As mentioned here yesterday, some Auburn fans on the Internet complained that Paul Finebaum was allowed press credentials to the Auburn-Mississippi State game.

Not satisfied with an email campaign to ban the talk show host from campus, some Auburn fans increased their rhetoric this morning over at the Bunker (the Auburn Rivals website) to show how unwelcome Finebaum is.

BoddaGetta wrote on the message board: “Letting Finebaum in Jordan-Hare is the equivalent of letting Osama Bin Laden into the World Trade Center (probably a little extreme on the analogy, but you get my point).”

A little extreme? No kidding.

One guy is a mass murderer. The other guy has an opinion with which you disagree.

Not content to be left out of the hate rhetoric so often displayed in Alabama, SoldmysoultoSaban over at (the Scout Auburn website) went on the offensive against Finebaum caller Shane from Centerpoint: “Did Shane Corn really get media credentials… Will he need another pass for his iron lung?”

Classy. Make fun of a guy with lung cancer.

Every fan base has its crazies—see Harvey Updyke—but the rhetoric against a media personality shows just how crazy things have gotten for anyone asking questions about Auburn and its NCAA troubles.

All these hate posts raise the question: If Paul Finebaum is allowed back to Auburn, will he be safe at this year’s Iron Bowl?

71 thoughts on “Auburn fans escalate rhetoric against Finebaum”

  1. If Finebaum was unbiased, it wouldn’t be an issue. Finebaum has his nose stuck so far up Nicky Satan’s ass that everytime Satan sneezes, Finebaum farts!

    1. Kinda like every time Fulmer eats a donut, you post something stupid on a Bama site. Haha! I get it Vol, get ready for that beatdown in just a few more weeks.

  2. I doubt that trash will be back at JH. Why do you think Spirit went for the glass? lol I would hate to be the old woman sleeping with that thing gross Finebammer trash dont come back to Lee County if your smart.

  3. Memo for “Cow College” You do realize you are posting on a site that over 70% of its posts are about auburn ? Like I told all of you before you can tell when everything isnt so kosher in tuscalooser. Good ol itk starts letting the auburn stories t fly in the “nothing to see here” style he has made famous. 2 pissy wins over kent state and penn state with a 3rd coming in the form of north texas has still showed the world that the bammer offense isnt quite up to par. Then throw in the Carter fiasco , and Suit Gate refusing to die , and you have the reason why people like itk are trying to deflect attention to made up issues at Auburn. As far as “classless” when someone brings up Shane from centerpoint thats BS. The lung cancer was brought on by his decision to smoke for many years. Dont try to force feed everyone this “poor shane” story. He made the adult choice to be stupid and now his decision is bitting him in the ass. Do not try to paint Auburn fans as classless and heartless becasue they dont run out and buy this nut flowers after all of the years of bashing he has done to the Auburn Family and every other fan base and/or school that had bama on their schedule. He was trash then , and he is trash with cancer now. I do feel sorry for whatever Family he has because now they have to suffer and feel the loss that his death will bring because he was selfish and took his own life with his useless addiction.

  4. Previous poster is exactly right….lol…Old trash Shane playing the feel sorry for me card. Well you brought it all on yourself..And that goes for anyother person that smokes…drinks…drugs dont deserve to be on the earth..Another thing hint duh to finebammer trash…. Jay Jacobs doesnt want you there. Thats why hes responding to the emails to keep your ass our of JH stadium..Do us all a favor and keep your mouth shut about Auburn and steer clear…See ESPN knows when to drop the pay for play trash cuz nothing became of it. Finebammer just as well drop it. Hes the only one talking about it. I know one thing hes dam sure caused everyone in the Auburn Family to despise his ass. Go Tigers

  5. Updyke’s must be getting worried in T/Town, when they start worrying they start talking Auburn. The fact that this is posted in Capstone report is enough evidence that Finebaum is the Baghdad Bob of the Bama Nation.

    1. who has the biggest leper complex – aggies in tx or barners in alabama? which would u rather be if u had to be?

  6. LOVE how all the aubies feel compelled to defend the fambly at a UA site – especially the delusional ones like Mandy (Tammy). All the CR has to do these days is mention AU in a post, and the hits just keep coming. I’d put some trash about the aubs in my post every day just to get the hits CR gets from one little post. CR – you owe all the aubs a cut from your blog income!

