By Shane from Centerpoint

I’m beginning to get a sense of déjà vu. I’m having memories of the early Nineties, a period in SEC football history when the Alabama Crimson Tide and the Florida Gators met annually in the championship game. Both programs dominated their respective divisions, and the only question at the beginning of each season was which team would win the “big” game at the end. Now it seems that history is about to repeat itself; the Tide and the Gators are currently loaded with superior talent and speed. They are also led by two of the best coaches in the nation. I have no doubt that these two SEC “superpowers” will meet in Atlanta for the next three or four years in a row.
Yes, I know that the SEC has several other strong teams that could be considered contenders. Georgia is a program that has the potential to challenge Florida on the Eastern front, while LSU should be considered Alabama’s main competition in the West. However, neither team will be able to sustain the pace required to match the two juggernauts.
Simply put: Nick Saban and Urban Meyer are destined to rule their divisions for several years to come.
So you aren’t convinced yet, huh? Maybe you think a team like Auburn could possibly rise up quickly under their new commander, Gene Chizik. You think last year’s debacle was an exception to the norm? I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but Auburn is at least two years away from being able to compete with LSU and Ole Miss, with an even longer path to catch Alabama.
Here’s why: This is a “transition” year for Auburn, and the Tigers have somewhere between 71 and 75 players on scholarship. The resulting lack of quality depth could spell disaster for Chizik. The interior line situation down on the Plains is on life support, while the offensive coordinator is stuck with 5 or 6 average signal-callers. Not one of them has stepped forward to become the team leader, which is required for success in the nation’s toughest conference
Some of you might ask, “What about Ole Miss?” The pundits are convinced they will play Florida in the title match. Well, those of us who’ve studied Houston Nutt know that (and I keep bringing it up), somewhere in the course of the season, he’ll blow a game he’s supposed to win – it happens every year. In fact, I think that is exactly why Arkansas fired him. That’s right Rebel fans, Arkansas cut Nutt loose for “choking.” Putting your faith in Coach Nutt is futile. Under his guidance, I’m afraid Ole Miss is destined to remain a pretender.

I know that somebody is going to bring up the Tennessee Volunteers. Many experts predict that Tennessee will rise to prominence quickly under the leadership of Lane Kiffin. His fan base is convinced he can build a champion. So far, the only thing he’s done is run his mouth – a lot.

Realistically, Vol fans should exercise caution and understand that Kiffin may be more like former Alabama coach Mike Shula when he’s on the field, than Urban Meyer or Nick Saban. Can you say “interim”?

Making it through a transition year can be tough on a seasoned veteran, and it usually becomes a game of survival for a rookie coach, especially in the SEC. None of this bodes well for Lane Kiffin’s long-term outlook, not with Vol fans and their unrealistic belief that this clown will soon lead them to the promised land.

Now, lets bring the argument back around to LSU. The Tigers began to fade last year as the talent that Nick Saban left-stockpiled (the ‘07 national champs consisted of 19 starters who were Saban’s recruits) left for the NFL or graduated. This year will reveal whether Les Miles is the man who can reload and coach the players back into contention. I personally doubt that Miles will ever get Louisiana State back to point of being a consistent front-runner.

I also mentioned the Georgia Bulldogs earlier in this article. Honestly, I believe that Mark Richt is a great recruiter and a very good coach at game time. He also has a huge talent-base surrounding him. But, something is missing in Athens, and it’s called a “killer instinct”. In order to compete with relentless competitors like Meyer and Saban, Richt must push himself to the brink. By the way, he hasn’t changed anything yet. Actually if Mark doesn’t figure out how to stop others from raiding his home turf for great players, he will no longer have the problem, because he won’t be the coach.

Finally, I’ll get back around to my original point – the fact that Florida and Alabama are poised to take control of the Southeastern Conference for the next several years. It will be interesting to watch them fight for supremacy, and I’m sure there will be many classic, gridiron battles involved in the process. Conversely, the remaining SEC football programs will be just like the rest of us – they’ll have to buy a ticket; or they can sit back and watch the championship game on TV.
—Shane writes a weekly column for the Call News and the Capstone Report.

84 thoughts on “Shane: High hopes or pipe dreams?”

  1. It’s going to be fun watching shaneola choke on this article while the mighty tahd watches the SECCG from the athletic complex. Of course, this will make it easier for the players to sell dope in the parking lot during half time.

  2. What a homer. Alabama is now considered a “juggernaut” and let’s not forget “rule their division for several years to come.”
    I guess you don’t watch too many other SEC games. Certainly, Alabama has an easy schedule (comparatively) but the unproven quarterback situation, and we all know how well first year quarterbacks usually fair in the SEC especially with losses on the offensive line and no proven running back.
    I’m with Aubman82; it will be interesting to see just how well those words digest in December.

  3. Good article. And hey since we are focusing on history and how it is very likely to repeat itself, ya know with Houston Nutts inability to win it all or tennessees coach being like Mike Shula, Where in the hell do you get this basis, . So we can only assume then that Nick Saban will say he is totally satisfied with his job and leave in a couple years, just based off what we have seen from him, also that in the next five years the Crimson Tide will be on probation yet again or possibly the Death penalty, again just referencing history, because as we all know when Alabama gets talent they have a few good years until it is learned that a high school coach was being paid or someone was stealing books, or a player getting an agent , etc… You see i have enjoyed the last decade in which Fulmer basically owned ya and in doing so al you Bama fans blamed him for you getting caught cheating. Alas..their is that Crimson arrogance and delusion that i missed for a decade. Around the Bowl and down the hole roll tide roll.

  4. Once again you find a way to bring OL # 1 DOnt Ya! You have your pix for 1,2, and 3 for the west and WOW AUBURN pops out your mouth(more than your lil weewee pops out I WAGER). And what about SABAN blowing games? He DOES, he almost blew one or two last year… Let me tell ya about that deja vu. Its a smell of nostalgia. Bad thing is it MAY just be a SMELL and not a TASTE. SHAne IF….IF YOU do meet Florida and TEBOW in that Game? Just be prepared for SUPERMAN to run thru you guys with his Heismann str8 to a NC!! HITS SO!

  5. Good job Shane, the first four comments and many more I’m sure to follow, illustrate the obsession that is UA football. The hiring of Saban was nothing short of pure genius.

  6. Rather than recognize reality, Aww-Barn and UcheaT fans are digging in their heels.

    A long, hard winter cometh. How do we know? Because we’ve been there.

    Roll Tide

  7. Shane, Shane, Shane…once again you show your absolute brilliance…in your own mind. You mean to sit there and ignore the chokes that Satan pulls off every year? Just go back and look at his years at LSU. He was good for a couple of chokes a year. Have you forgotten UAB so soon?

    Based on your logic, Satan won the West last year with…dare I say it…Mike Shula’s recruits. That knife cuts both ways.

    Its hot outside, how about a bag or two Iceman!

  8. I think this is called the Capstone Report not the Bull Milker report, if you sister kissers dont like these opinions stay the hell away you morons.

  9. Every article on every website i go to and try to read a article on the Tide, it is full of barn faggots. Your team has no talent, no depth, and no coaching, and you cant even sell out your season tickets. All you farmhands can do is hide behind a keyboard and whine like little titty-babies.

  10. the aubies are in full panic. they tell themselves lie after lie to help ease the realization that they aren’t as good as they thought and will never be as popular or as good as the crimson tide. go any where in the great country of ours and ask two questions…. one, do you ever heard of the crimson tideand…. where is auburn located. answer to first question is a resounding yes and the answer to the second ranges from michigan , to new yorl, or my favorite……who the hell cares? so aubies, climb on your john deere tractors, go screw a cow… whatever you do when your team sux, BECAUSE IT DOES. ROLL TIDE

  11. Sorry Barney.
    You guys are on the roller coaster ride to funk town.
    Shane is right.
    If you have the personel and the coaching, the rest sort of happens for you.
    I have the feeling we will be seeing a few more joining the (auburn is a joke formerly known as ballplay Indian club).
    Sadly half of you wont man up the way he did.

