Here is the official release from UA Media Relations:

The 15th-ranked Alabama Crimson Tide will face the 7th-ranked Michigan State Spartans in the 2011 Capital One Bowl on Saturday, January 1, 2011, at the Citrus Bowl in Orlando, Fla. The game will be televised by ESPN and will kick off at 12 p.m. (CST).

Alabama (9-3 overall, 5-3 in the Southeastern Conference) is making its second appearance in the Capital One Bowl and its first since beating Ohio State, 24-17, in the 1995 Florida Citrus Bowl following the 1994 season. Michigan State (11-1 overall, 7-1 in the Big Ten) earned a share of the Big Ten Conference title with Wisconsin and Ohio State.

“It is going to be exciting for us to go to Orlando and play in a New Year’s Day bowl game,” said UA junior running back Mark Ingram, a Michigan native. “I grew up a Michigan State fan, so it will be very exciting for me and my family just to go out, play in the game and for them to watch it. But they (Michigan State) are the other team now.”

The Crimson Tide is making its fourth consecutive bowl appearance under head coach Nick Saban and the seventh straight for the school. Saban is 2-1 in bowl games at Alabama, defeating Texas in the 2010 BCS National Championship Game and knocking off Colorado in the 2007 Independence Bowl. The Tide’s bowl loss under Saban came in the 2009 Sugar Bowl against Utah.

Alabama has played in more bowl games (58) and earned more bowl wins (31) than any school in college football history. The Crimson Tide has posted a 31-22-3 all-time bowl record.

18 thoughts on “Alabama faces Michigan State in Capital One Bowl”

  1. How about role reversal.

    Last year was many smartass remarks about the Cap 1 bowl, I guess now it is a great bowl this year huh? Well I hope you actually crush Michigan St but you may not because you don’t have much to play for. Go ahead and go purchase some Oregon jerseys cause it will make it sweet that you wasted your money on Jan 11th.

  2. u dumazz au had to buy itself into outback not cap one that was lsu penn st….not surprised that an aubie does not know bowl games……aubie 3-5 sec record earned the music city – bama earned the cotton

  3. bamahate – u have exposed urself for ever ….put a bullet in it or chg username at least …..bama hate the dum azz who thougt au went to cap one with a 3 5 sec record

  4. Anybody remember Scarbinski’s piece about whether Chizik’s second season would mirror Saban’s second? BWAAAAHAAAAABWAAA….. you guys were right.

  5. To all of the aubbo idiots posting.
    Go f*ck yourself. You aint sh*t, You aint about sh*t. And you will never amount up to being Sh*t.
    Although in the past I may not have agreed with your opinions, I did at least tolerate them.

    Now. Hell…… you know Newton knew about the money and you know damn good and well he is being payed to play at Auburn. Only a fool would think otherwise.
    So do the rest of us in the college football world a favor and dont try to bullsh*t us with your lies.
    You are beneath our comtempt.
    And to be honest, Nothing you say from here on will have a speck of credibilty.
    So go away.
    You are a bunch of liars and cheaters and nobody here (or on any blog that doesnt have Auburn on the door) cares what you think or wants to know your opinion.
    You gave that up when you went “all-in”.
    To me you are not much better than the idiots who were celebrating the OJ Simpson aquittal.

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  9. Crimson Hannah,
    I love you dude. We had squared off before. I think you are a crazy Mullet, but I actually like you man. You got a lot of fan in you, for the wrong team IMO, but spirit. Almighty has got some spirit too. We are all adults here.

    Let me ask you this simple question…
    Who else at the beginning of the year knew Cam Newton was this good? Perhaps the best college QB of all time IMO rivaling or surpassing maybe even Namath. Answer this honestly. We werent even recruiting him at first, we went to look at a WR at Blinn. Why in the world would we pay 200K for an unknown commodity. You ask any Bama fan at the beginning of the year and Newton was a nobody JUCO player.

    If you answer we payed him, then you guys are stupid for not offering more. Point is you and the rest of you propaganda slinging fans had no clue about him or any other player other than what Rivals or Scout said. That in of itself makes absolutely no sense.

  10. True BamaHate. First they were laughing that we didnt have any good players. Remember how they joked when all those players went to that agent party before the season? They said the reason Auburn didnt have any there was because we didnt have players worthy. Fast forward to the present and to a undefeated regular season that concluded with a second half beatdown of a so-called dynasty, and all of a sudden we have a team that was bought by atms and bingo machines lmao. Then when we got Cam, it was “Oh wait. He hasnt played a down yet. This is the SEC, not JUCO. One player cant dominate this league himself.” Now back to the present once again. Anybody know what time the Heisman presentation comes on? lmaooooo

  11. I thought we were going to the Cotton Bowl due to the seating capacity of JerryDome. But the bowl committees are looking at the logistics of a bad economy like they did last year. It’s obvious they put college’s as close as the could to a particular bowl within selection ranges.

    I’ll take Orlando — I’m looking forward to seeing one more game. Michigan State is a DANGEROUS team and believe it or not this WILL be a challenge — but I think a lot of the seniors/juniors REALLY want to leave out on a winning note of their careers. So BAMA will give ’em hell and all they got no doubt about it.

  12. I agree with that DAMAGE. I love the bowl season, but some of them I could do without.

  13. Auburn,AlabamaHate – Not crazy just privvy to knowledge not accessible to masses…and ur good guy as well…auburn has a lot of nice traditions and would be a good rival like bama has with fla if au fans would have manned up and not tolerate lowder dye organized crime level corruption and got rid of them but now it’s too late fbi/ncaa will do the job…it’s like eating a nice ribeye sandwich with 10% cowdung – the cowdung spoils the whole sandwich – agreed?

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  16. And as far as your genitals go, what you say greatly conflicts with what your mom told me.

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