ITKAt his press conference today Gustav Malzahn said suspended Auburn quaterback Cheech Marshall would not start but would play Saturday against the Razorbacks.

Predictibly, the state media just moved on to the next question, whereas had the same scenario played out in Tuscaloosa the next 45 questions would center around the circumstances of the suspension, the thinking behind it, and factors that might determine the starting QB seeing the field.

We at have worked diligently behind the scenes to secure a copy of Gus’ suspension guide intended for use this Saturday.


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40 thoughts on “Gus’ suspension guide for Nick Marshall revealed”

  1. But he is not even a good QB according to most of you. So what does it matter? He was still suspended for longer than your 3 players, one who was a hit and run driver. Who knows what illegal benefits the other 2 got from former UA players? And for nope, Nick Marshall had to sit out SEC Media Days, a trip to the ESPY’S, plus not getting to start the first game of his senior season. For most people, that is a substantial loss. Not to mention, though I did, there is still no retraction from ITK on this issue. The fact is both coaches handled it like they do, and that is their call, right or wrong.

    1. Not going to SEC Media Days sounds like a punishment…but not having to face the music to the reporters there mere days after another run-in with the law sounds more like a reward.

      Kinda like how getting kicked off Georgia for stealing from teammates sounds like punishment…but getting the starting QB job at Auburn a full season before you could have at Georgia sounds more like a reward.

      After all, when Nick Marshall does “finally” take the field against freaking Arkansas at home, he’s going to get a STANDING OVATION. That doesn’t sound like much of a punishment to me; it sounds more like a reward.
      Nick Marshall IS too important to Auburn to miss a single rep in practice or a significant enough amount of time against freaking Arkansas to publicly announce it beforehand.

      1. Personally wish he would announce how long it is actually going to be for. That way, regardless of how the game is going, he comes in at that time. But it is his right to handle the suspension the way he sees fit. Did NM do everything he needed to, to satisfy the coaches? We don’t know, just like we have no idea if the UA players did all they were supposed to do. That is the head coaches call, though it shouldn’t be. We give y’all a hard time the way CNS hands out punishment, because in the end, it looks like they got less ice cream as the punishment. That, or only 1 trip a week to University Mall to see Tom. Because when coaches are vague about punishment, it leads to other fan bases questioning did they really get punished, or was it for show?

        1. Vague?

          Wait, you still think those 3 UA players you hate got nothing?


          You are a treasure, elite tiger.

          Those players missed more hours of practice and scrimmage alone than hours of clock in the football season as part of their punishment. If nothing else, that’s inherently a competetive disadvantage (unless you still really believe they were at those practices, I guess?)

          Nick Marshall hasn’t missed a second (at least not yet). Missing SEC Media Days isn’t what I would call a competetive disadvantage.

          When Marshall does go in, against freaking Arkansas, at home, he’s not going to feel punishment.

          Instead, he’s going to get the biggest, loudest celebration he’s ever had.

          He’ll get a standing ovation at Auburn this Saturday, and it will be ALL for him.

          That’s no punishment whatsoever.

          It’s actually kinda genius, isn’t it? “Benching” him looks like punishment, but it feels like an enormous, singular reward. Talk about punishment “for show,” huh?

          Good. Grief.

          1. Hours of practice? That was their punishment and you’re complaining about Marshalls? Hours of practice? Geez. He brought the hammer down on them.

          2. @peachy

            Aw, man. Did you really just suggest Marshall’s punishment is worse, like elite tiger?


            K, let’s follow your logic. The 3 suspended Alabama players missed a LOT of practice, Marshall missed nothing, and I was responding to elite tiger’s incessant comments that the Alabama players didn’t miss anything and that meriting some kind of recant here because of what Marshall missed…which was nothing.

            So instead, what if they only missed, say, ONE HOUR of practice. That sounds like nothing, right? But it’s something, at least. It’s a competitive disadvantage, correct? Maybe not a big one, but it’s bigger than Marshall’s, not smaller like we keep being told despite the data (cult, anyone?). Nick Marshall missed nothing, so there’s no disadvantage really at all.

            Now take all the hours of practice to prepare for a season. It’s never really enough, and you’d like it to be 12 weeks long, but how much do you think it is? One month, x practices, what, 180 hours?

            Because these players that elite tiger still believes missed nothing instead were suspended and punished out of enough practices to be a significant fraction of that total practice time, days, certainly more hours than game clock in the season itself. That’s greater than zero no matter what school you like. I can’t imagine what other punishment they got from a coach who’s known for being tough, but that’s incidental for the sake of the argument that Marshall “missed more.”

