Alabama humiliated Auburn in the annual Iron Bowl rivalry game. Auburn’s defense was dominated by Alabama’s rushing game powered by Trent Richardson and a sophisticated passing game from A.J. McCarron. Auburn’s offense was ineffectual throughout the day.

Highlights include A.J. McCarron’s spectacular touchdown pass off the flea flicker, McCarron throwing a touchdown pass to Alabama’s Brad Smelley who was behind the Auburn defense, Auburn’s defense stepping up to force a McCarron fumble recovered for a touchdown, Alabama star running back Trent Richardson catching a pass for a touchdown, Alabama’s defense getting a pick-six and Fowler scoring the final points of the 2011 Iron Bowl.

Alabama posted 397 yards of total offense with Trent Richardson gaining 203 yards rushing. Brad Smelley caught six passes for 86 yards for Alabama. Alabama held Auburn to only 140 yards of total offense, and the offensive guru Gus Malzahn was shutout with Auburn’s only scores coming on defense and special teams.

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  1. Channel 42 – with that monster staff – can post this – to help the broadcast.
    I also would like to note Jeff Speegle of 33-40 as another suckass for the “lost cause’. All he could highlight – was the Aubie run back on the 6 news. I will remember how all the suckasses will try – and I do mean try – to spin this shit for the Aubies.
    Hey White Trash Tammy. Dig this girl.

    1. i don’t know which was worse, the cbs national coverage (no interview w/ trent) or that post-game travesty called inside college football.

      (if that was “inside college football”, it must have been from near the anus)

      i can’t recall being as upset over a blowout against auburn.

      we should have won this game by eight touchdowns.

      why in the hell did we continue kicking to mccalebb??? i’m so incredibly sick of seeing saban crawl somebody besides the kicker’s ass on these kickoffs.

      not using a timeout before the half and pressuring auburn deep in their own territory was just stupid.

      what in the hell is mcelwain thinking dropping a sophomore QB back to pass inside our own 10 yard line???

      why did brad smelley not touch the ball in the second half??? (if he did, it wasn’t nearly enough)

      seriously, this auburn team didn’t belong on the same field w/ us.

      we should have scored 70.

  2. How did Auburn’s offense not score when that offensive GURU was trolling the sidelines, SURROUNDED by top 5 class talent over the last few years??????????

    1. Someone hid the Malzahn Picture Book™ offensive sign boards. The REC struck again! Look, he made Chris Todd into a 7-5 QB! That still counts as something doesn’t it?

  3. Well it looks like we may play yall again in the dome in january. Ni cant wait to take yall o the woodshed again. Yall are weak and less talented than us and yall know it. Mccaron is trash and has nightmares aout that lsu d. Richardson is gonna get bottled up worse than the first go round. Lsu 21 bama 3. Lsu is on a mission. Oh btw thanks for cheering for us t he end of the game yesterday. Instead of cheering we want lsu. Yall just said lsu. Lol. We are already the true champs. Good luck sweating out next weekend.

  4. Bwaa haww haww haww haww! OSU is out of the picture! The coaches dropped them to #5. Bwaa haww haww. Just wait till the Harris comes out shortly. We have been strongest in Harris. We are a solid #2. The new BCS buster is Va Tech. We have to wait and see how much love they get if they avenge their loss to Clemson. But a 20 point loss to Clemson sure as hell aint a 3 point loss to LSWho. And SEC #5 USCe just stomped hell out of Clemson. We can argue that if they get a rematch then so should we. Bwaa haww haww! I think it’s pretty safe to say that an ACC team is not going to jump Bama. Anybody want to go Pay Pal and put money where you phucking mouth is on Bama playing January 9th? Bwaa haww haww! The Corndogs asses belong to us! RTR! Bwaa haww haww.

  5. Just out. Bama has a huge lead over Stanford in the Harris Poll. Stanford and Va Tech are splitting #3 and #4 in the Harris and Coaches. That hurts them both. OSU has dropped to #5 in both human polls. They are so phucked. RTR!

  6. We have a comfortable .08 lead over OSU in the new BCS standings. There are 2 ways to put in perspective how significant that lead is . One is to check how close all the rest of the top 10 teams totals are. Every one of them is around .002 or so. Only LSU and Bama have leads in the hundreths instead of the thousandths. The other comparison is more significant. LSU undefeated and winner over Bama has only a .045 lead over us and yet with us and OSU each having 1 loss we have a .08 lead over them. I will have to go along with the ESPN analysts who sugested that the only way OSU can catch us is if there are some shenanigans going on in the BSC process. I’m not really worried with that lead, but I do have to question some bullshyt. We won a bigtime game and only gained .005 points. OSU did not play, had the team that beat them get stomped, and lost ground in both human polls. Yet the bastards gained .03 points to our .005. This is the kind of shyt ESPN was talking about. The computer programing is bullshyt.

  7. True champs? Bwaa haww haww! True Chumps maybe. Nov 5th didn’t mean shyt except who got to play at #1 for a few weeks. Jan 9th is the one that’s for all the marbles asshole. And so far you aint champs of nothin but the west division. Hell, won’t even matter if your champs of the SEC. When we finsh pounding your asses in New Orleans we”ll be the only Champs that count. RTR! And how bout that BB team? BAMA 72 – VCU 64. RTR!

  8. Quote from Saban in 2003: “”Anyone who doesn’t win their conference has no business playing in the national championship game.”

