I often caught myself saying this off-season how refreshing it was to be without controversy.  SEC Media Day marks the beginning of the football season, and well, we made it till the day before.

However, for those either in depression or elation over the Marcel Dareus story, here are a few bright spots to keep in mind.

1. It’s important to note the difference between an eligibility issue and an institutional issue. This is crucial for those fearful/hopeful about this in relation to the NCAA probation window.

If left unchecked an eligibility issue can become an institutional issue very quickly.  That isn’t the case here.

This is a University compliance issue, and at this point the NCAA is not involved.  They soon will be, but it will end with Dareus either being cleared, suspended for a number of games or ruled ineligible for the season.

While two of these three options are bad, any of them is a far cry from coming sanctions.

The textbook case was an eligibility issue that turned into an institutional issue because it went unchecked, spanning a few years.

In contrast, an illegal benefits situation last year involving Julio Jones, Mark Ingram and Jerrell Harris was a compliance issue that was settled within the University and stamped by the SEC and NCAA.  Harris served a six game suspension.  Jones and Ingram were cleared.

2. We found out now. Can you imagine this story breaking in November?  Picture Alabama 10-0 going into the Georgia State game with Atlanta again on our minds and we find out we had an ineligible player (if he is ruled ineligible) suited up throughout the season.  You’re welcome.

3. The illegal party involves players from several schools. This is good news because of the the pack mentality that has to occur to bring about change.

Sports agents are scum.  There are plenty who play by the rules, but by in large sports agents rank somewhere between thieves who victimize old women and drug dealers who sell to kids.

The University of Alabama Athletic Department pumps plenty of education into its athletes to help them avoid these leeches.  That having been said, if everything that has been alleged is true, Dareus is without excuse and deserves whatever is coming to him.

But agents prey upon athletes from meager backgrounds with great professional earning potential, and have been doing so for a long time.  Similar to the Andre Smith incident, ironically another Huffman High School product, Dareus has gotten himself tangled up with an agent who couldn’t care less about the player’s college eligibility.

But this party is a widespread problem that will likely affect a number of schools before it’s all over.  Chris Mortenson reported on ESPN radio Tuesday night that the initial speculation is that up to 25 NFL prospects were at the party, and from as many as 10 SEC schools.

There is safety in numbers, and as SEC Commissioner Mike Slive said on Tuesday:

“The agent issue is one that’s been of concern not only to us but I think to everyone associated with intercollegiate athletics, and I do think it’s time to re-examine some of the NCAA rules that relate to agents.”

Whether it’s cutting ties with the NFL until players enter combines in the off-season as Saban suggested on Tuesday, or taking other measures to fumigate the college landscape of these roaches, something will be done.

4. The party happened this summer. Meaning, it does not affect the 2009 season.  You can pay $2 to get into the Bryant Museum at your earliest convenience and see our latest crystal football, and will be able to for the foreseeable future.

5. We are l-o-a-d-e-d. If we do lose Marcel Dareus for a stretch of games or the season, it’s definitely a blow.  He’s easily our best returning defensive player.  But this isn’t 2004. Losing one player doesn’t mean what it once did to our program.

Different position, but remember when we lost Prothro to injury in 2005?  Our effectiveness on the offensive side of the ball was effectively over.  We had no one to replace him.  How many games did we play in which we could only manage 13 points after he went down?

That was then.  This is now.  Our sideline is teeming with guys who could be starting elsewhere.

Dareus is a force on the defensive line, but had Damion Square not hurt his knee early in the season last year, we might be talking about the interception he made in the National Championship game.  Remember, Dareus wasn’t even a starter last season.

6. The party was for future NFL talent. That sigh of relief you just heard was from Lee County.

The news on Marcel Dareus is definitely not what any Alabama fan wanted to hear on Tuesday, but make yourself another cup of coffee and take a deep breath.   It could be much worse.

47 thoughts on “Six positives on the Dareus situation”

  1. Maybe we can influence BP into hiring sports agents as their PR reps..they deserve each other.

  2. I have more respect for a street walker or common whore than
    a sports agent!! Good story and you are right on about this team not being 04 or 05 talent if Bama loses a great player!! RTR

  3. Cappy,

    I was depressed until I read your column. One thing that you pointed out that I hadn’t thought of was if we didn’t find out until November. Great point!
    Wow. If that would have happened, it would have been extremely bad. Would we have been ineligble for SEC Champ? Who knows, but, I am sure glad that was discovered now. Hopefully, (knock on wood) this is the only Bama player involved.