  12. Show me ONE Bammer that didnt think that Shula was BAHR reincarnate during his pitiful tenure…Especially Shane. If ANYONE is Kool-Aide prone its the Bammer Nation.

    I said all along that Chizik wouldnt be my forst choice, and that the Athleetic Dept should hire the best money could buy. They didnt and that is their decision.

    since Chiz is our new coach I will support him. Until he does things that warrant my not supporting him. He has a clean slate, and has impressed me with a few things. Time will tell. I can promise you toothless bastages one thing, if he doesnt produse, he wont last three years, much less four like Shula did (10-2 season not withstanding)…..

  13. Barnsux Says:
    August 10th, 2009 at 9:06 pm
    I think this is called the Capstone Report not the Bull Milker report, if you sister kissers dont like these opinions stay the hell away you morons.

    You Sir are and IDIOT! Its called Checks and Balances.Not only can you find out what uat is doing here but some of the reads are entertaining. Shane and I am sure Cap wAn us here! You can bet that!

    On the other hand you are a dime a dozen there are so many barnsuxs that you could never come back here and ALL OF YOUR SO CALLED OPINIONS will be over and over again ROOKIE! SO sit down and SHUT UP or SHUT UP and LEAVE!!!!


  14. tmc1 I tried to get several INCLUDING you SIR to take the same bet that cost BI is name. BUT NOONE ELSE wanted anypart of the wager! INCLUDING YOU… But Ill bet your stupid asses man up this year. I HOPE SO!!! lets make it now!

  15. How ’bout them Utes?

    All the talk about Auburn: come on guys, they won six straight before last season and are creeping up on the overall record.

    And the hypocrisy: Saban wins with Shula’s guys and he’s brilliant. Miles wins with Saban’s guys and he’s hanging on till Saban’s genius fades away.

    Richt simply hasn’t had much luck at UGA. Saban wasn’t undefeated in 2003. Richt was 13-1 a year before Saban grabbed his BCS NC at LSU (least we forget that USC won the AP), but there were two unbeatens in 2002. Again, in 2007, Richt shared the same record as LSU under Miles, but didn’t make it to the NC game (perhaps that one was more UGA’s falut, but Vandy didn’t help). Heck, even Meyer, with two NCs hasn’t gone undefeated at UF, and even Spurrier’s lone NC wasn’t an undefeated season. Auburn went 13-0 though, if I remember correctly.

    Who am I kidding, I’m sure it was Saban’s genius in 2003 that helped Cal defeat USC in triple overtime. And surely Saban had something to do with K-State beating OU in that year’s Big-12 Championship game.

    Come on guys, ‘Bama’s been in as big a drought as anyone… heck, by your standards Princeton (who has 24 national championships) is still a powerhouse.

    Enjoy the ten year anniversary of Mike DuBose’s SEC Championship. Since then, UF has three, LSU has three, UGA has two, and (Gasp!) Auburn has won as many as ‘Bama has played for.

  16. JP….great post. Don’t hit the bammers with too many facts, or their heads will spin.

    BI….finally a voice of reason on last weeks post about politics. It’s OK to disagree and have concerns about Obama’s agenda without being a “simple-minded, backwards thinking” partisan. Nice to know there’s still some people who think deeper than that.

  17. Wow, I’m glad to see that the next three or four years’ outcome in the SEC has already been determined. It will save me the time and expense of having to go to the games!
    Thanks Shanestradamus

  18. Shane the Crimson TURD BAFFOON,

    “So far, the only thing he’s done is run his mouth – a lot.”

    That is exactly what you do and you know squat about football! You, and the rest of the Bammer Morons are the laughing stock of college football. You live in the past with your “12 National Titles” and crow about last year, in which you were fleeced by Florida and routed by Utah!


  19. Aurox…I am probably not the voice of reason when it comes to politics. If I were raised in a little different enviroment I sould see myself livingin the hills of Montana with the Freeman. Each day that goes by I get worse and worse. Its sickening to see the moral decay of our leaders and our citizens.

    I know ,, I got issues.

    Where is finebammer when you need him ?

  20. BI….dude that’s what I call “reason.” You would have to be a fool to think otherwise about the present state of affairs.

    Football in 25 days will provide a little bit of escape.

  21. Wow, Shane. Richt’s really struggled the past two years in recruting? You might want to check the rankings from the last three years. If you believe the crap you wrote you need to put the corn squeezings down.

  22. Thats more than acorn squeezins …..Thats crack cocaine.

  23. Shane – You’re an idiot. When you talk about Saban being so much better than Richt. Last time I checked Richt has won 2 of the last 3 meetings with Saban including a 45-16 beat down in 2004 (and you said he didn’t have a killer instinct). Richt has just as many SEC Championships and a better winning percentage. One year doesn’t change anything. Oh and BTW-we still won 10 last year it is not like we lost to Northeast Louisiana like some other SEC Coach did the previous year. And as far as people raiding the state of Georgia why don’t you check the recruiting rankings before you make a ridiculous statement like that.

  24. With Colonial bank abd Lowder broke whoses gonna buy players. Pat Dye is srill sticking his nose in and hired cheesedick. Maybe the Barn can rent out the “Jungle” to some highschool teams. Saban is in overdriver with an overflow of 4 and 5 star recruits and expanding BDS. Let the good times roll; Floridas spread guru against Bamas Defense guru; that s what it will be for years.

  25. No Silverbitches, you didn’t lose to Northwest La. But you did get your ass tore off and your dick shoved down your throat between the hedges, on national tv, at the Blackout! LMFAO! RTR!

  26. Oh and by the way only a fu–ing dumbass masochist would come on here (like Barners and Voluqueers) and post something about Bama!s losses after their own team puked to us in the Blackout. What a moron. I’ll be back later. Got some special meds for some of you other penis envying morons! RTR!

  27. volunteers>>>>Wyoming.
    Auburn>>>>>>Lost 7 or its last 9 games.

    You guys arent in any shape to talk shit to Troy State. Much less Bama.
    So do us all a favor and get your ass back in line behind all the other poser programs.
    Yes Utah beat Bama. Which is something UT and AU didnt even come close to doing.
    Not even close. I guess that means that Utah has surpassed AU and UT in the pecking order.

