Well, week two is behind us in the 2012 college football season, and here is what we know.

Auburn football is a dumpster fire. Total disarray. Total chaos. No direction. Questionable leadership.

Seems the towel waiving, limo rides and goofy, cultish catch phrases have run their courses. And what Tiger fans are now left with is the very real possibility of a losing season…in Gene Chizik’s fourth campaign, after years of what we were told was “steller recruiting.”

In fairness, Nick Saban too had a down year in his fourth season at Alabama. 10-3 was the result. Any takers on whether or not the Chiz will match that mark this year?

The fact is, without Cam Newton, ole Frank Chiznik is 16-12 at Auburn. That mark is 21-31 lifetime as a head coach. Even with Cam’s 14-0 contribution, the Chiz will most definitely drop below .500 lifetime in this his sixth season as a head man. Even the most delusional kool-aid drinking barner has to find that fact discomforting.

Louisiana-Monroe figured to be the Tigers’ opportunity to rebound, regroup and refocus this Saturday. That was until the Warhawks downed #8 Arkansas in their house. But come on, what is the likelihood La.Monroe can do it again? Well, actually…

ULM quarterback Kolton Browning shredded the Hog defensive backfield for 412 yards passing and 3 touchdowns, and Auburn’s pass defense hasn’t been anything to speak of since Tommy Tuberville called Auburn home. And Kiehl Frazier…good gracious. By the end of the third quarter against Mississippi State the sophomore phenom had completed more passes to the Bulldogs than his teammates. Who knew anyone could make Kody Burns look like an All-American. If the bagman is in town for the game and has another $180,000 handy, maybe he can catch ULM’s QB Browning in pregame to see if he’ll switch jerseys.

Remember, this is an Auburn team that had to pull out late game heroics just to beat Utah State last season…the game that distinguished 2011 from being a 6-6 year from the much more admirable 7-5. And it’s a team that could likely own their own loss to La.Monroe by Saturday night. How funny will that be? The lone rallying cry Auburn fans have used ad nauseum in trying to find some flaw in Saban’s tenure at Alabama will likely come to roost on themselves against the same team this weekend. Irony is a dandy, ain’t it?

The bottom line is Auburn fan, we’ve been telling you for years what a sham your program is. You have a puppet head coach who was 5-19 when he was hired, and save one flash in the pan season, is destined to continue that legacy on the plains. And since he won a national title just two years ago…although questionable on so many levels…get ready for the public outcry against you from talking heads everywhere if you can him just two seasons later.

The Auburn program has been coming apart at the seams since the Chiz stepped on campus, with a rap sheet of suspensions, arrests, NCAA questions and other questionable activity lined up like trick-or-treaters on Halloween night. Auburn has been masquarading like a real football program for too long, and now, this season, it seems the mask is finally coming off. Welcome to reality, barners.

Your program is a dumpster fire. Ole Miss or New Mexico will likely be your first win of the season, that is if you are better than the Rebels, and at this point that possibility is not certain. Ole Miss has looked respectable in its first two games. And oh yeah, they’re 2-0. Remember what that used to feel like? Who knew that your Tigers would welcome Texas A&M into the Western division by giving them “ups” ahead of you as you barrel faster than a speeding bullet for that newly created 7th position in the division?

And get ready for Tuscaloosa. You might wanna get a jump on Christmas shopping Nov. 23. The Tide is going to enjoy stringing your Tigers up and beating them like a hapless piñata; unless you’re a sadist you might not want to see it. 36-0 and 42-14 is about to have company.

And speaking of Tuscaloosa, your big brother is aiming for its third National Championship in four years. How’s that taste as you look ahead and wonder who if anybody you’ll beat this season? With Bama firmly planted at #1 heading into week three, is there an Auburn fan out there who wouldn’t trade Bama’s questions about pass protection and replacing a third string runningback for their own?

In fact, on the topic of questions, just two games into this season there are many more questions than answers. But perhaps the biggest one is, when will Auburn shed the bush league get-rich-quick schemes and invest in becoming an honest program with a solid foundation that yields longterm dividends?

