Or perhaps the headline should just declare people suck.

Winning a national championship means you don’t have to give a damn what anyone says about your team, your school or your fans. However, what people say speaks volumes about the overall shittiness of humanity. As the Dr. Pepper Trophy makes its way on a promotional tour at area Wal-Marts, rival fans (from Auburn) have taken photographs and spread them on places including Auburn message boards, an Ole Miss blog and the LSU site Tigerdroppings.

The reaction from fans around the SEC (including some Alabama fans posting on these rivals sites) was despicable.

Persons who simply went to Wal-Mart to see a trophy were ridiculed. Why were they ridiculed? Based on their appearance. These arbiters of social standing have determined that persons who go to Wal-mart are déclassé. Such bourgeois behavior should be expected in an age where Paris Hilton is an idol.

It is still disgusting.

In a juvenile way that only jerks can behave, these fans mocked ordinary people who through the fickleness of life are poor (or at least poorer than these Internet guys.)

For these people seeing someone different is funny. For these Internet social experts seeing people happy is odd.

However, these Wal-Mart people are not really much different from these Internet social climbers. Most everyone who shops at Wal-Mart is middle class, and almost everyone on the Internet is middle class. And unfortunately for all these Internet guys, they have much more in common with the poor and middle class at Wal-Mart than the upper class. (Just so you’ll know, most patricians have better things to do than mock people who visit Wal-Mart; in its own way such behavior is truly déclassé.)

Perhaps most disturbing about this was the pathetic action of Mike Bianchi. Bianchi with a reckless and insulting tweet wrote, “Did you see where ‘Bama displayed BCS trophy at Tuscaloosa Wal-Mart? Next stop: Piggly Wiggly in Opelika!” (H/T Gentry Estes)

While it was nice Bianchi took time off from fellating Urban Meyer and Florida Gator fans to post about something else, Bianchi’s insulting tone is everything that is wrong with media today.

One SEC blog, Team Speed Kills, asks if there isn’t defensiveness on the part of Alabama fans at play when Tide blogs respond to this. There might be. Some Alabama fans were embarrassed. Some Alabama fans just want to set the record straight—because of some naïve attachment to the truth.

In the end the whole mocking people thing for how they look is truly illustrative of everything wrong with humanity. We pretend that humanity has improved; however, it sucks as much today as it did 1,000 or more years ago. Blogs and the Internet just make the proof easier to find.

31 thoughts on “LSU, AU, Ole Miss and UT fans suck”

  1. The day after Bama won # 13 a poster on The Bunker, AU’s Rivals website message board, posted that he hoped that Bama’s plane crashed on the way home. Cap, you called it. The Alabama haters are out in force because they can’t stand that UA is back on top. It’s eating them alive. AU fans need to be more like Al Del Greco. I heard him this morning on the OD congratuling Bama and talking about what an unbelievable experience he had in Pasadena and wished Auburn could experience the same feeling.

  2. The truth has been oth this site since the announcement of the wal-mart tour. They took it there so that Auburn fans could see what one actually looks like. Reports say that none of the known Auburn hangouts would allow the trophy on premises, so wal-mart was the only neutral site for little Aubies to see it.

  3. This behavior is despicable…however, this admonition should in no way be construed as prohibiting Bama fans from insulting fans from agriculural and technical universities as barn dwellers or trailer trash, nor the potrayal of fans of universities located in the Smoky Mountains as toothless inbreds, nor the portrayal of fans from universities located on the bayous of Louisiana as swamp dwelling coon asses who smell like corn dogs.

  4. Julio, you and I both know there is a vast difference between making fun of a random stereotype and taking pictures of innocent people who have no idea they are being ridiculed.

  5. Actually who gives a shit what they think! We should display it at every Wal-mart in the state to let the fans experience part of what the U of A is all about. It would probably help recruiting too. Although the Barn will never have one, if they did then they would have to display it at Dollar General and the Salvation Army Thrift Store! Fucking tards! RTR!

  6. Ironically, the same kind of disrespectthat Auburn fans are showing toward enthusiastic Alabama fans partaking in the Dr. Pepper promotion is the same kind of disrespect the news media shows toward Auburn year after year.

    When I am the age of the guys in those People of Walmart photos, I will have celebrated many more National Championships. No doubt Auburn will have had an undefeated season or two, yet they will be looked over again and again.

    They will always be able to hold onto their Co-SEC-West rings that Tuberville had made though. That’s probably one of the rarest trophies ever made.

  7. Get off your high-horse. You would be doing the same thing had it been another SEC school. Admit it, it’s humorous to see the trophy at Wal-Mart regardless of the University. I would have thought it more appropo to be displayed for the public at the Bear Bryant Museum.

  8. Oh, by the way… I congratulate Bama on the NC. A great season put together by a great team and coaching staff.

  9. Dr. Pepper has the ‘rights’ to the trophy. Wal-Mart sells more Dr. Pepper than any other store. This was all an executive/marketing decision NOT MADE by the people of Alabama.

    It’s just the stereotypes. Just about everything and everyone has one.

    All you fucking haters out there (you know who you are) are just jealous because we hands down took the triple crown of College Football. You haters know your program fucking sucks and that you have no promising future, no promising coach and no promising direction. If your program has problems — get it fixed — try starting with a new AD and get your alum and boosters right. Roll Tide Roll and a BIG FUCK YOU to Auburn because they are 70% behind all of it!


  10. Good 1 bino, I forgot that verse. LMAO
    Chapter 1 verse 1, “let there be great recruiting in the land and ther will come a great reckoning, and we SHALL be victorious!”

