By Shane from Centerpoint

I’ve often said that the Auburn football program would probably never be able to compete with the University of Alabama unless it cheated. Apparently, as evidenced by the multiple punishments and resulting probations over the years, several of the head coaches who’ve lead the Tigers in the past agreed. So much so that Auburn is one of the most penalized institutions in the history of college football.

In fact, I feel truthful in stating that almost every single issue Auburn has ever had with the NCAA directly involves its attempts to compete with Alabama.

And, in spite of its desire to be treated with the same national respect as the legendary, tradition–rich Crimson Tide, Auburn remains the “Rodney Dangerfield” of the sport. In their minds they’ve never received the admiration they feel they deserve.

One of the more revealing pictures indicating that Auburn may feel the need to “bend the rules” – to lure high–caliber talent to Lee County – lies in the demise of former Tiger coaches Tommy Tuberville and Terry Bowden. Both had no history with the NCAA and had solid winning records at Auburn, yet they were fired anyway. What did Auburn want from them that they refused to give?

Anybody smell a fish? I’m not insinuating anything here, but every other Tiger coach since 1957 has been in front of the infraction committee’s gun barrel.

Just look at Auburn’s latest attempt to catch the Tide. It included committing minor NCAA violations (Big Cat Weekend) in order to generate attention. In my opinion the tactics used by team Trooper/Luper displayed a blatant disregard for the recruiting rules that govern the conduct of an NCAA member institution.

Keeping Auburn’s well-documented, long-time relationship with the NCAA in mind, and noting the self-reported actions of the current staff, no reasonable person could say it’s outrageous to suspect that the Tigers could be pulling shenanigans again.

Currently rumors abound surrounding Auburn’s resurgence on the recruiting front. Several issues have surfaced recently, but the sudden conversion of high-profile athlete Cam Newton – from a solid Mississippi State commit to an Auburn Tiger – caused an Internet meltdown.

I hear that State head coach Dan Mullen – who previously coached Newton at Florida – is furious about how Newton was influenced to change his mind. Some say he could possibly file a complaint with the SEC or the NCAA.

Actually, I think Auburn’s desire to make a supposedly great athlete with a questionable history its poster boy – in spite of the risk – smacks of desperation. Who knows, the Tigers may be trying to project the image that they are “Second Chance U”.

Maybe Trooper and Luper have convinced Chizik that there is a gold mine full of former lawbreakers out there who can guide his team to the Promised Land.

Anyway, as I look at what I call “Project Cam”, I’m having trouble understanding if Auburn converted the younger Newton or his father, Cecil.

According to Cecil himself, “He (Cam) had a relationship with Dan Mullen and there was a comfort level there”.

Yet, it appears the Auburn staff somehow convinced Cecil (daddy) otherwise. In the very next sentence he says of Mississippi State, “I don’t think that was the right place for Cam”. He then states that Auburn came on strong at the end.

How strong, Mr. Newton? Don’t get upset that I ask, because the school that stole your son from Starkville is as notorious as its history indicates.

By the way, I hope you aren’t buying the “Gus Malzahn thing”. Everybody, even Chizik, knows Malzahn will take the first legitimate head-coaching job that comes his way.

Evidently Auburn is promoting a player who’s been deeply involved with thuggery as the centerpiece of its recruiting class. Cam’s dad Cecil seemed to approve as he described the impact of Cam’s commitment. He said, “You can see the momentum snowballing. Auburn is making a big move”.

That could be dangerous. We all know what’s happened in the past when Auburn’s tried “coming on strong” or using “big moves” to enhance recruiting efforts in reaching for the “stars”. The NCAA record book tells the story well.
Shane writes a weekly column for the Call News and the Capstone Report.

122 thoughts on “Shane: Auburn reaches for the stars”

  1. Cam Newton never committed to Mississippi State. Also, I have to laugh every time a Bama fan points to another school as having a checkered past with the NCAA.

  2. Who cares about Auburn recruiting. If anything went on, it will come out anyways. I’m more interested in how Alabama’s will finish out. Florida probably has the lock on #1, but could we move up in the next week or so? I hope so.

  3. Wouldn’t you consider the sociology issue as a somewhat minor infraction considering the players received free grades in order to remain eligible. That was under the Tuberville regime?

    It’s amazing how a three year head coach, with an overall record is thumping coaching veterans such as Miles, Nutt, Petrino, and Richt in recruiting and hanging with the big dogs such as Meyer and Saban in recruiting. Given Aubarn’s track record of playing catch-up the dirty way, there’s no doubt something fishy is going on down in Lee County… and for those of you who have spent a day in Aubarn, you know that it takes more than just a signed letter of intent to get a recruit to spend 3-4 years in that backwoods cesspool.

    And hailstate, there’s no point in laughing because you guys are tied for the lead in all-time infractions (and that’s excluding sociology and jet-gate).

  4. PS: Aubarn’s the only program to ever be placed on probation for both academics and athletics. 😀

  5. It’s absolutely hilarious how the bammers are already putting out the spin to cloud AU’s recruiting class. Now the most penalized team in the country over the last 15 years is questioning the integrity of a team that the NCAA hasn’t sniffed at in nearly 20 years. Bammer hypocrisy knows no bounds.