Like their next national championship, we’ll likely never see it.

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56 thoughts on “Auburn is a dumpster fire while Bama is #1”

    1. keep on with that little cupcake weak schedule that alabama has nick getting scared to play any real teams most high schools could beat bamas baby schedule not to mention they cant even win the west but somehow get voted to play for title . bama is a joke just like there trailor park fans my advice for bama is keep beating up fla atlantic and hollering roll tide while the rest of sec are contenders bunch of posers

  1. Awww c’mon guys let ol Chezik rest for awhile!! He’s probably gonna get a new gig at the end of this season anyway. I understand that there are a lot of unhappy fans in Arkansas, now if I remember correctly their current head coach is only gonna be there for this season, which, if you read between the lines, ol Chizik’s name will be mentioned, and being he’s got a National Championship on his resume, its just a matter of sighing on the dotted line! course all this will be mute if Pat Dye doesn’t approve!! and being he’s head of the ‘Fambly’ he’ll have the final say. LOL RTR

  2. Jealous bammers are still butthurt over Cam Newton and how Gene Chizik kicked shorty’s ass in Jordan-Hare Pat Dye Field West.

    The Tahd is going to lose 3 games this year. The Tigers will rebound and win the SEC West. Then we can see who has the dumpster fire.

    1. I agree AUFamily, there is no way Auburn will even sniff 4th place in the West…….

      What did you say?!

  3. We saw who runs the football team on Saturday during the Ms. State game .I believe its Trooper from the looks of how he intervened for dirty play by one of the Fambly members!!!!!

  4. I have to respectfully disagree!

    Gene Chizik won a national title at Auburn. He’s the best coach in the entire league, clearly. Auburn would be brilliant to keep Chizik as their head coach for the next few years, decades even.

    I hope Chizik never, ever leaves Auburn. There’s nothing I want more, and I love hearing Auburn fans who want the exact same thing. You don’t just “fire” your fambly, right?

    Mmmm, this kool-aid is fantastic! Chizik for life.

    Chizik. For. Life.

    1. I totally agree Conduit!! I too hope ol Chizic stays with the Fambly!! I think he’s doing one fine job, he just needs about 20 more or so years to start being the coach Dye and Fambly hired in the first place! As the old saying goes and I quote ‘Rome wasn’t Built in a Day!!! LOL RTR

  5. AU Family>Bams is obviously a poser because that’s the funniest shit I’ve heard in a ling time and so typical of a Barner to call a lucky 1-point win an ass kicking. Have y’all ever noticed Auburn has the same cultish slogans and catchphrases as Penn State?

    1. “…in a ling time…” ? You would thing that someone who likes to point out the typo’s of others would be more perfect, like his football team and coach.

  6. I am a huge AU fan. I am an AU graduate as is my wife. We love AU football, but it is not easy being and AU fan right now. Chizik is a great guy I am sure. But the biggest difference between he and Saban is that Saban Demands perfection. He knows he won’t get it every game, but he demands it. And he lets his players know if they aren’t living up to their expectations and abilities as athletes. Our coach does not do this. It is sad because the level of talent AU has on their roster, with the right coach, could be a very great football team. Many AU fans will give Chizik a pass because of the NC in ’10, but as many of you UA fans know that one championship isn’t enough. We want to win alot more of them. We want to be in the running, as you guys are, every year. From an AU fan who isn’t wearing orange and blue glasses I don’t see us doing anything significant this year or any year under our current coaching staff. I hope they prove me wrong!!! Hope you guys have a great day!!

  7. I can give an honest perspective of the AU program and the decisions of the coaches, which is something that not a single bama fan posting on this site is capable of doing. Auburn’s play on Saturday was absolutely dismal and unacceptable. MSU has a few players on its roster such as Bumpis and Perkins, but they have not recruited anything resembling the overall talent on Auburn’s roster. There is simply no way that Auburn should have lost to MSU, much less gotten steam rolled they way they did. Auburn does have some youth issues on the O-line, but we’re not talking about issues that should mandate a 6-6 season. We’re talking about issues that should prevent them from winning the SEC, but still having a 9 or 10 win Cotton Bowl type season. If they don’t get better in a hurry, I can’t say that I disagree with ITK’s prognostication.

