By Shane from Centerpoint

SEC Commissioner Mike Slive should send a special thank-you note to Urban Meyer and Houston Nutt. He could add Mark Richt to the list as well. Those three head coaches helped salvage the nation’s perception that the SEC is America’s toughest football conference. He could also acknowledge Gene Chizik and Bob Petrino, who were at least able to deliver a “W”, even if their teams struggled to defeat a couple of bottom-feeders. But Lane Kiffin, Steve Spurrier, Les Miles, and Rich Brooks all let him down, while leaving a negative impression that displayed more pretender than contender.

Give the Florida Gators credit. They didn’t tank after losing the SEC title game like Alabama did last year. Super Timmy and his “Fighting Tebows” blasted Cincinnati like they had them at home and were paying them money. Actually, Tebow’s precision performance was the best of his career and left America with no doubt that he is the best college player to ever step on the gridiron.

The Ole Miss defense dominated one of the Big 12’s most productive offenses, holding Oklahoma State to just seven points. Little Dexter McCluster out–ran the entire Cowboy defense all day. He is concrete proof that “speed kills”. Jevan Sneed is a “turnover waiting to happen”. He proved that an SEC team could dominate a Big 12 opponent even with a mistake-prone quarterback.

Georgia finished the regular season strong by beating the ACC champ, Georgia Tech. Then they gave a strong bowl performance by whipping yet another Big 12 team, the Texas A&M Aggies. Georgia stood tall for the SEC.

Auburn’s contest with Northwestern was one of the strangest football games I’ve ever seen. Auburn eventually won the game, but did they display the characteristics of a tough SEC squad? No! The game looked like a West Coast special, with two PAC 10 teams playing. It just seemed like Auburn won using smoke, mirrors, and trickery instead of SEC might. And, in the end, Northwestern missed three straight field goals to hand the victory to Auburn.

The same goes for the Arkansas Razorbacks. What in the world were they doing locked in a shoot-out with a conference USA team? Is this the same team that took Florida to the wire? I guess Bob Petrino forgot to add defensive game–planning to his bowl–practice schedule.

Nonetheless, the last two teams did join the other three in the victory column – where it counts.

The other four SEC bowl participants embarrassed the entire conference by getting whipped worse physically than on the scoreboard.

Tennessee allowed the ACC’s third-best team to slap them around. Virginia Tech had its way with the Vols, thoroughly dominating Lane Kiffin’s boys in every phase of the game. Kiffin took his team and the SEC’s image a few steps backwards by appearing so weak.

LSU was outmatched in the mud. It was apparent from the beginning that Penn State wanted to win more than the Tigers did. LSU did not fight like an SEC team should. As usual, Les Miles appeared clueless. Truthfully, the conference should expect more from LSU. I hope the Tiger fans do.

South Carolina is perhaps the most disappointing loser of all. Watching Steve Spurrier get shellacked by a Big East basketball school was painful, to say the least. The saddest part about the game was the fact that the Gamecocks weren’t even competitive.

As far as Kentucky is concerned, why do we really care? Do they really care? The football program already plays second fiddle to the basketball team at Kentucky, so what does a little bowl loss mean? Kentucky should join the Big East where they belong.

Kentucky’s coach Rich Brooks is holding a news conference today to perhaps announce his retirement. Perhaps Steve Spurrier should do likewise.

In summary, when the nation’s bowl committees give the SEC enough respect to place their teams in ten bowls, the league’s teams should be very good. So far, only three fit the description. Two others did hold on to survive, and saved face by winning their games.

Nevertheless, the other four losses cancel four of the wins, leaving the SEC one game above .500.

Alabama’s national championship victory will only raise the record to 6-wins and 4-losses. Simply put, sixty-percent does not meet SEC standards, nor does it help their status in next year’s pre-season polls.
Shane writes a weekly column for the Call News and the Capstone Report.

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  1. I’m voting for South Carolina as the very worst. Pathetic.
    If that AD or Fan Base had any swinging balls – they would give Old Ball Coach an ultimatum – Win this year – Or else !

  2. Very good article Shane……up until the end. I’m not a journalism major, but shouldn’t a few conclusions/”morals to the story” be drawn in the last paragraph? And not just, Alabama will win their bowl game to take the record to 6 and 4, blah, blah, blah.

    Perhaps, Bama should prepare for a tougher game in Pasadena than first expected. We’ve all seen what has happened this bowl season, and last year in the Sugar Bowl when you simply think your the best, and will win without question.

