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NCAA College Football Alabama runningback Mark Ingram speaks to the media after winning the Heisman Trophy at the Marriott Marquis in New York City on December 12, 2009. UPI/John Angelillo Photo via Newscom

By Shane from Centerpoint
University of Alabama running-back Mark Ingram is the best player to ever wear the crimson jersey. After thinking about the depth of that statement and remembering the heroics of great players like Namath, Stabler, Musso, and Palmer – I’ve become keenly aware that we all watched something very special take place this season.

I interviewed this young 20-year-old (sophomore) tailback after a mid-season contest. As I waited to ask Mark a question, a large crowd of reporters surrounding him began closing in from every direction.

Ingram calmly handled them like he does defenders. He took his time, gave each question contemplative thought, and quietly responded to the onslaught. I was amazed at how laid-back and soft-spoken the guy remained as the inquiries came fast and furious.

Finally, the pack dispersed. I walked up to Mark and asked him one question. He looked me squarely in the eye, thought for a moment and spoke with a low-key voice about how the team’s success was the thing that mattered most.

I already knew what Mr. Ingram could do on the field. After meeting him I was just as impressed with his attitude and demeanor.

After looking deeper into Mark Ingram’s file I’ve come to the realization that he personifies all that the Heisman is meant to be.

First and foremost, Ingram’s academic accomplishments match his performance on the field. He is dedicated in the classroom, taking summer classes since his arrival, and is on track to graduate in only three years. Mark is also a “Dean’s list” student.

He is pursuing a degree in communications, with hopes of one day becoming an ESPN football analyst. Winning the Heisman will definitely help his entry into broadcasting, especially after he stars in the NFL for 7-10 years.

One of the most impressive aspects about Mark Ingram’s winning college football’s highest individual honor is that he accomplished the feat with no P.R. campaign. Ingram earned the award where it should be won – on the gridiron.

In fact, like all of the great Heisman winners before him, Mark displayed relentless consistency all year.

His amazing skills are evident. Ingram has only fumbled once in over 400 touches over two years. He rarely misses a blitz in pass protection, taking on linebackers with ease. He is a precision pass-route runner, who has great hands. He is also a lethal weapon when taking direct snaps in the “wild elephant”.

But the trait that makes Mark Ingram extra-special is how he responds during the “big” games. Playing in the SEC against the nation’s best defenses (nothing like the soft PAC 10 or Big 12), the guy was dynamic. He rolled in successive games against the following: Kentucky (140yds/2-tds), Ole Miss (172yds/1-td), South Carolina (246yds/1-td), Tennessee (99yds), and LSU (144yds).

Mark’s last appearance in the SEC championship game – against the Florida Gators (the nation’s #1 defense) – was billed as perhaps the most important game since the early seventies. The pressure was on. In the end it was one of Ingram’s best performances of the season. With everything on the line he proved his worth and confirmed that he should be the front-runner in the voting for the best college football player in America.

When he was announced as the winner of the 2009 Heisman trophy, the 5’10”, 215 lb., rolling-ball of thunder from Flint, Michigan handled himself with absolute dignity and class. Mark didn’t use his blazing speed or bone-crunching power to overwhelm the crowd. He relied on his greatest asset – his mind – to convey his eloquent acceptance of college football’s greatest individual honor.

Alabama fans can look forward to at least one more year of Mark making explosive plays and taking the “rock to the house”. Then they can thank him for his help bringing home championships as he races toward a top-five pick in the NFL draft.

The fact that Ingram won the Crimson Tide’s first Heisman trophy forever insures that he will enjoy a “legendary” status throughout the Crimson Empire.
—Shane writes a weekly column for the Call News and the Capstone Report.

99 thoughts on “Shane: Ingram leaves the mark of a champion”

  1. Excellent synopsis Shane. Please do more commentary. Got the Heisman, next a national! Saw the article on the Call News. Excellent piece. Congrats to Mark.