            Nick Marshall will instead get a solitary standing ovation on Saturday when he comes into the game. This “punishment” may be one of the most special moments of his life, 75,000 Auburn fans all cheering and clapping for Nick Marshall alone.

            It will be a moment he will never forget, and it definitely won’t feel like he’s being reprimanded.

            He’ll be celebrated, rewarded, like he gets so often after he does something wrong. I’m not the one complaining about the missed practice; I’m the one complaining that Auburn fans are saying Nick Marshall’s “punishment” is worse because the 3 suspended Alabama players got none, and both are inherently inaccurate.

            But just do what the cult wants, defend at any price, criticize those who don’t follow, and don’t think for yourself. Ah, a perfect fit.

          3. What we are saying is there is no real diffetence in the two. You complain about Nick, but not about your own little punishment. And so I can deflect, how do we know the 2 defensive line players were let back on because of an injury to AR? Now there probably is no connection, but if Jeremy Johnson had went down with an injury, and Nick Marshall was reinstated to start, that would be the mantra. But unlike what No Clue states, the media doesn’t question CNS like they should. Have they followed back up with DJFluker/ Luther Davis? No they haven’t and won’t, but that is Documented Paying Of A Player.

          4. @elite tiger

            That’s an awful lot of “if’s” and pointing at Alabama.

            Serious question, do you really think what you’re suggesting is true and that Alabama gets special treatment to pay players and cheat?

            I don’t complain about Marshall. Instead, I complained about you being completely convinced Marshall, who missed nothing related to actual football, instead missed more than the 3 suspended Alabama players, enough to insist on a recant. You can’t stop with it, and you keep insisting not only that nothing happened, but that Marshall missed more football. You can’t miss less than zero seconds of football.

            Also, who is “they?” What are you even trying to say? I know it’s completely off-topic and total deflection, but honestly. Think about it—-if it was that transparent, Alabama wouldn’t have a chance because it’s not just you who would desperately love to see Alabama go down and be taken out of the competition.

            Are you going to be there Saturday to cheer for Marshall with 70,000 other Auburn fans when he serves his “punishment?” The 3 Alabama players you can’t think rationally about won’t be getting their own standing ovations in Atlanta, but I’ll be there.

          5. I will try to answer your questions, though you will not like the answers. 1) Yes Alabama does get special treatment because Mark Emmert is CNS former AD, and both of them had a grade changing scandal while at LSU. Mark doesn’t want to answer those questions. DJ got money from former UA players, and all the NCAA says is, We don’t know where Luther Davis is, so nothing to see here. Clinton Dix gets paid by a coach, and nothing to see there either, not to mention Tom and his shenigans at University Mall.
            2) You do complain about that Marshall has lost nothing, while my original complaint about it was the remark ITK made that the 3 UA players would miss more playing( not practice) time than Nick would. It has proven out I was right, and he was wrong. Imagine that, this site being wrong on a story about Auburn? Talk about miracles. That has to be one. No wait, it would be a miracle if he got a story right. Since Marshall isn’t starting, he will miss seconds, minutes, a quarter, or a half of football. I know Bama fans have a problem with counting, but that sounds like more than zero to me.
            3) “They” are the sports media, who hardly ever stand up to CNS, though one did today. It is about time that when he gets on his media high horse that he is challenged. Nick thinks he is the only one who knows how the game is played. Here is a hint, there is more than one way to play football. But if he came out and decided another way is best, UA fans would lap it up like the cult you are. And he is your god. One of the main reasons the media doesn’t go after him more is, quite a few of them(ESPN and others are UA graduates.) Now that wouldn’t have anything to do with incessant praise articles about UA, and relentless hit pieces(NONE of which have proven to be 100% true, because if it isn’t 100% true, it is 100% a lie), about Auburn.
            4) No I won’t get to go to the game, though I would love to. I will watch every second of it, and none of the UA game. Family is more important than football. But since you complain about the UA players not getting the standing ovation Nick Marshall will get, I guess it is up to you to give them the proper respect they deserve. By the way, the guy for Auburn to get the loudest ovation won’t be Nick Marshall. It will be Shon Coleman who will start at left tackle, 3 years removed from nearly dying of leukemia. Now that is a player we should root for, regardless of what uniform he wears.
            I hope these answers are satisfactory. I have my deflector shield up just for you, and the entertainment value it offers.