  3. Good article but I would make one correction. It was the Arkansas offense that didn’t show up for the Liberty bowl. The defense accounted for more than half of the Razorback points in regulation with two interceptions on two straight passes.

    FYI: Alabama has never beaten the Texas Longhorns. (0-7-1)

  4. I’ve been saying it for years. SEC is overrated. They usually have 3 or 3 good to great teams. The rest are mediorce at best. Why does everyone think the sec is so great? Miss St, old myth, tn, cocks, auburn, candy, ky? They suck. Parity in the league as well as a top heavy conference are the issues. The SEC teams that were in those bowls lost nearly half the games they played this season. That translate to a shitty team that generally well…sux.

  5. You got this one pinned right Shane, except for smoke and mirrors. This NW team beat Wisconsin, who for the last 5 years has been a mid level Big 10 team and Iowa when they were ranked 4th in the nation. Anyways, that aside, hope AL pulls it out for the SEC.

  6. Add Nicky Satan and the Crimson TURD to the list after Texas kicks that ASS on Thursday night!


  7. the sec has look bad this year in the bowls. this has been a down year for the sec. after TEXAS beats bama thursday it will be even worse. a 5-5 record in the bowls is a joke for the sec. 3 days til texas wins yet again.

  8. Somebody get me a Halls cough drop! I was out partying with Ian and some hotties last night. I livedhere in LA for 8 months. I’m partying with the puss out here gents!

  9. If it werent for Alabamas no show last year against Utah, I wouldnt have to listen to every ESPN talking head explaining why the likes of Cincy, Boise, TCU, and Utah have a right to play the big boys because of the way UTAH whooped that ass.

    I told yall Florida would win by 30 points. Thats how its done.

  10. I guess Shane has been hanging out with ITK. Todd passes for about 240 yds, Adams plays like a beast and has 12 receptions, and Tate rushes for 108 yds. Exactly what was “smoke and mirrors”?

    That’s also freakin’ hilarious that you say NW gave the game to AU because of missed field goals. As nearly every media outlet in the country (including writers from Chicago) has reported, it was AU that did everything it could to give the game to NW. The Fairley face mask on the 4th down sack that would have ended the game, the roughing the kicker on the missed fg that would have ended the game; Tate fumbling late in the game while in range for a field goal that would have ended the game; Washington fumbling on the long kickoff return when all AU needed was about 15 more yds for a field goal that would have ended the game; and we won’t even talk about Kodi going 2 for 2 on passing to the wrong team. Geez, I’ll be the 1st to admit that AU’s defense looked pathetic in the game but that’s a joke to say NW gave the game to AU.

  11. Indy vol. After that performance by your thugs , i wouldnt even get on this blog you fn idiot.

  12. You UThug homers will think this year was great compared to what you will accomplish next year. Kiffen is a classless piece of shit just like your players and fans.

  13. Connecticut whipped Notre Dame lost by 2 points to North Carolina, 3 points to Pitt, 4 to West Va., 4 to Rutgers and 2 to Cincinatti. This was a good football team. Penn State was the 2nd. best team in the Big 10 and needed a last second field goal to win, and Virginia Tech was the best team in the ACC who had a last second loss to division champ Georgia Tech or they would have been ACC champs for sure. Who ever expected Kentucky to win a bowl game anyway, yet in losing to Clemson they were just as good as the ACC runnerup. Where the hell do you come up with the SEC stinking up the bowl season. In every loss an SEC team was pitted against a team with a better record. In my opinion and it’s not simply because I hate the Barn, but to me the two most embarrasing games were not losses, but the pathetic play of Auburn and Arkansas in their wins over directional schools. Northwestern might have upset Wisconsin but so did Miss State upset Ole Miss, and exactly what did that prove? This East Carolina is hardly the same team that whipped Va. Tech last year, but they were the CUSA champs and ended up with 10 wins; which means that over all the Barn played the biggest stinker of all. And ask me if I give a shit what you Barner turds are gonna say about this post! If the truth hurts, fuckit! RTR

  14. Wow Julia, that was quite a list of fuckups you posted there. So I guess you won’t disagree when I say that the Barn looked like a shitty out of sync and poorly coached football team! And if you think that anyone is wrong in saying that Northwestern gave the game away you retarded dumbass, then take a look at 625 yards total offense, 532 yards passing offense and 33 first downs to 18, and Northwestern made just as many stupid mistakes as the Barn did.