    All that being said, I think it’s simple minded to dismiss winning the 2010 NC by saying “Cam Newton”. Sure, Cam was far and away the most important player on that team, and AU wouldn’t have won it without him. They also wouldn’t have won it without Nick Fairley, without Antoine Carter punching the ball out of Mark Ingram’s hands, without Onterrio McCaleb breaking free for a 70 yd TD to win the LSU game, or without Mike Dyer’s rushing performance in the BCS title game. You win championships with great players, but there is not a team in the NCAA that has ever won an NC with one great player and nothing but average to poor players. Bill Belichik is a great coach, but you didn’t see him winning Super Bowls until he got hooked up with Tom Brady. In contrast, RG3 was a dynamic QB in the mold of Cam (admittedly, not as good as Cam), and Baylor didn’t win anything besides a respectable record. Lots of coaches can compile talent, but it takes moxie to close the deal and win an NC. Very few have done it. I give Chizik credit because he did it in 2010. I also question what in the world is going on right now, and say that he’s going to quickly put himself on the hot seat if he doesn’t make a dramatic turn around.

    1. Hear me when I say, Cam was the most dominant offensive player I’ve seen in my lifetime, and I’ve watched a lot of football.

      But to say Chizik “did it” in 2010, come on Abraham. YOU would’ve gone 14-0 that year with Cam, and I don’t say that tongue in cheek. If you didn’t even attend the games AU as coach AU would’ve won most if not all of them.

      2010 will turn out to be a bitter sweet year for the Tigers. The Chiz gets credit for it, but is an absolute idiot and AU is stuck with him as Cam now plays on Sundays (and in another story, has already been figured out by opposing teams, according to the Buc who schooled him last Sunday.)

      It is truly a thing of beauty for an Alabama fan.

      1. ITK, that is patently ridiculous to say that any coach would have gone 14-0 and won the NC in 2010 simply because they had Cam as a QB. You knew exactly how good Cam was the day before the 2010 Iron Bowl in Tuscaloosa, and I’d be willing to bet a large bit of cash that you were strongly predicting that there was no way Auburn was going to come into Bryant Denny stadium and win that game. I also bet you were feeling pretty good about your prediction when Bama was up 24-0. Spare me any BS about Auburn winning the NC that year being a foregone conclusion simply because of Cam. Engineering that monumental comeback took leadership, and it also took gutsy calls like going for it on 4th and 3 in your own territory in the 4th quarter to secure the go ahead TD, and going for it again on 4th and 1 on your own 35 yd line in the 4th qtr with a one point lead.

        Auburn had to come from behind in about half the games they won that year, and some of those deficits were huge. They were able to do that because the team believed in itself, and that takes leadership. It also takes great players, and I agree that Cam was the greatest offensive player I have seen in my lifetime. But if you think just any coach would have accomplished all that simply by saying “go get ’em Cam”, then I’ve got a bridge you can buy.

        1. You don’t think Cam would have won under any coach in that year?

          What do you think Cam would have done at Florida following Tim Tebow?

          Let’s not forget, Cam Newton ended up at Auburn because he “left” Florida for junior college. He won a title at Auburn. I bet he would have won two at Florida.

          But to say he didn’t do it without those other players isn’t meant to be disrespectful to guys like Nick Fairly, no matter how disrespectful he might be sometimes on the field. The difference is Cam’s the one you couldn’t do without because without Cam none of it was possible.

          A 70-yard TD run to win against LSU is great, but McCaleb’s run would have only gotten you 7 points closer to what LSU’s massive lead would have been without Cam. Carter knocking the ball our of Ingram’s hands when the score was 24-0 was amazing, not to mention the emmaculate bounce, but without Cam it would have stayed at 0 anyway. And Dyer’s performance against Oregon was part-talent, part-luck (the roll-over?) but all possible because the threat Cam created in the air and with his own legs.