  9. You don’t havea horse in this race so stfu loseer. Go roll a dead tree. Better yet go exchange blow jobs with Just A Fag since you both like to quote ithe same irrelevant source which is nothing more than a damn high school recruiting service. For one thing Saban is a great politician. He knows how to change his mind to fit the current situation..Bwaa haww haww! Although OU just lost their top receiver and top RB I’d still put good money on them not losing in a fashion that would be considered a blowout. And what a phucked up pitiful excuse that the football team was negatively affected by the deaths of a couple of title 9 coaches. I doubt if they even knew them. If this was such a dirty deed it could easily be avoided. But instead, to a man the coaches, sports writers and Harris’ elite members are voting Bama to Nrw Orleans. So stfu troll. RTR!.

    1. When I though you couldn’t be any lower of a human Crimsonite you prove me wrong with these comment.

      You must be one miserable person, much like Harvey Updyke, if in fact you are not one in the same.

      Any Alabama fans on here really support these kind of comments for your fellow Bama fan?

      1. Get a life Flash. Its a football board. Quit acting like a pus. Go eat some grass and shut the hell up.

  10. Think what you want Troll. I could care less what anybody thinks of me. I don’t live my life under a microscope to be judged by people. They all put their pants on one leg at a time and wipe their asses with shyt paper just like me. I know what they think of you though. We’d like to shove your ass under a Toomers Corner tree and pour Spike 80 on you. Bwaa haww haww! As for OSU, there’s a time to mourn and a time to live. Nobody on that football field was thinking about anything but winning and a National Championship. For some halfwit retard Bama hater to try and make OSU more deserving than Bama by lessening the fact that they just flat stunkup the game with the excuse that the team was mourning – is as big a crock of bullshit as the world going to hell in a handbag because of Y2K. We’re coming for your Corndog asses Troll. RTR!

  11. Nothing but hot air coming out of Crimsonite’s mouth just like before November 5th.

    Bla Bla Bla your going to kick our asses, just like you said you were on November 5th. What was it you guarnteed Crimsonite? 31-6? Bla Bla Bla just more BS coming from Crimsonite.

    You would have thought you would have learned something from the previous game, but then again you are the resident idiot on this site.

  12. Why is it when we beat Auburn, it feels so….normal. I don’t feel like talking trash or gloating to the Aubs. I know they do it X100 when they beat us, but that is just the way they are….turds.

    Please Auburn fans, I know when you beat us last year, things got out of hand. So beg you….

    Please don’t poison our statues!

    Roll Damn Tide

    Sponsored by: Updykes Tree Service – We get to the root of the problem.

  13. Oh I did learn something asshole. I learrned that you can’t stop our offense unless the wrong plays are called or some dumbass leaves a rusher unblocked. Doubt that will happen again. I also learned that your offense can’t move the ball as well against our defense as we can yours. I also think that if we get 6 scoring chances to your 2 like the last time, then your ass is grass. I can’t wait. Don’t see your players frothing to play the other best team as ours are. Don’t see 3/4 of our fans begging for anyone to else to play like yours are about Bama. Actually we would be damn dissapointed. Tricky Nicky is pulling a Bear using his influence as the nations top coach to call for voters to keep Bama #2. OSU’s Mike Gundy just endorsed Bama as #2 and OSU as #3. The man has Balls. Don’t hear Miles telling everyone Bama is the second best team. He knows what will happen. Come on back Troll. We love bitch slapping you. Hell, we get to do this for 7 more weeks now! Can you take it? Bwaa haww haww! RTR!

    1. You can’t stop our offense unless the wrong plays are called!!!!LMAO or som dumbass leaves a rusher unblocked!!! Calling his own players dumbasses!!! LOL

      Doubt that will happen again? Why did you get a new coaching staff? Or maybe some new players! Stop it Crimsonite you are killing me! Ha Ha Ha

      I also think! he he he what a joke you are crimsonite.

      Don’t see 3/4 of your fans begging to play anyone else, of course not you ignorant bafoon. LSU is the ONLY number number 1 team in the nation, the only undefeated major conference team, the only team anybody could play to win the national championship.

      You also don’t see 3/4 Ok .St. fans, or Va. Tech fans or Stanford fans wanting to play anybody else except LSU either do you? YOU MORON! They all would be dissapointed too. Fricking idiot.

      Wrong again dunce, Miles is the nations top coach. He has a better record against Saban, including this year even when you think Bama has the best team, Miles still has the better record. He also has a better over all winning percentage than Saban and has a better over all Bowl and BCS Bowl record than Saban. But hey if you want to believe Saban is the best go ahead, it is clinically proven to let the mentally challanged to hold on to their dreams.

      Your the only one getting bitch slapped and everybody in the nation outside of your bama gump friends are laughing at you getting bitch slapped by not knowing the difference between fact and fiction or 31-6 and 9-6. LMAO

      Bwaa haww haww you ignorant inbred redneck moron gump!

      Your team can’t even win their division of their conference much less their conference championship. Read it and weep you loser!

      Go kill a tree, they can’t block or tackel either, and mother earth won’t call the wrong play! LMAO

  14. What these idiots seem to forget is that Alabama loss at home. We came up there and made yall quit in overtime. Mccarron is flat out scared of that LSU d. You know we have the better players than yall bums. Everybody already knows LSU is better. So even if somehow yall do beat us in January( which wont happen). It will not be without an asterisk. If you think were fast on grass wait until you see us on turf. Lets see if Kirkpatrick fakes an injury this go round too.