    92′ National Champion

  2. Do you think he might win another? He’ll have to beat McElroy, Julio, T. Richardson, and Hightower. Zion, you are a scumbag piece of trash. You are a HATER! Saban is your daddy, Ingram’s bangin your mom, and I’m about to teabag your wife when your grandma gets done. RTR

  3. I have to agree with Indyvol…..I was a bit surprised Ingram won. He does seem to be a classy acting guy though. I really thought Gerhart or Nabcdef Sghi (sp.?) was more deserving, but , hey, when has it ever been awarded to the best player? I didn’t expect them to start this year.

  4. Congrats to Ingram!!! He is an upstanding player and person!!

    He really needs to go hand that trophy to his Offensive Line and thank them, becaust they REALLY made him look good this year!!!
    This is yet another reason I think the “Heisman” trophy is a crock of SHIT!!

    Indiana Vol, don’t have much respect for your cheatin’ University, but you are right, he was not even the best back in the country, let alone the best player!!

    Heisman = JOKE!!

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  6. I think Alabama having never won one before helped him a lot, and the midwest vote, where he’s from, and he’s better than Bo and Hershel put together!RTR

  7. Thugs rob people at gas stations (UT) and I know OJ won a Heisman, but Ingram is not a thug because his dad screwed up and he’s from The Dayton Family’s home town. He’s a good kid.

  8. IndianaVol, I think everyone can now know to just ignore you from here on out. You’re just some pathetic trash that utters profanities and hate like a mental patient.

    Mark Ingram is a great guy. Good guy. And he’s as good as Emmitt Smith. I look forward to him playing a long time and doing well for his family.

    They all look to be good people.

  9. You beat me to it Alex — the LT comment — LMFAO!!!

    Everyone do everyone a favor and ingore every post by “Indiana Vol” — much thanks, MGMT.


    It is good for the Crimson Nation this year. We’re going for the “triple crown” — the best a University can do — win the WEST, win the SEC Championship, win the Heisman, win the National Championship and do it all UNDEFEATED!!!! ROLL TIDE ROLL AND FUCK YOU AUBURN !!!

  10. This is the most impressive piece I have seen thus for. I have to commend this writer in every way possible to bringing Mark Ingram to life for many of us. You my dear have a great talent and such a calming demeanor . Good luck in your writing in the future…. I am going to add a link to your writing here on my site because I like your style.

    A side note to RTR bammer… While I am sure your opinion is yours and i respect that. Your statement…
    “Congrats to Ingram!!! He is an upstanding player and person!!

    He really needs to go hand that trophy to his Offensive Line and thank them, becaust they REALLY made him look good this year!!!
    This is yet another reason I think the “Heisman” trophy is a crock of SHIT!!”

    the true crock is in this statement and first and foremost regardless to the fact that the Heisman award is for individual accomplishment…. but you are a fool if you think that is truly the case. True the offensive line made it easier for Mark. However, the offensive line just did their job and so did Mark. But it’s in that statement that I realized that you pretty much don’t understand team work. Mark will be the first to give all the credit to his team. He has already done that. But it was marks effort in pushing his 100 percent effort to levels above. Mark brought the Heisman to Bama…but he did not carry it alone…and Mark will be the very first player to say that. Look at it this way. One person cannot play football and although many argued last year about tebow…..Look what tebow did without percy harvin….Not nearly as much. So a true amazing player can only play up to their ability if they have the help from all that are on the field…or else they would just have a football player and no team. Team Impact player is what Mark Ingram is.

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  16. Is this a college football blog or goddamn cable tv? Did you fuckers pay for commercial space on here? Do you have permission from the site owner to advertise? If not either or, then get the hell off. Fuckin’ gnats!

  17. whiterabbit, I must not have had my crimson colored glasses on when I wrote that…. Wait, they are back on now… OMG!!! What was I thinking???


    P.S. Crimsonite, please, you are making Bama fans look like what the AU and UT fans say we look like! Act right, man, and grow up!!

