Florida introduced its new coach Tuesday, and provided details of his contract. According to the AP, “Muschamp…agreed to a five-year contract worth $13.5 million to replace Urban Meyer… He took center stage for a 40-minute news conference filled with confidence, enthusiasm and witty one-liners.”

“University of Florida is about winning championships,” he said. “I understand the expectations and that’s what we’re here to do. … We’re not on a five-year plan here.”

Of course the big news was about Muschamp’s future coaching staff and offensive philosophy. According to the report you can read below, “Muschamp expects to hire his staff after the Outback Bowl and intends to install a pro-style offense, welcome news for Florida fans who groaned about the spread all season.”

40 thoughts on “Florida’s Will Muschamp speaks; plans pro-O”

  1. Those Flawda fans who “have complained about the spread all season” need to remember what style offense brought them two National Championships in 3 years.

    People are so fickle.


  3. BP*, the spread is a dying fad. A pro style offense gets more players to the NFL. Saban has had really good success using his style of defense to stop the spread too. Now more and more people are considering using variants of Sabans 3-4 scheme. You could call Sabans scheme the spread killer. Like the spread, it requires certain types of athletes (a big guy like Cody in the middle for instance) to be run correctly. Should be an interesting next few years to see which philosophy wins more. They have the next big guy coming next season, Jesse Williams (the top JUCO player) and by all accounts he looks to be a better player than Cody was. I still like winning with defense. And Bama’s defense will be really tough next season. They weren’t that bad this year.

  4. THe spread is a dying fad? Tewll the two teams playing for the National Championship that…I don’t think they have heard yet.

  5. Don’t need to tell either one of you anything. Fact is unlike us last year and Florida previously, neither Awbren or Oregon have played anybody really worth a shit all year, and now you’re playing each other. One of you will back into a national championship. Your phucking all-time greatest offense in your history had to waste a milleniums worth of luck to beat a down Bama team by 1 measley point. And if dumbass Barron had taken himself out of the game after he was injured you would have never scored that 70+ yard td where he couldn’t grab the ball carrier with his limp arm. Give him an A for effort and an F- for being stupid. The spread O’ is a flash in the pan. Texas shite-canned it and now Florida. All of Oklahoma’s great O’s never won shite with it. What are you gonna do next year without a 260lb twinkle-toes QB? Not shite, that’s what. This year was an anomally. Enjoy it if you can after Oregon stomps your arse. It won’t happen again. RTR!

  6. Oh, and Florida’s so called spread with Tebow at QB was hardly like Awbren and Oregon’s dippsey-doodle offenses. It was much more power oriented. Not to mention that the main reason they won both championships was because of great, great defenses. Uhh, sorry to mention something that Awbren and Oregon don’t have the slightest clue in the world about. You have Fartley and that’s it. RTR!

  7. Crimson….Sheesh….Where do I start ?
    You are without a doubt the biggest Crimson goggle wearing homer on this board….I PROMISE YOU , if Bama ran the spread it would be the best thing since…anything.

    Second….Auburn hasn’t played anyone good all year ? Did you seriously post that ? For real ?

    Only 6 top 25 teams is all Crimson…Just 6…And that is CURRENT rankings, not at the time played bullcrap. 6 current top 25 teams….Again, ….6…..

    As far as the Iron Bowl…”if” Auburn didn’t allow Bama to score 21 , we would have won by 22….Pleas don’t play the “if” game….It’s retarded.

    One thing is certain though…Barron, Julio, and McElnerd quit….Auburn made their arse quit….Period.

  8. Genius….Pat Dye has said it for years…To win in the SEC you have to do 2 things…Run the ball, and stop the run….Auburn does both very well.

    Exactly what are you getting at EGG…..Are you saying no one is worthy of winning the BCS this year ? Just when I think you can’t get any stupider, you go and do something like this.

  9. BP* you have an opinion, I have mine. Let’s see how it plays out over time. But yeah, Malzahns version of the spread is a fad thing. Tony Franklin was a fad too. And I hope Alabama always has the run/stop the run mentality. I hope they never go to the spread primarily. They do use it some though it is not their primary offense. I like having a more multiple offense, rather than rely on trick plays so much.

  10. I would dare say Bama has run as man “trick” plays as Auburn has…We have not run but a couple of halfback passes and reverses etc….We run the ball up the middle and around the edges. No gimmicks there.