  4. ITK wrote the article, not Cappy.

    Very astute points. Most of the problem for fans of a school in an eligibility issue is the ignorant hysterical comments that spew from rival fans claiming doom to the program. I’d hate to see Dareus miss any time, but I’m sure if he is ineligible Saban will sit him as long as needed.

    Speaking of Saban, I think he made a great point by threatening the NFL if they continue to take a non-involved stance on this issue. However, I doubt that the league could take a stance because the NFLPA is about as corrupt as any labor organization in the country. Dee Smith is one of those whores that BamaDon refers to supra.

    Good piece. Very clear and valid points throughout. Worst case scenario, Marcel never plays another down. Oh well.

  5. Good writing and opinion.Hope the NCAA see’s this as a op.to do the right thing and get this agent deal straighted out one and for.Sabon sure didn’t easte time calling ESPN to vent.Other coaches need to back him up in print,radio & t.v….
    No better time than now.

  6. Zeimba, Bynes, Adams, Stevens, Fannin, Pugh, Thorpe…yeah, none of those guys will ever see an NFL roster.

  7. For what it’s worth, ESPN’s Mark Schlabach was on 680 The Fan this morning in Atlanta saying Dareus is being very cooperative, and stated that he doesn’t think anything is going to happen to him.

    Again, this is Schlabach, a reporter speaking from information in-hand, saying that as soon as Dareus got to the party, he figured out what was going on and left.

    Cecil Hurt on the radio in Mobile this morning said it was pretty clear that this is not a “cut and dried” situation with Marcel being gone. His repeated statement was we need to get all the information in and look at just what if anything was provided to Dareus.

    We’ve been conditioned at Alabama to expect the worse in these kinds of situations, but the new sheriff in town and his deputies know what they’re doing. This will be one we need to wait and see on, with possible better than worse possibilities as the final outcome.

  8. You fucking trash are cheaters and you always will be..you idiots are laughing stocks of the internet right now…Nobody makes fun of NC..SC…FLa cuz its not a everyday occurence…The NCAA needs to shut your asses down for good…

  9. And I’m sure they will, Mandi. Wait, no they won’t. See point #1 above.

    Do you know anything about football, or do you just think “the Auhbuhn colors are PURDY!”

  10. Quick, someone pull an ITK-Phil Steele move and immediately compile all possible negative information possible about Schlabach and institute a smear campaign to discredit him…

    No need to do that regarding Cecil Hurt…he already took care of it himself.

  11. ahhh, the old reverse psychology – turn the tables ploy…that move is only effective with intellects on the level of tmc and alex, ITK.

  12. ahhh, the old create allies ploy – that move is only effective when people like you, and nobody here does.

    In truth, I do. You’re like an ugly puppy that is so ugly it’s cute.

  13. Oh yeah there is Julio bitching on a Bama site, again. Man I am so glad I am not an Auburn fan. It must suck to be and Auburn fan when the only good news you guys get is when something bad goes down at Bama. Don’t worry, even if they kick Dareus off the team, Bama is still loaded at the position. Ya’ll keep on feeling proud about your moral victories. Wouldn’t you guys hate it to have to get beat 3 years in a row while Bama repeats as NC? Roll Tide!

  14. Too bad Aubbos.
    Worst case scenario is Dareus gets the end of Saban’s boot and another DE takes his place.
    I know… I know… Just for the slightest moment you got your hopes up, didnt you?
    Thats what happens when you have a coach that is a winner. He has a back up plan for everything… Including his back up plan.
    Sadly this one wasnt even close. And it seems that everyday those conspiracy theories just seem to get weaker abd dwindle away. I guess you guys are going to have to beat Bama when they are at full strength. Oh wait. ….. I just realized how obscenely stupid that last sentence was.
    Sorry Aubbos, you lose…… again….

