This Shreveport Times column delivers the ugly truth about Nick Saban to the LSU faithful in a ranking of SEC coaches. He writes that Alabama Crimson Tide coach Nick Saban is currently #2 in the conference. Here is a powerful bit of information, “Saban won the national championship at LSU in 2003 after signing a No. 1 recruiting class in 2001. There was another No. 1 class in 2003 and a No. 2 in 2004, and more than 30 of his signees were still on the team in 2007 when LSU won another national title. No less than 33 LSU players signed by Saban between 2000 and 2004 were drafted into the NFL. Of that 33, 18 — or more than half — went in the first three rounds. Nine went in the first round, and four of those were among the first six picks. LSU has never had more talent in and out of its program, and he developed most of it. He has had two more No. 1 classes at Alabama. He failed in the NFL, but he did go 9-7 with a Miami team that was 4-12 the year before.”

There is much more information on Saban’s coaching career in the column. Along with this bit on Miles, “The 3-5 mark in his league was one of the worst-ever drops for a team that won the national title the year before. Whether you like it or not, the fact is this. With mostly Saban signed and developed players on the roster from 2005-07, Miles went 34-6 with a national championship and an SEC West title. With mostly Miles signed and developed players in 2008, Miles went 8-5 and 3-5.”

There is little doubt that Les Miles will face pressure this season. Can he respond? He has a talented team.

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  1. Notice we didn’t hear a “Lots of teams from Louisiana beat that team” quip out of him this year.LSU used to be my 2nd most respected team in the SEC,but not anymore as long as this goob hangs around.

  2. Miles can recruit pretty good, but not very good on the field coach. Hiring Chavis was a great move for LSU and the defense
    will be a lot better. Chavis helped Fulmer stay longer than he
    deserved to at UcheaT. ROLL TIDE

  3. Here are two facts, that everyone seems to forget about when they talk about Nick Saban and LSU together, first, 90% of the recruits that Les won his national championship with were from Louisiana so most of them would have ended up at LSU regardless, second 95% of Saban’s recruits were redshirted which means that they didn’t learn too much in Saban’s system, they achieved their skill and expertise under Miles staff not Saban’s.

  4. Go ahead and live in your fantasy world and keep up with the excuses GEAUXTIGERS. Don’t forget to bring your crying towel to T-Town fool! LMFAO! RTR!

  5. Look it up! In his entire coaching career, regardless of all else, Nick Saban has NEVER had back to back 10 win seasons. Les Miles from 2005 through 2007 had seasons of 11-2, 11-2 and
    12-2. I choose Les Miles because of the FACTS! and because Nick isn’t going to make it again this year!

  6. all i can say AGAIN when reading anything from an Alabama-base is OH PLEASE! what is wrong with you people. you finally had a decent team again last year (though no signal that Alabama is back –you haven’t been ‘BACK’ for 27 years. I would say that slice of history hardly makes you still the premier team in the SEC. All of history yes –past three decades!!! NO! Right now, it’s Florida, LSU and Georgia. This article is about how bad Miles is though, and why don’t we just wait and see how he does. He is 42-11 in four years with one NC !!!

  7. 27 years! You’re out of your fucking mind retard. We had one bad year under Perkins and until we went on unjustifiable probation the first two times, we were playing in the SECCG nearly every year between ’84 and ’94! During that time we played Miami the National Champions in the Sugar Bowl in ’90 and then slaughtered them and won the National Championship in ’92. By my recollection before last year it was 14 years since we were at the top along with Spurrier’s Florida. And one of those 14 years we were undefeated but were not allowed to play for any championships. And now it’s Florida and Alabama and then some mixture of everybody else! Yeah Miles had 3 good years with Saban’s recruits and then look what happened1 LMFAO! Who gives a shit if Saban while coaching at INFERIOR schools never had back to back 10 win seasons! He’s the only coach with 10 or more years of coaching who’s NEVER had a losing season and likewise is #4 in winning percentage! You Bayou trash are completely scared shitless of returning to the days of eating off the floor like dogs while Alabama has the Lobster and Filet Minon. I don’t blame you pathetic little bastards. But it’s gonna happen anyway! LMFAO! RTR!

  8. yes, saban had a #1 recuiting class. but is was denardo’s redshirt juniors and seniors (he kept a bad d/c one year too long, but had great years b/4) and saban’s 2001 class were SOPHOMORES! for the 2003 year and n.c. the year and n.c. were one w/ denardo players!
    Then saban lost the next two bowls and one bad season. then saban left. then miles tooks saban’s players and did better with them that saban ever did.
    soooo, saban’s second year(12-2) was all FRESHMAN???
    Guilbeau is the lsu gannett beat writer and is entitled to his opinion, but he must have forgotten dinardo who beat saban in the independence bowl(1995)and in 96 #13. 1997 – #12. THEN, stuck w/ a terrible d.c. and got fired. replaced w/ saban.
    THEN, well, miles did better w/ saban’s players then saban did with his own players.
    but, why or why do you bamer homers care about the guy who replaced your guy and actually our guy is doing better than your guy ever did. we are quite happy w/ miles. we are estatic that you have saban.