          6. @elite tiger

            That was the best Auburn rant I’ve heard in a while. I don’t even know where to begin. It’s hard to type because I’m crying; tears of a clown.


            I always try to give Auburn the benefit of the doubt. All too often you can’t help but remind me just how foolish I am to do exactly that. Unreal. You don’t just think those things are all true, but you’re convicted to them like a devout vicar and will defend them like you know no better. It’s truly frightening.

            But I know I can’t change it, and I know Auburn’s leadership wouldn’t ever want to change it. You serve the empire well. I respect the degree you take your blind conviction to, but it is truly terrifying.

          7. Truth: 1) DJ Fluker got $45,500 from former UA players, including Luther Davis, 2) Hasean Clinton Dix got $500 from an assistant strength coach, and sat out 2 games as a result, 3) the 3 suspended UA players were reinstated before 1 down of football was played. This is before Nick Marshall has set out any playing time. So none of what I wrote is untrue. Truth is your friend. It will set you free. But you and others on here who are UA fans are strangers to it.

          8. @elite tiger

            You know what?

            The standing ovation Nick Marshall is going to get Saturday night for “punishment?”

            You deserve it.

            Now it’s “multiple” former UA players/agents who leeched into Fluker (but not UT, MSU, et al)?

            Now you’re saying Alabama’s punishments aren’t enough (again), even without giving any of them standing ovations?

            I start to think you’re not real, then you respond and remind me you are, and that you’re not alone, and I love you for that.

          9. It was multiple (2) players, and other schools were involved. The players are Davis and Phillips, don’t remember his first name. One UT player lost the rest of his college career, but none of the rest did. That is not right, no matter who or the schools in question. The great thing is the season has started. We can now talk about the game, instead of all this other stuff.

          10. Still wrong. I mean, just for starters, they didn’t even find out about it until 3 of the 4 players were already gone from college football, the one left was one of the two MSU players.

            But yes, college football is here. I’ll be at the Alabama game in Atlanta after strolling through the College Football Hall of Fame. Roll Tide.

        2. I don’t see it as Alabama at fault. It is the NCAA at fault. In our case they did an 18 month anal exam, and members of the press convicted us, though the holes in the story would have sunk the Titanic. In this case there are documented cancelled checks. Can’t get more solid on evidence than that. But the NCAA doesn’t approach this case with the same gusto as ours, or others. The press questioned little Nicky one day on it, and that was about it. Compare that to the relentless way they went after Chizik. And never once did he throw a temper tantrum like Nick did. Actually, Bama is somewhat at fault because of the culture that is fostered there, and that goes back at least to the 1920’s.And that culture of win at all costs will never change.
          For all that are traveling to games, regardless of who you root for, safe travels to the game and back home. We all can agree on that.

          1. That IS the difference though, isn’t it?

            I mean, what Cam Newton’s dad did wouldn’t have made Cam ineligible then….but it would following the rule created by the NCAA the month after Newton left Auburn.

            And Newton’s issue was being paid to determine where he would go to school. That’s not what the issue was with the players that were leeched by those agents. They were already there.

            It’s the same argument for the textbooks—–I don’t think any player in any sport went to Alabama over any other school because they knew they could get $291.55 from selling their free textbooks back, but it was a compliance issue because it wasn’t unknown. Fluker was.

            It gets even more ironic when you look at the timeline for Fluker alone (something tells me you didn’t look at Bray at all, but I still don’t understand the difference between your eligibility argument and what it meant to him leaving UT since 3 of 4 players were already gone) and how his draft stock skyrocketed in the year he was allegedly paid by these agents. What, did they pay him to stay or did he pay himself after the fact in exponential fashion?

            But don’t take my word for it. Read up. There are plenty of articles explaining why these teams shouldn’t (and didn’t) get buried for what happened with those agents, and the most important part being they simply didn’t do it.

            Otherwise Nick Marshall should be gone for pot. Not because it’s illegal, but because it was an impermissable benefit and Auburn should have known (how did he buy it, anyway?).

      2. I thought you had a top notch compliance department. How did they miss a player getting over 45 thousand dollars? There is the Reggie Bush case. The NCAA can get you after the player is gone, and in a lot of cases, that is the case.

        1. Because they didn’t know. I know you’re obsessed, but it’s not like he was flashing cash, buying cars, or his family was living well above their means like in the Reggie Bush case.

          The funny thing is you see it as Alabama is completely at fault, when the reality is the investigation was a benefit to make sure those particular leeches that nobody knew about until then are now tracked and banned from contact.

