Crimson Tide football looks for another top recruiting class
Nick Saban is working hard to lure five-star defensive back Greg Reid. Saban conducted an in-home visit Wednesday night. Once again, Saban is drawing praise for frankness. Honesty is Nick Saban’s secret weapon against the negative recruiting tactics so prevalent this time of year.

Reid told, “He wouldn’t guarantee me a starting position but I can compete for one. That’s all I wanted to ask.”

D.J. Fluker is big. That fact doesn’t escape anyone’s notice, not even Sports Illustrated writers. Andy Staples of provides a feature on Fluker and the possibility he has of following Andre Smith. There are some insights into Fluker’s personality with quotes like this, “I wish he (Andre Smith) could have stayed, too,” Fluker said. “I could have been his backup for a year and started after he left.”

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Roll Bama Roll examines the commitment of Petey Smith. Smith is highly sought as he holds over 50 scholarship offers, so the coaches around the country see something special in him. One thing about this year’s class of recruits at linebacker, the players seem faster, but Smith adds a little bulk. That is why I see him as the natural understudy for Rolando McClain. Also, Saban identifies recruits in a meticulous way with size, speed, weight and other attributes factored into his equation. Smith’s size and speed likely compute high enough to warrant an offer.

Ben Cook opines that the coaching changes at Alabama and Auburn (Lance Thompson and James Willis) won’t be a big deal in recruiting. Cook writes, “Willis can replace Thompson because he has Alabama, its tradition and its head coach to sell. And somebody will replace Willis because he had Auburn, its tradition and it new head coach to sell. The beat will go on at both places…”

On the topic of recruiting and coaches, no roundup would be complete without mentioning Paul Finebaum’s Wednesday column on the new Tennessee coach. Finebaum outlined the problems with Volunteer coach Lane Kiffin. Finebaum pointed out Kiffin’s immaturity and credited the young coach with doing the unthinkable, “he made Al Davis look sane.”

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  1. Smith is agood pickup, even if he is a paltry 3 star recruit. Im sure his stock will now rise though. Seeing as rivals is bama Bama is rivals.

  2. Ballplay, I see where yall had one of your commitments defect to UAB, you know you have hit bottom when that happens, check it out, it is the truth. . . .

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