          Those other players on Auburn’s team deserve respect and credit for being part of the title. But it’s not a disrespect to say they wouldn’t have done it without Cam.

          The truth is it’s disrespectable to Cam himself to say he isn’t the reason Auburn won their BCS title. He’s the reason why that title was won; we hadn’t seen anything like him before and we probably won’t again either. The only thing that sucks is we didn’t get to see him do it twice at Florida, where he would have been in the first place if he wasn’t such a bad guy.

          1. Well said. There were several comebacks that season, and in every one it was Cam making plays with his runs, and other times with great passing. So, when it counted the most, Cam was the one constant that seemed to pull through time and time again. Any one of those games that Auburn had to comeback from double digit deficits to win would have been a loss without Cam on the field.

            Would Stanford won as many games without Andrew Luck? Would Bama continue to win without McCarron? When it is the QB, it matters probably more than any other position.

          2. Conduit, you ask if I think Cam would have “won” under any coach that year? Yeah, unless the coach was a moron that didn’t know what he had (think Bill Curry using Tim Couch to run the option). There’s a monstrous difference between simply winning alot, and going undefeated in the SEC and winning the National Championship. Only three teams have done that in the BCS era. Baylor “won” last year with RG3, but they didn’t win any champuionships. I don’t know of a single coach besides Larry Coker who did anything less than an incredible job of coaching the year they won the NC. (Spare me any idiotic comparisions between Coker’s situation in 2000 and Chizik in 2010. Coker inherited a team that just went 11-1, had a returning All World QB and OLine, and kept the entire coaching staff intact from the previous year. Chizik inherited a 5-7 mess of a team, compiled an entirely new staff, and won an NC 2 years later).

            By the way, I agree with you that Cam was far away the best player on AU’s team in 2010 and that AU wouldn’t have won the NC without him. Florida wouldn’t have won the 08 title without Tebow. Bama wouldn’t have won the 09 title without McElroy. (Please don’t make me laugh by saying AJ McCarron could have led that team to an NC as a true freshman.) Texas wouldn’t have won it in 05 without Vince Young. Auburn wouldn’t have gone undefeated in 04 without Campbell. QB is the most important position on the field. If McCarron goes down this year with an injury, you’ll suddenly see what I’m talking about in an ugly and painful way.

          3. “There’s a monstrous difference between simply winning (a lot), and going undefeated in the SEC and winning the National Championship.”

            I agree.

            But that’s exactly what Cam Newton would have done….at Florida.


            He may be a creep and a selfish idiot and that’s why he ended up at Blinn and Auburn to begin with, but he wasted the opportunities he already had at Florida and would have probably gone undefeated for at least one year as a starter, and this would likely be his third year in the NFL (except he would be at the Rams instead of the North Carolina Charlotte Panthers).
            I can’t imagine he wouldn’t have won the Heisman at Florida either, particularly because if he had stayed at Florida by not committing misdemeanors and a felony or two we wouldn’t know what kind of a toolbag he really is and we would have all been pulling for him to win. It would have been one of the sports stories to hang your hat on, and may have kept Urban Meyer at Florida another couple of seasons.

            Instead, he’s the best talent we’ve probably ever seen yet disliked by virtually anyone who saw him play.

            Well, everyone except Auburn fans. I’m not sure how you would have felt about him if he stayed at Florida, but I would probably have not known better than to like him.

          4. Conduit, you keep bringing Florida up and you are actually making a good point. Tim Tebow had the most dominant season a QB had ever had in 2007 (until Cam in 2010). It was the first time a QB had ever rushed and passed for over 20 tds. He won the Heisman as a sophomore. Know what he didn’t do? He didn’t win a championship, neither the SEC or the NC. See, it takes a lot more than a dominant QB to win a NC. Florida proved that in 2007.

