The pettiness of the minor sports programs in the Southeastern Conference (cough Auburn cough) was once again on display when a school (cough Auburn cough) threw a hissy fit over the Gridiron Bash.

According to the Gridiron Bash organizers, a member of the SEC complained about the event. It takes little imagination to deduce where the complaint came from: it wasn’t from Alabama, Tennessee or LSU.

Ole Miss, Mississippi State and Vanderbilt aren’t important enough (or petty enough) to care about the bash. So we can rule them out.

Then that leaves us with a list of Auburn, Florida, Georgia and Arkansas.

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Arkansas would lack the motivation to attack the event. It can’t be seen as a benefit to Arkansas to prevent Alabama or LSU or Tennessee from hosting the Bash. While it wouldn’t help Arkansas for the schools to hold the event, there is little direct competition on the recruiting trail between these schools.

Georgia and Florida are both programs at the pinnacle of success, and seek every advantage possible. Mark Richt was aggressive and insulting when he closed practice during Alabama week; he was attempting to gain a PR advantage over Nick Saban at the height of the NFL Spygate controversy. But it doesn’t sound like Richt to lie about the Gridiron Bash in a complaint to the SEC.

And lie is what the complaining party did, according to bash organizers.

The Bash organizers said whoever complained had “misrepresented” the event. “Whoever raised this issue misrepresented what the student athlete would be doing at the event to the NCAA,” MSL Sports president Shawn Garrity said in the Tuscaloosa News.

I think we can rule out Richt because he isn’t a liar.

Urban Meyer is a relentless recruiter, and works hard to gain every advantage possible. He’s the most complained about recruiter this side of Nick Saban. This fact makes it difficult to see Florida as the culprit. Besides, Florida would get its own Spring game publicity thanks to ESPN. Meyer’s nature is to do things to improve his program, not tear down others.

Let’s mark Florida off the list.

That leaves us with Auburn.

Auburn has a history of attacking other programs—their fingerprints were all over the Gene Jelks mess. Tommy Tuberville is a liar. I’m sure even Auburn fans can admit that. From the Pine Box remark to this winter’s flirtation with every open coaching position in America, Tuberville isn’t to be trusted.

So, it would be a natural for the Auburn family to misrepresent the Bash in an effort to harm others. That’s been Auburn’s modus operandi for years.

Combine Auburn’s jealousy over Alabama’s recruiting success, and you’ve got a paranoid athletic program. The Bash was one way a disheartened cabal could lash out at its rival. Auburn knows its days of dominance are over…Unless they do something to derail Alabama.

Attacking the Bash was one way to attack Tuscaloosa.

Expect another Gene Jelks fiasco soon.

It is the natural end of Auburn logic. They can’t win on a level playing field, so they’ll lie and cheat to do it.

Unfortunately, this behavior will only weaken the entire conference—and in the end harm Auburn much more than anyone else. Bad behavior might yield a moment of joy, but in the end it comes with its own consequences. Just ask Clytemnestra.

31 thoughts on “Auburn’s fingerprints on Bash cancellation”

  1. like any good alabama fan i’m suspicious of the ncaa.

    but the question remains. what were they asked and when.

    the ncaa maintains they were unaware until recently of “student/athlete” participation. if that’s true, the fault lies with bash organizers. they should know about the rules and should have made the ncaa aware long ago. period.

    as far as the auburn component is concerned, doesn’t bother me a bit. we need to worry about us. as long as we do that, all the other stuff will take care of itself.

  2. I heard that teams like South Carolina were not selling tickets, and were concerned they would take a big financial hit over this stuff.

    So, if one concerned staff member calls the NCAA, they have a “legit” excuse to get out of a contract.

  3. Give me a break. You Tiderinsiders are a bunch of jokes if you think we had anything to with it. Bottom-line you’re 0-6 and soon to be 0-7. Everything else is just grasping for straws.

  4. LOLOLOL Like Tommy Tuberville gives two shits about you and the rest of the cousingrinders in the NW Alabama getting down to Alan Jackson. God you’re pathetic.

    You and the rest of the 92,000 mullet-clad warriors will just have to enjoy your RC Cola and moonpies without the accompaniment of a redneck whose music was good a decade ago.

    P.S. You guys are going to get ****** worked this year for #7 in November.. your team has looked like an Ole Miss B-squad in spring practice.

  5. aurbarn is pathetic…they go to the cow college and they get on here and call us rednecks? what a joke…go stay on your own sites you inbred freaks…

  6. “Aubsession”…whoever came up with that one deserves a day off. That’s a classic, and incredibly true.