  9. Wrong, Bayou trash! We don’t give a flying fu-k at a rollin’ donut about your damn coach! It’s you stupid tards that started all the shit about Saban when he came to Bama. You trashed him and you trashed us and when your stupid uncivilized trash came to Tuscaloosa in ’07 you spit on us and threw bottles and trash at us in our own stadium, even though you won the game. That is why we give you and are going to keep on giving you a ration of shit. And bullshit – you must not be happy with Miles or else you’d get off Saban’s case. And what a bunch of fu-king retards you must be to come on here and do a year by year breakdown of what recruits were whose and what grades they were in when each coach was there! What a bunch of tards! Who gives a shit about who DiNardo recruited! And who gives a shit about how old Saban’s recruits were when Miles came to LSWho! You dumb bastards don’t seem to remember that you hadn’t won a damn game worth talking about in 10 years when Saban arrived. He took a piece of shit school and team out of the slums and made them into a national power. He straightened out DiNardo’s players just like he straightened out Shula’s. Then he got a pedigreed bloodline of top recruits and a winning tradition started so that all you have to do each year is reload. Your damn Miles fell into this creampuff situation and has never had to struggle with putting his abilities to the test with a piss poor bunch of swamp tards like what Saban found there! That Miles has won a few more games than Saban did only goes to show how good of a position Nickey left your asswipe school in! Hell, I could coach LSWho to 10 wins a season! But last year Miles couldn’t!!! And all he was missing was an experienced QB! What the hell would he have done if he had had only 9 seniors and had to play 18 freshmen like Bama did? Probably would have lost to Tulane and UAB!!! LMFAO! I don’t want to hear anymore of your bullshit. Saban left your pathetic school because he knew it was not the place where he could write his name in the history books alongside of Bear Bryant, Bud Wilkerson, Darrel Royal, John McKaY, Joe Patterno and such. But he’s at that place now and he knows it. He just confirmed that he will finish his coaching career at the best football school in the nation! RTR! RTR! RTR!

  10. mr white,
    some tigahs do give lsu a bad name. so, you then defend your negative actions by the bad boys. wow, two wrongs do make a right…..not.
    some tigahs were disappointed by sabans duplicity. some of us are happy you have him. but, the record is the record. you can’t use one argument against miles and forget that saban had the same history. and you forgot to mention ulm and iowa

  11. I don’t necessarily dispute Saban being a better football coach than Miles. I just know for a fact that Miles is a better human being. There were not many people in the LSU athletic offices grieving when Saban took his ego elsewhere. As a life long Tiger fan, I’m personally glad someone else has him. As for Miles, he has just as many titles as Nick Satan, is just as good (or better) at recruiting, and is a good coach.

  12. if you don’t like what someone has to say you don’t need to call them a retard. Not only is it offensive but it’s demeaning to people with special needs.

  13. eg white, I’m not a fan of any sec team but did have two brothers go 2 Florida. I can tell from reading your posts you are poor and probably over weight. Reading your posts I know you are not a leader and never will own your own business. People like you are sifted down to the bottom of the totem pole in time. Anyone who liked Alabama and Saban would change their minds once they read your posts. I hope the Hokies make you cry because it is obvious you live vicariously through kids between 18 and 22 years of age on a football team. SAD

  14. Capstone Report
    News and Commentary about Alabama Atletics

    ok, well let’s continue:
    Ugly truth for LSU: Saban is better than Miles
    Posted by capstonereport on August 31st, 2009 filed in General

    so, what i learn from capstone report news is the Ugly Truth for LSU…

    shouldn’t a blog dedcated to alabama atletics be celebrating that saban is number two????
    why does an alabam blog lead the story w/ ugly truth for lsu? does anyone see the insanity of this? is this capstone legit or just a set up to put down lsu?

    anyway, humbled, yes, HUMBLED to be mentioned in an bama blog. heck, lsu is just a country school and we are honored to be written about.
    we too are sooo surprised by our being the first school to win two crystal balls. and to be written about by the greatest football college (bama) ever.
    we are honored and humbled to be written about by sooooo many bama fans. in fact, some of us tigahs are even gonna think about writing somethin about bama football.

  15. Believe me swampbreath, Your version of the tigers have already written far too much about Alabama since Saban arrived. Just go home and read your own blogs if you haven´t already. I have! It just doesn´t get much nastier anywhere except maybe the Barners and UcheaT. RTR!

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