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Jeremy Johnson: Louisville’s defense full of “first rounders”

A funny thing happened in the Georgia Dome Saturday night. In the building that will come down in the near future, giving way to a new, better facility for such games, the walls of Cam Newton 2.0 came down with the thud of a thousand poorly thrown footballs. In short, “Pick Johnson” showed up, and […]

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Gus’ suspension guide for Nick Marshall revealed

At his press conference today Gustav Malzahn said suspended Auburn quaterback Cheech Marshall would not start but would play Saturday against the Razorbacks. Predictibly, the state media just moved on to the next question, whereas had the same scenario played out in Tuscaloosa the next 45 questions would center around the circumstances of the suspension, […]

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Auburn Propaganda: The Glorious Coming of Jeremy Johnson

by ITK Today Auburnites will take a short break from their NCAA fantasies, glancing away from the long-awaited, fictious unicorn parade across the state that will bring an end to their suffering. Instead, today Auburn fans will be slurping up the next orange and blue fantasy, the triumphal entry of Jeremy Johnson. It’s homecoming on […]

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