    1. Amen. Somebody keep an eye on the unfortunate souls who celebrate at the tragedy of others. May wanna keep a camera handy too.

  7. You know I am an Auburn Alum and I will say this to anyone from any fanbase at any time. First of all Finebaum is like Professional Wrestling, ENTERTAINMENT and if you dont like him turn him off. Secondly, I feel it is horrendous to attack anyone with cancer or any other life threatening illness and third I have been an Auburn fan my entire life, and I am 42 years old so I have seen good times and very bad times, but the way people are acting about this I will quote Mike Donahue “Auburn People Dont Act This Way!” True there is a lunatic fringe in all fanbases, but I personally wish they all would just shut up!

    1. Auburn fans do act that way. Lots of them. The saddest part is Barntard U. has never won anything legitimate on the actual field of play without cheating their asses off.

      1. Scott Moore had audio tapes…………LIE got fired

        Danny Sheridan knows the “Bagman”……..LIE NCAA Crucified him.

        The only investigation concerning Cam Newton was at Mississippi State. That’s where the FBI is NOT AUBURN.

        I guess the iron bowl isn’t an “actual field of play” to you. Remember Auburn (the oldest football program in the state) has owned your little liberal arts school for the last 9 out of 11 years.

        1. Just glad you didn’t try the “last 25 years ploy”, but instead went with “9 out of 11.” Of course probation had nothing to do with your success in that span, right?

          To most Aubies football apparently didn’t exist in your illustrious history until 1982.

          1. To most Bama Necks, that probation you speak of had nothing to do with getting your cheating arses caught, did it?

  8. Hammah, ID rather be an Aggie. And Sgt Bill is really Pvt. Bill. And this Vol person should take his ass back to Sparta or Red Bank or where ever the hell he’s from. RTR

  9. Is Mandy really a barn fan or someone wanting to make the barn look bad? Also I see viles parents let him on the computer again

    1. No, I’m afraid Mandy is straight up Auburn. She’s been coming here for years, and her i.d. checks out as the same user each time. Really scary if you ask me. Even scarier that she likely has access to small children.

  10. Scott Moore had audio tapes…………LIE got fired

    Danny Sheridan knows the “Bagman”……..LIE NCAA Crucified him.

    The only investigation concerning Cam Newton was at Mississippi State. That’s where the FBI is NOT AUBURN.

    I guess the iron bowl isn’t an “actual field of play” to you. Remember Auburn (the oldest football program in the state) has owned your little liberal arts school for the last 9 out of 11 years

    1. But you have only won one in the past three years. Auburn won’t get two in a row on Saban, so after this season it will be 1 in 4 years. How are you gonna feel when Bama stomps you in the ground on their way to contend for yet another National Championship? Especially after last season. Just be proud your team helped motivate Bama this season. You won’t be rolling any trees on Harveys Corner this season after the Iron Bowl.

  11. EnviroFlunkie:

    AU won 8 of last 11. 6 of those 8 victories were over Dubose, Fran, and Shula. Where are those coaches now and what is your point?

  12. “AU won 8 of last 11. 6 of those 8 victories were over Dubose, Fran, and Shula. Where are those coaches now and what is your point?”

    And the architect of six of those victories (Tuberville) was unceremoniously dumped after losing ONE game to Saban.

    So truly, what is the point?

  13. only a moron expected the ncaa to confirm a leak …au has 6 separate investigations running in tx la ala fl ark and 7 on 7’s

  14. Good grief the ignorance on this site extends beyond what I thought was humanly possible. I find it particularly ironic that this and a previous blog has now confirmed that you guys are visiting AU message boards. Don’t you see the irony in that, particularly after all your derogatory comments about AU fans posting on this one? Let’s take pete4tide’s brilliant post, “All the CR has to do these days is mention AU in a post, and the hits just keep coming. I’d put some trash about the aubs in my post every day just to get the hits CR gets from one little post. CR – you owe all the aubs a cut from your blog income!” Hey pete, news flash. Your comment follows an blog that was obtained by visiting AU message boards!

    Hammah, let’s be honest for a second. There is absolutely nothing, and I mean nothing, that could be said or released by the NCAA that would lead you to conclude AU is innocent. That, my friend, is why you lack any credibility and will never be taken seriously. By definition, a theory must be falsifiable. The fact that yours is not indicates that it is nothing more than a pathetic wish.