  28. Sux Vol Faggot, forget about Florida and Utah, the #1 and #2 teams. You better worry about the Volunqueers who we mutilated something like 75-14 the last 2 games. LMFAO! Ballplay you’re nuts. We went over this 6 months ago. Few Bama fans drank the kool-aid over Shula. We were hoping because of who he was, who his daddy is, and his pro background. But few ever thought an inexperienced coach could pull Bama out of the probation hole we were in, in less than 4 years. Hell, in February and with sanctions against us, we were lucky to find a coach at all. Jim, you’re a typical Barner tard. Bama and LSWho are the only teams in the country who play 3 top 10 teams, and Auburn, Arkansas, Tennessee and Kentucky are all in the top 50. Who’s schedule is tougher, Dipshit? MUR73, you’re about a brain dead loser. Fat Phil owned us? I believe we won the last 3 out of 4 with the last 2 being like 75-14, and last year we fired the bum! LMFAO! JP, crawl back in your hole asshole. We never said Shula couldn’t recruit. He couldn’t coach! He never would have won with his recruits. Saban took Shula’s stars such as Smith, McClain and Arenas. Fired all Shula’s trouble makers such as Johns. Added his own stars such as Jones, Cody, Hightower and Ingram. And coached up the rest to be a gnats ass from the MNCG. All Miles had to do is reload after each graduation. Saban’s 4 LSWho classes were already coached up national and SEC champions! Omnipissant and Shane Has No Clue – and neither do you. You people are dumber than a box of rocks. You continuously repeat that Saban blows games – as if it were his own private failure. Dumbasses. Tubberville puked up 2 to USC when the Barn had a chance to be something special. How many big ones did he puke up in ’05, ’06, ’07, and last year I believe there were 6! Richt has the best 10 year record in the SEC and what does he have to show for it? Nothing! He keeps puking up games to Florida and Auburn. A really big one to Tennessee in ’07 comes to mind and oh yeah, there was that Blackout thing last year! Fulmer just couldn’t take advantage of any opportunities. He kept losing to Florida and Georgia and Auburn and the Pac 10 wannabes. ’05 to Bama. ’07 to Florida and Bama by about 90 points, California, and the SECCG to LSWho. Last year how many – 7? Miles is just plain lucky. After puking up games to Kentucky and Arkansas he had to wait for West Va. to lose their last game so LSWho could back into the BCSCG. That Florida team just keeps giving him problems. And last year how many biguns did he puke up as the defending MNC? Can you say ouch! Then there’s CUM Bucket. Let’s see, in ’05 there was a 34-3 slaughtering by underdog Alabama! ’06 that pesky Auburn again. ’07 ouch Georgia, and LSU and Tennessee and a lousy Michigan team. Last year of course he puked up a big one against Ole Piss in the Swamp! He can thank Iowa and Texas Tech that it didn’t cost him the MNC! Then we got Cheeze Dip. I believe that 5-19 pretty much sums up his puking ability. LOL. And last but not least, there’s Lame Kitten. Well at least he hasn’t puked up any college games yet. But he’s certainly a professional puker! Poor, poor Raiders! The first pro coach in history to not only get fired, but also sued by the team owner. That’s really puking up the big ones! So dudes, kiss my ass and Nick Saban’s too. This is his first job at a REAL football school. So as soon as he gets his 4 full recruiting classes together, which will be 2011 – we’ll see who does the choking in the big games. Hell, we might even see this year! RTR! Bama #1 in ’09! Rammer Jammer Yellow Hammer!


    HMMMMM I never said he ALWAYS blew games. I said he tried to last year AND DID! He almost blew Kentucky and he did blow the SB and the UTAH game! hmmmm Ya reckon Im just making that up? You never cease to amaze me with how SMART you think you are. Dude YOUR NOT THAT SMART and hell your not even that FUNNY. If you take the plastic off of your PC PARTS you could read what I POST!!!

  30. Oh and that comment. His first real football job


    He will leave uat’s ass so fast you will be cursing at his smell! REMEMBER i WILL NOT BE THE NEXT COACH AT ALABAMA????
    And as far as SHula goes YOU and most if YOU said he was the LEGACY you guys needed….. SO sit down ans shut up or shut up and leave!

  31. You’re right, we may be watching the SECCG from the athletic complex, barn-zoes… but it surely beats watching the bowl games from the Wire Road Trailer Park, recovering from the beatdown from the last game of the regular season — courtesy of Alabama!

    Enjoy a 3-9 year and here’s to hoping another team can do the job you no longer can do!

    Got Saban?

  32. 1) LSWho Corndog Coonasses: It’s funny how Miles’ most successful seasons at LSWho came at the courtesy of Nick Saban’s talen. Funny how the year after they all depart, Lester loses to a 5-7 Arkansas team, and surrenders over 100 points against UGA and UF.

    2) Tennessee Puke Orange Viles: Alabama owns you. Florida owns you. Georgia owns you. South Carolina owns you. Hey… at least you guys don’t have to play Utah! If they destroyed Alabama 31-17, I can only imagine what they’d do to your mediocre mountain top asses in ONE quarter! 41-17 and 29-9… Will next year be 58-3?

    3) Aubarn (AL): ROFLMAO! A talentless team coming off a 5-7 season (whose starters were outperformed by Alabama’s second string), who also LOST TO ARKANSAS, VANDERBILT, AND WEST VIRGINIA, led by a 5-19 coach, you guys are on the same level as UAB, so run along and envy them now because they’re threatening your NUMBER 3 RANKING!

  33. I love when egg white comes un-glued. You can just tell he’s the type guy that beats his keyboard on the desk and throws chairs around the room. Truly one of the highlights of this message board!

  34. Omnipissant, you need to read. I clearly addressed the comment to both you and Shane Has No Clue. You just need to pay attention to the part that concerns you. Besides it doesn’t matter exactly how you worded it. The point was that all our rivals and that even includes choker king of the decade Virginia Tech, all continuosly comment that Saban blows games, as if their own damn coaches or nobody else’s ever does. What a crock of shit! Yeah, he has blown a few. But then he’s never coached a national power before either. He had to build LSWho into one. It’s much harder to win consistenly at those types of schools, especially when they compete in the Big 10 and SEC. And so far at Bama he hasn’t had time to purge the affects of probation. If you check the records you will find that of coaches with a minimum 10 years at division 1-A schools, Saban’s winning percentage trails only Stoops, Bowden, Paterno and Spurrier, in that order! Oh by the way, I am pretty funny! RTR!

  35. Ha I dont have to pay attention to any part. If you allow my NAME to spew from your mouth then SIR I shall make sure you eat those words. In other words PUT the BIG BRUSH up and use the small one. UNLESS you want to bat back and forth with me.. Oh and your right you are KINDA funny 😉 But 5 and 19 you suck lets talk about Sabans record before coming to uat was 15 and 17 WOW IMPRESSIVE HUH? AND THEN HE WENT 7 AND 6 HMMMMMM GREAT COACH!!!

  36. 5-19,, EGGhead White and Carl are all typical CRIMSON TURD MORONS!

    Get a life you pathetic BOOBS!

  37. Sux Vol, I have a life, in fact I have a great life. How can a trailer toilet inspector even question the quality of someone else’s life?

    It will be less than 4 weeks and we will not hear from you or any of your sux vols.
    Do you have plenty of nerve pills, because based on your comments you are really going to need them.

    Get you a book about football, a magazine or something that would provide you with something substantial to say, because quite honestly, your same old dumb, queer ass remarks are getting a little lame. Kinda like your coach lame kidding. After I say that though, maybe you can’t read and there in lies the problem.

    But you my sux vol tennessee fan, YOU are the one that needs a life.

    Things are really nice here at the home of the Mecca of College Football and are only going to get better.


  38. To E.G. White:
    You say “All Miles had to do is reload after each graduation. Saban’s 4 LSWho classes were already coached up national and SEC champions!”, well Saban had 5 classes while at LSU not 4! And what did the “THE GREAT COACH NICK SABAN” do in 2004 with all that great talaent that were all his recruits and were, as you say, “already coached up national and SEC champions”? I’ll tell you what he did, he lost three games that year and was “Lucky” he didn’t lose 6. With all that coached uped talent that year his team beat Oregon St. 22-21 only because the best kicker in the nation missed 3, yes 3, extra points for the Beavers in that game! And you say in your post that “Miles is just plain lucky”! In that same year with all that great coached up talent CNS barely beat a 4-7 Ole Miss team by 3 points and a far inferior Troy team by only 4 Points! Yes the great Nick Saban with all that great talent he recruited and coached up went 8-3 in 2004 and was “Just Plain Lucky” he didn’t go 5-6!! Think about this if CNS could barely beat a bad 4-7 Ole Miss team with the talent he had at LSU in a game that was played in Tiger Stadium, why are you and all Alabama fans so certain that he is going to beat a very good Ole Miss team this year in Oxford? Pleas answer that for me.

    Now in 2005 the very next year with most of all that same talent that CNS had, Coach Miles goes 10-2! Miles coached Saban’s “coached up” player’s better that CNS could? How do you explain that E.G.? And just to prove it wasn’t a fluke Miles goes 10-2 and 11-2 the following two years and win a national championship with less and less of CNS players.