  15. Hey crimsonite, strange but I don’t remember a single play where the game would have officially ended with a NW victory but for a penalty or turnover by NW on the last play. Seems like I can remember that happening a couple of times for AU, though. As to your reliance upon NW outgaining AU as a means to show that NW gave the game away, then by that same rationale Tulane “gave the game away” to Bama last year. See how stupid that sounds??? Oh well, maybe you can retort with some more of them fancy curse words to make yourself sound really intelligent and classy. Have a great #@%!’n day, crimsonite!

  16. Crimsonite,
    Cursing represents the crimson mullet nation well. Was that a moral victory for NW? I think so. They played hard and looked good to me.

    Better pray a 26-1 two year Texas Longhorn team dont whip that ass having to hear all your redneck rants. You need to concentrate on your own game, not AU at the Outback Bowl, after all according to most Mullets, AU doesnt matter so quit talking about them if they dont matter.

    Cant stand it that you didnt stomp us this year and barely escaped with your life against a 74 man team full of 3 stars. You tell me who was outcoached.

  17. Orrr…..Even better, Auburn outperformed Bama this year. Physically whipped your asses. outgained you , outplauyed you. Physically dominated you. Made your Golden Boy quit…..To deny these facts only shows your homerism Egg…..Does that mean we won the game ? Of course not. your arguement is flawed. By using your own logic in the AU vs. NU game in the AU vs. UA game , then I gues we did win…..

    Lets go roll Tommers !!!!

  18. Oh yeah, I forgot that crimsonite was EG’s new moniker. Forgive me. That was a total waste of space to take EG to task for cussing. That’s like taking a dog to task for barking.

  19. Can I get a hell yeah out there. Bear Bryant and the funky bunch representing A-town! CNS breathing Bear Air. Put a rose in your mouth and let the nation of haters whimper into there pathetic existence. Colin Cowturd, Jim Rome and others that doubt Bear Bryant U. Get the cast ready.I want that satatue of Nicholas Lou Saban poured and erected on the walk of champions. We have lived off the 92′ championship too long. Let’s move forward. The heisman is now in Tuscaloosa. Put a. Statue of that. I want hardware. Can I get a HELL YEA!! ??

  20. You guys want to see some of the most disgusting shit you will have ever read from a supposedly responsible source? Read this shit from the Austin Statesman about the kind of people who come from Alabama. I pray to God that someone of you out there have a connection to get this to Saban and the team before the game! Please! RTR! As far as rednecks go, Alabama may have UT beat. John Kelso, CommentaryJohn Kelso » Texas is playing the Crimson Tide in Pasadena this week for the national championship, and it’s going to be a real booger trying to beat these goobers.

    OK, so Alabama, a formidable foe, comes with running back Mark Ingram, the Heisman Trophy winner who hails from Flint, Mich. I went through the Alabama roster checking players’ hometowns, and Ingram is only one of two players on the Alabama team from up north.

    What this means is that Ingram is one of only two guys on the Alabama team who doesn’t know how to dynamite fish.

    Texas brings its steer mascot Bevo out to California for the game. This could be problematic because the Alabama fans might try to eat him in the parking lot.

    The Alabama mascot is the Crimson Tide. The red tide. Interesting mascot.

    In other words, the University of Alabama has a mascot named after a fish kill. So what do these Alabama folks bring to the games for a mascot? A bucket of dead carp?

    Actually, Alabama also uses an elephant as a mascot. This is because an illustration of a bucket of dead fish doesn’t look good on a hat.

    For this game, Texas may be seriously out-rednecked. In its national championship game on Jan. 4, 2006, that was not the case, because Texas whupped the University of Southern California.

    The only thing Alabama and Southern California have in common is that the Beverly Hillbillies ended up in Southern California. And if they weren’t from Alabama, they should have been.

    It’s traditional for the Alabama Million Dollar Band to march onto the field at the half and form a double-wide. The University of Alabama is in Tuscaloosa, which is the Indian word meaning tube top.

    If you’re fixing to start up a tent revival, Alabama would be as good as any place to do it.

    A little Bama history: Back in 2003, Alabama Chief Justice Roy Moore made national news when he refused to remove a 5,280-pound Ten Commandments monument from the lobby of the Alabama Supreme Court. I can’t think of anything done in Texas that could keep up with that in the Bubba department, except when Gov. Rick Perry hinted it might be time for Texas to secede from the Union.