          5. Actually, Tim Tebow did win both an SEC title and a BCS National Championship. Don’t you remember when Florida ended Alabama’s perfect 2008 season in the SEC title game?

            Are you trying to say Tim Tebow didn’t do it but the team did? Or are you just trying to say Florida wouldn’t have won the title without him?

            I think you’re right. Florida’s team would have won the championship that year without Tebow.

            That’s because Cam Newton was Tebow’s replacement.

            Auburn wouldn’t have won without Cam Newton.

          6. I didn’t mention the 2008 season. You did in some bizarre attempt to divert attention from the point I was making. My point is simple: In 2007, Florida’s QB had the most dominant season in NCAA history and they didn’t win a championship. They didn’t because they didn’t have team chemistry or a defense that was capable of stepping up to the plate when it mattered. In 2008 (the only season you want to talk about), Florida did have team chemistry and better play on defense, i.e better coaching. Guess what? They won both the SEC and NC. They also won those titles despite the fact that Tebow’s numbers were worse in 2008 than they were in 2007. It takes more than dynamic QB play to win championships, it also takes solid coaching. Urban Meyer didn’t provide that in 2007, but he did in 2008. Chizk provided it in 2010, but he sure doesn’t seem to be doing so right now.

          7. I disagree with saying Tim Tebow is equal to Cam Newton, or that Florida failed to beat Alabama in the SEC title game because Urban Meyer wasn’t a better coach than….Chizik?

            They lost a game, the one that mattered. Every title team nearly does the same thing.

            But take out Cam Newton and the 2008 Florida team I still think is better than Auburn in 2010, including the coaching. I think it’s a stretch to say Auburn won their title because of Chizik rather than in spite of Chizik.

            Then again, Chizik probably is the reason why Auburn won the title. I think you should keep him. Yes, definitely don’t consider Chizik part of the problem, but the solution. He’s better than Urban Meyer, I’m sure, right?

  8. If you were in the military and ever had to be around when the shitters were being burned out if you didn’t have a shitter service that may be a better analogy to the shit that is being slopped around on the plains. chiz and his down home boyz are an embarrassment to this state and to the SEC. I’ve asked on numerous occasions: when is Slive going to intervene? This is a mess folks. I don’t particularly hate Aubarn, but some of their fans are the stupidest and most obnoxious assholes on the planet. let ’em all go up in flames with this shit storm.

    1. That is pretty funny. I wonder why they focused on 31 years. Why not 32?

      Wait, isn’t that when football started for Auburn fans…31 years ago?

      1. Time and human existence began for Auburn fans in 1982. Forget dates like 1492, 1776, 1914, 1939…

        …it all began for them in 1982.

        1. In thirty-one years, Bama has won 3 National Championships to Auburns 1. If being second nationally in wins in 31 years means anything significant, then Yay Auburn! That you have hardly any hardware to show for it must mean you couldn’t win the games when it counted the most. But don’t let that fact skew the numbers, especially for the last 31 years. Auburn math is so much fun to see in action.

  9. I hope Chizik stays forever.
    I hope he doesnt pull frazier out.
    I hope Trooper Taylor remains at Auburn until retirement.

    “Hope is a good thing.” Andy Dufresne

  10. Man, all this hate toward Auburn. If you go back and look, Auburn actually beat Miss State in several statistical categories. Frazier was dead on in all of his interception attempts. They hit the Bulldog defenders right in their hands!

    Their offense had more touchdown saves than the Bulldogs as well. Not to mention the several attempts in which they successfully managed to not make it into the other team’s endzone, think about how many they prevented on Frazier’s numerous interception attempts.I wonder which one of their offensive lineman actually leads Auburn’s team in tackles after Frazier throws in interception. I would say Dismukes but he was suspended I think for one game, so I’m not sure.

  11. Does Auburn right now remind anyone else of the Dubose years?

    I mean good recruiting that didn’t translate to the field, one lucky SEC Championship because of one (or two) great player(s) (Thank you Shaun Alexander, Chris Samuels), and whispers of violations in Memphis…


  12. I would normally feel kinda sorry for the Aubies, but the way they acted during the Tubb years (Fear the Thumb, etc)…kinda makes me want them to have it 10 times worse than what we got.

