Thinking about your fantasy team? In this video, you can find a few suggestions for the best Fantasy Football Wide Receivers.

The report from Pro Football Weekly stresses Andre Johnson of the Texans as a top pick. Roddy White is the “safest choice.” However, the Texans’ Johnson is the best in the game. Calvin Johnson has “exciting” upside, but experts warn that so much depends on the health of his quarterback.

The average ranking from PFW in this report: Andre Johnson, Calvin Johnson and Roddy White.

Thoughts? Who would you take as your receiver choice?

4 thoughts on “Fantasy Football Tips: The best wide receivers”

  1. There is
    no hesitation on my part. Don’t even need to think about it or consider it. My choice is and always will be Julio Jones being thrown to by “Snake” Stabler. RTR!

  2. Snake was the “original” dual threat QB, and Julio redefined the WR position. Don’t know what you would hate the most as a defensive coach or player. Snake throwing or running and Julio catching\running or busting your azz blocking. Bama’s finest. RTR!

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