    I’ve heard this claim that Newton committed to Miss. State a few times from bammers on this site. Now Jo-Jo the idiot circus boy claims that Newton was a “solid” MSU commit. Rather “than” spending so “much” time improperly “placing” words in quotes and confirming your “total” lack of an “education”, why don’t you actually cite a source that confirms Newton was an MSU commit?? Also, why was Bob Stoops so hard after Newton at the same time AU was if it was such a foregone conclusion that Newton would go to MSU?? Do you also hear that Mullen is going to turn Bob Stoops over to the NCAA as well?

  6. Shane if you have proof post if not shut up. Also why worry about Auburn they are three years behind Bama.
    2008 #1 in recruiting
    2009 #1 in recruiting
    Currently in 2010 #3 in recruiting
    Good luck catching up.

  7. Unfortunately, we can’t really be talking about NCAA infractions since the whole rise of Auburn in the past decade was due to us being on probation… I hate them as much as the next guy, but I hate to hear Bama fans giving crappy excuses. We’re the dominant program in football right now and I think its time to show a little class and quit being such bad winners.

  8. I just want to know what happened to the “white envelope” that was supposedly sent to Finebaum and the NZAA from Lee County, which allegedly had proof that Alabama had bought Dre Kirkpatrick.

    Where’s that? Or better yet, where are the Public Letters of Inquiry that we were all promised by the Barners that were on the way from the NZAA? Where’s that?

    Now if you’ll excuse me, I am going to search for more National Championship items to purchase online before Newton steals my laptop again.

  9. Don’t worry, alex. If your laptop ends up missing, just call Jerrell Harris and he’ll hook you up with a booster, err “friend”, to receive one as a “gift”.

  10. Shane Sez: “One of the more revealing pictures indicating that Auburn may feel the need to “bend the rules” – to lure high–caliber talent to Lee County – lies in the demise of former Tiger coaches Tommy Tuberville and Terry Bowden. Both had no history with the NCAA and had solid winning records at Auburn, yet they were fired anyway. What did Auburn want from them that they refused to give?”

    Gee Jethro, Bill Curry had no history with the NCAA and had a solid winning record at Bama also. What did Bama want from him that he refused to give??

  11. What MSU Verbal Commit wouldn’t go to Auburn if offered betwenn those 2. Once again Shane’s insecurities surface again.

  12. Shane,

    Seriously, you stoop to the level you’re constantly getting on Auburn fans for stooping to. Everyone knows you’re just a 2-bit hack who has no sources other than a likely REC member or two.

    Seriously, if you’re going to make accusations, make an accusation.

    To a few of your points:

    –Currently rumors abound surrounding Auburn’s resurgence on the recruiting front. Several issues have surfaced recently, but the sudden conversion of high-profile athlete Cam Newton – from a solid Mississippi State commit to an Auburn Tiger – caused an Internet meltdown. // What rumors? Ones on Bama message boards? Oh, sort of like the one about Urban Meyer having a relationship with a student at UF or the one where he has a disease that likely ends his career? Oh, nevermind, I heard those from one of my Bama buddies, you “heard” that. Also, Newton was never committed to MSU. Let me see, chances of winning at MSU or Auburn? That’s an easy choice. He has two years to get it done. Obviously, that will happen at Auburn before MSU.

    –I hear that State head coach Dan Mullen – who previously coached Newton at Florida – is furious about how Newton was influenced to change his mind. Some say he could possibly file a complaint with the SEC or the NCAA. // Really? You heard that? From where? Because we all know you’re tight with coaches and their confidantes throughout the SEC. Man up. If you have a source, source it. And by the way, buddies, message boards and REC members don’t qualify as sources.

    –How strong, Mr. Newton? Don’t get upset that I ask, because the school that stole your son from Starkville is as notorious as its history indicates. // Seriously? Alabama is as “notorious” as Auburn or any other SEC top-tier program you want to pick.

    So, if you’re any sort of man, OK, I know, you’re the redneck kind with some good ol’ boy buddies. But if you’re man enough, then back up your statements here and other places you spew them. No wonder you lost your “real” writing job.

  13. (Nicksucker didn’t have anything to say in this post other than repeating the same profanity over and over.)

  14. (Nicksucker didn’t have anything to say in this post other than repeating the same profanity over and over.)

  15. Shane, you must be on to something BIG !!!

    Anytime you have the COW COLLEGE people taking the time out of their schedule FROM feeding the ANIMALS, your on to Somthing BIG !!!

    Like you, I SMELL somthing coming out of General Robert E. Lee County (AUBURN) that isn’t COW MANURE this time.

    I Smell somthing like “LACK OF INSTITUTIONAL CONTROL” a PAT DYE characteristic of the past coming BACK at the COW COLLEGE!!!!

    Gus Malzahn or Gene Chizik will leave Auburn in 2010 or 2011. Thats a FACT !

    Of course Gene Chizik needs to watch his BACK as long as Pat Dye and Bobby Lowder are around. They might send Chizik off in a JET and leave Gus Malzahn at the COW COLLEGE.





