9 thoughts on “Flordia wins SEC title”

  1. It was definitely a good game, but losing is a tough pill to swallow, especially when you led for the most part of the game.

    Oh well, my hat goes off to our boys and I’m still overly proud of them.

    Roll Tide!

  2. Great game Great season no excuses here for me.Gators were the better team tonight but Bama gave them all they wanted.Looking foward to bowl game,..rollltideeeeeeeee

  3. with jpw at qb, a few freshmen and a bunch of shula holdovers, in nick saban’s second season, we just played for and lost the national championship.

    the difference was one man, tim tebow. put him on our team, we win. (in a rout)

    did saban do this anywhere else? no. alabama isn’t anywhere else.

    this is what philip fulmer was so afraid of.

    what you saw yesterday was just the tip of the iceberg. nick saban now hits the recruiting trail with even more determination.

    and congrats to florida. if you lose the national championship now, you blew it. you won’t face a better team than ‘bama in your bowl game.

    tomorrow is ours. roll tide!

  4. Well SUPERMAN did what the PUNDITS said he would and thats IMPOSED HIS WILL!
    And did what MOST BAMMERS said he couldnt and IMPOSED HIS WILL! IT wasnt
    40 to 6 and bamma made it a great game to watch HATS OFF TO YA BOYS!!
    way to go down swinging! RT!!


  5. I’m sorry finebammer, but if you really believe that UF “won’t face a better team than ‘bama in [their] bowl game,” then you apparently haven’t watched OU this year.

    However, congrats on a good season and a good showing in the SEC CG.

  6. Great game, bammers. I have to agree with Danielson and Lundquist that Tebow might be the best college football player of all time. He can singlehandedly take over a game like nothing I have ever seen.

    I’ve gotta disagree with you also finebammer. Okla is a powerhouse right now. Okla has now scored 60+ points in 5 consecutive games. I know that the Big 12 doesn’t play good defense, but you’re crazy or stupid if you just dismiss that statistic to lousy defenses.

  7. Florida will stomp Okie.
    Too much defense there at florida.
    On the other side of the ball. Florida is the most talented team in the country this year….and that talent will be far too much for teams that have played spread teams with less talent all season…Florida is for real … on both sides of the ball … and they just dont make too many mistakes…

  8. Chokelahoma will get steamrolled.

    Finebammer…..Not so fast. The heart and soul of tis team are all Shula holdovers.

  9. I hope the Sooners win. I know everyone is supposed to be for the SEC, but I say screw the SEC. Every team in it hates Bama anyways. But I do have more respect for Oklahoma than Florida, so I will be pulling for OK.

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