  15. So Dareus takes an Hors d’Å“uvre at a party and my lose his eligibility. And yet Spam Newton takes a computer from a class mate and get treated like a hero. Life has some mindblowing ironies.

  16. Wow 25 players from the SEC and none from Auburn huh?
    Well we will have to wait and see when the Arena League and the CFL hold thier agents partys… wont we?

    Reggie Bush got a hundred grand… That means on a sliding scale that an auburn football star should get a twix and free movie rental from blockbuster.

  17. Even Vandy players get the standard presigning $10,000 bonus.
    It appears that Auburn is the only place in the universe that is stupid enough to pay the players on their roster.

  18. julio Says:
    July 21st, 2010 at 7:29 am
    Zeimba, Bynes, Adams, Stevens, Fannin, Pugh, Thorpe…yeah, none of those guys will ever see an NFL roster.


    Of course they will see an NFL roster. They will have to go online to see it like the rest of us… but they’ll see a roster!

  19. tmc, a couple of notes:

    1. Who said anything about this being a major blow to Bama? Just like you, I think Bama would be fine without Dareus. Sorry, you won’t be able to use this as an excuse if Bama loses the Iron Bowl.

    2. I don’t think they’re checking to see if Dareus ate a chicken finger. I think they’re looking to see if he received free air fare, gifts, and some good old fashioned hooker lovin’ at the party. As “laptop” references, how is Jerrell Harris doin’ these days?

  20. This just in…Collette was in a picture with Saban at the Wynfrey posted on AL.Com. Somebody call the Hoover DUI Task Force…

  21. You idiots always miss the point..The point is you cheat and cheat and cheat and cheat… How the fuck can other teams compete on a level playing field when dumb ass bammer trash is always paying recruits? Do you not understand that? I had rather not cheat and lose than cheat to win..Your cheating yourself when you do that shite..You think I would trade Chiz and our family atmosphere for that trashy place? You idiots are looking down a barrel of a gun…Good Luck with that you dumbarses… Go Tigers War Eagle

  22. Mandi, you keep saying the same old thing. Can’t you come up with any facts to back your words up? Do you realize how big of a sore loser and dumbass you make yourself look like? Get real and realize the defending National Champions are the Crimson Tide and it will not be slowing down anytime soon. The Golden Age of Awbun football is over.

  23. I am not one that believes that Saban would ever cheat. He may lie, but he doesnt cheat…..He dont have to. He has also done the near impossible job of reigning in your schools nutjob boosters as well. I think that your team has turned a big page in the fact that everyone knows with someone like Nick Saban , you dont have to cheat.

    That being said, if the investigation runs for 4-5 months, or if they find something, Marcel will not play this year. That is worst case , but still a very big deal. You can say that he wont be missed, but I dont buy it. That dude single handedly crushed Texas in the BCS championship game. Yes, you probably would have won if he didnt break McCoy, and then score the T.D. but we dont know. He is a gamer to say the least.

  24. Hey Mandi – even though you are probably a poser:

    I love a female with a mouth.

  25. Dareus would definitely be missed, but as I said above it isn’t the difference in the season as it has been on occasion in years past.

  26. Mandi has to be a $2 street whore smokin’ crack and shootin’ smack. Has to be ’cause the slut has no pride. I couldn’t live with myself if I made a retarded spectacle of myself with every post like she does. Please do a direct smack shot to the carotoid artery and go peacefully into the night. And fu-k cheeze on a cracker. If Mark and Julio got busted for going on a fishing trip 10 miles from Julio’s home town; just what the hell did dumbass Marcel think was going down when he flew free to a party in Miami? Excuse me, but of what ethnic persuasion are all the players who have f–ked up since Bookgate? Send him packing! RTR!

  27. Mandi, see point #1 in the article. So I guess Bama somehow paid an agent to pay Marcel Dareus. That’s how we cheated this time?

    Have you ever considered letting someone read what you post before you push “submit comment”? You may come off sounding less dumb if you do.

  28. Direct Quote from EG: “Excuse me, but of what ethnic persuasion are all the players who have f–ked up since Bookgate? Send him packing! RTR!”