  11. don’t forget onside kicks… but you are right BP*. Bama ran a few trick plays this year. But when Bama’s offense is clicking, it is pretty productive. In a pro style offense, the players have a better shot at the NFL. How many NFL teams are strictly spread teams? Like I said, since it is Auburn, of course you love it. If Bama was running the spread you would be against it. But I am glad Bama doesn’t run the spread. I would rather have the stout defense every year than a one trick pony offense. But the spread come on when not many teams knew how to stop it defensively, like Spurriers fun n gun. But now, SEC defenses are catching up and it won’t be long before the spread, as a primary offense, fades away in the SEC.



  14. Didn’t say you haven’t played anybody descent. By worth a shite I mean someone that leaves no doubt as to how good you are. The Iron Bowl certainly didn’t prove anything except that you are lucky. You got 14 points against Barron, both of which came when he couldn’t hold the ball carrier because of a torn pectorial in his shoulder. He shouldn’t have been in the game. We failed to get 14 points when our best catching RB Richardson dropped an uncontested pass in the endzone and Ingram the least fumbling RB in history let the ball be knocked out at the 10, 1 foot before he went out of bounds after making your whole defense look stupid, and then the damn thing rolled all the way through the endzone without going out of bounds. As for who you’ve played – both Bama and Florida had to beat the undefeated #1.ranked team in the nation in the SECCG for each of us to get to the BCSNCG. We were already national champions by right before we played Oklahoma and Texas. Hell ButtPlay, Michigan State is better than Oregon.

  15. Whatever! Go do your best. Win it if you can. But one thing is 100% certain. In later years no one, NO ONE, will be debating that either Awbren or Oregon might be one of the best National Champions ever. That honor is reserved for complete teams. Not for teams that have to outscore everybody because their defense can’t stop them. Too bad you didn’t have to play both Alabama and Florida from last year. RTR!

  16. And one more thing. Don’t even think the shite is over concerning Fig Newton and or others on your team. The NZAA’s dumbass rushed up investigation may not have turned up anything right now; but dumbarsed Awbren had no idea that because of the schools and Lowders affiliation with certain Mob figures in this state and the failed bank, the FBI has been wire tapping your arses forever. As soon as their investigation is complete you can rest assured all of Awbrens dirty laundry will be released to the NCAA and the ABI. Wouldn’t want to be you when that happens dude. RTR.

  17. GAWD you’re a phucking idiot Butt Plug. The spread may win in college — but REAL talent who wants to get to the next level (and that’s what playing in college is all about except for the wanna-be’s) goes to a program who runs a pro style offense/defense — yeah it may not run up 60 points against a down SEC year, but in the end – the spread is all one dimensional — NFL scouts do not like this. Take your knowledge of the ACTUAL game to your orange & blow board — continue to breath excrement here like you usually do. Don’t even GET into an argument about the spread vs. pro-style formation X’s and O’s. Pro’s/Con’s, etc. Piss off — you are what Magic Johnson and David Lee Roth got — HIV-N1. Just can’t seem to get rid of it in LIFE. FUCK OFF!

  18. Crimsonite…..Your pulling excuses out of your butt….Auburn did in the Iron Bowl what it has done all year…We came back and won…I think 6 of our games were come from behind wins…Maybe more. That’s the sign of a “great” team. Never quitting….Something Alabama didn’t do one time last year.

  19. You are right BP*. But the breaks went Auburns way all year too. Like the Ingram fumble, it was skill the dude used to punch it out, but for it to slice 30 yards and go into the endzone, that was luck. Auburn just happened to get key turnovers when they needed them in the fourth quarter of most games, and they capitalized on them. But getting behind by double digits early in half your games doesn’t make you a great team, just a fortunate one.

    And Bama lacked that killer instinct this year, but this is a young team. I would be willing to bet that ability finds its way to next years team. I think the Iron Bowl will be used as a great motivational tool for that very thing. Saban is not done winning at Bama yet, even though half of Auburns fanbase has decided that is the case.

  20. BPI, never quiting is not what makes a team great Vandy usually does not quit. Auburn has a great offense a good run defense a good pass rush and a porous secondary. Oregon has a great Offense and a medicore defense. There are no great teams this year. Winning six games where you come from behind is not a sign of greatness, it is a sign of resilance and luck. Great teams are only tested once or twice in a season and have no noticable weakness. Last year Bama only had two close games, but the offense was not always dynamic. Texas in 2005 had to many defensive issues. The 2004 USC trojans cheated and the 2004 Auburn tigers offense disappeared in close games (they also were given a do over against LSU). The 2001 Miami Hurricans were a complete and great team.

  21. Don’t misunderstand what I’m saying…..I’m not comparing this years Auburn squad to the “all time great” CFB teams….We are just the best so far this year….And that is good enough for me….