    Then you Alabama fans like to say Miles was lucky and backed into the National Championship game. Well he didn’t back into winning the SEC Western Division or the SEC Championship that year, in the toughest conference in college football, right? And if you think he did then go back and look at 2003, Nick Saban and LSU got into the 2003 championship game because in the very last regular season game of that year, Boise State beat a favored Hawaii team in Hawaii(the same Hawaii team that had beat Alabama the week before), which gave LSU and Nick Saban the fractions of a point it needed in the complicated BCS calculations in place back then to edge USC out of the BCSCG. Again Nick Saban was as you say was “Just Plain Lucky”. If Boise St. doesn’t win that game the great CNS does not have a National Championship.

    Now I do think Miles’ team after winning the national championship underacheived last year by going 8-5 after losing on a last second pass to Arkansas? Yes, but so did the Great Urban Myers Florida team which went 9-4 the year after winning the national championship team, and so did the aforementioned Nick Saban’s team after winning the 2003 national championship. And I know CNS great LSU teams lost at least two games on last second plays, one of which was to Arksans that was for a SEC Western Division Championship. So even a “Great Coach” can lose a game like that, right?
    So without that loss Miles lost just as many games as Urban Myer and the great Florida Gators the year after they one their first national championship. And what did they do the next year after that?

    And Coach Miles has not just reloaded, he out recruited CNS last year and had the No.1 recruiting class last year according to most sources and his current recruiting class is ranked No. 3 in the nation, ahead of Alabama’s according to rivals.

    So you and the other Alabama fans keep drinking the coolaid and underestimating Les Miles and thinking Nick Saban is the greatest and will win the SEC Western Division hand down, and we’ll just keeping loving our Coach Miles who refers to his 18-22 year old players as “young men” and you can have your cns who refers to his 18-22 year old players as “young adolescents” (see tapes of each coaches SEC Media Day speeches). I wonder if CNS thinks the 18-22 year olds fighting for your’s and my freedom to say what we want here on this site are young adolescents also?

    It remains to be seen who is the better coach, Miles or Saban, but it is no contest who is the better man, father, husband and community citizen. Note it took 6 years for Pitino’s issues to become public. Ask Finebaum what he was hinting about on his show today when talking about Pitino and Saban with Shane.

  39. And yeah we talk about our 12 National Titles, our 21 SEC Crowns, why? Because we have them and no other SEC team does.

    But not to worry, because those numbers are about to start to grow, and in the end that is really what kills most of you, you know that as well but refuse to admit it.

    Like I have said on here before, you also rans had your chance, didn’t take it, and time is up, it’s over for you, Bama is back and you can’t stand it.



  40. Correction Miles actually went 11-2, 11-2 and 12-2 with the same or less talent that the great CNS went 8-3 with.

    Also, Saban lost his last bowl game with all that talent he left for Miles while Miles has won 4 straight with “that” talent. In fact Miles’ over all bowl record is 5-2 compared to Saban’s 4-6, of course you can’t really count last years lost to Utha (who?) in the Sugar Bowl because that was the Alabama Fans fault not his! LMAO

    What the last bowl Alabama and CNS has won? Oh that’s right the Independence Bowl in Shreveport, La. just down the street from Monroe, La, home of that obvioulsy more talanted team than Alabama that year, right. No way a CNS team could lose to a less talanted team, right, or people might think it could have to do with coaching. Must have been the fans fault in that one also. No big deal it not like it was Pearl Harbor or something!

  41. Carl,
    You’re wrong, LSU and Florida did take it when they had their chance! We each have two Crystal Balls to prove it! All you have is your old leather balls! Call us when you have two new ones and then we can talk. Until then its just another wet dream for you and the Alabama fans.

    Dont forgent to call. Tick,tick,tick…

  42. Reality Check….you are right, saban has had a rabbits foot crammed up his ass on many occasions…..make that the whole rabbit. Miles has been lucky on more than one occasion as well….just look at several of his games against Auburn. 2005 and 2007 come to mind. Crazy luck!! But, you know they say, the harder you work, the “luckier” you get. Can’t disrespect a win.

  43. Hey RealityCheck you stupid corndog mofo. Hope you had fun typing for 3 hours on your Texas Instruments computer, cause we don’t give a shit what you think! If you love that piece of shit coach you’ve got then keep him! As soon as he gets wacked a couple of more times by Bama and Saban, you’ll be running him out of town in a pirout. The only national championships your corndog school has ever won was courtesy of Nick Saban and his recruits! Enjoy them cause there won’t be anymore in your lifetime! You best lay off the ‘crack cocaine’ you inbred dumbass. In ’08 Bama’s recruiting class was #1 in Rivals and #1 in Ohio St. was #1 at ESPN. That’s 2 out of 3 and therefore Bama was #1 overall! In ’09 Bama was #1 in, LSWho was #1 in Rivals and Ohio St. was #1 at ESPN. But because of all three teams other positions in the 3 polls where Bama had 2 #2 rankings, the overall averages made Bama #1, LSWho #2 and Ohio St. #3! Right now Bama is #2 at for 2010, and that trumps your fu–ing #3 at Rivals! You’re so misinformed on your recruiting information that it makes your entire post without credibility. Additionaly Saban just flat out robbed LSWho and took Kenny Bell, Eddie Lacy and Darrington Sentimore from you. And in the past few months two of LSWho’s players have transfered to Bama. So screw your conndog, coonass school! Bienvenue a Alabama in November asshole. Saban and Bama are gonna tear your Kittens tail off and reinstall it up its ass and send Miles home crying like we did to Meyer in ’05! If Saban hadn’t saved your sorry asses you’d have a 20 year streak of losing seasons by now instead of the 10 you had when he got there! And unlike the impersonator schools, Florida and LSWho, Bama has never had a bad year after they won a national championship! Stupid ass corndogs! RTR! Bama #1 in ’09! Rammer Jammer Yellow Hammer! LSWho, Bama’s Gonna Beat The Hell Out Of You!

  44. Reality, you are the one that needs checked.
    You are a prime example of a lot of other people who think that because you win one or two NC’s, all of a sudden you are equal to those that have been doing it for many lifetimes.

    I have stated on here how long I’ve been around and been a fan of Bama. How old were you in ’92, about 5 I would guess.

    Your coon-ass run as a contender is over little man, and with-in 2 years your bayou living ass school will be hunting a new coach.

    Get used to it coon-ass, your day is up. Be back on here 11/08/09 and try to talk your shit, you dumb f–k!


  45. here is some information you need

    to know insane shane. south carolina plays the 4th tougest schedule in the nation.followed by 5.auburn 6.miss st
    21.vandy 23.arkansas 33.vols
    44.gators 51.lsu 92.ole miss
    110.uat read it and weep bama fans.this is according to phil steele the man that knows college football.

  46. Hippy, all that tells me is he must not have much respect for South Carolina, Auburn, Miss. St., Vandy, Arkansas, sux vols, Kentucky, lsu, or Ole Miss.

    That is 9 of the 12 teams on Bama’s schedule. So you tell me who should be weeping?

  47. You wanna be’s can spin it any way you want, fact is Bama is gonna spank that ass this year and make you like it.

    You need to come up with something better than what I have seen so far.


  48. Hey Carl the CRIMSON TURD MORON,

    I have an idea. While we are are waiting for October 24th to arrive, why don’t you KISS MY ASS!

    Rammer-Jammer, Yeller-Hammer; GO TO HELL ALABAMMER!

