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Alabama football: Nick Saban blasts irresponsible media

Welcome to Fall Camp members of the media. Alabama Crimson Tide coach Nick Saban has a message. The Alabama football coach is sick of false reports from the media and pseudo-media of the Internet. Saban blasted irresponsible media members who report and speculate without verifying the facts. “I don’t know where you guys get all […]

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Someone get Sports By Brooks a pair of glasses

I’ve always defended Sports By Brooks. But this was too funny not to share. (Source: here is the link to the original file on Brooks’ website.) Maybe some Auburn fans providing him all this lame information about Alabama football players’ sartorial elegance should buy Sports By Brooks a pair of glasses. That would help when […]

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Birmingham News in crisis

Pravda, err I mean the Auburn-Birmingham News announced a mandatory furlough plan for its employees. The newspaper reported the development on its online website According to the announcement, the “mandatory one-week furlough” is “for full-time workers.” This is a cost-cutting measure, the publisher said. According to the newspaper’s Auburn fan publisher said, “We have […]

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Looking for an Alabama radio show?

Tired of all the pro-Auburn radio in the state of Alabama? If so, then there just might be a new option for your listening pleasure—Tider Insider Radio. According to a post over at Tider Insider ($), “Tider Insider Radio begins tonight and will run each Wednesday night from 6-8. The show will be carried in […]

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Virgin Islanders hate Clay Travis too

Clay Travis knows how to piss people off. Just look at his record. Even Virgin Islanders hate the guy. From a 2005 blog, “In one ‘fabricated’ interview, Attorney Travis managed to refer to Virgin Islanders as illiterate, suggest Virgin Islands women as being the ugliest in the world, refer to the Virgin Islands as a […]

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Death by Finebaum

Ask Mike Shula how much fun being a target of Paul Finebaum’s criticism. Ask Bill Curry what it was like to be the target of Paul Finebaum’s wrath. Ask an Auburn fan what it is like to suffer the drip, drip, drip of bad news on the Paul Finebaum Radio Network. Simple answer: It isn’t […]

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Scooped again, and again and again

What is the difference between a newspaper, a failed lawyer turned writer and a good college football blog? Nothing. All three run photographs of players and then provide ominous interpretations of what these photographs mean. This is actually good for blogs and Internet sites. Not so good for a respected media outlet. While the NCAA […]

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Alabama football: Announcers named for radio, tv replay

Eli Gold remains the Voice of the Alabama Crimson Tide football team. Gold extended his contract as play-by-play man for the Alabama Crimson Tide through 2017, according to a statement from UA and Crimson Tide Sports Network. The official release is below: ELI GOLD TO REMAIN PLAY-BY-PLAY ANNOUNCER THROUGH 2017; CTSN ANNOUNCES 2011 FOOTBALL CREW […]

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The Birmingham News hates Birmingham now?

Remember the days when newspapers liked their community? Well the Birmingham News has forgotten that. While the newspaper sure loves Auburn, it doesn’t much care for Birmingham. One writer at the newspaper wants SEC Media Days moved out of the city to another location. Why? Because the wireless Internet sucks. This guy believes other venues […]

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Stewart replaces Dunaway on Nick Saban Show

WJOX Roundtable Host Jim Dunaway will no longer host the Nick Saban Show. Dunaway confirmed the move via twitter. Dunaway tweeted, “Congrats to Alabama hoop announcer @CStewartSports. His roll expands on the football broadcast this season. He will also host Nick Saban Show.” Chris Stewart will host the weekly Alabama football highlight show. The move […]

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REPORT: Everything is going just fine at Auburn!

How do Alabama newspapers stay in business? It isn’t through hard work and solid reporting. The state’s newspapers are routinely scooped by the New York Times and ESPN—see the Cam Newton scandal and the NCAA’s massive probe into Auburn recruiting irregularities ranging from South Florida to Louisiana to Tiger Prowl to Big Cat Weekend. The […]

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Alabama’s useless press

CBS Sports confirmed what everyone already knows—Auburn is under investigation for NCAA violations. According to CBS’ Dennis Dodd, “this is arguably the dirtiest era in NCAA history.” He explains there are many programs under scrutiny. And this includes Auburn. Dodd writes, “Auburn is being investigated on two fronts.” For those who closely follow NCAA sports, […]

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Where in the world is Auburn’s Jeffrey Lee?

The publisher of the Auburn website was missing from WNSP this morning. The radio station could not get in touch with the “journalist” who made serious allegations of cheating against Alabama fans and by implication the University of Alabama Crimson Tide. Mr. Lee broke the story on Thursday morning’s WNSP broadcast, and was […]

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Is Auburn’s Jeff Lee reporting pure garbage?

Is’s Jeff Lee putting out allegations that are pure garbage? Some people think so, or at least believe the claims are suspicious. Sports by Brooks: “Because the very basis of Lee’s claim is – by design – false, it’s impossible to view the veracity of Lee’s allegations as anything but, at least for now, […]

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No bias in the local media? Right.

