Alabama Crimson Tide
Alabama Crimson Tide

The Alabama Crimson Tide’s defense will miss another player in 2010. Alabama defensive back Robby Green is out for 2010. Here is the official word from the University via release:

University of Alabama junior defensive back Robby Green has been declared ineligible to participate for the 2010 season by the NCAA. Green will be eligible for practice and will remain on scholarship during the suspension.

“Even though we are very disappointed we will continue to support Robby in every way possible,” said Alabama Crimson Tide head football coach Nick Saban. “He’ll practice and do all the other things with our team in terms of classes and workouts, but just won’t be eligible to play in any games this fall. His attitude has been outstanding through this and his effort in practice has been very good as well. Even if he isn’t playing, he can still have a significant impact on our team by helping out the younger players in the secondary and competing against the offense to make them better. We look forward to having Robby back on the field next fall for his senior season.”

19 thoughts on “OFFICIAL: Alabama’s Robby Green out for 2010 season”

  1. Was Robby Green “friends” with Curtis Anderson like Jones, Ingram, and Harris were? As detail oriented as Saban is, you would think he could figure out a way to explain to his players what they have to do to stay witin the rules. Obvioulsy, he doesn’t make it a very big priority.

  2. Hey, Julia –
    Go home and play in the street, and leave the football talk to the adults. You have no freakin clue what you are talking about, only dreams of dreams that Bama is not going to spank that ass this season!

  3. What an amazing jump you just made Julio. God help us all if you’re ever called upon to investigate a crime.

  4. julio,
    So you think Green might have been bribed by the same AUBURN booster who tried to bribe Julio and Harris?
    That should go to show you how sick convuluted and bizarre the cult of Auburn is. They send THEIR OWN FUCKING BOOSTERS OUT TO TRY TO UNDERMINE the University of Alabama players. That is just plain ridiculous.
    Another question….just to ponder.
    How come you NEVER hear about Auburn imposing a punishment on any of their players?

    Are the Auburn players just that saintly from the day they are recruited? Do auburn players EVER get in any trouble at all?
    You look around the SEC and you see players getting punished all of the time. Except for Auburn….hmmm….
    that would lead an uneducated person to think that Auburn is just all that is good and pure.
    Auburn players dont get arrested. They dont sell drugs…
    They dont use drugs. They apparently dont drink because you never here of one DUI or public drunkeness or any problems related to drinking.
    From the Auburn News outlets (read that: Birmingham News) you never hear of an Auburn player doing ONE thing that could even be stretched as being illegal or immoral
    That is spoon fed bullshit by a cult of cowshit idiots who feed it to morons whou by into the “Auburn is Camelot” mentality the spin men sell. You should be ashamed to be such a fucking clueless rube.

  5. Julio,
    Take a hint.
    Any sane Man or woman on the planet earth will tell you that;
    Nobody is perfect.
    Nothing is perfect.
    So given those 2 absolute truths, Dont you feel like you are being lied to and betrayed by the Auburn spin machine?
    Dont you feel like they are taking you for granted and treating you like a gullible idiot?
    They want you to beleive that Bama is always doing wrong and auburn is always doing right.
    Shouldnt you be angry that they obscure all othe negative things from you. The loyal fan?
    If I were you I would have to wonder what all they were hiding from me.

  6. I guess this will sound stereotypical, but the truth is, a coach can only do so much. You know, you can lead a horse to water – -. So many of these kids come out of the projects. Most of their lives they have defied their parents and authority. Then they are suddenly tossed into the limelight. They have status, fame and beautiful girls hanging on them. You think they instantly metamorphis into choir boys? You think every one of them is going to listen to CNS like it’s the word of God? Maybe about football, yes. But about personal life and fun, NOT! So don’t even think of blaming Saban or Bama for the stupid ass things they do. RTR!

  7. Here’s the million dollar question. Is the NCAA mandating that Green remain on scholarship, but only be suspended from the field? Saban still has a way to go in order to get down to 85 players. There’s no question that Saban didn’t want to lose Green, but given that Saban has oversigned his class, if Green were to be completely dismissed from the team for rules violations, it would help solve Saban’s number issue.

    I’m just curious if Saban explored the possibility of releasing Robby Green all together but was unable to due either to APR issues or NCAA rules for suspension.

    Since Green is staying on scholarship he counts towards the 85 and according to my count 6-7 scholarship spots still have to be resolved.

  8. Which leads to the question of the kid who just blew out his ACL while playing pickup basketball with the injury pre existing. How fucking stupid. And if Bama knew of this injury and didn’t give him medical care and instruction that would have prevented this from happening then that’s stupid too. However, if the injury was not revealed to Bama at time of signing then his scholly should be yanked. There’s bound to be some other JC corner we could give it to. With Green gone this has now become a critical situation. Fucking Keenan Allen started this snowball of bullshit. I hope the asshole enjoys the mediocre career he’s destined for at California. RTR!

  9. Another thing. I’ll tell you where there are 2 wasted schollys right now. Mike Marrow and that other 240lb fullback out of Vigor. Bama doesn’t use true fullbacks. And there’s nothing a normal 240ib back can do that all universe Ingram, Richardson and Lacy can’t do as well or better. With the oversigning problem we have every year, I don’t know what Saban was thinking when he signed those 2 guys. RTR!