    The difference is in Alabama, most people think they’ve seceded already.

    The Ten Commandments monument issue so inspired me that I wrote my own list of Alabama Commandments to put on Judge Moore’s big rock. My favorite one was “Thy shalt honor thy daddy and thy mama, as soon as you can figure out who they are.”

    So Roll Tide. Roll over and play dead.

    John Kelso’s column appears on Sundays, Tuesdays and Fridays. Contact him at 445-3606 or

  21. “You UThug homers will think this year was great compared to what you will accomplish next year. Kiffen is a classless piece of shit just like your players and fans.”

    More mindless drivel from the Crimson TURD Morons!


  22. ButtPlay, my post was based on facts which blow right over the heads of any Barner. Yours on the other hand was pure unadulterated bullshit, and obviously a Pot, Crack, Heroin, LSD, Peyote and Alcohol induced fantasy. The stats in the Iron Bowl had nothing whatsoever to do with the outcome or who was the best team, and you damn well know it. After the end of the first quarter Auburns ass was stomped, stomped and stomped again. The only thing that kept your asses from being stomped 50 to 21 is that there were only 4 quarters in the game! As for you other titturds, if you don´t like what we say about your team on here, you are welcome to go elsewhere. As far as whether we win or lose that´s why we play the game. But for you damn Barners and Volunqueers just go home and sleep on the fact that you will never even have the opportunity to win OR lose a BCSNC game!!!!! Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha!!!!RTR!

  23. I think it is called “Battered Bitch Syndrome” when the Aubies keep coming back again and again for that beat down.
    Of course it would be nice if they would go someplace and fucking DIE –

  24. The crimson necks are getting worried, especially Carl and Eggy!!!!! Maybe they should get up with each other and relieve some of that stress.

  25. It’s mullets vs mullets on this board.
    What a classes group of fans some of you guys/gals are! I’m talking about you Crimsonite, Tab and Orangeshavedball.

  26. Egg…….Im speachless…….No, hold it. Dumbfounded. No, no, more like astonished. Yes, astonished is the word Im searching for.

    What in the hell game did you watch in place of the Iron Bowl ? You didnt do jack-squat until the end of the game. Your running game was completely SHUT DOWN. Remind me what the total yardage was for both teams ? Oh yeah, we beat you at that. We passed for more and threw for more. Golden Boy took himself out of the game !!!! No matter what version of the same fantasy you care to remember, it all ends with Auburn physically whooping that ass….The scoreboard was the only thing you won that day. But hey, thats all that matters. But dont pretend that you dominated 3 quarters of that game. You know thats B.S. in the highest order.

    Your arguement was flawed, and you know it. Terrible analogy. Its a bitch when someone uses your own logic (or lack of it) against you, isnt it ?

  27. Special News Bulletin to “Prophet” and all you other non SEC believers. Look at the record for all conferences in the BCS Chanpionship games and go choke on it! GO ahead, post it if you dare! Who cares if the SEC is top heavy? That’s your cop out because your confernece cannot come close to what the SEC has posted in BCS championship games! Until you can beat it…go suk on your own eggs dude!

  28. Dream Weaver, go back to your Peyote. Nobody cares what you think! You know ButtPlay, I shouldn´t even waste my time answering your stupidity. The dumbest fucking moron on the planet knows that after the end of the 1st. quarter you bastards only had 134 yards of offense to our 260. And that 72 of that came on one busted play and another 35 plus came on the final desperation drive against our dime package. I do believe that 25 fucking yards of offense accrued during all of your time of possesion in the final 3 quarters except for the 90 seconds that elapsed on that one play, and the last drive, pretty much sums up the so called ass wuppin you put on us, dumbass. Hard as it might be on your pathetic Barner pride to fathom, the whole Bama team told you and Florida on national TV that they played this seasson with one thing in mind BEAT FLORIDA! We looked past the Iron bowl toward something much more important. Maybe for the first time in 17 years, the Iron Bowl meant less to Bama than another game. But then actually the Iron Bowl many times has meant far less to Bama than it has to Auburn. You see Bama plays for National Championships and Auburn plays to beat Bama. The final TD drive in the Iron Bowl in which your piss poor team was as helpless as a cat in a blender, the drive in which you either put up or shutup, is the true measure of each team. The Barn was found wanting! RTR!!!!