  16. Nicksucker aka (Auburn Fan) shows all of us again what they mean by SHOWING CLASS like good AUBURN folks always DO !!!!






  17. This article reveals the class that Alabama fans have. You better hurry and not miss the trophy at the local Walmart.

  18. Bulldogbite aka (lost his bite)

    Why didn’t you respond to what I wrote about MR. “LACK OF INSTITUTIONAL CONTROL”, Pat Dye? Who’s still down there running that COW COLLEGE football program.

    Lost that “BITE” on that topic, didn’t YOU? LOL





  19. So you’re saying that just because a big name QB picked Auburn over MSWho, and a few top tier running backs are looking at Auburn (boy, that’s never happened), and Chizik and Co. can assure recruits playing time because Tommy left the cupboard bare that now Auburn is cheating???? Give me a break.
    It’s funny how friends of the Auburn program in Gadsden supplied Finebaum with more evidence of bammer cheating than any hearsay you may have on Auburn, and Shane denied it completely. Come back when you have something……meanwhile, sit back and watch the number 1/2 class role into Auburn.

  20. We WANT be going anywhere.

    “YOU CAN WRITE THAT DOWN” !!! Thanks TUBS for that one!











  22. I don’t care about Auburn. Shane they just won the national. Chette I do believe washed monies and I do believe they were giving degrees. We do not care anymore. Write about the national or bham radio firings and shifts. How about some capstone updates. Where’s the streaming video. If you all need technical help i have much experience in the technical area. I’m also needing work. Come see me at Flemings.

  23. Alabama is the worst winners in the NCAA. Shane you are infatuated with AU. Just admit you are a closet AU fan.

    AU has recruits which never looked Sabans way. If Malzahn has such a high school offense, why is 3 5 star RBs are looking at it? You have what I call “little mans syndrome” just like your coach.

    WDE. Pathetic post Shane, even for your low standards.

  24. Hey Cappy — I don’t believe in censorship but the Auburn websites do.

    But the guy who posted FUCK BAMA about a million times — please scrub that IP and ban him. I wouldn’t care if I didn’t have to scroll down for miles and miles.

    Much thanks,



    I had too for the championship game and that sucked!


    Both are pretty much BAMA HATERS and (have been for years) which in turn makes them have somewhat of a negative tone on the air and in print when it’s not called for. Which in turn makes it very easy to have a positive spin on Auburn.





  26. Shane , your gettin nervous , arent you ? We will pass you on rivals this year, and you know that Auburn has always found ways to beat Bama with less talent. An Auburn with more talent means Bama losses in the iron bowl. Get over yourself. A bama fan talking about a school cheating ? Come on.

  27. Shane, you have got to be the biggest joke on the web and the Fartbomb show. I hear you make all these accusations about AU, FL and everybody else that poses a threat to UAT and the mullet nation, but never with any proof. All rumors and hear say. Bring on the facts DA. Who’s buying players at AU? While you are investigating that. Why don’t you look into how Mr Ingram can afford a new Chevy Camaro. I’m waiting for the facts.


    Ballplay Indian, how was it under that ROCK?



  29. 13sowhat,

    Why don’t you ask Carnell Williams how he got his?



  30. If you think Saint Saburn is a lock to retire at UAT, you are more of an idiot than everyone knows you are.
    $$$$$$$$$$$ or a bigger challenge will lure him away. Sit back, get comfortable and watch.

  31. Yeah Julia, it’s crazy to suspect Cam Newton of being interested in playing for the creator of Tim Tebow (Dan Mullen), and then be suspicious when he suddenly bolts.

    $omething $mell$ mighty fi$hy down in Lee County.

    Oh, and I love how you segment time to sustain your argument. Look right over Abarn being the most penalized team in NCAA history to quarantine 15 years that will support your stance. Nice.

  32. Shane, you are just showing the Aubs how much me and my buddies are worried about their cruitn… But do not worry, the REC will continue to outbid Auburn for the players Saban wants… We will be fine, so lay off the Aubs… The last time they went on probation, they took us down with them… They would do it again.. do you want the SW conference… Do you want the SEC destroyed???

  33. 13SoWhat, I don’t know carnell personally, but I know a lot of folks in Etowah County, including a family member who was in school with him.

    Funny how carnell didn’t even have lunch money until he signed with abarn, then suddenly had a new car. Hmmmmm.

  34. intheknow72,
    Typical on this site and other mullet nation links. It’s always…”I don’t know personally but I know a guy that has yard boy that is second cousins of that guy and he said…. yadayadaya”. Give me a f’in break. Shut up or bring on the facts. Hell, I couldn’t afford anymore than Caddy could and I drove a damn nice ride and I know how I paid for mine.

  35. No inbred, it was my cousin. I know you’d like me to qualify my cousin personally for you, providing his full name, address, cell and social security number, but in the interest of his protection and confidentiality I don’t believe I’ll entrust that information to you.

    The fact is, carnell was bought, and it’s been happening in Lee County for decades, which is why abarn is the most penalized program in the country.

