At a press conference today Nick Saban said assistant coach and defensive coordinator Kirby Smart would be staying at the University of Alabama. According to a tweet from Gentry Estes, “And big news from Saban: ‘Kirby (Smart) is going to be staying here at the university of Alabama with us.'”.

The University of Georgia pursued Smart to fill a need on Mark Richt’s staff. Smart and his wife attended Georgia, and the Bulldogs offered the Alabama Crimson Tide assistant a substantial pay raise, according to published reports.

9 thoughts on “Saban says Kirby Smart staying at Alabama”

  1. If he would have made a ‘lateral’ move even for more money to a program that is struggling, it would have been a big gamble. Say you take the big money and the program doesn’t improve in two years, the HC can fire you to save himself and blame it on you AND your stock goes down markedly. Why not stay at Bama and enjoy the fruits of his recruiting labor for a year or two more and then get a HC job where he calls the shots!

  2. I don’t believe Saban. Didn’t he say something to the effect of “I am going to be the Coach of the Miami Dolphins,” then sign with the Tide 2 days later?

    Smart needs to work out from beneath Saban’s shadow. Get the UGA defense right and he will have the same HC opportunites in a few years but he will be less risky because there will be no question about how much control Saban had over everything.

    If he doen’t realize this perception is out there…he needs to.

  3. Big Daddio, you’re an idiot. Now read the latest news and eat shit! RTR!

  4. Daddio, Saban might be a liar according to you but the Dawsgs STILL don’t have a National Championship!
    HaHaHaHaHaHa…………. Roll Tide

  5. The Dawgs won 1 back when they had a real coach, AKA Vince Dooley, who happens to be Saban’s bestt friend, and when Richt is belly up Kirby will get the HC at UGA and the mushfaced world will re-round itself, but be patient GA fans. RTR

  6. I’m sorry to be redundant, but I can’t believe you GA fans forgot Vince and Saban were best friends. Saban’s gonna get Kirby the job when the time is right.

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