  49. Hey Zionhippy/2, Steels a retarded dumbass, and for believing what he says makes you so stupid I can’t figure how you breathe and chew gum at the same time! The irrefutable fact is on the schedule sheet asshole. LSU plays #1 Florida, #5 Bama and #10 Ole Miss. Bama plays #7 Va. Tech, #9 LSU and #10 Ole Miss. Three teams each in the top 10 alone makes their schedules the toughest in the nation, and they both play 5 other SEC teams who are ranked in the top 50. No other top 10 team plays more than 1 top ten opponent. So fu-k you and Steel! Oh yeah RealityCheck you dumb coonass inbred, Saban never came close to losing 5 games at LSWho like retarded Miles did last year. And that includes his first year there when he was dragging your sorry asses up out of the gutter! You’re overrated this year. You’ll never in hell challenge for the West crown! You’re gonna die in T-town boy! RTR! Bama #1 in ’09!

  50. E.G.
    No it is you who is misinformed. ESPN had LSU’s class ranked No.1 for 2009. You can check it out for yourself on their website if you can get somebody to spell ESPN for you. In addition LSU’s class was also ranked No. 1 by Max Emfinger, who has been in this business and ranking recruiting classes longer than any of these other services. Now I don’t know who did your averaging for you but get them to factor this in and see what you come up with.

    E.G. why do you and Carl always have to resort to cursing and calling names. Are you not capabale of haveing an inteligent
    conversation or debate without embarsing yourself or your family. I never cursed you are called you a name. Just state the facts, which is all I did. If in the end your team is better than good for you, I’ll be the first to congratulate you.

    And Carl you and your team may have been doing it for “many lifetimes” as you say but I’ve only had one lifetime as have the current players and recruits and in our lifetime Alabama has been irrelavant! And thats a fact so deal with it. Yale, Harvard, Army and Notre Dame also won a lot of national championships in another lifetime when they used to be voted on by media guys who sometimes never even saw the teams they were voting on play or worse yet voted and crowned their national champions before the bowls were played, which is how at least one of Alabama’s championships you count was won even though you lost your bowl game afterwards. Even though the BCS isn’t perfect its a whole lot better than it was in that previous lifetime when your team was good. You asked how old I was in 92′? How old I was is irrelevent. What’s relevent is that the high school players currently being recruited and some of the ones currently attending your school weren’t even born in 92′.

    And Carl I will be back on 11/8/09, but not to talk shit like you said and like to do but to talk facts. You say get used to it our day is up. Well when it is, like yours has been for the last ten years I will have to get used but not before it happens just because you say so.

    You make baseless statements like “with-in 2 years your bayou living ass school will be hunting a new coach”! What a stupid comment! The man is in the process of completing his third top 5 recruiting class in the last 4 years, with last years class being ranked no.1. He has won a national championship under the rules in place in this lifetime, has his current team ranked in the top 10, and as mentioned in my previous post has proven that he can coach the talent recruited by CNS better than CNS could.

    I don’t really mind people talking shit if they do it after they’ve done something not before. To date all CNS has done at Alabama is win an Independence bowl. Quick without looking Carl tell me who finished 5th in the nation two years ago? I don’t know either because it doesn’t matter just like Alabama finishing 5th last year doesn’t matter. At least win the SEC or a BCS bowl before you start talking shit or claiming you’re back! Then maybe you’ll have some credibility in this lifetime.

  51. E.G. can you not read or is it comprehension that is your problem. Not only did Saban come close to losing 5 games, he came within 8 points of loising 6 games in 2004. Since I’ve documented that to be the case in my previous post get somebody to read and explain it to you.

    I guess since Saban went 8-3 his first year at LSU and only 7-6(2-6 after NCAA adjusted for cheating) in his first year at Alabama, your sorry asses were furhter in the gutter than we were, right? Are is CNS not as good as he was at LSU?



  53. Recruiting classes ranked 1, 2, 3, 4 or 15. Who cares?? When classes get legitimately ranked 4 years later after the recruits have actually played, the margin of error is usually 8-10 spots off. Any class in the top 15 or 20 is probably damn good. So relax.

  54. AUROX,
    I agree with you. The point of my comments were to address Shane’s comment in the article where he said “The Tigers began to fade last year as the talent that Nick Saban left-stockpiled left for the NFL or graduated.” This is often repeated by Alabama fans to try and discredit what Miles has accomplished at LSU, but based on the way he has been able to recruit there is no evidence that Miles would not have been able to recruit those same players if he had been the coach at LSU during that time.
    Especially players like Michael Clayton, Marcus Spears or Glenn Dorsey all of whom grew up within 10 miles of LSU and were key players that helped LSU win those national championships.

  55. hey rc, you say you never use a curse word, then in the very next post call us asses. I guess to a coon-ass, ass isn’t a curse word. Your one dumb shit and post after post you prove that.

    In your mind e.g and I are dreaming when we predict what is to happen this season, and when you say something about the coming year it is fact. You are just like the sux vol, you don’t have a clue.

    If the past doesn’t matter, then anything that happened before this moment is not important. Now how stupid is that.

    You twist facts, then want to forget facts, that will in your twisted mind make you right.

    FACT is Bama will kick lswho’s ass and that will be the last we hear from your coon-ass.

    Nice post sux vol, it took 3 weeks, but you finally said something different. The problem is, your still a sux vol, that inspects toilets, and has been ran out of his on state. Instead of my kissing your ass, why don’t you do what just comes natural, and sux me, SUX BOY!


  56. Carl,
    I guess you have the same reading or comprehension problems that E.G. has. Did ya’ll graduate from the same school, or did you even go to school. No where in my post do I say I never use a curse word. If you can read go back and read my post, it says “I never cursed you or called you a name.” Thats different then saying I never use a curse word. If you can’t understand that get somebody to explain it to you. If you do understand it then it you that twist facts.

    I also challange you to find one thing I said in any of my post about the coming year. You can’t, again indicating maybe you should take some remedial classes.

    I also challange you to tell me how what Alabama did in 92′ has anything to do with what happens in our game in 2009.

    And it not a FACT that Bama will kick LSU’s ass (it your hope and dream – get an educated Alabama fan to explain the difference to you) and I promise you its definitely not a Fact that it will be the last time you hear from this Coonass.

    Fact – Alabama is on an 0-2 roll tide roll!

  57. YO! If ONLY we had video & banana creme pies this would be ONE HELLUVA GREAT SLAPSTICK COMEDY SHOW! Seriously though, when talking recruiting and the rankings thereof we BAMMERS should know that the so-called GURUS don’t always get it right. NO ONE and I repeat NO ONE ever thought that the 1989 class at Alabama would even CONTEND for the NC in 1992. The various services have greatly improved since then and people would be SHOWING THEIR IGNORANCE by not putting some stock in what they have to say about potential recruits but THE SERVICES AREN’T PERFECT. A good rule of thumb is IF you are ranked in a particular service’s top 10 for 2 straight years and those classes stay virtually INTACT, chances are you’ll win either a Conference or National Championship or BOTH for that matter within the next 3-5 years. Personally, I like the guys that fly “under the radar.” DeMeco Ryans was one that was overlooked by some schools (Auburn was one of them). Another was Rashad Johnson. Look where they are TODAY!

  58. YO, “REALITY CHECK;” I’ll respect the loyalty you have for Les Miles. He could have bolted for Michigan and no one could have blamed him for returning to his alma mater as their head coach. He had the sense to know that the TIMING was wrong. However, I wouldn’t be surprised IF they come calling again within the next few years (if Rodriguez doesn’t work out) that he accepts the challenge from Ann Arbor. Still though, I CAN’T UNDERSTAND why a lot of you LSU fans want to trash Saban at every chance you get. Nick Saban made your program a CONSISTANT WINNER and NATIONALLY RELEVANT for the FIRST TIME since the ’80’s. Once again, I RESPECT your loyalty to your current coach but YOU HAVE TO ADMIT HE MADE THINGS EASIER for his successor.

  59. Unrealitycheck,

    “I guess since Saban went 8-3 his first year at LSU and only 7-6(2-6 after NCAA adjusted for cheating) in his first year at Alabama, your sorry asses were furhter in the gutter than we were, right?”