  18. I thought you must have left home without them…glad you have them back on….Maybe you should just carry an extra set in your pocket when you go out without.


    actually was not meaning to be confrontational to you per say but have had to be quite defensive today over this whole deal. Many people fail to realize that these giants the media makes them out to be are only about 2 years removed from being high school kids. The transition and the pressure is something that no one could ever prepare you far. But I think a lot of people forget that there is a person behind that Heisman and that person is mark ingram and the taunting i have read today is undeserved. We should actually be ashamed of how we voted, because he did not win that because of the SEC or the South…he won this because of Michigan and the Maryland area so it was not a golden boy primed winner like some in the past. He received it because he did his job and above the expectations of all. It did not hurt that he came from a place that did not have their own real dog in the race.

    well am glad you found your glasses…

  19. “IndianaVol, I think everyone can now know to just ignore you from here on out. You’re just some pathetic trash that utters profanities and hate like a mental patient.”

    Alex, pot calling the kettle!

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    he whole process is a sham!
    Not like the days when noble athletes like Bo jackson won the Heisman!

    Did you even see one vote for the greatest RB in the nation Ben Tate! I think not. that is because they are afraid of Auburn and what we can do! It is all a conspiracy.
    Luckily, it looks like Lane Kiffin is in some serious shoodoo! And that the Moral Victory National Championship is in jeopardy for UT.
    I dont know who would call and turn the Vols into the NCAA like that. It would certainly never, (ever) be an Auburn Man (under any circumstances!!!!)

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  26. I fail to see the humor, and it’s off the point of the thread which is to discuss the most famous prior to pro football athlete in Bama history. But I guess I’m just an old codger! An old codger with 40 college age honeys on demand! Bwwaaa Haaww Haaww! RTR!

  27. “Star” Running Back on Protest

    Auburn Running Back Senior Ben Tate is protesting at Toomer’s Corner! He demands a recount of the Heisman ballots and will not eat or sleep until that is done. He currently is sporting team gear with 2 cases of 1-ply cheap dollar store toilet paper. The reason of that is unknown. Ben Tate is adamant about his statistics and demands to have ANOTHER ceremony in New York City to determine the REAL winner of the Heisman. This is breaking news so we will have more is to follow.

    Source: That dude who works at the gas station “down ‘tha road”.

  28. E.G. — it’s a local Birmingham issue — local comedy — that’s all — very funny if you listened to WJOX to hear LT.

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  31. Bo Jackson noble? He was a great back indeed, but I clearly remember a kid who could barely speak comprehensible English when he arrived on the Plains. I seem to recall some eligibility issues that magically dissapeared with the negative recruiting allegations as well. Who was the coach? Oh yeah the same guy as who’s in charge now, but surely he changed his ways, right?

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  33. He’s 21 Shane. Not 20.

    He may have been 20 when you talked to him, but he’s 21 now (born Nov. 4, 1988). Get your facts straight, please.

    And secondly, don’t fall into the Peter King “I, me” trap of sportswriting.

    For instance Peter King always says, “When I talked to Tom Brady he told me…..blah, blah, blah”

    No one cares that you talked to Mark Ingram. You could have illustrated your point a whole lot better without making yourself so prevalent in the column.

    but then again, you obviously don’t know any basic points of journalism…

    Keep up the crappy work.

  34. Do you expect Bama to be 12-0 in 2010 with Penn St, Fla, at UT, at LSU, and Auburn? I do, and another NC. RTR

  35. Indy Vol, How many Heisman’s trophies does the vols have?
    What is the going rate for the vols whores on parade? Your
    college is a laughning stock of the SEC and you don’t have Roy
    Kramer to help UcheaT to get out of its troubles!! Probation is
    coming MF!! RTR

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  39. Gosh, for bama to be a “all about the team, not the individual, that’s why we have never put emphasis on winning a Heisman” bullshit, it certainly has been made into a big deal. Strange.
    But I can assure y’all, Auburn ain’t sittin around crying in their beer. The “process” (to coin a word used ad nauseum by you bammers when the saban arrived) has begun, and is quite ahead of schedule. You see, ever so many years, a program will decline. The difference is, are you gonna be down 2 years, or 10 years?