    That Nebaraska team in the mid 90’s was the best I’ve ever seen…The one that destroyed Florida, I think.

  22. I don’t think Auburn is the “best” football team this year. I don’t think they are the best team in the SEC this year. Just got A LOT of breaks this year and the ball bounced Auburns way more often than not.

    The past two years, Bama was the dominant team. This year, Auburn didn’t dominate, but just barely did enough to win. Auburn very easily could have been a 7-5 team this year with all the points the defense gave up.

  23. So David Palmer running one back in 92 against La. Tech was not lucky, but good ?

    Or Jabba the Kody blocking two feildgoals against one of the worst UT teams in history is lucky and not good ? Please man, those are just the tip of the iceburg….

  24. I think the best two teams right now are Wisconsin and Arkansas. If there was a playoff these two would be my favorites. Under the system we live with now the two teams that belong in the title game are Auburn and Oregon. Do I think Auburn cheated with Newton (of course they did), but that has to be fully litigated and proven which will take a minimum of a year. Until then these two teams did what it takes in the current system to play for the title.

  25. Crimsondick or whatever you call yourself, you are one lame ass girl. This is over, too bad you cant get over that fact. As far as defense goes, yeah ours could be better, but I believe its good enough last I checked. Only got Fairley huh? I saw many Auburn players making plays. Ask Greg how it felt when Nick knocked his ass out of the game. Wait a minute, that was lil old T’Sharvan Bell LMFAO.

  26. Call it luck or whatever you want to call it, just yell it real loud so we can hear it all the way in Glendale.

  27. au has never played in a title game…how does it feel to know see bama play in 19..lmao i know what it is to be a loser i’ve been a saints

  28. BP*, you get your feelings hurt to easily you big sissy boy. Bama hardly ever had to play from behind for two years BP*. That is winning with defense. Last year, the closest game was UT. That was won with the Defense. It’s not Bamas fault UTs kicker sucked. That last one would have missed even if it wasn’t blocked. And there was nothing lucky about beating Auburn then either. Bama drove the ball down the field and won the game. No trick plays, cheap shots, or anything lucky.

    Auburn, on the other hand, had turnovers when they really needed one all year. That was how the breaks went for Auburn. For over half the season. Not 1 or two games, but half your games your were fortunate to squeak out a win. Hardly dominating anyone. If you fall behind too much early on against the Ducks, I doubt your team comes back.

  29. Well Crimsonite finally stopped trying to hide!

    Hey EGGHEAD,; what about that loss Auburn hung on your Crimson TURD??


  30. Brandi*, as much as you would like to think your relevent, you’re not…So please quit trying to convince yourself that you’ve “made someone mad”…I’m pointing out the facts, that is all…In Bama’s two losses in 08 (Florida and Utah) they showed exactly what I’m talking about…They couldn’t come back. These two teams were the only ones that kicked them in the nuts in the first quarter ad Bama folded like a cheap lawn char with a lardass bama fan trying to sit in it. Same goes for this year as well. In your three losses, two of the games were yours to win (SCAR being the only team that destroyed you )…You couln’t come back. This is where an offense is needed.

  31. But they did very well the next year against EVERY spread team. Shut up and quit crying. South Carolina doesn’t run the spread. But we were talking about Auburn being lucky this year, and that is still the case. Auburn was the luckiest team this year. They even outlucked LSU. Do you think that luck will carry on against Oregon? Roll Tide and go ducks

  32. Don’t mean to change the subject…But how about Jesse Williams signing his LOI with Bama ! This kid is a game changer and will instantly add a pass rush to our defense. With him on board and the rest of our defense coming back….will anyone be able to score more than a field goal against us ?

    Roll Tide!!!

  33. Yes… and Quintin Dial too.. both will be a force next year. CJ Mosley picked up the pace towards the end of the season as a true freshman, he is going to be the next McClain type of linebacker. Bama is pretty loaded and has some quality depth built up on defense. I think there is a possibility of having two QBs next year, too. McCarron as the main pocket QB, and Sims will run the wildcat in Bamas spread. The rest of the recruiting class is looking very well, and Bama still in on several of the top prospects. If they can land Crowell or Clowney, they will have the top class in the SEC for sure.


  35. Hemmerhold,
    You can stop looking at the swinging watch. You are hypnotized. Bama will be lucky to be 2nd in the west next year behind LSU or Arky.

  36. Hate, you are pretty blind yourself. I wouldn’t be making any kind of predictions if I were you. But this is a Bama board, full of opinions, and my opinion is that you are a jealous basturd of an Auburn fan. Bama is not done yet, even though you have wished so hard that they were. Sorry.

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