What do you headline on your major news website on one of the busier days? A good story about Alabama’s basketball team in the NIT? The scandal rocking Auburn with allegations of student-athletes receiving illegal benefits like cash for sacks in the Iron Bowl? Of course not. If you are, a division of Advance […]

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Pac-10 gets greedy

According to a report, “The Pac-10, deep into its talks with ESPN and Fox, is seeking the richest media contract among all college conferences, according to industry sources.” Is it worth it? The SEC crowns its champion and the BCS game is just a formality; it is the coronation of the SEC with the college […]

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Ron Franklin’s big mouth

Many female sideline reporters are dumbasses. But that doesn’t mean you should treat them badly. Ron Franklin seems to have a problem understanding that. According to Sports By Brooks, Franklin engaged in a blowup with a female sideline reporter during a production meeting. According to the report, “As Gilmore, Cunningham and Franklin discussed the subject, […]

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Pot meet kettle

Auburn’s Izvestia, also known as Phillip Marshall, is outraged that some “fan” posed as a “reporter” and tried to influence the recruiting of a high school student. Welcome to the club! The “recruiting” sites have long been nothing more than fans of the respective schools they cover. The comedy in Marshall’s piece is worth reading. […]

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Some newspaper thoughts

First, congratulations to Lord Black on a small victory before the Supreme Court. Lord Black ran Hollinger and has faced some persecution by the US government over allegations he cheated shareholders. You can read more about the Supreme Court’s decision in a story below. But one important point about Black, he was a successful newspaperman. […]

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Scooped: Birmingham News beaten by NY Times

While the Birmingham News and its sportswriters were obsessing over Justin Knox and his transfer status, the New York Times was hard at work exposing an NCAA probe of alleged cheating in Birmingham. What went wrong? Why was the local paper scooped by a national publication? There are many reasons. However, the key point is […]

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The News doesn’t want to be the news

John Archibald believes “You have a right to know about News buyouts.” The Birmingham News disagrees. The Birmingham News is dying. They just don’t want you to know about it. So, the venerable (and pro-Auburn) newspaper buried the latest revelation about its decline; it suppressed a John Archibald column on the newspaper’s buyouts. The column […]

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Apple’s iPad gets rave reviews

From AFP: “This beautiful new touch-screen device from Apple has the potential to change portable computing profoundly, and to challenge the primacy of the laptop,” said the Wall Street Journal, calling it a ‘game changer’.” And this also from the AFP story you can read below: The New York Times similarly praised the tablet for […]

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UA grad & broadcasting pioneer Simmons dies

AP: Pioneering sports broadcaster Chester R. Simmons, who served as president of ESPN during the company’s launch in 1979, has died. He was 81. …Simmons was born on July 11, 1928, in New York City, and was raised in Ossining, N.Y., and Pawtucket, R.I. He earned a bachelor of arts degree in broadcasting from the […]

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Newspaper ad revenue plummets 44% since 2006

Circulation decline and ad revenue decline are the news for newspapers. Here is the latest from the AP: “Newspaper publishers’ ad revenue totaled $27.6 billion in 2009, down from $37.8 billion in 2008, according to the Newspaper Association of America. It’s the industry’s lowest ad volume since 1986, when sales totaled $27 billion, unadjusted for […]

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Stop reading the Birmingham News

Commentary by Alan Being number 1 is rough. Well maybe not. Sure you have to deal with the slings from rivals trying to catch you, but that is life. Also part of the life of a champion is dealing with a confrontational press. Those pompous pimps of positivism (aka those bums that work for Newhouse […]

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WJOX parent files for bankruptcy protection

AP: “Our business will continue as usual and the company will work to emerge from the restructuring process as quickly as possible,” CEO Farid Suleman said in a statement. Citadel has retained turnaround specialist Alvarez & Marsal North America LLC as its restructuring adviser. (read the entire report embedded in this post) Powered by Mochila

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Why I listen to Colin Cowherd and you should too

Colin Cowherd was an acquired taste. When I listened to the show a few times it didn’t seem interesting or useful; however, thanks to ESPNU’s simulcast, I gave the show an extended viewing. Cowherd covers the important issues in the major sports. If you obsess about stats then you probably won’t appreciate Cowherd. But if […]

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The Cecil Hurt Show improves

Cecil Hurt knows his football, but no offense, the show is far more watchable now with the addition of Rachel Baribeau—even if she did graduate from Auburn. You can see some nice photographs of Baribeau at SEC Media Days on her website.

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SI goes after coaches’ ballots

Sports Illustrated will file open records requests with 51 schools in a quest to see every single ballot submitted in the USA Today Coaches’ Poll, Sports Illustrated’s Andy Staples writes. (via Get the Picture). According to Staples, “We’re expecting to hear excuses as to why the ballots can’t be released. Some coaches may claim they […]

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Get your SEC news from Gannett or the AP?

Editor & Publisher reports the Associated Press and Gannett, owner of the Montgomery Advertiser and other papers in the SEC footprint including the Nashville paper and the Louisville Courier-Journal, have ordered their reporters not to sign the new SEC credential policy. One of the arguments against the SEC’s credential policy is prior restraint. According to […]

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