Utah defensive end Paul Kruger told reporters he was disappointed about not getting a chance to play against Andre Smith. “I was a little disappointed. I feel like it would have been a good matchup and a great opportunity for me,” Kruger said. “He’s a big part of their offense. They’ve got backup players that can step up and fill that need. I don’t think it’s going to change our gameplan at all or their gameplan.” Read more about the Andre Smith situation in the story appended below.

3 thoughts on “Utah’s Paul Kruger disappointed Smith suspended”

  1. In a perfect world ….. It is not a perfect world. Coming from Huffman to the Penthouse was more than he could stand. I’m not going to judge this in these times. He is going to be an millionaire and it really did not make any sense for him to play in this game.
    I fault him for his dishonesty. It will cloud his achievements at Bama unless he becomes a Superstar in the NFL . If that happens – everybody will kiss his ass and get “Sometimers” (sometimes I remember – sometimes I don’t) especially when he cuts the big check to the AD.
    Trying to keep it real homies.

  2. Your right Pluto. It will affect his legacy. Until they recieve a check from him. Then he will get a statue.

    He is a good person from the outside looking in. He probably just made a mistake. I dont look at a screw up like this near as bad as I would if he got arrested or something like that. Hey, it is a business.

    You would just like to see someone fill an obligation once in a while. Especially CFB coaches.

    Will Tebow go pro? That will be interesting to see. If anyone fullfilled an obligation, I think it would be him.

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