  36. ITK, you’re slipping in a bad way, man. Shane sez: Cam Newton was a solid MSU committment.
    julio sez: Someone show me a source where Newton was ever committed to MSU, much less a “solid” committment.
    ITK sez: You’re stupid julio. Anyone can see that Newton would have been “interested” in MSU.
    What the $#@!??? When did the conversation turn from Newton being a “solid MSU committment” to Newton being “interested” in MSU??? Is Bama cheating by going after players right now that are still “interested” in other schools??

    Hey ITK, is this the same “cousin” who gave you all your inside scoop on Fran being gone the entire week of the 02 Iron Bowl?? Wow man, you really need to take over as editor of Sports Illustrated. You’ve got more inside “sources” than anyone I’ve ever seen. Hey, does your grandmother have any inside scoop on the Dallas Cowboys??

  37. I’m sorry Julia, I’ve retraced my words and can’t find where I called you stupid. Though thank you for putting words in my mouth. Deep down I guess you even know.

    Of course you’re no stranger to altering reality to support your cause. Then again, it comes with the territory of being a barner.

    Dang, this Crystal is BLINDING me.

  38. Hurry Julia! Call your buds and come up with a conglomerate response! That has to be why it takes you so long. That and spell check.

  39. 3 words: Serial repeat violators.

    bammer is the only team (outside of SMU) to actually face the death penalty.

  40. Never happen, my friend. The NCAA knew it couldn’t push us outside of its own pen.

    Take your masturbatory fantasy elsewhere.

  41. The simple truth.
    Texas, Ohio State, USC, Notre Dame, Alabama, Georgia, UT, Michigan. Penn State.
    Well storied programs. Huge history, Always listed as a traditional football power.

    Auburn? Doesnt fit into that group. They do not have the notoriety, or the history. Auburn is a regional power at best when they are havig a good year. Auburn does not have the influence that the above listed schools have. Period.
    Yet in spite of all of the mediocrity from the top down in their organization, Auburn is out recruiting with these guys.
    I will say it again.

    Even in their best years, Auburn never recruited like this.
    Funny part of it is.
    Out of all the staff’s recruiting history there has been only one coach to ever score a team in the top 5. And for that ONE TOP FIVE FINISH, there are 30+ times that didnt finish in the TOP 50.
    So how is that that a losing coach and his losing assistants who are NOTORIOUS for finishing in the bottom teir of the national recruiting picture are now suddenly competing with the big boys?
    Come on.
    This is AUBURN. Not USC….Not Penn State…. Not Michigan…..Hell, Auburn isnt even as high in the NCAA pecking order as MICHIGAN STATE!
    Doesnt this all seem a little TOO GOOD to be true?
    Of Course it is.
    Pat Dye and co. are back to their same old tricks. There is no Tubby around to momtor the system and keep the Dye Crew in check.

    I have to put the question out there. Will they rename the field if Auburn gets the “Death Penalty” because of Dye’s cheating?

  42. 12 of the past 16 years on probation. Has to be some sort of record. bammer should be really proud.

  43. Shane – my scotch needs some ice. Deliver it boy.

    Which bammer players will get to go fishing this spring?

    Has Hoolio stopped juicing yet? Rumor has it that the NCAA is looking real hard at his before and after pictures, if you catch my drift. It’s hard to cover up a tainted piss sample.

  44. Who killed Logan Young?

    Why is Ray Keller so horrible at track covering?

    Shane – where’s my frigging ice? Hurry up, retard.

  45. redtide,
    I watch-out talking class on this sight. These guys only talk trash. They’ll call you all kind of insults for using the word class. They’re into trashing opponents. ust stick to facts and talk smack and you’ll be ok. Class is for the winners: trash is for the whiners!

  46. Almighty, whatever they paid for Kodi, they need their money back.

    And their recruiting doesn’t bother me in the least. At this point they are jogging after a speeding train. We’re so far ahead it doesn’t matter.

    Crystal, baby.

  47. Wow….I’m glad you keep writing about what Auburn is doing. Why don’t you worry about the Tide?

  48. Who will carry on the bammer tradition of class by punching referees now that Rolando “Where my pot at?” McClain has left the crapstone?

    Where is Phyllis from Mulga these days? Any truth to the rumor that the red elephant club paid her $250,000 to quit calling the finebum show?

    Any truth to the rumor that Mrs Saban pulled a 3 way with Rick Karle and Paul Finebum?

  49. “Which bammer players will get to go fishing this spring?”

    Call your boy Curtis Anderson and ask him… after all, his wife is an Aubarn (AL) alumn, and his son is currently an Aubarn (AL) student, AND he’s friends with a few very prominent Aubarn (AL) boosters.

    Don’t worry, the stars are aligning. Once the NCAA taps into how you’re ACTUALLY signing all of these recruits, they’ll also find out the real truth about Curtis Anderson… and just imagine how pathetic that will make your program look; and just when you thought it couldn’t look any more pathetic than it already is!

    “12 of the past 16 years on probation. Has to be some sort of record. bammer should be really proud.”

    Eric Ramsey, jet-gate, and Sociology!

  50. Where’s my ice, Shane? Dadgumit son, you are a worse ice shoveler than you are a sh’*t shoveler.

  51. Good article today Shane. And dead on, too. Judging by the # of Barner responses, it seems that you touched a nerve. Keep up the good work.