    That is a direct quote from your post on 8/13/09 @ 6:02 p.m. wise guy.

    Now I don’t think e.g. or myself has left any doubt as to whom we are a fan of, so you are telling me we aren’t the “your sorry asses”, that you are refering to? It appears to me YOU are the one that has a problem expressing himself, not I or e.g.

    Simply by your comments, you prove you are new to this board, I for one have stated my level of education on here several times. But it is you, the typical coon-ass fan that probably didn’t graduate from grade school. Before you start shooting off at the mouth about someones lack of education you might go back and read a few other posts before you spew off at the mouth about their lack of one.

    As St. Clair’s post above states, I can also respect your loyalty for the hat man, but never in anyones wildest dream do they believe he could have done what he did the first couple of years without inheriting a boat load of players.

    But hang on, he certainly has time to prove what he can do with his on, which I believe will prove his lack of coaching ability. Now that is just my opinion, of which I’m sure you will disagree, but if opinion isn’t allowed here we may as well stop posting, YOU included.

    And oh yeah the vols still sux, sux vol!


  60. Reality,

    You also state that Alabama hasn’t been relevant in your lifetime. If memory serves me correct Alabama won the SEC in ’98. That being said I guess you are 10 or 11 years old. Maybe you should check with your parents to see if its ok to even be on this board, mr. fact man!

  61. Unreality, Here you something to chew on. Seems I’m not the only one that thinks Bama is back.

    Kicking it with Alabama’s Nick Saban, Part I

    August 13, 2009 8:44 AM

    Posted by’s Chris Low

    TUSCALOOSA, Ala. — He’s returned Alabama football to national prominence quicker than anybody could have imagined.

    Two seasons, to be exact.

    A year ago, Nick Saban guided the Crimson Tide to the doorstep of the BCS National Championship Game thanks to a 12-0 start.

    The finish to the season was a downer, but the message had nonetheless been sent.

    AP Photo/Tuscaloosa News, Dusty Compton
    Expectations are once again high for Nick Saban and the Crimson Tide.

    They start this season ranked No. 5 in the coaches’ poll, and you’d swear there’s an extra pep these days in the Denny Chimes’ bells as they reverberate across the Quad on the Alabama campus.

    Not since Bear Bryant was dominating college football in the 1960s and 1970s and on his way to becoming an icon in this state has there been a more indomitable presence on Alabama’s campus than Saban.

    He won’t say it, won’t even hint at it. He’s too process-oriented to do so. But it’s pretty obvious that the Crimson Tide are back.

    All the way back?

    We’ll find out more this season, but I had a chance to sit down with Saban on Wednesday in his office, and here’s Part I of a wide-ranging Q&A with him:

    How close are you to having the entire infrastructure in place here the way you want it?

    Nick Saban: Everybody runs a program like they see fit. We have an idea of how we’ve done it in the past, and I’m not talking about the football part of it. I’m talking about the overall program. We do a lot of personal development stuff. We have three or four outside entities that really contribute to that in a positive way. Those have all been added in the last couple of years. They’ve made a tremendous impact on helping the players be successful and developing who they are, which is a big part of what we try to do. From an academic standpoint, we’ve done a really good job of graduating our players. We’re tops in the league and probably moving upward from that. We had the most freshman Honor Roll guys (12), which was more than anybody in the league. From a recruiting standpoint, we have good people in place who do a good job, not only the coaching staff, but the support staff here who help internally and with the organization of recruiting. The coaching staff is really good and complements each other really well. The strength and conditioning part of the program is outstanding. The medical part of the program is outstanding. The one final piece, because we had a problem with it last year in the bowl game, is doing a better job in agent education. We hired Joe Mendez to come in here and help us with that. He’s another outside entity. When you talk about infrastructure from a program standpoint, I feel like we’ve made tremendous progress.

    How much work needed to be done to put all that in place when you took this job?

    NS: I thought the right people were here in terms of leadership. Dr. Witt has been fantastic. The support we get in the academic community in terms of helping us on recruiting weekends has really been good. Our athletic administration was ready to do what they needed to do to build the kind of program that we wanted to build. I think that part of it was in place. I don’t think the infrastructure was here. I think we’ve improved those things over time, and the people have made the difference.

    Is this next step, sustaining what you’ve built and remaining a national power, the most difficult step?

    NS: It’s always more difficult to deal with success. Last year’s team had great chemistry. I’m not saying they were an overachieving team, but they were one of the teams that played pretty close to what you like as a coach in terms of the intangibles and competitive spirit and the leadership we had. Every team you have is inspired in a different way, and last year’s team had something to prove. Now, you’re sitting there saying, ‘OK, we’ve got to be good now because we want to be good. We want to be dominant,’ and that’s a different kind of motivation. It should be a positive motivation, but sometimes people respond better when things don’t go well. They’re more willing to change and do what they have to do to fix it. It becomes a bigger challenge to get people to think that way.

    How have you seen this team respond to that challenge?

    NS: We did a kickoff coverage drill on the first or second day of camp and have just about everybody on the team on it except the quarterbacks and offensive linemen. I pointed out in the meeting to the players that Rolando McClain, Julio Jones and Javier Arenas, the three guys who got their picture in the paper for being preseason All-America, were the three guys that were the best guys running down on the kickoff cover team and they don’t even do it. That’s what your team has to understand. Look at these guys. They’re running down because of the pride they have and they want to be the best at everything they do. That’s why they’re good, and that’s why they sustain being good all the time.

    Have you tightened the reins even more and cracked down even more as you’ve gotten more talent into the program and brought in more of your guys?

    NS: Not really. I think if you went around and asked our players if coach is pretty consistent and if they knew what to expect every day, they would tell you that there’s never any question about what the expectation is of how we’re going to do things. That never really changes.

    You’ve built such a recruiting machine here. Do your thoughts ever drift too far away from recruiting?

    NS: No, because I think it’s the most important thing. It’s not just recruiting the players to get them. It’s evaluating them and getting the kind of players that you want and getting the kind of players that fit, how you define what you need at certain positions. The evaluation and the recruiting process and how you market what you have are all important. To be a good recruiter, it’s always been my feeling that you have to do it every day. You can’t recruit in recruiting season. You can’t start recruiting when spring recruiting starts. It’s every day.

    With Florida a heavy favorite to win a second straight SEC title and its third national title in the last four years, is the gap between the Gators and everybody else in this league as wide as some are making it out to be.

    NS: I think they have a really good team. They have a lot of great players and great leadership. They do a really good job of coaching and recruiting. But their quarterback making the critical plays in the game last year in the fourth quarter was the difference in the game. That’s no disrespect to the rest of their players. They had a lot of good players, and a good team. We had a lot of good players and a pretty good team, too. There were other teams in our league that were hard for us to beat, LSU, Ole Miss and Kentucky, and Ole Miss beat Florida. I think even though they have done a fantastic job from a program standpoint, recruiting standpoint and coaching standpoint, they have some of the same challenges that we have in trying to get the standard of excellence in terms of consistency and performance that you need. They have a dominant team and are the team to beat in our league, but I can’t calibrate how much better they are than everybody else.

  62. Saint,

    I think their anger comes from the fact that Saban bolted for the NFL. Although I beleive if he would have been successful that he would still be there
    He spent 2 years and then came back to the SEC no less and uat NO LESS and thats enough to piss most fan bases off.
    They knew what they lost ya know and that PISSED THEM OFF 🙂


    You are such a gullible fool!

    I have a job; and soon a promotion into a better one. It just happen that my job took me out of the Great State of Tennessee.

    Do you work, or just stay on mommy’s computer all day using the “hunt and peck” typing system?

    Having lived in Bammer for 4 years, I got to witness how uneducated, inbred and toothless the Bammer Moron Nation really is. I am certain you are typical of this breed.

    So the fool here is you; GET A LIFE YOU PATHETIC BOOB!