    1. Good grief, so you really think anyone read anything you read beyond “Good grief…”?

      I sure didn’t.

  15. Regarding FB… AU alumni and fans are sick and tired of the unsubstantiated slander, innuendos, and blatant lies. Had FB been objective, regardless of his opinion, this would be a non-issue. The fact that he is on a crusade to hurt AU, however, is no longer acceptable to the AU family. Enough is enough.

    BTW, it has not been uncommon for UA to revoke/withhold media credentials from journalists that wrote or said something about UA. Of course, we probably shouldn’t consider that, right?

    1. FYI–YOUR BIASED PLEADING and marketing that white trash Auburn University will not work on this blog. Give it up. That crap school is not worth defending. BTW, U.S. Business & World Report had UA ranked 75 and Auburn ranked 82 in the latest list of top Universities. I’m sure you’ll find some whine for your cheese on that one. Since you guys compare your farts to ours, I thought I’d throw that in there. Now, be the good Christian that false prophet Chizik wants you to be, and take your clown circus somewhere else.

  16. I’ve seen the cease and desist letter from butler snow law firm concerning the Scott moore tapes! Phil abernathy signed it!!! The moore tapes do exist!

  17. Itk if you don’t have the file of the cease and desist letter from butler snow to Scott moore send post an email I can send it to and you can post it on here for our little awbs to gawk at and explain away!

  18. Auburn’s record over Alabama since 1983 is 16-12. 7 of those victories came over those 2 icons, Mike Shila and Bill Curry. Take those games away, Bama is 12-9. Since AU wants to erase 25 years of the best coach in college football, I’m taking away 7 years of mediocrity. And, NO, NO ONE outside the redneck Auburn fanbase thinks Curry and Shula’s 10-win fluke seasons are good Alabama teams

    1. It is what it is. Sure, over a segmented portion of the history, Auburn has beaten Bama more. But in that same portion, Bama has more National Championships and SEC Championships. But no excuses, Auburn beat Bama on the field, whether it be bad coaches, probation, whatever. But so did a lot of other teams in that time frame, so it wasn’t like Auburn did anything special. Of all those times they beat Bama, how many of those seasons really produced any kind of real championship? All I can say is most of us Bama fans count National Championships and SEC Championships as fine accomplishments and our expectations are based on this. Auburn, on the other hand, is Beat Bama and roll Harveys Corner. That’s it. There is extreme pressure on the Auburn side to beat Bama. That is their high expectation, every year. Why? Because Bama beat that ass so much and has actually won multiple NCs. If chizik drops the next two to Bama, watch the Auburn fans quickly turn on him.

      1. The auburnites favorite word: Since.

        Seems like all we hear from the auburnecks is the cow college’s accomplishments SINCE 1982. Did football begin at API in 82? NO, but to try to potrait dominance, they “cherry pick” the series to make themselves feel justified. Example: BAMA has won 2 of the last 3. See my point? Has API won more since “82”? Sure, but BAMA also went through the worst years in UA football history during this time. Everyone knows that Moo U hangs their hat on the iron bowl, nothing else matters to them.

        Alabama Football: auburn’s measuring stick SINCE 1892

    2. Not that I want to start a fight or anything but here is what amazes me: Everytime anyone brings up pre-1982 it only talks about the great coach at Alabama. No one ever mentions the 4 years of the worst coach in college football history or the probations at Auburn. If as you say Auburn beat mediocre coaches in Curry, and Shula and those are 7 years of mediocrity then I dare say from 1973-1981 Bear Bryant beat won all those games against the same type of competition. So bottom line is this you cant take away the history of games played. Auburn is never going to win every game nor is Alabama, but there are some people who are delusional that think their team has never lost a game only cheated by one thing or another,

      1. You are right. If it is won on the field, it counts. If you didn’t win, then you just have a bunch of excuses. That being said, Bama has had the longest streak (9), and the overall record head-to-head. So if you are going to count one, you have to count them all. Auburn may have the edge in the recent past, but it is a small portion of the overall history. I would say now is the most competitive I have seen the Iron Bowl in my lifetime, and I also think Bama has the edge right now. Can Auburn keep up? Well, now, that has been the question all along now hasn’t it?