  52. Who will carry on the bammer tradition of class by punching referees now that “Rolando “Where my pot at?” McClain has left the crapstone?”

    It’s being carried on down at Aubarn (AL) by way of Eric Smith and Cameron Newton.

    “Where is Phyllis from Mulga these days? Any truth to the rumor that the red elephant club paid her $250,000 to quit calling the finebum show?”

    Where’s Tammy? Is she still the Wire Road trailer park whore who blows coaches in their free-time?

    “Any truth to the rumor that Mrs Saban pulled a 3 way with Rick Karle and Paul Finebum?”

    How is tator tot and Bobby Lowder’s daughter’s love child?

  53. bammer fan in NYC – here’s my order: 3 eggs scrambled, hashbrowns scattered & chunked, bacon, and a glass of tea.

    Get to cooking, shmuck … and for God’s sake don’t burn the bacon.

  54. Scared in whatever your name is, you’ve said the same thing several different times and it hasn’t been funny yet.

  55. You need to work on your reading comprehension, dummy. I haven’t repeated myself, other than to demand ice from the worst ice shoveler in the history of mankind.

    Has Terrance “hey brotha, you got a bra I can use?” Cody figured out what his degree is in?

  56. If swallowing the bullsh*t Shane the ice shoveling tard spews is the qualification for “fitting in” here, then you’re right.

    I am an interesting fellow though, and funny.

  57. A few points:

    Don’t say that you are not insinuating that Auburn is cheating when your entire article insinuates that Auburn is cheating. You have an agenda. At least own up to it.

    Nick Saban bent the rules so often that they included a Saban rule. Big Cat Weekend may have gone a little too far, but your own coach has shown that if you aren’t pushing the boundaries then you aren’t trying hard enough. The guy bumps into recruits constantly – minor infractions, to be certain, but worth it as he has proven.

    Steve Robertson, a writer over at the MSU Scout site, has confirmed that those rumors that you mentioned did not originate in Starkville, but from a sports talk show in AL. Hmmm. Wonder which one that was.

    Crap like this is the reason why both Alabama and Auburn have never been great at the same time (for an extended period). What is your problem with our great recruiting class? Does it diminish your great recruiting class? We’re neck and neck with your team. Is that so intolerable that you have to make crap up? Wouldn’t it be better for this state, and for the SEC if the Iron Bowl became the premier matchup in the West? I think so, and I think it is going to happen despite your clumsy efforts.

  58. Once again Shane sux greasy green donkey dicks and his Bammer Brothers line up behind him for their turn.
    What a crock.
    Spin it anyway you want too, but CGC is recruiting players who want to stomp a mud hole Bama’s cheating ass, then rub their stinking redneck fan’s noses in it.
    Also, the NCAA has set the table by opening the repeat violator window. When that PLOI arrives in T-Town sometimes in the near future, you Bammers need to make plans. The news will be that Bama is infected with a terminal case of arroganance and corruption and will have to be put DOWN! i.e.”DEATH PENALTY”!

    Hey NYC! You still driving that Garbage Truck in the BIG APPLE?

  59. Shane, kudos on a GREAT article. The classic barometer for whether or not you’ve hit a nerve is the responses you get afterward. The barners have come unglued in here right before our eyes. We didn’t have to go looking for them…THEY came to US (as usual).

    Just like when Julia admitted to me that he was stupid without me saying it, the barners are a little scared themselves about their recruiting. (1.) that it may not be what it seems, and (2.) that all the commits may not pan out. We usually just call the latter a typical recruiting season for them. Or in Tubby’s day, a top ten class where over half their studs don’t qualify. But it makes for groovy PR on signing day, doesn’t it?

    Finally, “Scared in blah-blah,” you’re welcome here anytime. Just don’t say the same thing over and over when no one thought it was funny to begin with. “Go get me some ice yakkity, shmackity, blah, blah…” Dude that smack is so old.

  60. AlmightyTLC…….check your facts boy. Auburn has a winning or tied record, head to head, against every one of those “storied” programs you listed, except 2. Texas (5-3) and USC (1-2). You can preach “storied” BS all you want, but when it comes to winning on the field, very few teams have better head to head records.

    You know, I really would never have guessed it (really), but you bammers do really seem to be, let’s say concerned, about what’s going on in Auburn. Y’all like to claim that Saban was personally responsible for “retiring” several coaches in the SEC, and y’all were hoping Team Chizik would be just another notch in his belt. Not quite shaping up that way.

  61. Give it time AUROX. It’s only been one year. Chiznick will get processed like the rest of them soon enough.

  62. Yeah …whatever you say AUROX<
    I had no idea that Auburn had been playing Penn State or Notre Dame. I thought they would have probably ran from that like they ran from UCLA. My bad.
    I hate to be the one to tell you this and give you that 12 volt jolt of reality but someone has to do it.
    Its Auburn.
    I will say it again.
    Do you realize what that means in football speak?
    That means the team that is Bama's Tulane. Sadly you dont get it do you?
    On the food chain known as the NCAA Auburn is somewhere above Furman and somewhere below Ole Miss.
    AUROX. Tell me something…. How prestigious could that possibly be?