  64. To The BAMMER From St. Clair
    Great post, except if you go back and read my post I never bashed Saban once. I merely pointed out, matter of factly, what he accomplished in his last year at LSU with all HIS recruits from 5 recruiting classes he signed. Bama fans like E.G.,Carl and Finebaum are always trying to discredit Miles’ accomplishments at LSU and want to give credit to Saban for Miles’ record at LSU because of all this talent Saban left Miles. And while I agree Miles inherited a lot of talent when he came to LSU because Saban had recruited well, Saban had ALL of that talent same in 2004, his 5th at LSU and he only went 8-3, and was 8 points from going 5-6. So Miles actually did a better job than Saban did by going 11-2 in his first year with all the same talent that Saban had the year before! And that was all done despite all the distractions resulting from hurricane Katrina which caused LSU to postpone it first game, move its second game from a home game to the opponents home stadium, move the 3rd game to a Monday night game which caused a short week of preparation for the 4th game,and finally made the team play 11 straight weeks without a bye week! And despite all that he still got his team to the SEC championship game. Then followed that first year up by going 11-2 again the next year, and then going 12-2 following year. Now none of that is bashing Saban, but I don’t think Saban should get credit for Miles’ acomplishments just because there were players still on the team that Saban had recruited, especially when you consider how well Miles has also recruited. Who’s to say Miles wouldn’t have signed those same players, especially the ones that were key to Saban’s, Spears and Clayton, who were from BATON ROUGE!

    Remember the title and point of Shane’s article was ‘High Hopes or Pipe Dreams’.
    I never said LSU would go undefeated as Shane has predicted Alabama would, or even 11-1 as Finebaum has predicted for Alabama. If you don’t give Saban credit for Miles’ wins at LSU (and I believe only fools do), Saban, despite the fact that he recruited well and had a lot of talent, only had one season at LSU where he lost fewer than three games.
    For Alabama fans sake, lets hope last year is not the only year at Alabama.

    I do believe Alabama will have a better regular season record than LSU this year, but not because I believe Saban or Alabama is better than Miles or LSU, but rather because of there schedules. I would gladly swap our two east division opponents, Florida and Georgia, for Alabamas, Tenn. and S.C.. Also we play at Georgia the week before we play our toughest game, Florida, the following week. Alabama has a week off before they play what I believe will be their toughest game of the year, LSU, and that game is played at Alabama.

  65. Good job Sux Vol, I was beginning to think you couldn’t type and was just copying and pasting each time, but by golly you can put a sentence together. Although I do understand how your thinking could be screwed up, with all the fumes and such from that toilet inspecting job.

    By the way congrats on the upcoming promotion. I’m sure it will be an improvement over the toilet thing. What are you now going to get to inspect the toilet paper holders instead. I’m sure your sux state of tennessee is soooooo proud of you. Do you work for a Vandy grad? Most tenn. grads do, at least thats what the folks there tell me.

    Keep up the good work sux boy, you may make it all the way to sink inspector. I can’t imagine how it must feel to be from a sux state and have such a sux job all your life, but after all you choose to attended the university of suxs, so what more could you expect.

    A sux boy, from a sux state, that went to a sux school, and now has a sux job, how fitting. Now get on back down on top of tocky rock and sux some more, sux boy, because tenn. suxs, always has, always will. The volunqueers, now that is right on time!


  66. YO, OMNI! Good to hear from you. I just wanted to see what “Reality’s” response would be. I DO RESPECT his loyalty to Miles, but just about EVERYONE realizes that Les had the great start thanks to Nick Saban. “Reality” pointed out how close many of the LSU wins were in ’04. When you have a TARGET on your back as all defending NC’s do you HAVE to expect that. What’s IMPORTANT is that you get the win! My take on it is this: Saban RESTORED the LSU program and MADE THINGS MUCH EASIER for his successor. It would have taken a complete MORON to not win with everything that had been put into place. What seems to be “lost in the shuffle” is that when Saban left LSU he took a step UP. No matter how you slice it, the NFL is the NEXT LEVEL. You can’t blame anybody for taking a shot if the opportunity is there. I believe that when Saban saw the obstacles he had to overcome at Miami to be successful he felt like he didn’t have the “tools” to completely “fix” what was broken and that’s why he wanted to come back to the college game. Be that as it may, a lot of LSU fans WILL ALWAYS refer to him as a traitor but THE FACTS REMAIN FIRMLY ESTABLISHED what Nick Saban accomplished during his stay at Baton Rouge.

  67. Carl, again if you could comprehend, you would have understood that my comment was a direct RETORT(see definition below) to E.G.’s quote of “…he was dragging your sorry asses up out of the gutter”. That is a direct quote from his post on 8/13/09 @ 6:02 p.m., which was before mine wise guy.

    RETORT – to return (an accusation, epithet, etc.) upon the person uttering it; to reply in kind to.

    And you are right I am new to the board and I was questioning your your lack of reading and comprehension skills because of your idiotic responses to my post. You say “Before you start shooting off at the mouth about someones lack of education you might go back and read a few other posts before you spew off at the mouth about their lack of one.” I ask why? Were you previous post better examples of your intelegence level then the ones you made here?

    As an example you say in one of your recent post “never in anyones wildest dream do they believe he(Miles) could have done what he did the first couple of years without inheriting a boat load of players.” Why not? Didn’t Saban did it last year in Alabama. Are you saying he inherited a “boat” load of players from Shula? If Saban could do it why would it had to be a wild dream to think Miles could have done it. Miles had the same or better coaching credentials before he got to LSU that Saban had.

    If you want to make a true comparison of apples to apples when comparing Miles to Saban all you have to do is compare what they did in there first four years of coaching at a BCS conference school befor coming to LSU. Saban, who had a years experience as a head coach at Toledo before getting the job at Michigan State, was 25-22-1 in his first four years at Mich. ST. Miles who got his first head coaching job at Oklahoma State, was 28-21. Both schools had losing records for the three years prior to them becoming coaches there. During those four years Saban’s teams lost 4 games and tied 1 to teams with losing records. Miles’s teams only lost 2 games to teams with losing records.

    Both schools were in a state where there was another, more dominant, school that was in the same conference which they had to compete against, Michigan and Oklahoma. In his first four years Saban was only 1-3 against Michigan, but he did beat Ohio State once who was ranked No.1 at the time. In Miles four years at Oklahoma State he was 2-2 against Bob Stoops and Oklahoma. Those two wins came against Oklahoma when they were ranked No.3 and No.4 in the nation and one was at home and the other was at Oklahoma. In one of the other years his team lost a close one, 7-12, when Oklahoma was ranked No.1 in the nation.

    Saban’s best two years were 7-5 and 6-5-1
    Miles’s best two years were 9-4 and 8-5

    Saban’s bowl record was 0-3. Miles’ bowl record was 1-2.

    Now, before you go off and say I twisted facts to fit my case, I know Miles had a fifth year at Michigan State, which was really his only good year there. But you cant use that as a comparison because you don’t know what Miles would have done at Oklahoma State in his fifth year because he didn’t have one. Instead he went 11-2 at LSU in his 5th year.

    So Carl, my dreams of Miles doing good at LSU did not have to be any wilder than my dreams of Saban doing at LSU.

  68. Reality Check—-you are alright for an LSU fan. Thanks for pointing out that saban is in fact, only human. Good coach, but only human. I swear, if you were from another country, and logged on to this site, you might think saban was a god, the way the bammers talk. I have to say I was a little surprised to see how saban compares to miles. I respect miles a little bit more now, even though he is a crazy SOB.