          It’s different from, say, the U of Miami thing where the one giving the impermissable benefits was giving a ton of them and got preferential treatment from university officials. That just didn’t happen here. I’m not going to argue all day because I know it won’t go anywhere, but still. Losing your eligibility, for example, doesn’t mean you didn’t have any. Think of all the players who leave early for the NFL draft. Good grief.

          You’re right about one thing though—–Alabama has a fantastic compliance department.

          1. You can’t lose eligibility if you have none left. You can leave early for the pros, and forfeit it, but it can only be taken away, if you still have any left.

          2. Google NCAA declares Tenn DT Couch permanently ineligible. In that story, he has to sit the REST of his College Career for him taking money from Luther Davis, former UA player. I know you can do it, but the question is, do you have the guts to read it, and then admit you were wrong? My bet is you don’t, but you never know. I know you think I am stubborn, and when it comes to the truth, you are right.

          3. Couch?

            Who said anything about Couch?

            I didn’t even know about his part, and I mentioned Bray (you didn’t notice?) but you came back with Couch to prove?

            Absolutely I’ll admit I didn’t know about Couch.

            Absolutely you missed what I said about Bray in the first place, and this conversation has gone on WAY too long for being so off-topic but you just can’t stop saying BAMA SHOULD DIE BECAUSE FLUKER or whatever it is, here, on an Alabama site.


            It says Couch got kicked out of football. Now THAT’S punishment, and without a standing ovation.

            Speaking of standing ovations, damn I can’t wait to be back in Atlanta again tomorrow. I can’t imagine missing a home game to start the season, but fortunately we’re always on the road, and I never miss it.

          4. Researched the story over the weekend. 3 of the 5 players had already left school( that does not prevent penalties to school from NCAA, I.e Reggie Bush and USC), and the other 2, 1 from MSU and UT still were eligible for the next season. The UT player was declared ineligible after the start of the season, and never played again. No punishment was given to the MSU player, though both did basically the same thing. So of the 3 schools involved, only one has gotten ANY punishment of any kind. That is not right. Either get all 3, or none of them.
            In a somewhat related item, it is strange, not really, that we still don’t know what NCAA rule Trey Depriest broke. If he played for AU, this site would have had multiple articles about what we get away with. But as is customary, not one single article ever on the subject.

          5. Wrong again.

            Good grief. You sure can hate.

            “So of the 3 schools involved, only one has gotten ANY punishment of any kind. That is not right. Either get all 3, or none of them.”

            Actually, none of the schools got in trouble.

            That was my point the whole time. You want to chastise Alabama alone, but the problem is none of the schools themselves were involved. Again, Miami U was giving all kinds of special treatments to the booster who was lavishing players and recruits in his fortunes. Reggie Bush’s family was living in a large house and way too far out of their price range not to notice for a star player, a Heisman winner, no less—-I know it was an hour from campus and there’s an arugment there for that, but none of that happened here and that’s why no school got the death penalty you seem to think they deserve.

            But there’s probably plenty of info on that side of the ball too. No more on this. Good grief. There’s actual football now.

          6. Tennessee ‘s defensive tackle LOST his senior season because of this, so they were the ONLY TEAM to be punished for this. I know you can’t admit you are wrong, but the facts say you are. No need to continue to beat a dead horse, because Bama fans think they do no wrong, and never have.

          7. Maybe you don’t realize what either one of us is saying?

            I said no school was in trouble. You want Bama to get the death penalty, but you just won’t even look. You are hilariously little-brother about all of this. A player got in trouble. No school did. Why? Don’t change the subject again, and don’t tell me I’m the one beating a dead horse—-you brought this up over a year after the fact just to spout your hate for Alabama, and it’s silly how much that hate clouds your judgement and ability to process the same information everyone else got.

  2. You left off the last one:

    Johnson beats Arky by hisself, wins 10 mo by hisself, hangs 50 on da Tahd by hissself, and Marshall is nevvah heard from agin. Role Tahd Role!

    (Spelling enhanced for easier comprehension (that means so you can understand it) by capstone readers)

    1. I feel sorry for anyone who has to endure your vain attempts at humor in person. At least we can stop reading after the first eight words, which I did. What a dumb post.