    If you went by the standings Auburn is to the SEC what Baylor is to the big 12.
    Do you see Baylor getting a top 5 class? No.
    So you see Northwestern landing a top 5 class. Again… No.

  63. I am a die hard Bama Fan…I also have a lot of friends that are huge Auburn fans.My nephews both attend Auburn to my shame(lol).I personaly am not worried about Auburn’s recruiting or how they are doing it.Alabama Is loaded and just getting deeper every 2011 we will again have a top 3 recruiting class if not # 1…..what I think Auburn fears the most is that they are having a flash back its the 70’s all over again.
    Most of my Auburn friends where sure that Alabama was dead and gone….never stopping to think they only managed to win 9 more games this decade than a team that had been on probation for the last 15 years.I would be pissed to if my cross state rival got hit with one of the worst probation’s in NCAA history and still managed to go to and win as many SEC titles as my team did.And to top it of win the BSC title.
    Sad thing for Auburn and the rest of the SEC is that this train just left the station and hasn’t even hit full speed.

  64. Auburn.
    Sure Gus Malzahn has been out of the high school ranks for 2 years. 5 star recruits can psychically predict HE WILL GET THEM INTO THE PROS!!!

  65. Auburn.
    Bammer cheats!
    How do we know it? Jerrell Harris turned down our cash offer to go there!!!

  66. Auburn.
    What do Gene Chizik and Trcey Rocker have in common?
    Both are candidates for “The biggest Loser”

  67. almightytmc1,

    You are highly deserving of poster of the year.

    One thing I look forward to other than each article posted here, is your responses. You find a way to blend humor in with facts, unlike the rest of us (other than intheknow and his Capstone Saturday comics).

    Major kudos, bro and please keep them coming!

  68. Almighty BLT….you have definitely hit the denial phase of your condition. You need a 120 volt dose of reality and here it is…….Auburn is not rolling over for bama and saban, Auburn does have a top 3 recruiting class heading their way, and the coaching staff is intact, for at least another year. Deal with it.

    And another thing, our high school OC made saban look like a monkey in the last IB. And he was playing 5 card stud with only three cards. Wait till next year.

    As for your standup routine, don’t quit the day job.

  69. ITK, you’re calling somebody out because hacking on Shane shilling ice is “old”?? Yeah, but that golden oldie of creating excuses for Bama losses to AU just keeps on getting better with time, doesn’t it??

  70. Bama lost to AU?

    I don’t remember any of that!

    (Seriously, I miss Tommy Tuberville and his fingers. Maybe I’ll start a Texas Tech website!)

  71. What do you blank pages know about performance? Lets review a few more of your poor subjects in football school, like tradition, honor, commitment, class, and CHAMPIONSHIPS. Bama has won more NC’s than aubie has won SECC’s. Bama beat the barn last season, so you “deal with it”. Who’s making excuses, you are, like this one “And another thing, our high school OC made saban look like a monkey in the last IB. And he was playing 5 card stud with only three cards. Wait till next year”. You mush-mouthed bastards need to get back to animal husbandry and forget about football.

    Auburn has no national credibilty, NONE. It has got to be fun knowing that. Keep posting though, I enjoy pissing off you 2nd rate barners.

  72. AUrox,

    You defeated Alabama in the same fashion in 2003, 2004, 2006, and 2007… but you still won.

  73. Hey Aubies, why don’t you win something first. Then, it won’t look quite so pathetic when you come to your rivals site to talk trash.

    You can brag about winning an Iron Bowl, which is your version of the Super Bowl. But please forgive us because we are not that impressed. We are used to winning championships. Maybe I should spell that for the Aubies…C-H-A-M-P-I-O-N-S-H-I-P-S. You haven’t had alot, so but maybe someday you will understand the concept. (Now to all Aubies silly little comments about how all are not NC’s are not REAL. Funny, they don’t mention the SEC championships we have won. We have alot of those too !)

  74. Also, please excuse my grammer. In a hurry. (I welcome those “You bammers can’t spell/use correct grammer, comments). Man, I’m having fun.

  75. For all you UAT fans, I know of a recruit for your school who happens to be there now, who came back form the sec championship game driving a black 2009 charger, who told my son who he played high school ball with that he wanted a dodge challenger but UAT would only get him a charger. So suck on that one and be careful ABOUT THROWING STONES IN A GLASS HOUSE

  76. Hey almightytmc1 guess what if you win 6 more hiesmans and 6 more championships you just might reach the equal of tradition and winning and national attention: Notre Dame. BTW if they count all the borderline championships like UAT does ie:1941 3rd in the sec but claim the football thesaurus NC, they’d be at 19. so keep climbing and maybe one day just maybe you can reach that level, oh also they own you head to head also

  77. I heard from my son who’s best friend is the best friend of the best friend of the water boy at the High School of a recruit that is now at Auburn that saw him driving a Honda Civic, because Lowder wouldn’t pay for Camry, because he is bankrupt.

    So suck on that one ! (see how stupid that sounds? now read your post again.)

  78. If we have that far to go reach Notre Dame’s level, then Auburn really has a long way to go. Thankfully, we are not Auburn (that would suck). We can get there in a shorter amount of time. Notre Dame hasn’t looked to hot lately anyways.

