Ralph D. Russo of the AP provides a list of six coaches that are under intense pressure from fans; these coaches won’t have a grace period.

Here are four names from the list that are of interest to readers:
“Jimbo Fisher, Florida State. It’s certainly not Fisher’s fault that Florida State felt compelled to push Bobby Bowden out to make room for him. Still, for the move to be justified, Fisher has to win right away.

“Tommy Tuberville, Texas Tech. In Lubbock, Mike Leach was similar to Bowden. The Red Raiders were never more successful than they were in Leach’s 10 seasons. Fans adored him and many were angered when he was fired. Winning over those Texas Tech supporters won’t be easy for Tuberville.

“Brian Kelly, Notre Dame. Kelly has one thing going for him that Fisher and Tuberville don’t. The guy Kelly is replacing (Charlie Weis) was not particularly well liked by Fighting Irish supporters. So while another 6-6 season will not go over well, he doesn’t have to take a giant step forward in year one to win over the faithful.

“Derek Dooley, Tennessee. Much like Kelly, Dooley is replacing a guy the locals won’t miss in Lane Kiffin. But the Volunteers can’t offered a long rebuilding process and another down season. Not when their main competition is Florida.” (the entire report is below)