In the aftermath of a humiliating home defeat at the hands of the University of Louisiana-Monroe (ULM) Warhawks, Arkansas fans and leadership are wishing for Bobby Petrino.

All the talk that Arkansas Athletic Director Jeff Long did the right thing in firing Bobby Petrino is exposed.

Which is worse, a few months of scandal or a few years as a cellar dweller in the SEC West?

Which would you rather endure, a few years of sex jokes about an Arkansas resident other than Bill Clinton or Saturday nights where the offense cannot pass protect and the defense forgets how to play defense?

It is an easy choice.

Arkansas was lucky to have a coach of the caliber of Bobby Petrino. The former Arkansas coach owned a college coaching record of 75-26 and was 34-17 at Arkansas.

Arkansas is a good football program, but it has serious challenges in the SEC West. These challenges require a coach with unique talents—talents that Petrino brought to the University of Arkansas.

The first challenge is in recruiting. Arkansas has its share of trouble keeping talent at home with high profile players heading out of state to play at schools like Auburn (including an All-SEC running back.) This is a challenge as Arkansas is not as flush with talent as states like Georgia, Florida or Louisiana. So, losing one big player is a serious loss and it was already tough enough with Petrino. How bad will it be without him? The Razorbacks need a coach with name recognition to recruit at home and beyond the state’s borders.

Arkansas has ranked lower than SEC West foes Alabama and LSU in the recruiting rankings. Consistently.

For reference, Rivals ranked Arkansas 34th in 2012, 24th in 2011, 49th in 2010, 16th in 2009, 36th in 2008, 31st in 2007, 27th in 2006 and 24th in 2005. Everyone knows where Alabama and LSU have been during most of these seasons—in the top ten and often ranked number one. The 2013 recruiting class ranking has Arkansas ranked 40th.

The second challenge is facing these SEC teams stocked with talent. This is where a coach like Bobby Petrino with a record of accomplishment at Louisville and in Arkansas helps. Petrino knows how to do more with less. His offensive playcalling was a great equalizer. Arkansas averaged 36 points per game in 2009, 36.5 points per game in 2010 and 36.8 points per game in 2011.

Petrino developed talent on the offensive side of the ball. Quarterback Ryan Mallett and now Tyler Wilson are products of Petrino’s tutoring. How good was Petrino? Arkansas led the Southeastern Conference (SEC) in passing for three straight seasons.

Where is Arkansas without Petrino?

Wishing it had him back.

18 thoughts on “ULM loss exposes just how wrong Arkansas was to fire Bobby Petrino”

  1. I think the A.D. at Arky did the right thing in dismissing Petrino. If for no other reason than that he lied!! Everybody knew that this year’s team was gonna struggle a little because of the new head coach. It would always be an embarassment to the school if they had ‘just looked the other way’.The head coach is suppose to set an example to the students he mentors to and if he fails to measure up to those standards then he could’nt expect anything less from his players.I recall a few years ago that Ala. had its problems along those same problems and they did the right thing by replacing the people responsible Arky hird their coach for one year to buy time to see if any ‘brand name’ coach becomes available, which I’m sure, there will be. I’m no Arky fan, but thats the way it is!! It really could have been a lot worse!! RTR

  2. No, you aren’t an “Arky” fan…..SO STOP SAYING “ARKY” and don’t ever comment on our situation ever again.

    1. No RC, Arkansas will never beat bama again “as long as bama has a good coach”, because you can bet your ass off the next time Arkansas beats bama, and you know there will be a next time, unless you are a complete ignorant moron, that you and the rest of the gumps will claim it is because of your coach! Last year on the ride home after watching LSU beat bama in Denny Bryant, something bama fans claimed would never happen again, just like you are doing now RC, it was amazing listening to all the gumps call into the radion station and bashing Saban and his coaching in that game. So that just goes to prove my point, if Arkansas beats bama, even this year, you gumps will claim you didn’t have a good coach.