  3. I hope he plays every game. Auburn (the team) seems so full of themselves this year so far. Most Auburn fans seem to think that no one can stop Auburn’s offense. Never mind that 4 games last season could have easily been lost and Auburn lived off of that flukey play offense most of the season. But hey, they won the SEC when no one really gave them much of a chance. There won’t be any SEC teams overlooking them this year, that is for sure. Auburn has never had back to back 10 win seasons. Maybe this could be the year they do it. I just don’t think they will. Bama has enough talent on offense, regardless of the QB, to put up plenty of points. Now, does Auburn really have a defense capable of stopping a potent SEC offense? A lucky play against GA and Bama is in no means a dominating effort. Miss. State even had Auburn on the ropes, And the LSU game was over in the first half. I do know that Auburn better have a defense this year, because everyone is going to run the score up on them if possible.

    Bama overlooked Auburn after they beat LSU, and blew a double digit lead in the iron bowl. Of course they were humiliated. But Auburns 1 good season after the previous two doesn’t come close to comparing to what Bama has done in the past three years. The “Got a second?” thing is pretty funny though, even though it took Auburn over 2 freaking years to score an offensive point against Alabama. I have never seen Bama lose to Auburn 42-0 or anything remotely close to that. I think even the 6 in a row streak they had before Saban, margin of victory all added up, doesn’t come close to a 42-0 beatdown humiliation, two years in a row.

  4. So wait. Auburn the team is full of themselves or auburn fans are? Because that is a huge difference. The fans don’t play the game. So if they want to be full of themselves so be it. I don’t think auburn is unstoppable. I think they have to earn every win like every other team. Their schedule is extremely difficult so they probably lose a few. But that’s football. And if Bama overlooked auburn that’s on the coaches and players. Auburn had them on the ropes all game. U can’t say that one “lucky” play was the difference. It wasn’t lucky FYI. It was good coaching. He called timeout and put their best run back man back there just in case the kick fell short. Which it did. I don’t wear orange and blue glasses like many AU fans that post on here but I will say that auburn isn’t going to roll over or be worse this year. They probably won’t win them all buy they won’t get blown out and they will fight all season. The days of chizik are over. Malzahn has them trending upward. Finally.

    1. Jeremy Johnson is guaranteeing Marshall is going to win the Heisman. I think that says a lot about being full of themselves.

      You are right, that was Bamas coaches and players fault for overlooking Auburn. Auburn had them on the ropes all game? Bama had the lead for most of the game, and was fortunate to tie it up in the end. I know hindsight is 50-50 (like your old coach says) but if Bama lets the freshman kicker kick the short field goal instead of going for it on fourth and 1, Auburn isn’t coming back, two scores down and under 2 minutes to play. Poor coaching decisions for sure, and Auburn was ready for the kick. I don’t think it was the kick return that done it, Auburn had the momentum after finally tying the game, I don’t like Bamas chances in OT. The 4th and 1 call is the call that lost the game too me.

      A short pass that your receiver had ran past by 5 yards, that was tipped into his hands by a GA player was the reason you went to Atlanta. Incomplete pass there, and Bama goes, win or lose the Auburn game.

      So yeah, you had some luck. I didn’t say Auburn would be worse. I just said you can’t live off of luck. Auburn did last year, and if you can’t see it then thats cool with me. My opinion on that is just as viable as yours. Like I said, no one really gave Auburn a chance last year. After Bama beat LSU soundly, and after the way LSU handled Auburn, I think Bama took Auburn lightly. Bama got humbled for sure. I think it will be a different story this season though, Bama winning some much the previous years created a sense of entitlement. This years team doesn’t have that, nor the pressure of a “three-peat”.

      Like I said, your back up QB is guaranteeing a Heisman. Pretty bold statement.

  5. You damn right 2013 was all luck! Please continue to not only believe that , but telling anyone that will listen that the 2013 Auburn season had nothing to do with skill or coaching. I hope your football team believes that just as much as their fans do. That will make watching Auburn punch them in the mouth again that much sweeter. Who knew that all it took to crush a ” Dynasty ” was just a little luck? Another thing that i did not know was that the SEC is such a weak conference that you just have to be lucky to win it! If the REC knew that this luck thing was such a powerful tool , they would have never paid for that many Dodge Chargers.Hell lil Nicky better watch out ! Why continue to pay him millions when all you need is a 99 cent rabbits foot.

    1. I wouldn’t say it was ALL luck. I don’t think anyone’s saying that.

      I think the idea is that luck was the defining characteristic of Auburn’s success last season.

      Every team needs luck at some point to win a national title. Even FSU needed a fake punt to win the national title game.

      Alabama blocked two field goals to beat Tennessee and win the national title a few years ago.