  69. Reality,

    OK, lets go in this direction. You stated that we Alabama fans live in the past. While I have been trying to talk about the future, you have refused to, except to say you would be glad to trade Georgia and Florida for South Carolina and the sux vols. If you are familiar with how the SEC works then you know that each team has two traditional opponents from the other division and honestly I don’t know, nor do I care who those are for LSU. Last year we went to Georgia for the now infamous Georgia blackout, with there first round Q.B. I believe we kicked their ass. Sure some teams are better in some years than others, but using your logic that the past don’t matter, don’t start making excuses for this year before the year starts.

    The deal is, you know your team is going to probably be the 3rd best team in the West this year and it is eating the heart out of y’all. What I’m telling you is if you haven’t learned from the past, then you WILL repeat it. That being said lswho is about to be regulated to your rightful place in the SEC.

    I wont go down the past road here again, instead I will patiently wait for this season’s arrival, and watch week to week as it unfolds and what I’m warning of takes place.

    Thanks for the lesson in word definition, although my comphrehension is quite fine thank you. You might try your crap on the sux vol, but for me, coonass, I understand exactly what you and I said. I will repeat myself again, Bama WILL kick the drunken, rude, inbred, shit out of lswho at the Mecca this year and perhaps your comphrehension will improve.

    Now any time you want to talk about the past we will, but the past just happens to include more than the last 10 years, which you and most other teams don’t want to talk about.


  70. Yes CARL (aka Crimson Turd Moron),

    I am using copy/paste on this because it just needs to be reiterated (that means “said again” for the Bammer Morons):


    Rammer-Jammer, Yeller-Hammer; GO TO HELL ALABAMMER!

  71. Now, now sux vol,

    It never fails, when the Bama haters show up, they usually team up. You sux vol and the checker are case in point. Both of you know where your teams are headed this fall and you have to come to a Bama page to rail about morons, turds, and beg someone to kiss your ass.

    You know sux vol, you are one sick individual. Locked in a time warp with the smell of shit continually in your aroma. Must be awful, but hang in there, I hear the most famous person from that sux state of yours, al gore, has a plan for all toilet inspectors, which would include you, right?

    I do understand for the need in you to refer to all Bammers as turds, since you have to work with turds so much, but how does that explain your need to sux. Oh I almost forgot your a volunqueer, so suxing is just who you are.

    If I used your thought pattern here I would tell you to eat me, but I’m just afraid you would take me up on it, then I would be a volunqueer. So I’ll just simple remind you that your football team is going to do good to be the 3rd best team in that sux state of tenn.

    That should make all you sux vols real proud, I know it will me. I’m going to LOVE seeing the sux vols get their ass handed to them, lets say at least 6 times this year, and more than likely 7. I LOVE IT!!

    Face it sux boy, go ahead and admit it to yourself, it will be much easier if you will now and not after the season is half over, that this year may be the worst sux vol team in at least 50 years. LOL!!!

    Keep on firing back, but I’m not going to hell, after all if I did that would make me your neighbor, SUX BOY!

    Go on down on tocky rock and sux like you always will.


    TICK! TICK! TICK……………

  72. Reality coonass, you want facts, here is a few for you.

    Fact: Bama has a winning record against every other SEC team

    Fact: Bama has more SEC Championships than any other SEC team-21

    Fact: Bama has more National Championships than any other SEC team-12

    Fact: Bama has been to more bowls than any team in College Football

    Fact: Bama has more bowl wins than any team in College Football

    Fact: Bama has the longest win streak against SEC teams

    Fact: LSU has losing record against 3 SEC teams; Alabama, Tennessee, Florida

    Fact: Tenn. Has more SEC titles than LSU

    Fact: Tenn has more National Championships than LSU

    Fact: LSU has losing record outside SEC almost 2-1 when compared to Alabama, Tennessee

    Fact: LSU has 3 National Championships

    Fact: Tennessee has 7 National Championships

    Fact: Alabama has more National Championships than LSU, Tennessee, and Auburn combined

    Fact: You can talk your crap all you want, when in reality the only team that can come close to Alabama, as bad as I hate to say it, is Tennessee.

    So mr. reality you go ahead and talk your crap, you can probably make sense to the university of east Alabama, but you can leave Alabama, Tennessee, and Florida out of your reality check, fact boy.

    Alabama’s record against LSU: 44-23. If for some strange reason LSU could reel off 20 straight wins against Alabama, come back then and talk your crap.

    Roll Tide Roll, Alabama has always owned LSU and always will, my coonass friend.

    I could go on and on here, but surely your dumb ass gets the picture.


  73. You know Carl you are exactly right about the Tide haters. I would prefer to call them exactly what they are, jealous jerk offs!!!

    First of all, LSU punk remember Curley and Dinardo? That is your heritage faggot! Now you have ‘ ‘ or whatever the crap he is. Keep him and shut up!! To sum it up, NO SOUP FOR YOU!!!!

    Next: Displaced Hillbilly Cinnamon Broom maker or toilet inspector, Your team is worse than Vandy!!
    You know that is so damn funny because it is true, sorry Indiana PUSS!!!!

  74. Indiana Vol, I would like to extend an olive branch of peace to you. If you will hear me out I think you will understand.

    The Alabama rivalry used to be one of the best in College Football. One of the greatest men, if not the greatest, man I have ever known, was a vol man through and through. Cancer took him out of this world way before his time, about 14 months ago. His son was the kicker on Tennessee’s last NC team.

    We would poke a lot of fun at each other the week of the game and then on game day for about 3 hours we were make believe enemies. But as soon as the game was over we were back to best of friends regardless of the outcome.

    You know as well as I do that Fulmer caused alot of the bitterness that now exists between the two schools. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not taking up for anything Bama did, but the fact of the matter is Tennessee was just as guilty as Bama and due to Fulmer they skated. I’ll have to give it to him though, he out smarted the Alabama people, but he was worried about having to compete with Bama on a level playing field.

    My Vol loving friend told me he lost all respect for Fulmer at that time, and he didn’t respect him much prior to that.

    I have gone way out of bounds in some of the things I have said to you on here, which is not my character, and if I have offended you in any way, I’m sorry. I was sitting out back a little while ago and thinking about my friend, and I decided then this had gone far enough.

    Now don’t get me wrong, I’m a Bama man all the way, and will always hope we spank that tail, but when you remember what this game used to be and what it has become, we MUST reach out and stop the craziness.

    With the deal ESPN has just signed with the SEC, the conference is about to separate itself so far from the others, it’s almost scary. All members of the SEC need to pull for each other, except of course when you have to pull for your own team.

    So in memory to my dear friend, here’s to you Indiana Vol, the best to y’all this year, but I’ll be pulling like hell for Bama on that great day when we meet on the field.

    Maybe sometime later I’ll share with you some more about this gentleman I’m speaking of, but in short he had more class, integrity, and sense of help for his fellow man in his little toe, than most folks have in their entire body, and I miss him greatly.

  75. YO, CARL! WAY TO GO, DUDE! I loved how you RIPPED “INDY VOL” A NEW ONE! I laughed so hard that I got a HEADACHE!

  76. YO, CARL! I just read your latest post and I’m sorry to hear about your friend. You’re right; we ALL need to get over the past and MOVE FORWARD.

  77. Shane has hit the nail on the head, again. Bama is back! Awbarn is done! The Chizik and Dye tap dance is coming to a halt.

    Has anyone noticed Urban Meyer’s out of conference schedule? It makes Oklahoma’s look difficult, for crying out loud. I don’t know whether Meyer will qualify for enough points because of his out of conference schedule? It looks like he’s playing a bunch of sissy welfare recipients!

    Nutt will choke, Ark ain’t there yet and Patrino will have to believe in defense to ever get anywhere in the SEC. Kiffin is a joke, Richt has become one of the boys and has lost his authority, Miles, well, is way over his head and will not make the grade, Spurrier can’t get the required talent.

    Alabama has many good years ahead and will clean some clock this year with an overwhelming defense and a much better, more balanced offense than anyone realizeds other than Jim McElwain.

    Roll Tide

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