  15. Many talking heads on ESPN are already saying that LSU has already won at least a share of the NC given a loss to BMA would just mean they are tied… With LSU having the tougher loss and harder schedule. Bama has only beat 3 teams this year with a winning record… Talk about backing into a NC.

    1. dude, i, for one, would love that.

      and you should, too.

      i means those trent richardson tank treads backed over auburn’s face mean something.

      really, you think that weak shit would bother us???

    2. If Bama beats LSU in the BCS title game, Bama wins the BCS. No asterisk, no exceptions. Look, in the NFL, a team could lose in the regular season and beat that team in the Super Bowl, and they don’t split the trophy. Same with basketball, baseball, etc.

      I don’t know what is so hard to understand. But I know this: If Bama beats LSU in the rematch, The corndogs and the barners will be crying about it for years.

  16. Not incapable, chump. Just not going to.

    You’re saying we lost to them at home.

    We didn’t win the division.

    We didn’t win the conference.

    We play anyway because it’s (correctly) deemed we’re the #2 team in the nation.

    We beat LSU.

    You and your ESPN chump buddies decide in your minds the BCS title is shared.

    (and that’s the only place it would happen….in your minds)

    give LSU the AP title.

    I’m good with that.

    It’s that simple, chump.

  17. I’m on my cell phone today and the bitch limits the length of my posts so I’m going to have to make more than one to get it all out. Ya’ll bear with me. You too, phucking Trolls. First a little doomsday. Sort of. Numbers crunchers galore have been testing the waters to see if OSU has a chance. To a man they say our lead is insurmountable – providing a shyt load of human voters don’t change their minds. However, those guys haven’t been crunching numbers in OSU and LSU’s fantasy lands. Here’s what I see. This past week was a disaster for our SOS. At least 6 of our opponents lost. That’s why OSU jumped from 1.1 behind to .82. Luckily only 1 opponent plays this week. We can’t stand any more drops in SOS. Because if LSU loses our SOSwould take a monster hit. Coupled with a huge OSU win and a bunch of humans changing their minds we have a scenario where we get bumped out simply because OSU couldn’t catch LSU in one game if hell froze over. This aint likely to happen, but it aint impossible either. Just sayin’.

    1. Once again you prove what a dumbass you are Crimsonite. There are no numbers to be crunched until the voters vote next week. If all the voters decide they don’t want a rematch, like they did before with Michigan and Ohio State, they can and will vote Oklahoma State or Va. Tech number 2, assuming they win. Even I can crunch those numbers if they come out that way. So you’re comments are irrelavant just like you Crimsonite.

  18. I’ve been all over the internet since Sat. And this is what I’ve found. There are a shytload of haters out there and the vast majority of them are incoherent stupid morons. The OSU fans are generally pretty straight forward. Plus anything they say now means absolutey nothing since their coach Mike Gundy conceded Bama #2 and threw their team under the bus yesterday. But this controversy is dragging the dregs out of the gutter like yapping dogs. The two main culprits against Bama are LSU and Va Tech. They have organized an internet wide campaign to demand Bama be dropped. They are contacting voters to block Bama by voting them #20 or lower. Don’t know if it will work, but there are some real shytasses out there besides Barnturds and UThugs. LSU’s fans are scared shytless behind their fascade of bravado. Now they are saying that Saban in ’03 said “No team should go to the BCSCG if they didn’t win their conference”. But not one motherphucker has come up with a reference or link. I have posted this in (cont)

  19. (cont) in response with a reference to yesterday. In ’08 to hype his team who lost two games in overtime, Les Miles was quoted as saying “We are undefeated in regulation”. What hyppocrital bastards! If you want to see something just phucking hilarious, drop by the LSU Rivals site. There is not one phucking post about their emminent SECCG with Georgia. They are obsessed with Alabama to the point of insanity. If there was ever anything irrelevant and inaccurate posted on the internet about any team, it would pale in comparison to that Corndog bullshyt over there, and on ESPN, and Yahoo, and SI, etc, etc. They are so incensed that they are #1 and yet ALL, ALL, ALL, ALL the nation is embroiled in a controversy about Alabama. We have flat out stolen their thunder. Bama’s smack dab square in the middle of a frenzy of publicity on this nations obssession, and LSU is forgotten.Bwaa phucking haww haww haww! Now for one last dagger to the heart of the Corndogs I’m going to do an analysis of Nov 5th and Georgia.

    1. Wrong again Crimsonite! Like usual bammers want to only post half truths. You want a link for what Saban said, why not post the link for what Miles said!

      But I will give you the correct quote from Miles and how you and other bammer fans are twisting it to fit you situation today.

      Miles accurately said in 2007 was, “LSU is the ONLY team undefeated in regulation”.

      That is not the case this year, as least as of right now.
      Oklahoma State and Houston are undefeated in regulation as of right now. So the comment Bama fans are trying to attribute to their team could also be attributed to the Ok. St.

      Sorry to have to keep correcting you Crimsonite, but I think everybody here already knows how full of you know what your are and the half truths you spew here.

      But hey maybe it was an honest mistake, so I am glad to be able to once again give you the facts over fiction you hear on the finebaum show.

