Gerald West switched his commitment from the Alabama Crimson Tide to Souther Miss it was reported Friday by Rivals and

West a 5’11” 175 lbs corner possesses tremendous speed with a 4.4 40 time. ESPN rated West at 78 and praised the cornerback’s potential: “Bottom line, West possesses the speed, instincts and potential size to develop into a good cover corner, but will need to show more consistency in his play to excel at the next level.”

I think West will be a very good player for Southern Miss. His speed alone makes him a weapon.

16 thoughts on “West decommits”

  1. There’s more to this story; even the most ardent Tide hater can see that a player doesn’t decommit from Alabama to go to Southern Miss. Something tells me a coach at UA was straight up with him about the future…or that a DB we didn’t think we were getting is now on his way. 🙂

  2. Omni, I’m sorry reality offends you. But West wasn’t going to qualify here (and could do so more easily at Southern Miss), and you’ll see on signing day why he was concerned about his future. Santa is bringing us a better DB.

  3. West said himself, that he thought he had a better chance to play at USM.
    I wish him luck. And hope he does well.

  4. by the way, I was bored the other day and looking at the pics of Gene Chizik on on the Auburn page. So I copied one and put a wisp of a moustache on it.
    The resemblence to Adolph Hitler was uncanny…

  5. ITK, I think you are absolutely correct in your assesment of West’s decision. The question is what would you say under the exact same circumstances about a kid switching from Auburn to So. Miss? You’d write a full article about what a tremendous humiliation it was for Auburn I would imagine.

    tmc, you’re cutting out pictures of Auburn’s coach and trying to see if you can make him look like Adolf Hitler? You are absolutely the scariest freakin’ person on this blog by leaps and bounds. We haven’t heard from you in a while. I guess you must have just gotten back out of the asylum.

  6. I wish him well also but ITK you avoid questions I ask so frequently Im starting to think your gonna spin shit as much as you can. You have got JW asnwering questions with reckless abandament that I ask and I agree with julio (he just says it better). And tmc1 DAMN CutTing out pictures..Tst TSt TST!!!! Sad My MAn!

  7. Julio, do you live in the land of make believe? How many times do I have to tell you, because I think you forget, this is a Bama website! How many positive things does an Aub website write about Bama? None, I’m sure but I have never visited one. But I hope we continue to write about the tremendous humiliation which is these days your beloved Auburn or better known as “the national punchline”.

  8. Bama………If we are the new national punchline, weve only briefly borrowed that title from you guys…….I know that this poor kid that decommited from the TAAHHHHDDDDDD will soon be stoned by the Crimson Necks for betraying thier beloved school. Last week he was awseome , this week he sux. The only thing about him thats changed……..He gave the TAAAHHDDD the shaft.

    Bama, wasnt it you who last week was talking smack about a guy leaving Auburn for UAB ? How does it feel ?

    You just drank a heaping glass of SHUT THE HELL UP juice. How does it taste ?

  9. BI, don’t make me put you in the corner little man and make you skip the milk and cookie break. With the db’s we have coming in Saban let him know playing time would be slim at best, so this was best for him. I never said he was awesome or that he sux and won’t, that is you trying to make something out of nothing, and since you have drank the most bitter of the SHUT THE HELL UP juice “Auburnisajoke 36-0” you tell me how it taste, I wouldn’t know and won’t.

  10. BM, I must admit that 36-0 juice is pretty bitter. Don’t get me wrong, it’s nowhere near as bitter as riding a 6 year losing streak, but it smarts. I’d have to rely on you to tell me how bitter the six year streak tasted.

  11. Bamaman………….If hes around the age of 35 plus minus a few years, he was probably too dam young to remember how it tasted.

  12. Ballplay, okay, I will play your little game. If he is over fifty he was alive when yall split a nc, if he is over sixteen he was alive when we won it all, now, how does that taste?

  13. And he was 17 when we went undefeated in 93. And 28 in 04 .

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