in that statement is that many of the pink pushers are also Obama supporters. So what they are so hungry to end isn’t going anywhere because drug companies will have no motivation to keep going.

  11. Judging from the above comments…
    Obama- 8 Romney- 4
    I have boobies, I love football, but must admit that a 300 lb lineman in a pink tutu just isn’t my thing. There must be a better way to raise awareness AND raise money without making all the ball players look like fairies… #RTR

    1. Good point Bookgirl, and your score assessment is SPOT ON.

      But tell an activist they’re off center and get ready for the maelstrom of hate hurled at you.

      It’s what they do. Not one person has taken the time to calmly disagree or make a valid point without using insults or profanity.

      Again, no one is FOR breast cancer. But you haven’t “raised awareness” by making an official use a pink whistle.

  12. I think Breast (or any) cancer is tragic. But I dont’ need to see pink in football.
    If you want to show support or awareness for a cause you donate money, or maybe volunteer time to help. You dont make useless gestures that give the appearance to the world that you really care. That is nothing more than glorifying yourself by looking politically correct or trendy.
    I say this. If someone wants to make a difference they should get personally involved. Because a person with cancer would rather see freinds and family THERE to support them. Not some self serving asshole wearing a shitty color because they are too busy or important to actually do something real.
    Also, could this pink thing be any more patronizng?

    1. Almightymc1, you’ve hit the nail on the head. I wonder how many people posting here have volunteered their time at a hospital, sitting with a patient suffering from any form of cancer? Lending their time, rather than giving appearances that they’re “for raising awareness?” I have.

      It’s just that the wave of political correctness is so nauseating when it reaches into any area, forcing people to play along like they really care.

  13. One month a year the manly football players volunteer to wear pink in some way, shape or form. That’s right…volunteer. No one is making them wear anything. Just like no one is making you watch games during the month of October. If a wideout with a pair of pink cleats is too threatening to your manhood maybe you should turn off the football game and go fishing.

    1. Yeah dug, that’s it. I knew it was only a matter of time before the tired, worn “manhood” argument would emerge.

      There are lots of great causes out there, but these other great causes don’t spill over into football making them dress like fairies for a month.

    2. Dug – you are an idiot. There is NOTHING that a football player wearing pink does for the fight against breast cancer — or any other cancer for that matter. And, although you may be right that some of the players voluntarily wear that godawful pink on game day, my bet would be that they wear whatever the AD says they’ll wear in his bend-over-and-grab-the-ankles gesture for a month of “awareness”. I’ve had close friends die from colon cancer (have to be screened myself every three years due to a family history), pancreatic cancer, and brain cancer, and I am actively involved in treatment of those recovering from cancer. Once a year I’m involved in a “pink” campaign in my town. I volunteer with Relay for Life. Having football players wear anything pink does not raise a nickle, provide any research, or move toward a cure. All it does is make a bunch of lazy-ass do-gooders feel better about themselves because they “rasied awareness”. How about all you people for this pink nonsense simply go door-to-door in your neighborhood during Saturday football games and collect money for the Cancer Society – not just for breast cancer, but for ALL cancer research. Then I just may actually care about your opinion about football players wearing their silly pink cleats.

      1. That’s exactly what the problem is——–it’s nothing but pink. There’s no web address, phone number, facebook page, or twitter feed during the NFL game for how to help fund any kind of anything. There’s just….pink?

        If they even had a breast cancer commercial, that would be something. Nope. Just soup and insurance.

        And pink?

        Let’s put it this way——-I have a friend from Europe, just moved stateside for BMW. He doesn’t know anything about football. We were watching the game, and of course, he asks about the pink.

        The question is this—-what do you tell him? Nobody on the TV is telling him anything except that it’s for “awareness.” So when you say, “it’s for breast cancer,” well then what does he do? What CAN he do? It’s not like the NFL is showing you a bunch of options for how you can help——they are showing you none. They are showing you pink.

  14. Those damn pink gloves, pink wrist bands, pink socks and pink cap on the coach for North Carolina State ead the dumbest looking shit I’ve seen on a football field other than Awbie. But. Y God those pussy pink unis must have worked. They sure fucked up Florida States season
    Bwàa Haww Haww! RTR!

  15. Both of my parents died of cancer. I choose to raise money for cancer by having bbq’s, holding basketball tournaments and going door to door. I donate money through my business, and my employee’s are given prizes for thier participation.
    I will put this bluntly.
    The only way we will ever EVER stop cancer is to fight it aggresively. Wearing pink and being “aware” is a worthless gesture when there are many more productive things that can be accomplished.