    I want a “Fear the little toe” shirt!

  13. Auburn is indeed a dumpster fire.

    The only explanation for why you rednecks take so much pleasure pointing it out is that it helps your pathetic self esteem to put down others.

    Just further actions on your part to support the same accusations I make of you every time I show up.

    Except for a few statements regarding $aban and the press (some comments positive/some comments negative) I don’t talk about football on here …I just point your own redneck actions to point out that you are rednecks.

    1. Well, Hoopie, how many years do you think it will take Auburn to recover from this train wreck of a season? By the way, I think all Barners are rednecks. And you are stupid. But carry on…

    2. Hell, Hoopie..it is all in good fun. Getting pissed off and calling everyone a redneck isn’t going to help anything.

      With the state of Auburn Football right now, I would just go hide under a rock and come back out in a decade…..or whenever Saban retires.

  14. And you,re a sleezy worthless trolling piece of shit and we don’t give a rats ass what you think. In fact I hope to fuck that I personally can say a lot more of whatever it is that ticks your tock. Fucking Barnturd dick troll. RTR!

  15. A graduate of an agricultural school throwing stones and calling others rednecks? BWAHAHAHA! MOOOO! hAHAHAHAHAHAHA

    1. Those “agricultural” farmer graduates own thousands of acres of land, make hundreds of thousands of dollars and employ Bammer sidewalk fans that live in the trailer parks owned by those Farmers.

      RC, you probably won’t understand this but I’ll try anyway.

      Bear Bryant plagerized (stole) the Ag school/cow college from the Texas-texas A&M rivalry. You act like it is an original idea. Those AU “farmers” have a lot more money and better quality of life that most all of the Bama grads. Go to most any car lot and check it out ..those lying car salesmen are typically Bama grads ..or Bama dropouts.

      The best thing Bama has going for it is that the state of Alabama is so backwards, they keep electing Bama grads to the statehouse so that Bama can keep political power.

      You seem like a social justice kinda guy …why aren’t you complaining about this injustice? Oh ..that’s right ….you are also a bigot.

      1. Dang, even Bear Bryant still gets in this guys craw. Imagine all the Barn fans that had to deal with the inferiority the Bear made them feel, and now Saban is bringing it to them in a similar fashion. I guess Hoopty got his feelings hurt when Saban questioned his players about if they knew how much he hated Auburn, and the initial speech about dominating ‘the other school’ in this state. And he has lived up to every expectation that every Auburn fan doubted. Hoopty is just a sad, hateful little troll.

      2. And why wasn’t you complaining about the stranglehold Lowder had on the Auburn board? I know you recite the Auburn creed everyday, being such a bastion for justice and what is good in the world and all, but where is your outrage at the secondary violations and questionable character recruits that have failed to live up to the creed? And wasn’t there something about so trees that was so important not so long ago?

  16. Abraham are you on drugs?? There’s no way AU could of won the NC in 2010 without Cam. Best college football player I’ve ever seen, and I’ve seen a lot of football in my years. And you other trolls would you please shut up and get off our blog!!!

  17. Be4bama, maybe you should bother to read my post before you comment. Here’s what I said just a few posts above: “By the way, I agree with you that Cam was far away the best player on AU’s team in 2010 and that AU wouldn’t have won the NC without him.” What part of that did you not understand?

    1. Abraham, you’re not making any sense. In your post right here, you agree that Auburn wouldn’t have won the 2010 NC without Cam Newton. You stated in an earlier post that Newton wasn’t the reason why Auburn won the 2010 NC. This was a quote from you, “Spare me any BS about Auburn winning the NC that year being a foregone conclusion simply because of Cam”. Maybe you should read YOUR posts again, before commenting to others. I noticed everyone is having a hard time understanding what point you’re trying to make, and I can understand why. You are a very confusing Auburn fan.