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  55. aurox,

    Do you think BAMA actually did put an emphasis on the Heisman? Toby G. had 62 more carries than Ingram. The emphasis at BAMA, as always, is to win the National Championships. (that is plural) Any awards giving along that road are icing. Of course, we wanted Ingram to win, but not at the expense of jeopardizing the National Championship. BAMA plays a well balanced offense which features two running backs and a third plays a significant role. One role secured a victory over your rocking team. Rocking chair that is.

    Does anyone from the barn have a clue?

    Quote from the barn: “We are so far behind, lost, have no leader, and no history to look at for guidance.”

    It sux to be an aubarn tiger!

  56. Bammerborn…..I’m not here to debate whether Ingram should have won the Heisman or not. He was certainly a “top” player, along with about 3 others. You can call my team anything you want, but that undermanned, lacking in skill players, beat up team took the “number 1” team to the wire. Shorty has got bama at the top of their game, complete with a Heisman running back and number one ranking, but I can assure you, he want get Auburn at the bottom of their game again. I know for years bama was in the same position Auburn is in now, but they never once played us as close as we played y’all. That, should give you reason for concern.

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  65. Kevin Scarbinski was way out of line in his Heisman vote. His first and second should have been 2nd and 3rd. Arenis was/is the best player on the team. He made the plays against Auburn and Florida that made differences in the games.

    Had Ingram gone down early in the year Bama would have most likely gone undefeated in the regular season without him. He’s good, a good kid, but he is not the reason Bama is playing in the NCG. Arenas is the best, most valuable player for the Tide.

    Of the 5 finalist, Gerhart was the most valuable to his team…the best player. Without him Stanford may have lost another 3 or 4 games. McCoy and Tebow too. Had they not been able to lead their teams, Texas and Florida would have lost a game or 2 or 3.

    The Heisman has become as big a joke as the rest of college football and the BCS bs. When so-called sports writers, computers, talk-show hosts, authors, commentators (of these days and times) get involved it becomes a circus. Let the past Heisman winners vote, they know what the hell they are talking and voting about, not Finebaum, Herbstreit (at least he played), Scarbinski, Brando…the ridiculous list goes on …though Scarbinski was actually closer to being right than most of the un-qualified.

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  67. i would like to tell everyone on here that the person who went by zionhippy got killed in a car accident
    tuesday night. i thought i would pass it on to you. he ran off the road to keep from hitting a car head on.

  68. “Scarbinski was wrong”…..thanks for the common sense post. I believe Arenas was bama’s best player as well. He is more of a difference maker than Ingram…..not knocking Ingram. Arenas can “hurt” you in many different ways. The BCS IS BS, but I think they got it right this year. But a broke clock is right twice a day.

  69. As long as the BCS sends the SEC champ to the title game every year, I have NO problem with it. The SEC champ always deserves a spot, period.

  70. Hey folks LT here again for the fine people at Petrucelli’s and Cafe’ Lazio. Trying to put that last minute Christmas party together like we did here at T R T??? We’ll be celebrating our Christmas party at Petrucelli’s but Cafe’ Lazio is a perfect place too. With great drink specials and second to none food — these fine establishments will cater to your every need! Do what me and Brian do and visit these folks — but you’ll have to actually pay $8.00 for a drink but we’ll get them for free! Two great locations — low prices — give them a call for that last minute Christmas party!!!