  10. Newsflash – ITK just had the absolute unmitigated gall to call someone else out for “jumping to conclusions” without all the evidence relating to another college football team. Good thing you’ve never done that before, ITK. Say, how’d that whole “Marcus Lattimore-AU is paying him” prognostication work out for ya? Oh yeah, that wasn’t you it was George Rogers…right? (BTW, the Curtis Anderson jab was tounge-in-cheek. But the kid did obviously do something afoul of the rules. I’m just amazed that Saban’s not doing a better job of controlling that. How many freakin’ players have had non-academic eligibility issues in the past 3 years under his watch?)

    So tmc is one of these conspiracy nuts who thinks Curtis Anderson was a secret AU agent that bribed Ingram, Jones, and Harris. (I guess he bribed Harris to lie to the NCAA also, huh?) I’m sure you probably believe that the CIA was actually behind 9-11 and the levees breaking in New Orleans after Katrina, too. Please enlighten us with your thoughts on the Lindbergh kidnapping and the Kennedy assasination, too. I’m sure they’re every entertaining.

  11. You stupid faggot. It’s no goddamn theory that Anderson is a lifelong Auburn booster. And if there was no conspiracy then how did the bastard get hooked up with 3 Bama stars offering them illegal gifts in 2 seperate incidents. Yeah, I guess all Barner boosters are closet Bammers just masturbating thinking of rubbing shoulders with Bama athletes. Hell, I’d of lied to the Nazis too. The Harris kid knew he did something wrong or the bastards wouldn’t have come knocking at his door. He was scared. As for Green, read my first post fart face. What? You think these kids are under hypnosis to be perfect citizens or something? Want to compare a fishing trip, and a laptop gift to the armed robbery and aggravated assault and battery performed by a couple of fine upstanding and obviously out of control Barner athletes. You stupid inbred pig porker. RTR!

  12. I know people who know Curtis Anderson. He isn’t an Alabama booster paying players. He didn’t understand the impact it would have by being friends with an Alabama football player. That’s it.
    I liked Green.. I thought he was good on special teams. Jalston Fowler isn’t a wasted scholarship for sure…he’s an incredible athlete that is very big, he doesn’t have to play fullback. Look at his youtube videos. He can catch and hes strong and fast. He’s a very smart football player. That’s why he’s there now.

  13. He still can’t do anything our 3 tailbacks can’t do, and he’s too short to be an effective TE in our system. He’s no different than Marrow who has had how many snaps? Not saying he’s not a good athlete. Just that he’s useless in Bama’s O. Hell, maybe Saban just didn’t want a rival to get him and have play against him. Anyway I’m being the devils advocate today, and here’s another one: We have O linemen out the ying yang and so far DJ Flukker hasn’t even locked up right guard much less replace Smith at left guard which was why he was signed in the first place. Hell, his senior year at Foley was his first year on offense. He was a D lineman originally. With the one of a kind in the whole country at his position, feared by all job that Cody did for 2 years; why not put Flukker over there as the second coming of Cody? He’s the size and weight that Saban targeted Cody for to leave him in on 3rd down passing situations. You can just hear the whinning from everybody who thought they had seen the last of Cody. RTR!

  14. Do you know how concerned I am about this situation, and our secondary for that matter?

    Zilch. Zero. Natta.

    I just remembered our coach isn’t an upstart 13-24 hack. He’s a 2-time national champion who took an absolute wreck in T-Town and in 3 short years made them the most dominate force in college football. Somehow this leads me to believe that not only is the sky not falling, it’s secure, intact and crimson. We have talent to burn down there. Six more casualties and it may begin to matter.

    Julio, have fun struggling for 8 wins again next season. But wait, ya’ll throw parades for such feats. Nothing like lowering the bar.

    Crystal, bitch.

  15. I will be disappointed if FLuker doesn’t get to play much this year. He’s a massive man. He is intimidating physically and in practice he seems to push people around. I guess he doesn’t understand the blocking schemes? I agree with you, Fluker coming in to back up Chapman would be an interesting experiment, Fluker might be a natural on the D-line.

  16. Not sure what if any problem there is with DJ unless it’s just inexperience. He only played O one year and he didn’t really have to learn anything. He dwarfed every D Foley played. That year the QB was the teams leading rusher. He had more yards rushing than passing per game. All season he simply took the snap and followed Flukker. It was like a Blitzkreig. He’s a natural at running over people. I’d love to see him do on every down what Cody did on blasts inside the 5. But I’d also like to see him occupy 2 blockers to allow Hightower, Johnson, Darius, Kirkpatrick, Barron etc. to get in the O backfield. RTR!

  17. Please note that the complete idiot who posted comment #7 is the author of a blog called, which has two missions:

    1) Kill the brain cells of any intelligent person foolish enough to waste their time reading it (yes, I have been guilty myself–I also drank too much in college)

    2) Attempting to undermine the Alabama football program.

    Any comment that this buffoon makes on this or any other thread on any Bama-related website should be read with the knowledge that the guy is an Ohio State fan who is playing fast and loose with any information that might be shared on a blog or forum, so govern yourselves accordingly.

  18. I should also point out that “Joshua” reports on his website that Green is missing the ’10 season due to a failed drug test, although there is no evidence whatsoever available that this is the case. Good detective work there, Josh.

  19. ITK, your hypocrisy makes you extremely difficult to figure out. I remember once using the word “damn” in a reply to one of your posts, and you responded by waxing with righteous indignation about how crude and offensive it was to use profanity while positing on this site. Now you’re directly calling me a bi+ch. I guess your moral standards have lessened in light of Bama’s NC.

    Now you’re “predicting” an 8 win season for AU next year. Aren’t you getting just a little embarrased at how woefully wrong your predictions about AU and Chizik have been so far?

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