  29. Are you kidding ??? Are you seriously quoting total yardage minus the “big plays” , as they somehow dont count ???

    Hold it..Aight,,aight….I will use your twisted logic and take away the touchdown pass that you turds scored on , and magically m ake it go away , and VOILA !!!!! HEY WE WON THE GAME !!!!!

    See how stupid you sound ????

  30. Man oh man the distance some of you will go to try and put doubt in someones mind only shows what you are worried about. At no time have I EVER posted something that would give any 1st grade drop out a reason to think I’m worried about anything to do with Bama football. What y’all are really saying is you can’t stand the thought of number 13 making its way to Tuscaloosa.

    But thats alright, go ahead and wallow in your ignorance as you usely do, as for me and my family we are prepairing a huge celebration to begin about 4 Thursday afternnon and lasting until the wee hours of the morning.

    ITS CALLED EXPECTIONS! Bama lives and breathes it. Again, again, and again my expections have been right many many more times than not.

    Going to go ahead and make my prediction and not screw with you idiots anymore until the fall. Alabama-38, Texas-13.

    A real classic is about to happen, just remember special things happens in special games, and Bama has certainly been there before, which most of you dumb asses have no clue of.

    The place for the statute has already been sit aside and the form is about to be poured.


    TICK, Tick, Tick, Tick, Tick, Tick, Tick, Tick,
    Tick, Tick, Tick, Tick, Tick!!!!!!!

  31. “ITS CALLED EXPECTIONS! Bama lives and breathes it.”

    Mike Shula. You guys act like y’all have never had a down time. Get real.

  32. OK all you non SEC NON beleivers, here is the offical record by Conference of ALL of the BCS CHAMPIONSHIP GAMES! The SEC is a perfect 5 and 0! Oh, I forgot, they were playing nobody pansies, (not other SEC TEAMS)in those BCS Championship Games!

    The SEC championship IS THE NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP GAME!! Any of you other conference champions want to take on our runner up..FLORIDA!! I love can’t dispute numbers!


    W L T Pct Schools
    Big 12 2 4 .333 Oklahoma (1-3)
    Texas (1-0)
    Nebraska (0-1)
    SEC 5 0 1.00 LSU (2-0)
    Florida (2-0)
    Tennessee (1-0)
    Alabama (0-0)
    ACC 1 2 .333 FSU 1-2)
    Big East 1 2 .333 Miami, FL (1-1)
    Virginia Tech (0-1)
    Big Ten 1 2 .333 Ohio State (1-2)
    Pac-10 2 1 .500 USC (1-1)


  33. southern girl you can start choking today because the criminal tide will lose once again to the TEXAS LONGHORNS.2 DAYS TILL TEXAS STOMPS THE CHEATERS YET AGAIN.

  34. Special to don’t get it do you? Your fantastic BIG 12 has a 2 and 4 (that is only 2 wins and 4 LOSES!) record in BCS Title games! 4 times you guys went up against other conferences with the BEST teams you had and LOST! Even if you beat BAMA, your conference will still be officaly BCS TITLE GAME LOSERS with a 3-4 record. You better win or the “PIG 12” goes to 2 and 5….oink oink…moo…moo..cluck…cluck! GOOD LUCK!

  35. I must admit it has been entertaining reading all the passionate posts on here about what this team plays for and what that team plays for. The BCS bowl records that each conference has. At the end of the day all it is is bunch of guys that couldn’t make it at the next level spewing ignorant crap! I am not sure if you realize but the guys that actually play and coach the games could care less about you. They don’t care that they had to score a last second td to win the Iron Bowl, they don’t care how bad of game it was against Northwestern, and they are probably not keeping up with which conference has the best winning pct. in BCS games. All they care about is winning. They don’t care that you spend your whole day on here listing all of your facts, threatening to physically harm someone in the name of “their” school, and spewing your knowledge of decades past. Somewhere along the line fans started thinking that these players are playing for them and their not.

  36. To: “fans can be just stupid Says”

    …and your point is…….???

    (Suked you into the fray didn’t it!…HA HA!) You are the pot calling the kettle black! This is all a joke “STUPID” and you fell for it! College football is just a bunch of men playing a kids game anyway!

  37. There’s always got to be a “Mr. Its all Relative, not Important in the Grand Scheme of Things” Duh. For you to have to state the obvious, makes me think your not sure, or take it more seriously than you let on.

    You go figure out the cure for cancer, or the next missile defense system, and we’ll talk about football.