  3. And what do call what happened in the State od Shitville on Jan 9th, asshole? It wasn”t just your retarded fans calling the grass eater a dumbass, it was your media and some of the greatest players in Corndog history. And it didn’t stop within days. It went on for months. Bobby Hebert was ready to file a lawsuit to get him fired. Motherfucker, you obviously have no self pride whatsoever the way you continue to post on here, making a fool out of yourself, showing your pure unadulterated ignorance and getting cheap whore bitch slapped evert time. It would be funny if it weren’t so pathetic. Look fart blossom, you got a food team and a good program – but the best they can ever be overall is second to Bama. The whole nation measures their success by Bama. The powers of old like USC, Ollahoma, Ohio St, Texas, Nebraska, Michigan, Penn St, Notre Dame and even Florida, Miami and Fla St have all accomplished things that LSWho will never come close to in your lifetime. If you go around the country and talk football to these people and try to stick LSWho in the group, they would laugh you out of the State. Your giory started in 2003 and even then you haven’t been dominant. On the other hand there has never been a 25 year period in college football history dominated like Bama did under Bear. But that wasn’t Bama’s only glory years by a long shot. And now we are on our way to producing the second most dominant period but second only because Saban won’t coach 25 years. So take your fucking Mudbugs and your grass eater and shove them up your ass. You and LSWho don’t mean shit to Bama. RTR!

    1. Crimsonite the perfect example of a bama fan (along with the Tree Killer and the Tea bagger of course)! LSU must mean something because it sure sets your drunk ass potty mouth off everytime it is mentioned here dosen’t it Crimsonite? No need to answer that and you have to do is read your post above to know the answer is yes. What a gump, you don’t even know that Bobby Hebert never played for LSU! LOL

      Open another bottle of that moonshine you drink gump. It’s still early.

      1. LSU fan trolling the Bama sites….(see above)

        ‘Truth’, 21 – 0 happened.

        Coming on a Bama site and getting mad at us, will not change anything.

        Hopefully, LSU will make it across the 50 yard line (and maybe even score a field goal!) on Nov 3.

        That may help ease your pain.

  4. I beg to differ. ULM’s victory illustrates how wrong the press has been about Arkansas, how wrong the hire of John L. Smith has been, and the depths of the delusions of the mediocre. The last thing the ULM victory has anything to do with is the Petrino fire. Two wrongs don’t make a right, and twisted arguments can never be straightened into reason. Just pathetic.

  5. I didn’t say Hebert played for LSWho. In case you can’t read English, he was mentioned in a seperate sentence. However, I believe an Hebert played for LSWho once upon a time and which ons it was I could care lsss. As for Bobby all I know is starting the morning of Jan 10th all the La newapapers and radio stations were inundated with stories of Hebert and how pissed he was about the way the game went. Especially about not playing Jarrett ‘Pick Six’ Lee. Talk about your stupid fan base. I think Lee threw more balls to Alabama in his career than he did to LSWho. If Lester had put him on it would have been 42-0. Anyway Hebert has some kind of special affiliation with the Corndogs. You got the point anyway. RTR!

    1. Once again Crimsonite you prove your lack of integrity and what a liar your are!

      You know you were talking about Bobby Hebert and thought he played for LSU when you said “….some of the greatest players in Corndog history. And it didn’t stop within days. It went on for months. Bobby Hebert was ready to file a lawsuit to get him fired”.

      If not, then name the “greatest players” in LSU history that you were talking about, and document or provide a link supporting your claim that they were calling Les Miles a “dumbass”.

    2. Crimsonite you won’t and you can’t because you are nothing but a lying drunk. No? Prove me wrong.

  6. ha i bet half of you that are alabama fans are just band wagon fans and go to a new team every year who win the national championship.

  7. You’re about a dumbass. But what do you expect from a Boise St fan. If you had half a brain you would know that there’s only ONE place to go to look for a Natty every year – Tuscaloosa. So what’s your point Bronchitis?

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