  20. It probably makes no difference since LSWho beat hell out of several teams Georgia struggled with. However it is worth noting that Georgia beat two teams worse than LSWho did – Miss St and Auburn. So if I was the Corndogs I wouldn’t be taking the Junkyard Dogs lightly. Looking at Rivals it looks like they aren’t even thinking Georgia. Hmmmm! Don’t lose shytheads! As for us – well they are just plain desperate to sidestep us in Nawlins. Don’t matter what the lying motherphuckers say. Here’s the real reason why: They were lucky SOB’s to win Nov 5th. In regulation we had them 305 yards to 219. They had 2 scoring opportunities and got 2 field goals. We had 6 scoring opportunities, scored 2 field goals, inexplicably missed 3 and squandered 2 sure TD’s when a block in the back away from the ball kept us off the 3 yard line and a rediculously lucky and questionable interception kept us off the 6 inch line. As easily as they kicked a 22 yard winning field goal, we also could have won 26-6. Next time we will. RTR!

    1. Aww let only talk about the plays where Alabama had penalties. LMAO

      Everybody knows if we change history and take away all of Alabama’s mistakes (what did you say earlier Crim, wrong play calls and dumbass players missing blocks) but don’t change anything LSU did, Alabama WINS! YEA

      Don’t we all wish we could live in the fantasy world that Crimsonite lives in?

      What color is the sky now Crimsonite? LMAO

  21. Finebammer, that link from FYI had nothing about Saban and Conf. Champs. Nobody who has been challenged on the whole internet has provided anything legitimate. It wouldn’t surprise me if he said it though. I damn sure would have in his position. However, it was a completely different scenario. Oklahoma had just been BEATEN by a mediocre Kansas team in the BIg 12 Championship Game and they wanted to play for the National Championship as did LSU. In that situation LSU had a point since OU lost and lost to a bad team. Bama has not played in a championship game and therefore has not lost a championship. It is not our fault that we are in the same division as LSU. If as LSU says it is unfair for them to play an extra game while the team they beat gets a bye – fine motherphuckers – Bama will be more than happy to take your place and stomp Georgias ass. We’ll even let you keep the SEC Championship. But our team wants to play 14 games, and wants Richardson to have that game to stoke his Heisman chances. Cry Babies!

    1. he didn’t say it.

      FYI is a liar, plain and simple.

      as with the comment about alabama backing into the BCSNC, like the monkeys at the zoo, he’s throwing poo.

      he problem with throwing poo, you get it all over yourself.

      enter the supposed Saban comment with no link. if it was legit, you can bet your ass he’d have linked it.(to a reputable source)

      he’ll come back now and say, oh, i remember this or that.


      remember when FYI was trying to bs us about what a fair-minded individual he is???

      remember who called him out first?

      they can cry asterisk, say we backed into it, give the AP championship to the Tigers.

      as long as we have the crystal, I could care less.

    2. Hey and you can have 15 million dollars from the bank down the street from you Crimsonite. Just tell them I said so. LMAO!

      What a retard! You shoud get a reality show crimsonite!

      You could call it “Morons and their everyday conversations”! LOL

      Crimsonite please tell me you’re under 5’6″, over 300 pounds and have red hair and wear overalls everyday, including a cuttoff pair in the summer! If you do, I know you’re just a sitcom waiting to happen. LMAO!

  22. Flash, you Gaddamn Ratturd Coonass POS! Cussing bothers you, doesn’t it? Good! It was intended too. You’re ignorant, illiterate, impotent and probably illegitimate too. You think I make up all this stuff and post it here just so some retarded asshole troll like you to come and dis me? Half the media and God only knows how many computer nerds around the country have been crunching shyt out of the numbers since the poll were released Sunday. It has been published. It has been scrutinized. It is very easy to do. I can do a halfway decent job of it without using a computer, dumbass. To give OSU the best advantage possible to see if they could concievably catch Bama under the most radical of conditions is very easy when there is only 1 game left. You simply figure LSU and any other Bama opponents to lose. Figure OSU and all of their opponents to win. You plug that in to the computers SOS cause scores don’t matter in the computers. You figure OSU will move to #3 in both human polls and #2 in all 6 computers. (cont)

      1. Are maybe it just takes you this long to do your hillbilly math like Jethro – one naught plus another naught equals….what was the question again? Oh yea if the voters decide to vote Ok. St. number 2 in the polls over Alabama if they beat Oklahoma, is it possible for them to be number 2 in the BCS rankings?

        Do you really need a computer to figure that out? And you call me a dumbass! LMAO

  23. (cont) You add OSU’s present points in the polls to the extra points they will recieve by moving from #5 to #3. You add everything together to find out how much bite they will take out of Bama’s .82 lead. Now all I can do is use the figures from the human polls knowing how many points each position is worth, and the published figures in each category such as SOS, won-lost record, etc for each of the 6 computers. You can get this from USAToday or the actual BCS website.I can come up with a reasonable number. But the real number crunchers can access the data used by the 6 computers and can make a realistic projection based on worse case scenario. It has been done shyt loads in 3 days. The only unknown variable is how many humans will put OSU #2 instead of #3. But if the majority of humans leave Bama #2 then the numbers say OSU cannot catch us. You ratturds keep saying the humans won’t allow a rematch. It’s the humans who have Bama solidly in #2 for a rematch now. OSU edging a crippled OU will not be enough. RTR

  24. It’s the humans who have Bama solidly #2, right now with a game to play for Ok.ST. They have beaten 4 teams in the current top 25 BCS standings, Alabama has only beaten 3. If Ok.St. beats Oklahoma on Saturday, that will give them 5 wins over teams in the current top 25 compared to only 3 by Alabama. So will the voters concetrate on more wins over better teams or a triple OT loss on the road compared to an OT loss at home?