  79. Hey 13 and whining,I just told the truth since the db prospect has been in my house numerous times and it’s funny how he came back from atl with a new car. Also I really don’t give a shit what you think or how stupid you think my post looks to your stupid ass. The truth is the truth and while you’ll probably state the everyone does it defense, it still doesn’t change the fact that the kid is at UAT and the football program gave him a new car. Also why is Shane writing about Auburn on an Alabama website? Could it be that he isn’t as well versed as he wants us to believe and so he throw some crap on the wall to see what sticks. That’s about all he’s good for.

  80. Has anybody read Finebaum’s latest column on Urban Meyer? Just as expected. Any SEC coach he considers a threat to UA, he criticizes, calls them names, starts rumors that they’re on the verge of leaving for another school, etc. Trust me, I know. I listened to his bull shit about Tubbs for years. That’s Finebaum’s blueprint. Any school that has the ability to get the best of bammer, he feels the need to “step in” and disrupt the fanbase and try to create anarchy at that school. He’s truly a whore.
    If he really thinks Meyer is leaving UF for good, then just sit back and enjoy it. That’s good for the rest of the SEC teams.
    Revolving door coaching staffs usually = losses.

  81. Trapped.
    At the rate Auburn is going,
    I have witnessed Bama win more National Championships than Auburn will win in the next 300 years.
    So shut up and sit your ignorant 12 year old history-revisionist ass down.


    Oh I forgot (sorry)…. Auburn only has 1/2 a championship in 50 years.. and I have seen Bama win 6 championships. hmmmm….. My math was wrong…..
    You better make that 600 years.
    God Damnit…. it must really suck to be an Auburn fan……

  82. That’s funny tmc. In the same paragraph you give AU credit for only “half” an NC, then immediately give Bama credit for 6. I guess you conveniently forget that Bama has only won 3 unanimous NC’s. Typical bammer logic.

  83. Hey almighty dumbass, I told you that I’m not a “Barner” so I don’t need to be a revisionist( I’m surprised your backwoods meth ass knew what that term), but then again I can’t expect you, being someone who read pop-up books on the Tide to completely read and understand my post. You probably got lost when reading it cause there was no RTR or mention of the “Bear” or CNS. By the way, your 13 NC are actually 6 and frankly I don’t care if you win 4000 more before Auburn wins 1. I somehow think that this whole recruiting class of AU has the Crimson Nation’s panties in a bunch, wondering what AU could possibly offer these kids that UAT couldn’t? Maybe playing time and credit for bringing back a program, the same thing CNS sold when he started at UAT. Go back to reading your NC pop-up book and maybe you’ll figure out who wins before you turn the last page. Jeez what a dumbass

  84. By the way Almighty dumbass, why the hell are you posting @ 3 am? don’t you have a life? Oh wait I guess the meth was done cooking and you had to batch it up. My bad.

  85. shane, congrats on another worthless article. Its good to see how you waste your time. Did this one take you a whole week to come up with. I love how your fan base buys into it to, you guys are the mullet cult, lead by little nicky himself.

    Why are you guys so scared of Auburn recruits…oh wait, because we are bringing in some talent and you fear that. watch out, bammer will be no more when nicky gets caught cheating and it might be sooner than you think…

  86. Shane why the hell are you even worried about Auburn? Yall just won your 28th national championship! Celebrate! Quit worrying.

    Auburn cheats? Hell, yall are “staring down the gun!” Remember?

    Antonio Langham?
    Albert Means?

    You talk about Auburn being in trouble so much and we haven’t ever won a damn thing. Yall are the ones with 29 national titles! Right Shane?

    What about Dre Kirkpatrick, Kendall Kelly, and Jerrell Harris? How about that Shane? When is the last time that many recruits from the SAME school (Gadsden City High) went to the SAME university? How about the fact that Gadsden City’s AD’s daughter was given a job at the Crapstone shortly after those kids signed? I guess that’s a coincidence as well huh?

    Screw you Shane. You Jackass.

  87. Yo Shane,

    Congrats on writing an article without a major spelling or grammatical mistake. Must be a first.

    Remember, if history teaches us anything, 3 years following a UAT national championship we’ll start finding out how they did it. Since the Bahr, you can’t duck the penalties.
    Bammer is going to get hit, and hard. Take it from one who’s paying part of the bill for some major detective work. We’ve already found a lot in Gadsden, and you know what I’m talking about.

    2013…year of the death penalty for Bammer. Welcome to SMU land.

  88. Corny Boy
    Face it if you weren’t F Bombs bitch or personal cock sucker you would not have this forum. You are obsessed with the Barn while the Tide is high.
    You are pathetic.

  89. What a joke of an article! Well, I guess i forgot who wrote it! Shane, let me ask you, who is on Probation right now??

  90. Shane, I guess the ice machine business is slow this time of year. You and Finbaum are both idiots. Whatever happened to that Chet Williams investigation you were doing? Can you explain how bammer claimed a N C in 1941 when they finished 3rd in the SEC,and got beat by Miss. ST and Vanderbilt?