    They’re African American, that’s the “persuasion”. They’re good, hard working kids who come from poor backgrounds, and that’s why they are so easily influenced to take money and other things of value. Contrary to your ignorant belief otherwise, it’s got nothing to do with their “ethnic persuasion”. I don’t know if you’ve heard, but the parents of Greg McElroy and Leigh Tiffin can give them all the spending money they need. You’re a racist piece of trash, EG. Send yourself packing.

    Geez ITK, I know EG’s a Bama fan but I figured even you would call him out for that.

  29. Sorry, I was as media days most of yesterday and didn’t read his post. For obvious reasons, I would distance myself from comments dealing with a player’s ethnicity. I know it’s frustrating when kids make mistakes that affect our Saturdays, but they make them because they’re kids, not because they are black kids.

  30. Mandi, Mike Bianchi is an uninformed dirtbag, and apparently an idiot. This is not a cheating issue. And you are not a thinking human being.

    And counting…

  31. Hey you are cheaters anyway you slice it…You idiots are in the news every other day with some kinda negative publicity…No other teams are…You are the laughing stock of the internet right now..BTW that Dareus whatever his goofy name trying to pull a receipt out of his ass..If there is one its bogus…See im on to your cheating asses…Give it a wk or two you fools will be in the news again cheating your asses off…lol

  32. As if we give a s–t what internet retards think. We have the crystal football and we’re gonna have another one this year. We’re the most important team in college football and we don’t give a damn what hog dick sucking sluts think. Look fart blossom, the truth is not racism. Use that tired old word all you want. I don’t give a damn. 90% of the athletes who get their schools in trouble are black. 90% of athletes who commit crimes are black. Most illegal drugs on the street comes through blacks. Way over half the crime in this country is commited by blacks. It’s all fact. If the f–king shoe fits it’s not RACISM! Coming from an impoverished background is no damn excuse. They are all taught the rules. They are not infants. They will all get an agent once they finish their Jr. year if they decide to go pro. It’s mentality not money. Or why do you think that 90% of pro athlete crime is commited by multi-millionare black athletes? If a 21 year old can die in Iraq, he can damn sure obey NCAA rules! So screw you!

  33. Yeah. Here’s my favorite part of that story, you crazy tramp:

    “The University of Alabama says Ingram is on the up and up. The Compliance Department tells us, “Mark asked if he could visit Joe Haden at his home in Baltimore. We checked with the NCAA and they approved this trip as long as Mark provided receipts for his expenses.”

    Mandi, you are much more stupid than anyone that visits this site. You’re a hoot.

  34. lol…You care to tell us what will come out next..Us Aubies cant wait..We gotta know…

  35. “For obvious reasons, I would distance myself from comments dealing with a player’s ethnicity.” Wow ITK, take it easy on poor EG. That’s really harsh. For God sakes, grow a pair and take a freakin’ stand even if the idiot is a bammer. Hell, it was a Bama player he was trashing if that makes it any easier.

    EG, are you saying that these athletes are doing these things you referenced because of the color of their skin? I thought all you idiots died when Wallace finally left office.

  36. As an aubie, you’re seriously throwing stones on the subject of racism? And I thought you were done lobbing me soft balls.

  37. Hey dude, I’m not politically correct. I, unlike all of you panty waists and arse kissing politicians, am not afraid to speak the truth or do what has tn be done. I should be President. I am not racist. I have black friends, brown friends, yellow friends and red friends. If I ever meet ET I’ll have green friends. I was married to a Mexican woman, have a Mexican daughter and am engaged to a Honduran. Hating and being predjudiced against an ethnic group is racism. Making statements or accusations based in fact against an ethnic group is simply looking the horse in the mouth. You don’t like it because it’s negative. Screw you! You’d have no problem if I said blacks are 90% of the superstars in college football, now would you? Bud, if the truth hurts – f–k it! Dareus knew better, and he only has 5 more months until he can quit and sign with an agent, but he hurt the team anyway and for nothing. I’m tired of dumbarse athletes, boosters and agents screwing with Bama. Enough is enough! RTR!

  38. No, I’m not condemning racism as an Auburn fan, Indy Colts fan, Boston Red Sox fan, or Hoover High Scool fan. I’m condemning racism as a human being. You can’t even do that when the racist is a Bama fan. That’s about the dumbest thing I’ve heard you say, and that’s a bold statement.

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