    As smart as you think you are Crimsonite, you can’t answere that question right now. Nobody can.

    But hey keep calculating, it not like you’ve got anything else to do with that diminutive brain of yours.

    1. It is not about just the wins, it is about who has the worse looking loss. If you listened to Oklahomas coach, he pretty much says the same thing.

      We all know you don’t want a re-match, and that is cool. Just say so and quit looking like such a coward, hiding behind every glimmer of hope for why a re-match shouldn’t happen.

      Wouldn’t it suck for you if Bama-LSU rematch and Bama beats LSU? Man, you guys will be crying for centuries over that.

  25. Don’t get your panties in a wad. Look asshole. Everybody knows what would happen if 90% of the voters put OSU #2. Same damn thing that would happen if your asses lose bad to Georgia and they put Bama #1. Neither one of them are going to happen. The voters are happy with Bama at #2 and a rematch. That’s why the phuck we’re already #2. If they intended to drop us, they would have done it already. But our destruction of the Defending National Champs at their house in a manner 10 times worse than the score indicates, impressed everyone. Probably even your ass! OU is badly crippled. In the loss to Baylor they lost their all everything, go to WR and their starting RB. They also lost one other star of which important position I don’t remember. I don’t think OSU’s 105th ranked defense can stop even a limping OU. Regardless, there is no way in hell OU will get beatdown. A close win over OU will not change the minds of voters. They already think Bama is #2 and OSU is only #5, you stupid ass. Keep on dreaming. RTR!

    1. The voters are happy with Bama at #2 and a rematch. That’s why the phuck we’re already #2 – AS OF NOW

      If they intended to drop us, they would have done it already – SOME ALREADY HAVE, BUT MAJORITY MAY NOT THINK THAT UNLESS THEY BEAT OKLAHOMA STATE FOR THEM.

      But our destruction of the Defending National Champs at their house in a manner 10 times worse than the score indicates – SAYS THE MAN WHO WATCHED THE GAME THROUGH CRIMSON GLASSES.


      Take your pills Crimsonite it is getting late.

  26. Who the hell cares if OSU has played 5 teams in the top 25 and Bama only 3. You’re dissing your own conference. We slaughtered Arky who is ranked ahead of OU and they finished with 2 losses. If OU loses they will drop like a rock and finish with 3 losses and OSU will not have played anyone in the top 10. We will have lost by 3 to #1. They will have lost by 6 to a 27 point dog. We are the SEC with 5 consecutive NC’s. All 5 of our ranked teams are in the top 14. Only 3 of 6 Big 12 teams are in the top 15. We are #1, #2 and what #6? They are #3 and what #10? Our bad teams are better than other conferences good teams. Hell 6-6 Vandy beat a very good Navy team and just stomped shyt out of a decent ACC team. USC slaughtered ACC Coastal Champ Clemson. You think the voters don’t consider all of this? They consider it just as damn much as they consider which team played the most ranked teams. Maybe more because we are the SEC. All but 3 coaches out of 59 have us #2. Not enough will change their minds. You wish! RTR!

    1. Who the hell cares if OSU has played 5 teams in the top 25 and Bama only 3 – THE VOTERS THAT’S WHO. DUH!

      And Alabama has played and beaten not one single team that was ranked in the top 10 at the time they played them. Not One!

      Unlike LSU who has beaten 3 teams ranked in the top 4 at the time they beat them. But hey this isn’t about LSU, you and everydody else already knows LSU is the best team in the country, there’s not debate about that. The debate is who is SECOND best.

      You hope not enough will change their minds!

      Did you take you pills? Sleep good!

  27. Jesus Christ Flash! Are you really that stupid? Naw you can’t be cause if you were your phucking brain wouldn’t be able to make your heart pump. Where do you post from? Are you in the State Mental Institution? Do they know you’re off your Meds? Do you ever research anything before you mouth off, or do you just make it up as you go along? You freaking lyme diseased Nutria ratturd! The AP poll is Bama’s strongest poll of all. 100% of the voters have us #1. And these are the guys you’re putting your hopes on to lead the way to a revolt against Bama? Bwaa haww haww haww haww haww! I certainly phucking hope so! Good luck dreamer. Where do you come up with this shyt? RTR!

  28. Hey Retard I just looked at the AP poll and if 100% of the voters have Alabama #1 as you say, then tell me why Bama is ranked #2 in that poll? LMAO

    Can you count to 5 Crimsonite?

    The AP poll is surely Ok St.strongest poll.

  29. For the record, I did some more searching and it looks like Saban probably didn’t say the previously posted quote about not playing in the NC if you don’t win the conference.

    1. Looks like Saban probably didn’t

      Wow way to come out strong with the results of your research there FYI

      I bet you believe Saban probably didn’t lie when he told the Miami press he wasn’t going take the Alabama head coaching job also.

      You should “probably” get a job in the research field.

  30. It was a mistype. You know what I meant retard. Don’t make a bigger fool of yourself than you already have. The AP release stated that Alabama recieved all 60 second place votes. In the coaches Alabama recieved 56 of 59 second place votes. For example in the AP if OSU jumps from 5th to 3rd they would recieve 2 times 60 or 120 points. Look at the point totals. They are way more than 120 points behind Bama. To catch up they would also have to recieve a goodly number of Bama’s second place votes and not have any votes lower than 3rd place themselves. Well that aint the case already cause they are sharing votes with Stanford and Va Tech.. 60 of 60 seems like a pretty damn strong endorsement to me. Haven’t you got anything better to do. Phucking OSU hasn’t even beat the Pre-season National Champion favorite yet. Moron.