    I have never, ever, in all my 35 years, witnessed anything like Auburn Aubsession with Alabama. I’ve said it time and time again, but I’ve never seen a group of people so unable to enjoy their “success” against a rival for fear of losing it. If we had beaten them 6 years running, I seriously doubt they would even enter our conversation. Primarily because our sights would be on bigger things…like championships. But since they don’t use that word in Lee County, and will never win one, the Aubsession stays with beating a crippled, delapidated shell of a former rival, weakened by the NCAA. Think of it like an older brother being tied to a chair so a younger brother can take his shots. But the reality of those knots coming undone and big brother standing back up to deposit a foot where it belongs is so scary a thought, they remain “Aubsessed” with trying to hold on to what is quickly slipping away. Anyone who pretends the last six years were achieved on a level playing field is the same kind of person who slaps the blind kid at school then brags to his friends. A-barn, you are, and forever will be, a joke. #1 recruiting classes (and going 0-15 on head to head recruits, like you did with us this year) point to eminent danger ahead for you, and despite your moonshine and your cousin kissing contests to try and take your mind off the future, we both know what’s coming.

    So buy all your “W the streak” stickers now, because come November you’re going to get your bowels filled with them.






  8. Bammers claiming Barners are obsessed with them under yet another Crapstone Report about Auburn. Isn’t that ironic?

    Rammer Jammer Yellowhammer
    Perms Your Mullets
    All you Bammers

  9. At least Mike is polite enough to admit he made an error. In saying that Alabama is the Aubsessed one. 😉

  10. I’m all for slamming AU whenever and wherever, and I enjoy a little logical deduction as much as the next fella, but could we have a little more evidence next time?

  11. If by “mighty” Auburn you mean the Clemson of the SEC (second rate, lots of hype but nothing ever to show for it), then yes, Auburn is mighty.

    0 for 15. 0 for freaking 15!!!!! Nobody took AU over Bama!!!! NOBODY!!!!

  12. Your obsession and paranoia about Auburn is really reaching some new lows. You REALLY think that Auburn cares about some washed-up country singer performing for your toothless, mullet-wearing fans??? LOLOLOLOL!!!!!!!!

    The idiot organizers of this fiasco as looking for a scapegoat, and your paranoia feeds right into that. Even your fellow bamzos think you’ve gone around the bend on this.

    Get over yourself, and quit blaming Auburn for all of UAT’s problems.

  13. Nothing would surprise me coming out of Auburn.. I love to taunt the aubboriginal tigers every chance I get. But I am starting to tire of it. Matching wits with an Aubbo is like trying to beat Stevie Wonder at a video game.
    Come on Guys! if it werent for the Aubbos the rest of the SEC wouldnt have anyone in the State of Alabama to laugh at. Everyone knows that Auburn is Bama’s comic relief. Honestly, You could stand an aubbo in front of an electric fence and tell them that if they pissed on it something nice would happen… And until they died they would stand there like the hapless yokels they are, waiting for the payoff and scourching there testicles repeatedly. Because as everyone else in the SEC knows… that is the punchline to the big red clown nose that is Auburn. EVERY YEAR, CTT promises them the big payoff and every year they wait like a bunch of simple minded Rubes at a rigged 3 card molly game….

  14. Speaking of comic relief… many coaches has Bammer had in the last 20 years??? OR how many games has Bammer lost over the last 5 years??? Or what other SEC team besides Bammer has lost to ULM? Or how many Bammer players have been arrested over the last year?

    Speaking of the BIG payoff….how many games did that $4,000,000 investment win Bammer last year? Or how many of you Bammers have purchased condos in Shreveport to keep from having to pay for a hotel every Dec?

    And to save some of you Bammers some time, I’ll say it for you….Wait ’til next year because Bammer is Back!!!

  15. This is the prime example of what I’d like to call “ugly little red-headed stepchild syndrome who’s also suffering from little man’s disease at its finest.”

    Take it from the best, The Alabama Polytechnic Institute Tigers/Cowgirls/Inbreds/Plainsmen/War Eagles/Pro Bull Riders/Cow Men of America.

    And to whoever said if we’d one the last six, the AUtard Barnies wouldn’t have invaded our boards, ARE YOU SERIOUS? It would be double of what it is at the current moment.

    Barnies are like a gnat in Alabama’s ass. They’re like an itch you can’t possibly scratch, no matter what you do. They’ll never go away, and they’ll always linger around like a shadow.

    But as was said, if I was forced to be a fan of that team, I’d hate any other team in sight, just out of pure jealousy and envy. After all, who else appreciates being a fan of a team whose college frequently throws rodeos because they have no other proper method of fun in that backwoods, nightlife-less town. And when visitors constantly ask, “How many college towns contain rodeos, cow pastures, chicken houses, catfish ponds, students who drive ridiculously absurd jacked-up trucks, trailer parks — a large amount, no one famous ever tours through your town unless it’s a error filled president, and no one outside of the south even knows what Aubarn really is, etc. etc.”

    I officially hate UA, UT, UF, UGA, and LSU out of envy just for looking at it from that perspective. Thank God I’m not an API fan!!!

