Thinking about what quarterback to draft in your fantasy football draft? In this video, you can find a few hints about top signal caller prospects. You can scroll down below to see a summary and read along as you watch and listen to this video report from PFW.

Aaron Rodgers of the Green Bay Packers is fresh off a Super Bowl win and is the talk of many experts in this video report. The PFW experts in this report say that Rodgers is consistent and puts up big numbers every week.

Another option could be Michael Vick. Yes, Michael Vick. Vick’s ability to run the ball and make plays will “get you a ton of points.”

Vick averaged 24.93 points per week in 2010 for fantasy football. Vick posted 21 touchdowns against six interceptions and nine rushing touchdowns.

What are you suggestions for this year’s fantasy football?

One thought on “Fantasy Football Tips: The best quarterbacks”

  1. Are you getting paid to post this stuff? It all sounds very pre-written, and not by you.

    I mean really. PFW (whatever that is) suggests Peterson and Foster as RBs? Really? And here I was planning on drafting T.J. Duckett with my 1st round pick.

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