  71. LT take your ass outta here with your commercials. Did Zionhippy really die? If so, thats what you get when you wish something bad on a good kid like Ingram. Good Riddance.RTR

  72. aurox,
    I will have reason for concern when Nick Saban retires from THE UNIVERSITY OF ALABAMA. 2 years or 10 years or how about no years. I have missed your point. You have one year to proud of in the last 52 by BAMA standards. Sorry, please explain what you meant.

    You barneys just don’t get it. BAMA had a conservative game plan in the Iron Bowl. You played better than anyone expected including Chez. Did you happen to see his pre game pep talk? He told his team not to worry about the score board. I hope you understand he was actually asking his players to not quit no matter how bad BAMA was winning. He was afraid he and the barn were going to be embarrassed. It was a great team effort, but you are kidding yourself about Chez. Of course, getting overly excited is common for barneys.

    It sux to be an aubarn tiger

  73. YO! Just a few thoughts…the ONLY reason that “LT” is posting here is because NOBODY listens to his show and he’s DESPERATE TO FIND AN AUDIENCE! As for Mark Ingram winning the Heisman, he’s as deserving as any of the other candidates. I have to agree with an earlier post (don’t remember who) that mentioned Mark being from Michigan enabled him to get the Midwest votes coupled with the fact that Alabama had no previous Heisman winner HELPED A LOT. As for what ol’ Shane said at the beginning of his latest attempt at journalism about Mark Ingram being the “best” that has ever worn a Crimson Jersey, I HAVE SERIOUS RESERVATIONS ABOUT THAT STATEMENT. Sure, he mentioned Namath, Stabler, Musso and Palmer but WHAT ABOUT Derrick Thomas, Cornelius Bennett, Shaun Alexander, Andre Smith, Marty Lyons, Barry Krauss, Richard Todd, Tyrone Prothro, and one of my favorites from the not-to-distant past, DeMeco Ryans? Don’t wanna talk about the past? How about THE PRESENT? Rolando McClain and Javier Arenas! SHANE, you need to THINK before you TYPE. As I said earlier MARK INGRAM is as deserving as any of the other candidates that recieved consideration for the Heisman but to say that he’s the BEST THAT EVER WORE a Crimson Jersey, THAT IS A STRETCH, dude. You want some more names? Bobby Humphrey, Eric Curry, John Copeland, Antonio Langham, Tommy Wilcox, E.J. Junior, Woodrow Lowe, Leroy Cook, John Hannah, Tony Nathan, Dwight Stephenson and the list goes on and on…


    “Did Zionhippy really die? If so, thats what you get when you wish something bad on a good kid like Ingram. Good Riddance.RTR”

    When you go to HELL for that statement…Tell Bear hello!

  75. Sounds like you guys need a shot of something… Maybe a shot of good old fashioned possy? Helps take the edge off. I love possy fockin myself. Good for the ol’ soul. Chill out guys. Football will never be more important than grade a possy and tatties. Peace bros!

  76. Possyfocker…..spoken like a man who knows!!!

    Bamaborn…..let me splain it. The 2 or 10 year comment referred to how long bama was down (close to 10 years) and how long Auburn will be down (not quite 2, counting last year and this year). You see when we noticed a problem, we corrected it. We didn’t fock around for a decade with buffoon coaches and cheating. As for “getting excited over Chez”, that’s not what Auburn men do. We don’t pop boners over our head coach, and believe he’s the second coming. Auburn football is bigger than any one man, including Chizik. Although, based on what he inherited, an 8-5 first season and a top 10 (possibly top 5) recruiting class is pretty impressive.

  77. aurox,

    It appears from the outside that the barn has never done anything but screw around and cheat, but excuse me I am not a barn man. What makes impressions on barneys is unlikely to raise any attention at BAMA. You are impressed by Chez but not excited. You differences must be clear to all barneys.

    Barney football is as big as two men. See LOWder and Big Yella. They are barney football.

    It sux to be an aubarn tiger!

  78. What year are we in F/W. You wan’t to cuss someone out, you need to know why and what for. Now that you think you know me, you better show me or shut you’re ass up.

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