    1. I’m sorry about your parents almightymc1. Are you sure wearing a pink headband woudn’t have done anything though? Did you ask your doctor?

      Of course you didn’t. Because you have the common sense bleeding hearts lack. Oh that the world had the sense that you do. Early detection is the key, and I know that is what all the pink is for. But we both agree, there are other ways to “raise awareness” than littering the gridiron.

    2. My dad passed away from cancer as well. I have done everything from donating a portion of my salary to growing my hair very long to make wigs for children that are cancer patients. I haven’t worn any pink, but I have raised awareness with my actions. I think there can be more constructive ways to raise awareness other than wearing a color. But we are talking about it, so at least it has created a discussion. But is it really doing anything else?

    3. I am sorry for your loss almighty. And I agree, there are other things that we can do to raise money for cancer. I think some people aren’t as bold as others and they just want to make a small gesture to bring awareness to something they feel is important. Not everyone is a leader, most people are followers and maybe they don’t feel comfortable going all out. But something as little as making a choice in the morning to put on that pink shirt instead of the black one may be a BIG decision for some people. It obviously brings awareness because we are talking about it. And in the college league, I am happy to see young people actually standing up for something they believe needs attention. I think every little bit helps with the fight against cancer and other serious illness. Just my thoughts.
      Alabama Grid Iron Girl

    1. Not unless you are terminally ill and have a desire for assissted death. But since you’re obviously a dumbass internet troll without enough sense to know when you’re well off, I think I’ll pass. If you are really, really motivated then start searching the archives. It’s up to you. You have no idea who I am or who and what I’m connected too, and you really don’t want to find out the hard way. Adios.

  16. Just tuned in to Sunday NFL football & I’m pretty sure I threw up in my mouth a little!!!! Seriously… HD tvs & pink-clad football players DO NOT go hand in hand!!! Here’s an idea… instead of all this pink horse shit, how about they take the two highest profile players from each set of teams playing and cut a 15-30 second spot geared toward raising awareness (a ‘why I support the cause’ kind of deal) then run those during the games… save all that money for pink tutus and donate it to the cause!!!
    On another note…that NC State coach was a giant, pink nightmare from which I could not wake…

  17. I actually watched the Cleveland game yesterday. Sure enough, Trent Richardson was the only reason it wasn’t an absolute blowout, and the field was covered in pink.

    But awareness?

    There was none.

    They mentioned breast cancer a few times, but what they didn’t do was give anyone any information at all about how they can help. It’s like saying how good your burgers are but not telling anyone where they can buy them.

    I heard from a friend they are auctioning off some of the ugly pink gear and that will raise some money (not that the NFL told us where to find it or that it actually exists, so if the auction isn’t real I apologize). I guess that’s good. But the problem is I don’t want to bid on pink gear.

    However, I’d bid on a few players’ jerseys or helmets after every single game. Now THAT would raise money. They could do it every weekend, too. Send all the money to colon cancer research, or Aspberger’s syndrome treatment for all I care, just as long as I’m not bidding on pink gear.

    The only thing I was aware of is how ugly pink looks on a football field. Awareness is a good thing, but make no mistake, pink is not awareness, and the NFL wasn’t making me any more aware of how to help.

    If you’re going to complain about it though, ask yourself this——have you helped? At all? I wrapped my store in pink cellophane and pink bras that lead to a makeshift donation center, and raised a sponsorship for a local race. But I still don’t want pink in football, especially when the goal is awareness yet that’s explicitly what was lacking.

  18. I swear to God I wanted to put a beer bottle through the tv screen to get rid of that pink shit San Diego was wearing Sunday night. That was just rediculous. Have you been in any sporting goods stores? Even the hunting section at Walmart? All the womens camo is interlaced with pink. Jesus Christ what a brilliant idea. They don’t even need a gun. Just walk through the woods and the animals die laughing. Bwaa Haww Haww. RTR!

  19. I must chime in…I am a female and I LOVE FOOTBALL. I know, it’s a boys game and us girls should just leave it alone. Well, for this girl it ain’t gonna happen. But more than that…I do some work for a well known sports mag and let me tell you about the pictures that have been coming in for my review. That pink that you hate so much, BURSTS off the screen to be seen. So, I salute those players who chose to honor someone they may have lost to breast cancer, a mother, a sister, a wife, a daughter. And because of that, this week, our mag will have a lot of the pink you are complaining about. And I bet not a single player knows that his pic got headlined because of it. But from the eyes that see the action, they stand out. Not only for the great color it adds to those boring uniforms, but for standing up for something that they believe in. Even if it means wearing pink.
    Alabama Grid Iron Girl

    1. Tracie,

      Nobody said anything about women not watching football?