      Alabama’s kickers, who were characteristically fantastic last year, made uncharacteristic mistakes in the Iron Bowl. Coaching, talent, trickery, being at home, they’re all contributors, but it’s hard to ignore how many more unforced mistakes Alabama made in that game compared to the rest of the season, such as missed short field goals that would have resulted in Alabama taking a knee to finish the season undefeated.

      Or if any one of the four last-minute wins for Auburn hadn’t happened, the Iron Bowl simply wouldn’t have mattered for Alabama’s title hopes. It’s not meant to sound like an excuse, but Ole Miss, TAMU, Georgia, Alabama, it was all pretty incredible because it was uncharacteristic, yet it happened so many times for Auburn last year that it BECAME characteristic of their season. Luck, fortune, “miracles,” whatever you want to call it, it wasn’t because they were outright dominant, right? Miracles were characteristic. You just need to learn to take it for what it’s worth. Yes, they were in a position to win because of those other things, but even Auburn’s leadership calls the Georgia win alone a miracle.

      For example, Alabama scored more points per game on average last season than any season before under Saban. As a matter of fact, Alabama’s average score has increased every year under Saban.

      But one last-second win over Alabama doesn’t mean Auburn “crushed” the dynasty. Yikes. Did you really just say that?

    2. @Damn that hurts

      Your coach is a high school, hayseed-nerd who runs a high school offense and owns just 20 wins in college.

      Ours is a four-time national champion closing in on 200 wins.

      Close doesn’t count, except for when you were conceived, apparently.

      So what were you saying again?

  6. Crushed the Dynasty ….yeah that’s about right. That is where ALL of the dynasty talk died. The word that has been associated with the bama program since the 2013 Iron Bowl is EXPOSED.

    Look, I know it is in your bammer code of ethics to never admit that a team beat you. You have to find some way to cope with getting your ass kicked. If throwing the term “luck ” out there makes you feel better about being on a losing streak, then please do what you need to do. As I said before, bama had it’s fair share of ” luck ” plays in the IB , but they just came up short. It is not luck that your stubborn coach kept making questionable decisions when the pressure was turned up. yeldon up the middle on 4th and one, keep throwing a kicker out there that was clearly shaken, and then trying the field goal ( with a freshman kicker ) instead of throwing a hail marry . Watch the replay of the game and even from the first offensive play for Auburn , you will see that saban and smart was not ready for what Gus hit them with. Wrong personnel on the field, blown coverages, etc etc. Auburn could/should have won that game by 2 TDs or more.

    1. Riiiiiight.

      @Damn that hurts

      By “Auburn could/should have won that game by 2 TDs or more” you mean it took an act of God and every break falling your way for it to happen.

      Glad to see we have new fans joining the ranks of watching football these days. There’s no other explanation to your stupidity. Get ready for the wake up call this year sister.

    2. You are a treat!

      I’m confused, why does Auburn call Auburn beating Georgia last year “the miracle at Jordan Hare?” It that Georgia making excuses, or Alabama? I’m very confused.

      Let me know when Auburn gets its second back-to-back ten-win season ever.

      Better yet, let me know when Alabama stops winning ten or more games a season. Because the last time Alabama won only 9 games, they won the next two national titles before being “exposed” by Auburn the next season.

      Where are all those 2015 recruits going to go now that Alabama has lost it all to Auburn?

      If you can’t talk about it, fine. Enjoy the win. I wouldn’t call the greatest surprise ending in college football history “getting our ass kicked” but still, Auburn won, Little Brother got to go lose to Florida State, it’s all great.

      I could answer each of the specific situations you mentioned, like the kicker making 57-yarders including since the spring, but why bother? It’s not like you’ll listen. The only thing you’ll listen to is the Iron Bowl, and Auburn won so NEENER NEENER Alabama is through, y’all won 49-0.

      Oh wait, that was us. Y’all won with a “miracle” (Auburn’s words, not mine).

      I’ll be there for the Iron Bowl. Can’t wait. Maybe this time we’ll take a knee to end the game with a field goal-sized margin and that will be an “ass kicking?”

      What it won’t be is the end of Alabama. Sorry, son.

  7. Mullet Nation,
    If you can’t see for yourself after the WV game that your team will get exposed by at least 3 teams in the west and maybe even Arkansas, then you are wearing blinders.

    No Qback is a bad situation to be in. Defense with Benedict Foster looked pathetic. I think Auburns 2nd string could beat the hell out of Bama.

    This year will be a great year to watch Tatoo and Gilligan fight on the sidelines.


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