  19. Memo to all Auburn fans: Dont hate Finebaum!!! He has done more to show the nation just how phucked up bammer nashun is than any other media source could come close to! He gives idiots like Shane, Jim, Legend, etc a forum to sprew ignorance every day. Imagine what a a person from the west coast or the north east thinks the first time they hear “rawl tuhd pawwwl”!! also AU4LIFE just hit the nail on the head. Like I posted on here a while back there is only 3 or 4 coaches in bama history that have winning records against Auburn. There is only 2 that won their final game against Auburn. Even Bear went out a loser!

    1. No, Bear went out a winner. Alabama 21 Illinois 15. You see, life doesn’t revolve around one game a year for us like it does for the cow college.

      Jordan’s last iron bowl = L
      Barfield’s last iron bowl = L
      Dye’s last iron bowl = L
      Tubberville’s last iron bowl = L

      Grow up auburnite. You’re on a BAMA website trying to talk smack. You have serious issues…

  20. Same could be said for Alabama:

    Bryant last Iron Bowl- L
    Perkins last Iron Bowl-L
    Curry last iron Bowl-L
    Dubose- last Iron Bowl-L
    Franchione- last Iron Bowl-L
    Shula- last Iron Bowl-L

    Bowden. last Iron Bowl-W

    Basically, all but Stallings and Bowden over the past 35 years for both schools have lost their last Iron Bowl and their job. You might say there is a lot of emphasis placed on that game…LOL

    1. Losing the Iron Bowl has had more of an effect on Auburn coaches than Bama coaches. Bama didn’t fire Curry. He left on his own. Dubose was fired for a 3-8 record. Franchione wasn’t fired, he was doing a good job, and cashed it in for Texas A&M. Shula was fired for his overall record. Perkins wasn’t fired, he left for the NFL. Bryant, now you should know better than to imply that over the man that dominated and humiliated Auburn for such a long time.

      Dye lost his last game against Bama. What was he fired for again?
      Tuberville lost his last game against Bama. Why did he leave again? Yella Fella knows.
      Why was Terry Bowden fired?

  21. We need to string out this Cam/Cecil Newton controversy as long as possible because it hurts A-Barn right where they are cheating- recruiting. They will lose 4-5-6 top recruits for each year this is going on. $100,000-200,000 is a lot of money for a poor kid but the dark cloud of probation (or worse) will drive at least some of them away.

  22. You stupid inbred shytbag. Nearly all those Bama coaches were losers to begiin with, while the Barnturd coaches were your best. As for 4 Bama coaches with winning records against you, once again you’re cherry picking. 3 of our best coaches never played the Barnturds because the series was suspended. And the difference in Bryant winning against some mediocre coaches is that because he kept stomping yourazzes you couldn’t keep a coach more than a few years, while the mediocre Bama coaches were caused by Bears sudden death and the administrations stupidity in hiring bumblebuts. If they would have just sprung for the money to hire Bobby Bowden or Howard Schenellenberger or such, then the past two decades would have been exactly opposite. And there wouldn’t have been any Antonio Langham or Mike Dumbose and therefore no probation or Barnturd winning record “since” ’82. So phuckoff inbred mullet retards. The football world is changing around your heads and Tuscaloosa is the center of it! RTR!

    1. Did you do any research before you posted that? Seriously, Shug was at AU before Bryant went to Tuscaloosa and retired in 1975. Barfield was the whipping boy for all SEC programs and then Pat Dye Coached against Bryant 2 times and was 1-1,

      I am thrilled when AU fires a coach for not doing his job. I would have fired Tommy Tuberville, long before, check that I would have never hired TOMMY TUBERIVILLE!
      Part of their job is to win the SEC and recruit, Bowden never did it, Tuberville quit doing it and as for Dye. lets just say I a 1991 Alumnus who has not gone to a game in Jordan-Hare since it was named Pat Dye Field!

      I do love it when faced with facts you result to name calling. Let me tell the real reason Auburn has evened the record with Alabama, the real reason the Boise State’s of the world are relevant and the REAL reason there will never be one dominant program ever is again is Scholorship Limits. Have a nice day.

