Trent Richardson committed to Alabama Monday. And he’s thinking like any Alabama fan.

“I think with the (recruiting) class Alabama just had, we can go ahead and win a national championship by my freshman year,” Richarsdon told the Pensacola News Journal.

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How good is Richardson? He’s a four star recruit in both major services. Rivals has him as the third best running back in the class, and Scout has him as the 17th best at his position.

But there might be an even better indicator of Richardson’s talent. If Tuberville is right, and stars don’t mean much—what does? Scholarship offers. Richardson holds about 25 offers. Everyone wanted him. Including the super selective, Tuberville.

We can safely say, Richardson is one of the top running backs in the 2009 class. He’s strong and fast. He finished fifth in the state high school 100 meter dash with a time of 10.93.

He has good power, and speed. He’ll be a nice fit for the offense.

What does the commitment mean?

Nick Saban is working on another Top 5 recruiting class.

9 thoughts on “Trent Richardson commits”

  1. Saban is incredible, bu havent you heard?
    Auburn just pulled their offer becasue of charactor issues again. It seems he didnt have the good character to choose Auburn.

  2. And to think, this isn’t the highest quality player that is set to recruit to UA this season.

    tmc1, The Opelika Polytechnic Institute will be pulling a lot of scholarships due to character this year, and it will definitely pay off in the end, especially when they’re 33-5 record is long diminished.

  3. Cap-

    Great pick-up for the you guys!!! Not that it matters, but I think he is going to be a great rb at the collegiate level. I am very high on Richardson and wish he would end up in orange and blue!!!

    BTW, I have heard from many people that Richardson is expected to end up at FSU when it is all said and done. Have you heard anything about this or do you think his committment is solid? I know it’s hard to tell, but just curious if you had any insight besides what he has said the last few days?

  4. BTW, it is common practice for both Rivals and Scout to remove offers from rival teams when a player commits to another school…so find something else to cry about. Sure there is some more that could be said about 7 FINGERS, Marshall or duck hunting:)

  5. Aw,,, Gee Mike,
    Looks like “Runningback U” just got stiff armed. You would think with that fine coach, “the spread” and the whole “6 in a row” thing he would have went with Auburn.Especially since Auburn’s marquee backs will be graduating in the next couple of years. I guess it goes to show that nobody is buying the bullshit that is coming out of the Auburn camp anymore.
    tiderInsider is so right, CTT will have a record year for recruiting character.

  6. A national championship his freshman year might be a little ambitious…but I like his thinking. This kid has a healthy Terry Grant’s speed but weighs 210 and will presumably get stronger: Exactly the type of back we need to run between the tackles and get the ground game in gear.

  7. I guess it goes to show that nobody is buying the bullshit that is coming out of the Auburn camp anymore.

    It’s not really that, it’s nobody bought Aubarn, Alabama until they seen a dark cloud encamped over the University of Alabama, which was during our program’s despair aka probationary period. Now that it’s all said and done with, well, we’re back to square one!!!

  8. I actually haven’t seen this guy in action (no video highlights as of yet) but according to what I’ve read, he’s bound to be a star in the making. I’m not a big fan of Terry Grant, and I do understand throughout most of last season he was buried with injuries, but there’s times where he’s too predictable for his own good. Maybe with BETTER PLAYCALLING, his playing ability will improve. But as of right now, I’m willing to take anyone over him.

    PS: Thank God Hillary’s out of the presidential running!!!!

  9. 007, I’d much rather have Hillary at the helm of our country than one, Barack Hussein Obama

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