The joke of the day comes from the Mobile Press Register. The Mobile paper reveals the absolute idiocy of the University of South Alabama (USA) in its search for a head coach: The Press-Register has learned that former Alabama and Texas A&M head coach Dennis Franchione and Pittsburgh Steelers assistant head coach John Mitchell, a native of Mobile, are candidates for the position.

Yes, Dennis Franchione is mentioned as a candidate.

Are they trying to kill the program before it begins? Franchione’s name remains toxic in this state. It would bring star power to the start-up football program, but it would alienate Alabama fans, which would be the kiss of death. In many respects that is why the UAB football program has no fan support—the program was launched to spite Alabama instead of as an additional football option.

I won’t attend UAB football games, and I won’t attend UAB basketball games largely because of the attitude of the UAB administrators and boosters.

That is a lesson the USA folks should also learn. It is better to foster a spirit of cooperation than confrontation with the major football powers in the state. USA could have a good program, but it won’t ever be Alabama or Auburn.

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5 thoughts on “USA courting disaster”

  1. The sheer arrogance of your commentary on this topic is breathtaking. And you wonder why the entire country thinks UAT is a JOKE? USA’s program will succeed or fail based on its own students and administrators.

    And FYI, from someone who KNOWS something: UAB’s adminstrators and boosters don’t have an “attitude” — it’s UAT’s fans who do. UAB’s administrators and boosters want the UAT fans to stop trying to interfere with and destroy their athletic programs. That university has a right to its own athletic programs without interference from arrogant jerks like the majority of the UAT fan base. NO PLACE ELSE in this country would you see that kind of delusional power hunger. Give it a FREAKING REST.

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  3. Capstone, I completely agree with you, hiring Fran would be a disaster! As a Bama fan an USA alum, I have a good idea for Fran’s rope!

    But from what I hear, here in Mobile, this was a rumor started by the media. I know that’s hard to believe! The Media does not report the news; they make up stories and hope they’re right. Actually, they hope they’re wrong, cause then they get 2 stories out of it.

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