Former Mississippi State coach Sylvester Croom was going to replace Woody McCorvey with Al Borges, according to this report in the Daily Journal. The report contains few other details of what transpired, but it is clear based on this that changes to the offensive staff were being considered when Croom was fired by the Bulldogs.

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3 thoughts on “Croom was to hire Al Borges”

  1. Croom wasn’t fired he resigned. The school didn’t have any idea that he was going to leave. They were caught off guard by Croom’s decision the AD said so himself at Croom’s press conference.

  2. Riigghttttt….that’s why Croom said this: In the CBS interview, Croom said, “It was my hopes that we’d have an opportunity to continue to move forward, but the powers-that-be decided otherwise, and it was agreed that it was best for me to move on.”

    Sounds like he was forced to resign…which is another way of saying fired. 🙂

  3. Did he get a big $5.1 million dollar buyout donated so that he could remain a memeber of “the MSU Family”

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