  91. Spurrier must be cheating. I mean, for Lattimore to go with SC over Auburn, with all the cheating Chizik and Co. are doing, Spurrier must be cheating. That’s it. Spurrier pays players. South Carolina will be on probation soon.

    Shane, I’ll send you a bill for writing your next blog.

  92. inbred shane back in june the ncaa said ua@t has cheated more than any major college football team in america. get your facts correct idiot. auburn will beat the terds in recruiting this year lil one.while bama fans continue to be the joke of college football wearing shirts with 13. you toothless bastards are as stupid as you look. brush your tooth today. ROTFLMFAO

  93. Kosmo,

    I’m not Shane, but you are a freaking idiot. The NCAA did not call Alabama that. In fact, Auburn has about 2x as many major NCAA violations as Alabama….that puts you up there right behind SMU.

    When AU people talk cheating, it is funny considering that it really is the Auburn Creed.

    Your friend,

  94. capstonereport, are you inbred shanes
    big bubba? you idiot i read what the ncaa said to ua@t. you have 16 programs on probation until june 12th 2012. we all know your football team will be hit with severe probation before then. ua@t has cheated so long it has become a habit. the end is near toothless one.

  95. Kosmo,

    I feel sorry for someone like you that forgets Auburn is one of the most penalized programs EVER in the history of the NCAA. Your program was even on SERIOUS PROBATION when you won your ONLY championship.

    My guess is you’ll end up on on serious probation BEFORE you win another SEC Championship.

  96. Cappy,
    Missed the Coleman thing pretty bad huh? The imp couldnt persuade him. WDE, it must suck today to be a Bammer.

  97. Hey Shane,

    You do realize that all of your so-called “evidence” is equally applicable to Bammer’s recruiting over the past few years, don’t you?

    If history is any guide, we’ll find out within the next couple of years how Bammer got Julio Jones and others. And within 4 years Bammer is back in front of the NCAA “staring down the barrel”.

    You are a goof.


  99. You know the problem with you university at auwish is, you just don’t have a clue.

    You get your first top 5 class in history and all of a sudden you’re back. Probably even throwed toilet paper in tress. Thats understandable though, since thats where most of your kin reside.

    You speak of history only when it benefits your stance on a subject. But based on history if Bama were to stop playing football today it would take the chessers 1200 years to catch up. Now that is something to be real proud of. Keep running that mouth, cause once again it WILL be shut by the end of November.


  100. YO! “Kosmo,” it was in ONLY ONE of the 3 sets of rankings I checked that AU’s class was considered better than Alabama. What’s VERY NOTICEABLE about this AU class is that there are 32 commits when the most that some other schools listed were 29. Alabama signed 26, so you can’t say that ‘Bama was one of those that signed 29. What’s FUNNY is that you had to sign 32 AND THEN you beat ‘Bama in ONLY 1 SET OF RANKINGS! As for these violations that several barners have accused Alabama of, where’s the proof? If you have ANYTHING CONCRETE, SHOW US! I asked this question about the so-called “shenanigans” in Gadsden and I have YET TO SEE any PROOF!

  101. Come on now Bammer From St. Clair! You didn’t see those Big Foot like grainy photographs from that “packet” that made the rounds? That isn’t proof enough that Alabama cheated???????????????????????

  102. …..about as much as y’all have on Auburn….

    1) Run a clean operation, always on the up and up, and sleep good at night.
    2) Outsmart and stay one step ahead of your competition and NCAA and hope you never get caught.
    3) Make sure you have as much dirt on your competition as they have on you, and shield one another for the betterment (and protection) of both programs.

    I think I’m going with number 3.

  103. hahahahahahahahah. Keep up that pompous, arrogant attitude bammers.

    AU FOOTBALL: Cullman lineman spurns Bama for Tigers
    By Andrew Gribble | Auburn University Beat Reporter
    Published: February 7, 2010
    » 0 Comments | Post a Comment
    nowBuzz up!Auburn’s recruiting machine kept on chugging Saturday, and, in this instance, threw a kink in Alabama’s.

    More than 100 fans gathered at a Cullman sporting goods store to see big offensive lineman Spencer Region commit to Alabama, but left shocked when he announced his intentions to sign with Auburn in 2011., and all reported the story first Saturday.

    “Some stuff happened (Friday) night, and then this morning I chose Auburn,” Region told “There were a lot of Alabama fans (at the announcement) because I guess they took me for granted. They thought I was a lock.

    “I felt like I was taken for granted even by the coaching staff at Alabama. That’s just not where I need to be. I’m not about to go into that kind of program.”

    Region, at 6-foot-6 and 330 pounds, is expected to be one of the state’s top prospects when the 2011 recruiting rankings are released.

    Region joins junior-college safety Izauea Lanier (East Mississippi Community College) as the first two Auburn commitments for 2011.

  104. So auburn beat us in recruiting, in 1 poll anyway. Avereage it all up and we’re equal for the year, at best. When you sign back to back # 1 classes, it gets a little harder to get everybody you want. Auburn still won’t compete with us this year. It will be next year they might get us. We’re gonna win it all again this year. Our offense will be better, defense the same, and hopefully ok at kicker. Everybody fears Alabama and Saban now We should leave the SEC and join the NFL. RTR

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