    1. I don’t have anything more fun to do than to mess with a retard gump like you crisonite. Its so easy.

      Your the retard who couldn’t understand my point about the AP poll. It wasn’t about where Alabama was in the AP poll, and it wasn’t really about where Ok. St. was in that poll it was about where Ok. St was in the AP poll compared to the coaches and Harris polls.

      And at least with your final sentence you finally get what I’ve been saying, that all your number crunching is a waste of time until after next weeks game, because if Ok St. beats the Pre-season No. 1 team (not pre-season national champion you moron) you have no clue how the votes in the polls are going to come out which will make any simple math calculations you’ve been working on Crimsonite meaningless, like you life.

      1. The re-match is coming, so you can stop your hoping and praying that it doesn’t. You are as goofy as your coach is, but at least he has more honesty in him about a re-,match than you have.

        1. Hey stupid Brando welcome back. I have not said one word abut a rematch, so you sound as stupid as Crimsonite.

  31. You are so full of shyt Flash! There are almost no voters who are going to sit down and calculate the nuances of the difference between Bama and OSU. This controversy has been addressed a hundred times over the years. Most of them just pencil in what the national opinion is. Many don’t even vote themselves, they have an assisstant or a secretary do it. That plays heavily into Bama’s favor since we are Bama and the other team is —- uhh, who is the other team? Oh yeah, OSU. Wait a minute, I thought Ohio St lost 6 games. Oh, it’s not Ohio St? Then who? Okie St? There’s an Okie St? Damn, somebody needs to get that shyt straightened out. That’s confusing. Do they play football at this Okie St? Oh well, just leave Alabama at #2 and send it in dammit. I’ve got to call this recruit we need next year. Understand now Flash In The Pan? Then there’s this shyt about Bama not playing a top 10 team at the time? You don’t understand that either do you? Only the human voters MAY consider the (cont)

  32. (cont) entire resume. MAY. But not necessarily. The computers do not consider the whole season. They consider today only. What teams were ranked at the time they played is completely forgotten when the next weeks rankings are calculated using current values. So forget the phucking past 12 weeks and where Bama’s opponents WERE ranked. Next Sunday after the games are over and if this conversation is even still relevant because OSU won the game, it will be like this: Arky will still be at least #8 but maybe higher depending on losses ahead. So Bama will have an ass stomping on the #8 or better team. On Sunday #10 OU will have lost (maybe) and will be about #13 or #14 in the BCS. They already are not Top 10 in any human poll. So Sunday OSU will not have any Top 10 teams on their resume. There, moron, see how simple that was?

    As for the AP, look at the points idiot. OSU is already #3 and yet they are still about 140 points behind. That means a shit load of voters are ranking them lower, and you think all (cont)

    1. Its only confusing for morons, the rest of the normal world knows what’s going on.

      Crimsonite you obviously don’t know your football history to well. You’re right this controversy existed before with Michigan and Ohio St. most everybody thought they were the best two teams but one of them didn’t win there conference. And guess what the voters did on the last week of voting? That’s right they jumped a lower ranked Florida team up so that there wouldn’t be a non conference winner nor a rematch in the National Championship game. So you are right this has been addressed before.

      You better go to church and pray. Oh wait, you made fun of people that go to church and who pray in an earlier post didn’t you, you inbred redneck heathen.

  33. (cont) all those voters and more than half who have Bama #2 are going to suddenly make a BCS changing decision to vote OSU # 2 just because in their house they edge a 2 loss, injured OU who at the time of voting will be a 3 loss, out of the Top 10 and maybe the Top 15 too OU? That’s a hell of a lot of hoping dude. In fact I’d call it delusional. As for your earlier ranting about Nov 5th. It’s not Bama fans who are worried about the results of a rematch. It’s you ratturds. It was you ratturds who only had 2 scoring opportunities and if you changed the results of several plays you still would have had only 2 scoring opportunities. It was Bama who had 6 scoring opportunities and if you change the results of only one play – we win. Change the results of several plays and it’s a blowout. Read it and weep asshole! And there won’t be no phucking asterisk. Next year you can lookup BCS and you won’t find one single word about these two teams played twice and split. Nope, it will only read
    Alabama 2011 BCS Nat Champs!

    1. Oh yea I’m going to read about a moron wanting to change a play or two in a game that has already happened and pretend we really didn’t win but got routed instead and then weep! LMAO Crimsonite. You and your fantasy world. And you call me delusional! LOL

      You know what Crimsonite using your way of thinking if you change the anatomy of you uncle, he could then be your aunt and then at least you wouldn’t be an incestual faggot. LMAO

  34. The re-match is coming, so you can stop your hoping and praying that it doesn’t. You are as goofy as your coach is, but at least he has more honesty in him about a re-match than you have.

  35. Brando you talking about that goofy coach who has out coached Nick Saban, yea him with the statute, in each of the last two year? You talking about that goofy coach who has a 3-2 winning record over Nick Saban since he has been at Alabama and a 2-0 record over Saban when they were both coaching teams with all of there own playres?

    You talking about the goofy coach who has a better over all winning percentage as a college head coach than Nick Saban? You talking about the goofy coach that has a better bowl record than Nick Saban?

    If that’s who you’re talking about, I’d rather be goofy like him than stupid like you.

