Nick Saban told Kevin Scarbinsky that he is considering a policy to limit the dangerous (dumb) activities of his players.

Saban told Scarbo that he doesn’t have a policy that prohibits his players from doing risky things like riding motorcycles. But he’s considering it now.

“When things like that happen,” Saban said, “it makes you wonder if you should.”

At all his coaching jobs, Saban said he’s never had such a policy. But he does take up the issue with his players.

“You try to tell guys, ‘Look, you got a career here,’ ” Saban said. ” ‘You need to be careful about that career. Make good choices and decisions and judgments about what you do and what you don’t do. Obviously, jumping out of airplanes. riding motorcycles …’ “

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In the NFL, there are often contractual restrictions on dangerous or idiotic activities. Teenagers and young 20-somethings are going to do dangerous and dumb things. Maybe a policy isn’t a bad idea. And who knows, it might save someone’s life.

Other tidbits from Scarbinsky’s talk with Saban can be found at The Rap Sheet. (You can read about Prince Hall’s discipline and eligibility for 2008 signees.) Also, Rapoport tells us on his blog he will be covering the baseball team as it enters tournament play.

I’d rather be in Destin.