Recruit Kellen Williams to attend Sugar Bowl
Kellen Williams, 6’3” 295 lbs. offensive guard, got a nice Christmas present from his mother—tickets to the Sugar Bowl, the AJC reported. The AJC story provides nice information on Williams tenacity shown during a confrontation during the Georgia North-South All-Star Game. Williams is rated a three-star recruit by Scout and Rivals. Williams posted a 5.19 time in the 40.

Congratulations to Hunter Ford. You probably recognize that name because Ford often shares his writing and photographs with Capstone Report readers. Ford was named editor and publisher of the Western Star newspaper. Ford had served as a writer for the newspaper previously and was just tabbed for the promotion.

Alabama defeated Quincy
Does anyone still care about basketball? The Alabama Crimson Tide basketball team defeated powerhouse Quincy Tuesday evening. Check out the game summary below if you care, otherwise have a Happy New Year!