  38. SoUtHeRnGiRl the texas longhorns are going to be given the national championship thursday nite.they did not win it because we don’t have a playoff in
    major college football. no one has ever won a national championship in major college football history. texas will be given a trophy and the players,coaches,fans will go home happy.they dont call me the oddsmaker for no reason lolololololololol

  39. Hey guys. Tone The Bone here. Have you seen me lately. I look better than LT. Go see Dr. Maureen Muecke, why does she spell it that way, I don’t know, but damn I look good.

  40. For those of you who really don’t know me, I will sux anything that is orange, including a long horn, a clemson tiger and especially my favorite, anyone from the orange state of Tenneessee! I just love to sux because my football team does.

  41. It is because the league IS DOWN! Nobody has benefitted more from this than Bama. Bama has a good team, but the SEC is weaker than its been in 10 years. There was very little dropoff from Bama to Florida. Even though Bama blew them out, the two teams are close. After that, it starts dropping off badly.

    As for your usual shot at Auburn, enjoy it. Cameron Newton is coming in next year. Chizik is getting Auburn back to respectability. Auburn will compete for the West next year and we are going to kick Bama’s ass.


    And its “Snead” not “Sneed.” retard.

  42. “For those of you who really don’t know me, I will sux anything that is orange, including a long horn, a clemson tiger and especially my favorite, anyone from the orange state of Tenneessee! I just love to sux because my football team does.”

    This is a great example of the lack of intelligence and education that the Crimson TURD Nation has.


  43. Aurox, I agree with you. At first I said Bama 36-10. But with all this time off, unless one team just has a bad game, this game will be closer than that. I still think we win because I think this team also remembers the Sugar Bowl, which was embarrassing(?).This team has been on a mission and focused all year and they won’t leave Cali without that Crystal Ball. I say 27-17. I thought the Auburn game was one of if not the best game of the bowl season. I’ glad they won, and now they have momentum for a strong February and finish of recruiting. RTR



  46. Congatulations to Nick Saban for, in my opinion, proving he has now matched the classlessness of the Bama fans when he chose to tack on that meaningless touchdown with less than 2 minutes remaining at the end of the game when instead he could have done the classy thing and had McElroy neel on the ball and run out the clock.

  47. All you haters, just keep on hating. That means we are the best ! Enjoy your moral victories !

  48. Speaking as an Auburn fan, I saw absolutley nothing wrong with scoring that last touchdown. If you can, do it.
    When you can score at will, you can add fear to your arsenal. Just look at what Spurrier was able to do at Florida by running up the score whenever he had the chance. Florida had teams beat before they even took the field.
    Anyhow, I didn’t see a bit of “throwing in the towel” on Texas’ part (to their credit.)
    I’m glad that now, if you win the SEC, you have an automatic ticket to the NC game.

  49. What did I tell you guys…..Ingram wins the Heisman and Bama the National Championshipship…..The Tide takes it all….enjoyed the piece Shane…..RTR

  50. I suspect that Spurrier allowed this defeat so that he could use it as a motivational tool in Spring practice. SC had nothing to lose. This season has been crap for the Gamecocks, in spite of beating the ACC Championship runner-up.

    Next year represents Spurrier’s best chance to take SC football to it’s highest level in it’s history. TN and GA are both in the ditch and FL looks to be facing a down year. The ‘Ol Ball Coach was more than willing to lose a fifth tier bowl game in B’ham if it helps him get the most out of his big opportunity next season. Next year could very well be his last in Carolina — win or lose.

  51. NC13RollTide,
    Based on your comment you PROVE you are a douche. I gave the supporting reason for my opinion, but you, like most Alabama fans, can only curse or call someone names because you can’t intelligently express your own opinion or write an arugment to oppose someone else’s opinion who may be different than yours. If you are an example of what the University of Alabama is producing, then I guess a mythical football championship is all that you or the school will ever celebrate! Roll Tide Roll, faster than the sewage down an Alabama tollet bowl.

  52. AUROX,
    You are completely right, there was nothing “wrong” with Saban and Alabama scoring that last meaningless touchdown. It just was not the classy thing to do nor was it in good sportsmenship in my opinion. The difference in this game and the Florida games when Spurier was coaching was the his Florida teams dominated the opposing team the entire game which resulted in the final scores, he did not just run up the score with meaningless final touchdowns when he was able to just kneel on the ball to end the game. But I respect your opinion and supporting arguements. As least you had one, unlike NC13RollTide, who based on his name has to try to convince women there is more there than what is really there, if you know what I mean! 13-LMAO!

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