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  1. O lord what excuses now?416 193 ball where is the defense.ark come on give me a break.the ship is not sinking …it has sunk.;;;;;;;;;;;6 0 ROLLLLLL TIDEEEEEE

  2. Ballplay and his cronies won’t be seen for weeks. They’re in denial. I love it. Bama is back and these turds will never be able to deal with it. They’ll be smoking and drinking like their dad’s before them when Bama was continually kicking their @sses. This is going to be the best football season in decades. Screw the barners. They just got beat by the worst team in the SEC.

  3. HEY ball do you remember the comment you made about us bammers going to look like a kid at his birthday party and got his ballon poped? well i told you about your team and what would happen.BALL I’M a freak when it comes to football and if i tell you something listen to me cause i KNOW.////// JW does stand for something but i can not say.think about it.

  4. Ballplay, Julio, you two are now officially banned from saying anything negative about Bama with a team and COACH that is as horrible as yall are, picked to win the west, bwahahahaha, you couldn’t beat UAB, Ballplay, your new post name will be Myteamisajoke. . . . .

  5. Hey Tubs, you idiot, even my offensive offense calling could have beat Arky, who’s laughing now, it will be you who is soon told to get lost, heheheheheeheheheheheheehehehe

  6. I don’t know what to think about the situation down on the plains. The only thing I can say is thankfully the rival razz we’ve heard nonstop over the last six years will slowly fade. That is a hope however.

  7. As educator1 says “like their dads“,

    I have tried to explain to this new generation of uburn fans the history of what the plains has always been. They have been mislead by a few wins in their young lives to believe that the bunch on the plains could ever be anything more than a thorn in the side. That is what you are, just a thorn. You are an aggravation, nuisance, pest, or whatever problem that has to be dealt with occasionally, but as many times in the past you have managed to self implode. Oh, you did it. A few sensible (ha, ha, no one with any sense pulls that way, it could be genetic) men tied to run the imposter out for a real coach. Tubberville vindicated himself the next year? Yes he did, he fooled all of you into thinking you had a chance. Overnight successes are usually overnight failures. You have a chance of being no more than a thorn. You are back to your rightful place in college football history, and BAMA is likewise. You are thinking if we could only beat BAMA, everything would be OK. This rationale is why you are only a thorn.

    Keep him, please. Maybe you should, he really fits in well. He is classless and knows little about the game.

    This has always been my favorite time of the year. I may be enjoying this year a little to much. Thanks first to Mike Shula, for not leaving the well dry, thanks second to Mal Moore, for the best decision in his life, thanks third to Coach Nick Saban, for being the best college football has to offer, and lastly, thanks to the imposter. I hope the ill informed or genetically challenged continue to believe.

    Ole Miss is the greatest challenge.

  8. WEll Im here and GDAMMIT!!!! You guys give it I reckn we deserve it!! Auburn sux BUT I STILL WEAR MY BLUE AND ORANGE!!! AND I FLY MY FLAG and I reckon my new Nickname is goona be 4and7 BUT I WILL TAKE just like you guys did when your team was flat like AU is REAL FLAT but WAR DAMN EAGLE >>>>HEEEEY!

  9. bamaborn I beleive YOUR the one wrooied becuase you know…YES U DO that all is out the window when the IRON BOWL COMES TO TOWN!!! But its not gonna help me MUCH if we win knowing that the BEST team wont be winning that game BUT YES SIR I WILL TAKE IT!!!

  10. I’ve been reading over various blogs and message boards, to find out most Barnies are unhappy with Tuberville over one season that is not over yet.

    This is not only the first time this has happened to him, but the fourth, if you factor in his first season, then jetgate, followed up by the USF and MSU losses last season, and now this. If I were him, I’d personally bail out on that program and leave it in ruins, just to repay the fans for the many thanks they’ve given him.

  11. OMNIPRESENT I WILL SAY i have to give it to you for coming out so soon.i repect that not hiding like the other ones..any how GOOD LUCK ROLLLLLL TIDEEEEEEEEEEE

  12. The other ones like the trailer park douche bag who was here about once a week running his mouth beyond the point of being necessary, and now he’s no where to be seen.

  13. Auburn is horrible on offense. period. I wont argue that. Im starting to believe that Ensminger is a problem. He is the QB coach isnt he ? Bamas luck will wear out soon.

  14. Ballplay,

    Auburn is horrible on Offense and Defense.

    But kudos for showing up anyway.

    Every team needs a little luck to win a National Championship. There are several very good teams out there and one loss can screw up everything. I’m just glad that Bama has the players and the coaches to put them in the running.


  15. Well, Ballplay, don’t worry about Bama, you need to be worried about UT-Martin. Probably the last chance you have to win this year.

  16. Ballplay: Bamas luck, LOL! When you beat people down on both sides of the line of scimmage, it really takes the luck out of it. Luck is when you win a game 3-2.

  17. Ballplay, is that all you got is “Bama’s luck will run out soon”? Of course we will lose one eventually, we just won’t sux like Auburn when we do

  18. Its great to be an Auburn Tiger–LOLOLOLOLOL…..that Tiger has been declawed, neutered and spayed, and left for roadkill……How low can you go? Got the smack layed down by Vandy and Arkansas?? Alabama 63- Auburn 0, 1st Quarter…….

  19. We suck……….I know it. but that does not make the fact that yall will NOT go to the SEC or national champioship. Ole Miss will tear yall a new one.

  20. Ballplay: You so funny. A stopped watch is right twice a day I reckon. You will eventually get one right. But you keep trying okay? Look, I can play too. West VIrginia will tear Auburns head off and doo-doo down their windpipe, stomp a mudhole in Auburns ass and wade it dry. Lets see who has the better predicition LOL.

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