Mercer grabs another SEC scalp as Auburn loses. You can read the AP summary below. Alabama basketball defeated Florida A&M. You can read that AP summary below too. As for Alabama’s win tonight, Mark Gottfried said his Alabama team has improved. “This team is learning how to be effective on offense and how to score,” he said. Gottfried pointed to better shot selection and less reliance on the three-point shot as areas of improvement. “We need the ball around the basket,” Gottfried said.

One thought on “Auburn basketball sucks too!”

  1. I keep telling the BOT that we are not paying our athletes enough. and now you have proven my point! And that is that Pat Dye is right everytime he wakes from his drunken stupor at the Board meetings and slurs out the words “payyyy ’em moooooore!”
    You cant have a top shelf athletic department unless you are will to pay your athletes MORE MONEY!

    I’am Auburn Man. You guys suck.

    Skipper Pilkington-Smythe
    Auburn ’87 polo team
    Chess Club Sergeant -at-arms
    Wealth club 84′- 87

    I say we cut out the middle man, and fire ALL of the coaches.

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