    1. Oh and by the way that goofy coach has his team ranked unanimously ranked no. 1 in the country in every single poll, computer and human mind, and ahead of Nick Saban’s more talanted team! LMAO

      Who’s feeling goofy now Brando?

  36. Wrong again. In that scenario it was less about a rematch and more about the fact that #2 Michigan lost their LAST game of the season and the next week #3 Florida won the SEC Championship Game. If Michigan had 3 more games to impress people it might have been different. Anyway, in the Rose Bowl USC killed Michigan even worse than Florida killed Ohio St. So everyone knew the no rematch was the right choice. This is a different universe all together. It is a universal opinion that there are no other college teams in the same league with Bama and LSWho. Sending another Lamb to the slaughter in New Orleans is a rediculous idea and would prove nothing. It appears that the human voters with 116 out of 119 votes for Bama #2, also realize this. Don’t even be delusional enough to think over 60 of those voters are going to change their minds. And that doesn’t even count all those voters who are still ranking OSU much lower than 3rd. It’s pretty much hopeless. Kind of like the Corndogs game in New Orleans will be! RTR!

    1. No let me tell you what was different moron, Michigan lost by three points on the road at Ohio State, not on their own home field.

      And who has Alabama beaten in the three weeks since they lost to LSU to impress people, a 6-6 Miss. ST. team, and division 2 team and an Auburn team that even you say is terrible Crimsonite? Wow that is really impressive, I’m surprised Bama is not ranked no. 1 after those games.

      1. The facts are that Bama won, and LSU couldn’t beat Bama in 4 quarters, and was fortunate that they got the win on the 5th. But exactly who has LSU played? Arkansas? Bama beat them in a blowout at home as well.
        And, as I recall, LSU played the same Auburn and Mississippi State teams that Bama did. Who the hell is Western Kentucky? Man, you just get dumber and dumber with your argument.

        It is simple. If LSU wins the re-match, they are the better team.

        If Bama wins the re-match, Bama is the better team.

        The rest of the schedule of who played what team doesn’t matter. LSU and Bama played a 9-6 OT game that hardly proved who has the better team. They looked fairly even, tied after 4 quarters, even though Bama clearly has the better defense. Bama moved the ball better than LSU also. Missed kicks and dropped TD passes beat Bama more than LSU did. You don’t want a re-match, but you are too big of a pussy to say it out loud.

        1. Brando,
          Convient of you to leave out Oregon and West Va. and yes we beat Alabama no matter how many excuses you want to make. That’s three teams better than anybody bama beat all year. And you want to call my arguments dumb! LMAO

          “The facts are that Bama won” What an idiot you prove yourself to be gump.

  37. Fear. All of this whining is fear that the BCS trophy isn’t going to be handed to them in the end. I’m not saying that Bama is going to roll all over LSU. They may lose, but it won’t be easy. OSU would be easy. Bama will give them a fight that LSU fans don’t want, just like Nov. 5th. LSU beat Bama, fair and square, on the field….. but they didn’t lead in the game for ONE SECOND until the final FG. Voters may not think that a rematch is fair, but it’s infinitely better than giving LSU a free shot at a trophy.

  38. Flash That Ass, you inbred motherphucker. It’s not about trying to change history. It’s called post game analysis, dumbass. It’s about analyzing the game to see what happened, who really had the upper hand, and who stands the best chance of winning the rematch. nobody on this board gives a flying phuck at a rolling donut what you think. The video facts are that we had 3 times as many scoring opportunities as you and we had two real opportunities to score TD’s from inside the 5 which you did not. One of those opportunities LSU had nothing to do with stopping. Our All American LB made an illegal block 30 phucking yards back up field from the ball carrier. So in the post game analysis it is obvious that your Offense was rather helpless against our D and in a rematch we are more likely to convert more opportunites inside the 30 than you will even get. It would be highly unlikely that you would get all the defensive breaks 2 games in a row. Furthermore your dumbass response to Miles statement about the ’07 game is completely irrelevant. And whether it was quoted verbatim is also irrelevant. The gist of it is all that is relevant. He was supporting his team by trying to make two overtime losses seem irrelevant – period! Doesn’t matter what LSWho’s or anybody elses records were. We have just as much right to say that we are 1 of only 2 one loss teams who are undefeated in regulation but that our loss was light years better than theirs. You retarded dipshyt, you can’t even understand the English language. you continually respond with irrelevant information and or with statements completely opposite from the point that was being made. This is absolute proof that you are a born again idiot, who is retarded and illiterate. Or you are only 12 years old, in which case you need to get off your big sisters computer. Bama is having wet dreams about the rematch. Are you? Bwaa haww haww!

  39. Ya’ll should check out the Kristi Malzhan interview link in the Trent thread above. it is interesting and funny as hell. What I like is the last thing she says. Referencing LSU, she said Malzahn’s opinion is that LSU should have a great team every year since there is no competition from other in state schools for the best recruits. But for some reason they struggle through a lot of mediocre seasons. Then she said she thinks the problem is with some one who eats grass. Bwaa haww haww haww haww!

    1. And that someone who put a single peice of grass in their mouth has out coached your higher paid coach the last two years in a row, and not just head to head but has had a better conference record and overall record. So as usual the last laugh is on you Crimsonite Bwaa haww haww haww haww haww haww!

  40. Over 4 hours and counting and no post? I guess Flash stopped to take a shyt and now he has nothing left to say! bwaa haww haww! RTR!

