From the AP: On Tuesday, reported that defending BCS champion Alabama is investigating whether a player broke NCAA rules by attending an agent’s party in Miami this summer.

The USC case sent a message that there may be little leniency when it comes to these issues, outside experts say.

“We’ll see what kind of evidence the NCAA is able to dig up,” said Darren Heitner, CEO of Dynasty Athlete Representation. “If there’s a lot of chatter, and nothing gets done about it, then there will be real issues with the NCAA being a legitimate institution. They have to take this seriously.”

And with the NCAA taking it seriously, schools have extra incentive to make sure their houses are in order. Southeastern Conference commissioner Mike Slive says his league brought in consultant Joe Mendes to meet with officials at all 12 schools, and several have retained him in an effort to help athletes avoid violations.

And agents take notice as well whenever there’s a show of toughness from the NCAA.

“About 10 or 15 years ago we had the same kind of situation … where there was a crackdown. They felt the behavior was getting out of control, and they stepped in, but it’s been a decade now since that happened,” said Tony Agnone, who represents about two dozen NFL players. “Any time you subject an institution to this kind of situation, it always works. It lets people know that there’s some people that are checking up on it.” (read the entire AP report on the agent scandal engulfing college football below)

The AP report cited this report. According to the ESPN report, “University of Alabama officials are investigating whether junior defensive lineman Marcel Dareus broke NCAA rules by attending an agent’s party in Miami’s South Beach earlier this summer, multiple sources told Dareus, ranked as the No. 7 prospect for the 2011 NFL draft by ESPN analyst Mel Kiper, is the latest prominent college football player to be entangled in an evolving NCAA investigation into illegal contact and conduct by sports agents.”

Here is an ESPN video update on the story:

10 thoughts on “Agent scandal growing; Dareus under investigation”

  1. Yes, I know this broke a few hours ago (and some people complained in the other thread about the lack of a post), but I didn’t post anything because I was on a date. Yes, I got called about it and received texts during the date, but if I had stopped to post this (or answer the texts) then I wouldn’t have gotten a nice long goodnight kiss that included cheers from random Hoover teens outside the Rave. It was like they had never seen old people kiss before. Yes, I know having a personal life doesn’t excuse posting late, but I’ll do my penance later.

  2. good enough…. Bring on the auburn homers pointing their manure covered fingers and yelling “CHEATER!”

  3. I usually dont do the cut and paste reports but I thought this said it all.

    Jesus Christ.
    Pray aubbos PRAY!
    Think Death Penalty. Think NCAA Sanctions. Think doom and gloom for the State’s only real Championship threat. You know… auburn sucks so they have to pull everyone else down to their level.
    (As opposed to Geno Chizik bringing Iowa State up to his level huh? That really worked out well.)
    The worst thing that could happen is probably that Dareus will lose his eligibilty. And Bama will lose a Defensive End they would have lost at the end of the year anyway.
    Bama cannot stop thier players form talking to agents. (See Andre Smith) So what happens… Not much.
    That was a really dumb move on Dareaus part. He probably blew a lot of playing time…..But the only damage control will probably end up being Bama puts another stud Defensive end in his place. Jeez I hope they can find one in the 10 that they have standing aroundwaiting for Dareaus to slip on a banana peel.

  4. How stupid could you get!! Marcel Dareus is going to make a lot of money in the NFL and why in the freaking hell can he don’t use his head and stay away from these sleaze bags. I hope who
    ever the agent is or his boys are put in jail and I have heard Florida has strict rules for Pimps (agents) just like Alabma has!!

  5. Although we do have some good talent at the DL position, losing Dareus
    Would be a huge hit to our team! He is a force that has to be double teamed! The kids a beast and he’s one of the best DL that Bama’s had in quite sometime! With that said, Im praying that the NCAA doesn’t find anything and maybe it’s a rumor that either Lame Kiffin, Fat Phil, or Charles from Reel Town Started! RMFT!!!

  6. I hate to hear it. I know yall probably dont believe me, but I get no satisfaction out of a stupid thing like this.

    One thing you may be wrong on. 10 or 15 years ago may become the present with all the things that have happened (Bush, Pouncey, etc)….Add that to Bama recent track record and who knows what could happen. The NCAA is about as predictable as the oil spill.

  7. Nasty cheating bammers…Same old shit…NCAA can put a stop to this shit and shut these idiots entire program down…This shit is funny asd hell.

  8. Mandi–typical Barner response. Shut the f*#k up unless you can do better than that.

  9. MANdi.
    You cannot be real.
    And if you are. I would like to think you are a borad cross section of Auburn (all-alumni, of course) fans.
    You are just to ignorant for HDTV.

  10. Mandi get back in the barn and sit on that festering goat dick you love so much. As for Marcel, I hope the retard never sets foot on campus again. Even in Kindergarten you have to obey the rules. I can’t believe anyone could actually be that stupid. 21 years old is no infant and is not a Godd–n excuse. We have 21 year olds as platoon leaders in our foreign wars. First it was Bookgate, then it was Julio, Ingram and Harris. Now it’s Marcel. Who the f–k is next? If I find an agent talking to an Alabama player I’ll shoot the bast–d. Just try me! RTR!

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