Here’s what happened to the Top 5 this week (AP stories on each below):
1. Oklahoma (lost to Texas)
2. Alabama idle
3. Missouri (lost to Oklahoma St.)
4. LSU (lost to Florida)
5. Texas (defeated Oklahoma)

AP Recap: No. 5 Longhorns upset No. 1 Sooners 45-35

AP Recap: Oklahoma St. defeats Missouri

AP Recap: Tebow, Gators rout defending champ LSU 51-21

13 thoughts on “Tide poised for #1?”

  1. If so, I surely hope this extremely high (as high as you can get) ranking doesn’t affect our team’s performance in the upcoming games.

  2. WELL thats what happens when you win and thats why you play the game.I think this team can handle the pressure;;;;;;because of melt down last year they buy in to the coaches now and really believe in them.somthing they did not do in 07.Like i have said before they have a lot of heart and taking it to another level.As long as they believe and take note of coaching they will be ok.

  3. I hope that they move Texas into the No. 1 spot, and I think that they will.

    Bama just needs to concentrate on winning each game. It’s a tough row to hoe making it through the second half of the season. It’s good to feel confident that we have a team that is capable of making that happen.

    Congratulations to the Crimson Tide. Keep your hand on the plow and your nose to the grindstone boys!


  4. The fact of the matter is, Nick Saban said he wants to bring Bama back to the level where opponents say, “Oh no, we have to play Alabama next.” I think he’s already accomplished that goal, even so in his first year here at UA.

  5. WHAT IS REALLY nice is to know that in 09 this team will really be the team to beat in SEC.SHOULD be a real strong strong defense but will have to find QB.OTHER WISE THIS TEAM WILL be in great shape and make a run for NC.BAMA FANS have waited a long time for days like now and there are no stopping us now with this coaching staff and young men they signed and will be playing ball for the tide.what a class of young men.IT WILL be very exciting.ROLLLLLL TIDEEEE MY BROTHERS SISTERS

  6. It’s nice to know that we AREN’T ranked number 1 right now.

    All a number 1 ranking will do is distract our guys from playing to their full potential.

    And I must also so, with lackluster victories over Kentucky and Tulane, a number 1 ranking would seem a little preposterous at this point and time!

  7. I declare bammers, I just dont get yall sometimes. Isnt the point of playing to see who #1 is ? Whats wrong with being #1 ? Yall would still have the same schedule, except for the SEC and National cham games. Oh yea………Yall aint going to either anyway are you ?

  8. Ballplay: It doesn’t matter where Bama is ranked right now. Only at the end of the year. I don’t know of ANY Bama fans that are upset Texas jumped them. If we win out we won’t be left out like 2004 Auburn. It must suck to be you guys. When you actually have a really good season, no one really cares. But have a bad one and the entire BAMA nation laughs at you. Seems like you can’t win for losing LOL!

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