AP: Several members of Alabama’s football team, in town for Friday’s Sugar Bowl, were roundly booed when introduced and shown on a video board during a timeout. Several Utah players were there as well, but their introduction was drowned out by the boos aimed at Alabama. The crowd then broke into chants of “L-S-U” until play resumed.

5 thoughts on “BOO: LSU fans welcome Tide to New Orleans”

  1. Well, considering that LSU fans are the absolute worst. Does it suprise anyone ? They are a bunch of coonass degenerates. N.O. is the capital of coonass. N.O. is the armpit/rectum of the world. Worse than Piedmont IMO. Be careful who you confront in N.O. They will key your car and cut your tires.

  2. I hope everyone had a happy and safe New Years as well!

    Oh well, Nick Saban is OUR coach and not theirs. They can never live with that fact.

    Go drown yourselves in the Louisiana Swamps, coonasses!

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