    1. Wow Crimisonite you actually count the time between my post. You miss me that much when I don’t post soon enough for you. You actually look so forward to what I have to say you wonder where I am or what I’m doing. The fact that the first thing you think of is taking a dump says a lot about you. What a lonely man you must be.

  41. Oh, and by the way Flash. This avatar is for all the SEC’s Tigers, but especially for the Bayou species! RTR!

    1. Crimsonite that elephant or any elephant probably gets more sex than you, but it is probably a good representation of your fat ass trying to molest some underage feline.

  42. Flash is playing warcraft at the moment,then he had to scour the nert for more material to throw at us since he posts the same crap over and over again.He is doing “research” as I post this . Which in fact involves his mother his 3 brothers and his sisters 4 kids she abandoned a few years back,all while watching Nancy Grace while eating boudin and drinking kool aid.

  43. Flash,your post earlier describing Crimsonite wearing coveralls with red hair weighing 300 lbs looks just like 95 percent of the people I have met from Louwsyana.But you forgot to add barefoot and dirty. If that’s the case then you are just like us but you prob weigh more. I can feel your hate and envy for bama in your posts,you are looking desperate now. We will get you a Bama jersey so you can wear it when you bandwagon jump in a few weeks. XXXXXl correct? That’s for your mom, what size do you wear?

    1. Well Fat_Die that describes 98% fo the people I have met from Alabama and I did forget farefoot and dirty.

      I guess that makes us even my team beat your team by 3 points and the redneck gump people of your state beat the Cajuns of my state by 3 percentage points. LMAO

      And I can feel your envy and anger that we beat you in your own house and you want a rematch so bad that it is clouding your judgment and your not even thinking about how bad you are going to really feel if we beat you again for the second time in one year and the third time in a row. You think you can’t lose but your rear end hurts so bad you forget that is what you also thougt before each of the last two games.

      Fat_Die after the game in Tuscalooser I listened to the post game show on the radio for over two hours, because the gumps in charge of post game traffic control must be the absolute worst in the world, and I’ve never heard so many fans of a successful team, coach, program be so negative and criticize their team and coach as much as the gumps did. Hell Crimsonite even in an earlier post to this article called one of his own players a dumbass and in so much as said the coaches didn’t know what they were doing by saying they called the wrong plays, as if he could do better.

      If there is a rematch and LSU looses, yes we will be disappointed but we will support our coach and players. On the other hand if Saban and Alabama loses to Miles and LSU again, you will truly see the ugly side of a fan base that thinks they are entitled. Tree killers, bricks trough coaches windows will be nothing compared to what your bammers will probably do.

  44. Angry and envious I am not,we lost and I realize it I make no excuses for it. Your long winded posts prove it is you who can dish it out but just can’t take it! So keep trying to convince everyone on this BAMA site whatever it is you are trying to prove big dog,good for you!

  45. Hey Fat_Die, Crimsonite, Hannah and Brando,
    Is this true what Stewart Mandel writes:

    “But as I wrote Sunday, the numbers show there IS a valid alternative (provided Oklahoma State wins Saturday night), which one could easily argue fits the “more deserving” bill. It’s not just that Alabama failed to win its conference. It’s that none of those columns I read about the LSU-Alabama coronation bothered to note that the Crimson Tide have beaten just three — repeat, three — teams with winning records. Meanwhile, if Oklahoma State beats Oklahoma, it will be an 11-1 major-conference champ that beat five current BCS Top 25 teams (compared to Alabama’s two) yet is being automatically dismissed. Of course, ‘Bama did not lose to 6-5 Iowa State. Its sole defeat was against the consensus No. 1 team. To many, the Cowboys’ loss is a deal-breaker, and understandably so. But if you evaluate the teams’ complete bodies of work over 12 games rather than one, it’s pretty eye-opening.”

    Did your mighty Alabama team really build up all of its wins and defensive stats against only three teams with winning records, and NINE teams with losing records this year? Wow that is eye opening!

    Is this post too long winded for you too Fat_Die? If so maybe you have adult ADD and shoud get yourself checked out.

    1. ^^ This dude is grasping at ANYTHING to get out of playing Bama again. The main point is BAMA DID NOT LOSE TO A 6-5 TEAM. And look at that body of work. They scored a lot of points on 5 of the top 20 defenses in the nation. They kept some of the top offenses in the nation to 14 or fewer points. And you really think Oklahoma States conference schedule is tougher than Bama’s? If you get beat by a 6-5 team, you shouldn’t get the chance to play for a national championship. Bama is the only team with one loss that has a valid argument. LSU has played a similar schedule as Bama. Should we all doubt the quality of LSU’s wins? If you are going to scrutinize Bamas wins, you can say the same for LSU. Does Houston deserve to be number one instead of LSU?

  46. Funny you had to post someone elses stuff to try to get your point across flash. And I did say try.We read all of your crap and it screams desperate jealousy. We can all tell you don’t want a rematch no matter how you want to spin it. Tell us all why you really don’t want to play Bama again?The Hat dominated us once already so there shouldn’t be any reason besides playing soneone who will give you guys no challenge on the field.Lsu wants to play someone whom they can blow out for an easy victory. Cmon man do you actually think Ok state will be a challenge? But that’s what you pussies want. Just come out and say you are scared Flash,its ok.

  47. I’m sure LSU and their faithful wanted a shot at undefeated houston, looks like southern miss took care of that argument.

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