      For you to say Gene Cheesedick is a great coach, is very laughable. Look at how Gene Cheesedick has been at Auburn before & after Cam Newton. Great coaches don’t have two horrible seasons, after being two years removed from a National Championship.

  18. Yes that’s basically what you said – along with a lot of other generic shit to try and make a point that is pure bullshit. Where you are all fucked up is trying to lump Scam together with the QB’s of other schools and their relative importance to those schools Natty chances. For instance. If McElroy had been hurt at halftime against Texas with our running game we still would have won with McCarron at QB. If McCarron had been hurt last year we still would have won it with Simms. If Simms hadn’t left the same would be even more true this year. As for McCarron’s importance this year, it is an abnormal situation since nobody would expect to lose a backup just as good as McCarron and be stuck with nothing but inexperienced 3* underclassmen. In comparison, if Awbie had lost Scam in any of about 8 or 9 games just for the second half of those games, they would have lost all of them. Why – because unlike the balanced Bama teams I mentioned, Scam was 90% of Awbies offense and 100% of their motivation. And even if by some hook or crook Bama didn’t go undefeated in those three seasons, they would have lost no more than 1 or 2 games, whereas without Scam Awbie wouldn’t have just had a losing season, they would have had their asses wiped all over the South East. RTR!

  19. ummm, Crimsonite….what in the #@!$ are you talking about with your scenario of McElroy getting hurt at halftime in the BCS title game? We’re talking about a QB’s importtance to the team overall, not one half a game where the other team’s All American QB has already been knocked out the game. If Bama would have had to rely on McCarron as a true freshman in 2009 all year you would have celebrated New Year’s in Memphis at the Liberty Bowl, and Bama ceratinly would have lost to Auburn. Before you wet your pants about that, you might want to remember McCarron’s stellar perfomance in relief of McElroy in the 2010 Iron Bowl when all Bama needed was a 35 yard drive to get in field goal range. He couldn’t even make a first down. There’s no way he could have led that 4th qtr TD drive in Auburn a year earlier.

    1. Wow, what a lot of speculation and excuses, all in one post. McCarron is 14-1 as a starter, so don’t know why you would knock a quality player like that. You are talking about 1 drive coming off the bench late in the game and speculating on that.

      The truth is, in a system like Bama runs, the QB play is important, but you don’t have to have an All-American QB to execute it and win. LSU, same thing. You know, you have read all the ‘game manager’ talk by now. But the offensive scheme Auburn ran last season, well, you HAVE to have a really good QB or you are dead in the water. Cam’s play in 2010 elevated players around him as well. Auburn caught lightning in a bottle that year, and even with the great Cam Newton, Auburn HAD to come from behind by double digits in 5 games. The Auburn D gave up way too many points, and it took great QB play from Cam to make up for it.

  20. Hoopoopooty, HOOPIE:

    Yeah, Bama grads work for the REDNECK Auburn farmers. I’m sure ALABAMA FANS OF ALL COLORS & Nationalities work for the Auburn Grad bigots who own hundreds of acres, yet pay their illegal aliens 10 cents an hour, thus destroying the “American Dream” for the hardworking rednecks you chastise, you hypocritical Christian. Does your wife still give favors for the black folk on Martin Luther King Day?

  21. Bullshit! McCarron would have sucked it up and been a phenomenal freshman if it had been necessary. He might have struggled for one game if he were thrown in cold turkey, but if he knew he was going to be the man he would have been brilliant. The man is exceptionally talented. Neither of his OC’s would trade him for any QB in the SEC. You are out of your fucking mind about the Iron Bowl. As a backup who had played about 20 downs in his career I’d wager even Luck would have fucked up being thrown into that horrible situation. Besides that all 4 of his passes were catchable and the officials let the Great SEC National Championship Hope mug the Bama receivers on all four downs – especially Julio on 4th down which would have been a first down. in fact when Julio catches a ball it can be a TD from anywhere. Stupid homer. RTR!

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