Mr. College Football, the Atlanta Journal-Constitution’s Tony Barnhart, ranked the top SEC quarterbacks in a blog post. His list of the TOP SEC QB’s included Alabama’s J.P. Wilson:

1. Andre Woodson, Sr., Kentucky
2. Erik Ainge, Sr., Tennessee
3. Matthew Stafford, Soph., Georgia
4. Tim Tebow, Soph., Florida
5. John Parker Wilson, Jr., Alabama

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My thoughts on the list:
Erik Ainge is overrated. I think Stafford is going to be a big factor in why Georgia wins the SEC East this year. Tebow won’t have as great a year as everyone thinks. That’s an easy prediction because some people believe Tebow can walk on water and turn water into wine. Needless to say, he’ll face defensive pressure throughout a game and make mistakes. Count on it. As for J.P. Wilson, I believe he’s poised to set a new standard for offensive performance at the University.

For those that missed it, we compared J.P. Wilson’s first-year as a starter with other SEC starters in a post you can find by clicking here.

One thought on “John Parker Wilson one of league’s best”

  1. looking back can sometime give you 20/20. People who didn’t see the talent and capabilities of Tebow and ran their mouth, clearly have no credibility remaining.

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