  11. Let me be blunt.
    Wal Mart.
    Great Place to shop. Can you think of any (I mean ANY) other chain that makes things cheaper and more convenient to purchase? The short answer is no.
    And what about the people ridiculing Walmart?
    What top of the line retailer are they spending their money at? There arent exactly Rodeo Drive style boutiques in Lee County, Alabama. SOMEONE PLEASE! SHOW ME THE VERSACE STORE IN TOOMER’S CORNER!!!

    You can buy the same things, and most times at better quality and cheaper at Walmart 24 hours a day.
    If you can afford to spend 3X as much for things that are basically the same (as you get at WALMART) and you do….You are a fool who has too much money to waste.
    Maybe instead of bragging about how superior you are, you should use some of that God Damn money to help the needy and less fortunate…? (Isn’t that one of those finer virtues some of you preach like you have a monopoly on morality?)

    I have had the good fortune to live on several continents. I have seen the standards of wealth in many countries. And I can assure you, someone from Tennesee, Geogia, Florida or Louisian bragging about how they are socially superior to someone from Alabama is absurd. Everyone in the region makes pretty much the same money to do the same jobs.

    (We) Americans are all in the same boat more or less.
    So point and laugh all you want to.
    Most people are one good lay-off/lost job/accident/Act of God/Lawsuit from wishing they had the money to buy something at Walmart. Think about it.

    For some of the rest of you, It is a Damn shame God gave you the health and fortune to be sucessful. You spout off your mottos and creeds with an air of arrogance that is sickening to the rest of humanity. If these are the higher ideals you learned in College well then fuck you and fuck your underserved sense of self importance.

    The NEW Auburn Creed:

    ” I believe that this is a practical world and that I can count only on what I earn. Therefore, I believe in work, hard work. And I also believe it makes me look like a big improtant man to ridicule someone who might not be as fortunate as me.
    I believe that jeaousy and pettiness are traits displayed by people who are not as good as me, And that I am above the societal rules they are governed by.
    I believe it is my God given right to be arrogant and self serving in my speech so I will do it often.
    I believe that everything I do is socially graceful because I am me. And I am walking humbly with God, Not because I have given my life to him or do his good works but simply because I SAY SO ”
    Good Day Ladies and Gentleman.

  12. Bammers excellence in football is something to be admired.

    But Bammers also have this puppy-dogish need for approval and acceptance. Evidently being merely respected isn’t enough for them.

    All this goes with the territory. Quit crying and deal with it, Bammers.

  13. #18, making fun of a generic fan base is one thing. Ridiculing poor people because they shop at Walmart is something else. It crosses a line. That’s what is going on here and its not pretty or funny.

    Personally, I think it’s great that people who may have never been to a college football game in their life are getting to touch a part of history that they would have never gotten close to otherwise. It makes me proud to be an American because that what America is all about, and since Bama is America’s team, it’s fitting that Bama reaches out to all the people — not just the priviledged ones.

  14. Bama has won 27 of the last 29 games. Saban is the reason a lot of coaches aren’t in the SEC anymore or have moved on to the pros. Let people hate. I love it. I am the worst kind of Bama fan there is.Keep on hatin and we’ll keep on winning. By the way, Bama’s plane wouldn’t crash if Saban was on it because he would save everybody and land it. RTR

  15. The headline about Bammer displaying the BCS trophy in Wal-Mart is a joke in itself!!

    Here are a few more for the whining Crimson TURDS:

    Buy 1 BCS trophy, get 2 free!

    You might be a redneck if your team wins a National Championship and displays the trophy at Wal-Mart!

    Where was the trophy placed in Walmart, between the toilet paper and the Tide boxes?


  16. I hear Inni Vile is always clothed in green. I’d be jealous too if my ass got raped by a Turkey on New Years Eve.

    UT is the only “major” SEC program to lose to AU in the last two years. Enough said.

  17. I’m wearing my Mama’a Panties. The ones with Lace and one brown streak…

  18. Auburn and Tennessee fans.
    Please forgive me…. I forgot that all of you look like supermodels and shop on 5th Avenue and Rodeo drive exclusively.

    I know that it has to break your hearts everytime you realize that Bama and its poverty stricken fanbase have the Coache’s trophy at Walmart getting their pictures taken with it and you have nothing but another year of getting beaten by “The Tahd”.
    Admit it… It crushes your spirit doesn’t it.
    You buy those Aubbo and UT T-shirts. You always have a new sure-fire cant-miss gauranteed gimmick that will surely bring the glory to your wannabe football programs.
    You subscribe to mags and online services that tell you that every year is THE BIG YEAR!!! And then sadly, every year you get to see one of the Neighbors win the National Championship and you have nothing, again…..and again…. and again….
    Do you understand that its never gonna change? Its always going to be somebody else’s redneck fanbase standing there smiling proudly next to that trophy?
    God Damn I feel sorry for you.
    You have wasted your time and precious YEARS of your life following a loser around.

  19. Hey loudmouth cocksucker Indiana Vol. Where did the Volunqueers display their Crystal Football? Oh, that’s right! You dumb bastards don’t have one!!! Well that’s alright stupid crotch sniffer. You can go to Wal-mart and see ours! RTR!

  20. Hey Bama nation. Congrats on the championship. Clearly the best team and best coached team in the nation. But i recognized some poor sportsmanship in yall players. They were throwin the Texas sign down when they scored. I dont think 4 point favorites who struggled against a team with a freshman quarterback should be taunting like they were the underdog who just knocked off a goliath. But anyways congrats just was curious of why bama players were doing this.

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