CNBC’s Darren Rovell reports that fantasy football players who draft Minnesota Vikings quarterback Brett Favre won’t be able to buy insurance to protect against an injury.

Rovell reports, “Favre is not going to be insurable this year,” said Henry Olszewski of Fantasy Sports Insurance, which is in its second year of operation. “Drafting him could be a good idea, but insuring him is not. He’s old, he’s got ailing injuries that constantly perk up, and even though he plays through them, there’s a big risk.”

Rovell points out that Farve has a history of durability. “The irony with not offering insurance on Favre is that, on paper, he’s as reliable as you can get. Counting the postseason, Favre has started in 309 consecutive games,” Rovell reported.

Didn’t know you could buy insurance for your fantasy stars? Neither did I. Rovell wrote about it last year, and you can read about it at his blog.