AP: “If we didn’t go to the lake and I couldn’t go to Rabun County and stand on the side of the hill and sit on a log and look down and think a little bit, I don’t think I’d survive much longer in this business,” said Saban, who led the Crimson Tide to the national title last season.

“I need that. I need to do that every now and then. … I’d raise a lot more hell than I raise.” (read more about coaches and private planes in the AP story below)

9 thoughts on “Why Alabama’s Nick Saban needs a plane”

  1. Great artical dude. Now we get to listen to the Awbren retards bitch about Nicky Satan’s airplane cause Cheeze Butt doesn’t have one. RTR!

  2. If the boosters are not busy using ghe Auburn Jet to undermine him. Maybe Chism can use it sometime.

  3. I was just wondering if Cappy has flown out to the Woods for an extended Vacation. None of the posts lately have been very timely. I could bitch further – but the case is made.
    Is this Site sliding into the abyss ? Right now – Yes.

  4. WhoreDamnBeagle, you not only give a shite – you’re obsessed with everything Bama. Everything Bama does or doesn’t do pisses you off, puts you in a funk, or gives you an orgasam. That’s why all you inbred goatphuckers spend half your pathetic lives on our boards. RTR!

  5. I agree Pluto. 300 damn posts on a thread started 6 days ago and since nothing but ugly cheerleaders that look like dykes. I should send in some photos of my girlfriends and he should post photos of natural looking college cheerleaders who don’t put their makeup on with spatulas. This getting rediculous. Hell, even ITK has disappeared. Of course I sort of did too. Not because of the loss, but got tired of reading Inbred Barner Bullshit. RTR!

  6. I have been having a lot of fun slapping these Auburn tards around, now that their chest is stuck out and they think they are some kind of big dog on the block now. Things will be back to normal soon, most of these goober smoochers will be back into hiding soon enough. Watch it all backfire on them when Oregon puts the game away in the 2nd quarter. It will be really quiet around here next Tuesday.

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