  16. I’m actually surprised East Alabama Cow College/Alabama Polytechnic Institute/University of Alabama at Opelika made no extra efforts in attempt to compete with our recording setting A-Day attendance last season (or do they have more than a grand total of 80,000 fans), by maybe having “FREE COWBOY BOOT DAY” or “FREE RODEO PASS AND GOOD OLE BOYS RESTAURANT DAY” or “FREE TOUR OF WIRE ROAD’S MOST LUXURIOUS DOUBLE-WIDE” or “GUARANTEE YOU WON’T GET SHOT, RAPED, OR CAR SET ON FIRE BY SOME GHETTOFIED THUG PASS.”

    Then again, we all know barnies are hard working laborers. Those crops can’t plow themselves!!

  17. I absolutely love the videos, BamafaninNY! Welcome to a typical day on the campus of Alabama Polytechnic Institute — the plainest of Opelika!

    …Rebel Flags, jacked-up trucks, cowboy hats, southern drawls, X-rated language… Aubarn, Alabama is where it’s at, America!

    Onto the original thought process, the barn-zoes got half of what they originally intended. Seeing how the best their backwoods campus can afford is a band who’d be willing to play for free in T-Town’s most inconvenient bar, Trotline or Northern Railroad, it emotionally disturbs them knowing we yet again reel in a big time performer to entertain us while they’re stuck with our performer’s pre-event performers.

    So here’s a word to the not so wise (cough barnies cough): The day you become Alabama is the day you can actually compete with us on every smooth firing cylinder. Until then, you’re not us, so SPIT YOUR DIP OUT AND SHUT THE BLOODY HELL UP! You’re not Alabama, so please refrain from doing every possible thing known to humanity in your weak-link power to bring us down on your bottomless level.

  18. Is the paranoia so bad at alabama that they think Auburn is at the root of bamas problems?
    Whenever bama realizes their place, is mid level SEC West, with the Mississippi schools and Arkansas, they will get settled down and quit accusing everyone else for theier own problems.

  19. I am sick and tired of all the Alabama Polytechnic Institute Cow College Redheaded Step Children Little Brother Opelika Plainsmen Rednecks!!!! Their obsession and jealousy towards THE University of Alabama is pathetic. The Barner Boogers stooped to a new low when they cried to the NCAA about us bringing in Alan Jackson to perform for the biggest game of the year…A-DAY at Alabama!!!!

    I hope that the little boogers realize that their day in the sun is over!!! Now that we have Saban, the greatest coach in the world, we will return to our rightful place at the top of college football.


  20. Maybe if you guys would use that library internet connection to find an API forum, we’d leave you alone. Otherwise, stay here and pay the price!

  21. Crying is what the East Opelika Barnies do best. Now they’re laughing knowing someone of Alan Jackson’s caliber WON’T be performing in T-Town.

    But still…

    -Krystal has yet to feature any API students in any of their commercials, the way they have done many UA students.

    -Sublime has yet to sing about Aubarn, Alabama they way they have about Tuscaloosa, Alabama.

    -In the film “Sweet Home Alabama” the dogs’ names weren’t Shug and Jordan and they said nothing about the magical dump of a city that is Aubarn.

    -Buddy Jewel didn’t say “War Eagle Hey” after “Sweet Home Alabama” in one of his hit songs.

    -Other than our so called/backwards “president,” more famous people frequently tour, speak, and perform in T-Town/UA than they do Aubarn or API.

    -The tailgating/party intensity is 10 to 1 when we’re being compared to the speechless zombies who roam the streets of Wire Road in Cowville.

    -Aubarn is the only college town to feature a campus which contains catfish farms, cow pastures, and chicken houses.

    -No one can even point the city of Aubarn out on a map.

    -When API students are on break, the city’s population decreases by over half. The remaing are ghettofied thugs and the native rednecks.

    -Neither API or Aubarn was mentioned in the films, Crimson Tide, Forrest Gump, Sweet Home Alabama, You Can’t Take it With You, We Are Marshall, etc. etc.

    -Real World: Road Rules never toured through Aubarn; Ali G never based a show out of Aubarn; Two-A-Days never showed a foot of API’s campus.

    -The only proper method of fun AU features for their students is rodeos and frat parties in which the redneck students dress up as Klansmen. May I also note there’s only a grand total of about five bars/clubs in that entire, backwoods town.

    And I could go on and on and on and on. Throw in the towel, barnies. You’ll never be us, so either keep trying and never succeed or just give it up all together!!

  22. Thank GOD I am an Auburn Tiger. It truly is GREAT TO BE AN AUBURN TIGER these days.

    You know it’s good when there is a web page devoted to hating you.

    WAR DAMN EAGLE!!!!!!

  23. Mullet Mark-

    Most of the things you mentioned are true. Especially, the part about we will never be you…THANK GOD!!!

    So, now that we got that out of the way….how does it feel to know that your once storied football program is now a F#@KING JOKE???? How does it feel to lose to ULM, MSU back-to-back or your cross state redneck rival 6 IN A ROW????

    Or how does it feel when you realize that you just listed all the things that make Bammer and Tuscalooser great…..then you realize that you didn’t mention one single thing about football because those backwoods hicks across the state OWN YOUR ARSE….how does that feel Mullet Mark????

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