      Also, do the players have a choice to not wear pink stuff? I don’t think they actually do?

      And the point isn’t that they support someone who has or had breast cancer. The point is that they wear pink. Which does nothing. I’m wearing green. Nothing is happening.

      But I raised money, I showed people where to donate their time and money, and I raised over $6k in one race alone. And I hate running.

      Why not honor the men who die from cancer though? Why just the women you mention? That part I don’t get. Breast cancer kills everyone, including men. It’s more offensive that you don’t care about the men with breast cancer than me not wearing pink while I donate my time and money to research, not awareness.

      But more men and women get colon cancer regardless and I don’t see anyone doing anything for that———I also don’t hear anyone complaining about it when the players aren’t wearing pink what they aren’t doing for colon cancer. Saying wearing pink shoes is standing up for something is like saying I support animal rights by eating cereal.

      This isn’t about cancer. This is about pink uniforms. Cops don’t do it. Think they should?

      Me either.

      1. Unless it is sewn on their uniform, then yes, it is their choice to wear it. I think the reason it is such a big deal is because talking about breast cancer has been more taboo in the past than talking about other cancers. Just like you don’t really hear a lot about testicular cancer. And yes, men also get breast cancer, which is another reason why it is good for these young men to be aware of these issues so soon in life. I just don’t want people to think that bringing awareness to an issue is something to be ashamed of because the subject, like breast cancer, testicular cancer, suicide. Our society puts a stigma on such things and it’s really unfair to the people who fall victim to these diseases. That is all I am saying. It obviously brings awareness, because hey, here we are talking about it. I see people of all races, creeds and careers wearing pink this month, it’s not just football. I am just saying I think it’s a nice way of bringing awareness to taboo issues. That’s all.

        1. Maybe that’s my problem. Awareness isn’t enough to me. Action is important.

          And again, pink isn’t awareness. I don’t watch a lot of the NFL but I watched the Browns game, and there was enough awareness to know the pink was for breast cancer. That’s it.

          If I’m wearing an Alabama shirt, I’m spreading Alabama awareness. But I’m not doing anything to help, and in fact I could be a BGSU fan and donating my money to killing baby panda bears for their silky soft fur. But my shirt? All Alabama awareness.

          Pink shoes on a green and white uniform looks ridiculous. But I’d be ok with it if it actually did anything. I watched the game and they never said how I could help or what the pink shoes were doing to fight breast cancer, just that we are all “aware” of breast cancer. I hear you a little bit on the stigma of cancer, except I don’t know anyone who hasn’t been affected by cancer. Regardless, that’s why I think it’s important to do anything to help, not to just wear a color that stands out.

  20. When the entire team has on pink socks, uses pink mouth pieces and has pink ribbons stuck on their helmets, it is not optional – dumbass. Next time you run your mourh and make a statement of fact – make sure it is and not just your dumbass homer opinion. Before this shit is over I’m going to end up hoping every bitch who had anything to do with ir comes down with breast cancer.

    1. Wow, sounds like you need some anger management. It’s my job to check the facts. At any rate, I will now unsubscribe from this blog as you seem to continue to be offensive, hateful and a complete jack ass. Now take your dumbass homer opinion with you Crimsonite as you can join the likes of the Harvey Updikes of the world.
      What a shame, I was really enjoying reading this one.

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  22. I am a mom of 2 sons who play football. We just pulled our 2 sons out of Pop Warner football in Colorado because 3 of the team moms were forcing the coaches to order pink socks, wristbands and then requiring these boys to wear these pink uniform items for the whole month of October. That is HALF of the season ….the uniforms would be altered, so it would promote their agenda for breast cancer awareness. These are 8 year old boys !!!!!! Really ???
    When we parents told the coaches we felt it was not appropriate, we were attacked verbally for hours via email by these other team moms.
    The Pink Movement is a true political agenda with a powerful lobby and everyone has been forced to drink Pink Kool-Aid. Very very sad… it has now entered youth sports . We currently have a family member fighting cancer and my mother in-law is a survivor of breast cancer. However, I simply don’t see why I need to drape my sons in pink and burden them with this very dark and sad marketing campaign during a youth football game. People need to stop using children as their billboards.

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