Alabama held its 2012 Coaches Clinic for high school over the weekend with celebrities like Bill Parcells and Lou Holtz speaking.

Holtz spoke to the media during his visit, and in this video from WIAT you can see what he had to say. Here are a few highlights of his comments and you should watch the video for more:

Holtz on Alabama’s 2011 defense: “Let me put it this way, in 13 games they gave up nine touchdowns against the best opponents in the country and in one game Clemson, a bowl game, gave up 10 touchdowns to West Virginia,” Holtz said. “So, it was unbelievable. I was at the national championship game and I felt Alabama would win…but no way did I expect them to dominate the game the way they did defensively. It was a complete mismatch.”

Holtz on Alabama Coach Nick Saban: “I have the upmost respect for him as a person and a coach, but he is a greedy sucker,” Holtz said with a laugh. “Some people get you first and ten, second and 12 and then third and nine and they are content to have fourth and five. Not Nick. He wants first and ten, second and 12, third and 14 and fourth and 19. He wants to move you back. He doesn’t want to give you a yard.

Holtz on Alabama’s practice: “And you see the way they practice out there, they don’t want you to make a yard.”

Holtz on his speech at Coaching Clinic: “I am an old coach and still old fashioned,” Holtz said. “My main message is going to be, they can name you the head coach. They can give you that tile. Titles come from above. They can’t name you the leader of the team.”

Holtz on being a leader: “A leader of the team is somebody that has to have a vision of where you are going and plan for how you are going to get there,” Holtz said.

REPORT: Alabama’s Nick Saban set for salary increase

Alabama football coach Nick Saban could see a salary boost today. According to the Birmingham News, “The compensation committee of the University of Alabama Systems board of trustees will meet via conference call at 2 p.m. Monday to consider contracts for two new assistant football coaches and contract amendments for head coach Nick Saban and seven of his assistants.”

Does Saban deserve more money? Of course. How much is enough for the remarkable job he has done in resurrecting Alabama football?

Alabama Gymnastics
Alabama took second at the SEC Gymnastics Championship in Duluth, Georgia on Saturday.

Florida won 197.150-196.775 over the Crimson Tide. Florida entered the competition ranked #1 and Alabama at #3.

The loss of the SEC title is not the end of the world for Alabama. Coach Sarah Patterson had a special message for the team.

“On any given night you have to be at your best to win this event if you’re going to win,” Patterson said in a release from UA. “Hopefully what we take from tonight is how to move forward. I told the ladies that we have won five national championships and only two of those have come after winning an SEC Championship.”

Alabama finds out its NCAA Tournament matches today.

Alabama’s profitable athletic department
According to the Business of College Sports, Alabama has the most profitable athletic department. The research was based on numbers from the 2010-2011 filings with the Department of Education. According to the filings, Alabama earned a net profit of $31,684,872.00 with Penn State a close second earning a profit of 31,619,687.00 and Michigan a distant third earning $26,649,499.00.

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  1. The Crimson Tide football program definitely contributes to the athletic department’s bottom line. I also heard that they give about $3 million annually to various academic departments.

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