  23. Shane may have said alot of idiotic things in his time, but the smartest thing I ever heard him say was that the word AUBIE is actually an acronym: ALWAYS UNDER BAMA IN ENVY. That has clearly played out with the responses to this blog.

  24. You can argue with Auburn fans all day long nut once the next story pops up, FYI, Capstoner, and all the rest of the Auburn hillbilly, fake Christians will come on here and attempt that same BS, “since 1982 ALL OVER again and we’ll just have to start smacking them down with true facts all over again. Roberta Garrard will still be giving directions to his daughter’s house and FBJ Lives will still be talking smack and running like a little girl away from real man challenges. And, I’m going to keep enjoying that and investigating Auburn until their fanbase gains a foothold in ethics and general morality

  25. Oh, I almost forgot, Mandy, the Auburn whore, will still be getting her fill of cream soda all the while attempting to put down others.

    1. RC ….The Bahr sure would be proud of how “classy” you are.

      Don’t bother trying to retaliate with the ubuquitous “well look at how classless the auburn fans are”. Even if that were true ….2 wrongs don’t make it right. Also ..if it were true …Bahr wouldn’t want you to stoop to their level.

      You may be a nasty redneck, but at least pretend that you have the “class” that Bahr tried to instill. Once again ….putting down Auburn fans …ain’t “classy”.

  26. RC ….Oh wait!!! …what happened to the hammer falling on Auburn on August 31, 2011?

    I’ve been down with a bad back for a while and forgot to come back on here to check and see what your latest spin against Auburn is.

    Sooooooo … …when is the next “deadline”. Just call your “buddy” and ask him.

    Notice how you aren’t hearing any more anti-Auburn rumors? That’s because now that the football season has started, the REC doesn’t have to worry about keeping you rednecks occupied hating Auburn instead of lamenting 28-27.

    I bet some of you arrogant bozos already have reservations in New Orleans.

  27. Once again, AU4LIFE, Bear Bryant was 13-5 vs. Shug Jordan (1958-75), 5-0 vs. Barfield (76-80) and 1-1 vs. Dye (81-82). Shug Jordan coached at AU from 1951-75. Bryant coached at UA from 58-82. YES I DID MY RESEARCH

    I have no tolerance for ppl like AU fans who claim to be Christians and post garbage about UA. If those are examples of Christians, I would think non-believers would take a chance in hell.

    FBJ, stop talking and be a man. I’ll be waiting when you decide. Your woman must like shemales

    1. Soooo explain your quote: “And the difference in Bryant winning against some mediocre coaches is that because he kept stomping your azzes you couldn’t keep a coach more than a few years” So 18 years and 7 doesnt really make sense but such is life.

  28. In the last four years about 70% of Alabama’s signees have been Four and Five star recruits. For Auburn it’s only 40%.

    Soon Alabama will be dominating this series as they did in the past-

    1960s (8-2)
    1970s (8-2)
    1990s (7-3)

  29. Hoopie,

    I’m glad I’m in your head. It’s coming. My source told me to stop dropping info

    barfield only coached at AU 5 years, dimwits. Shug was impotent around Bear going 5-13. I guess when the Phenix City mob was run out of town in ’56, he lost his edge

  30. Moron, that wasn’t RC who said that, it was me and I’ll stand by it. Besides I was referring to a dumbazz statement made by one of your Barnturd bretheren or maybe even you. Shug was hardly a feeble old man when he retired. If he hadn’t been an icon at Awbie you can bet your azz he would have been fired long before ’75 because of his record against Bear. Barfield was fired for his record against Bear. Dye eked out a win against Bears last and mediocre team and then proceeded to give Awbie the best teams money could buy to try and keep up with the Joneses. His subsequent apprentice, Terry The Smurf Bowden didn’t have much better luck than Barfield even though Dye was still there buying players. Yessir, Alabama ran off a lot of your coaches including, finally, Tubberville. And we will run off CheezeDick too. But when all is said and done, our best coach beat your best coach 13-5 and had a 9-0 run. RTR!

    1. Wow you really have a distorted view of reality. My entire point of coming here was to say I dont hate Finebaum and for the delusional fans to mock anyone for having cancer is really just a horrible testament to a sad life.

      Now lets go watch football.

  31. to the poster “roll tahd”….out of that so called “70%” of 4 and 5 star recruits how many of them are still on bama’s campus/team? If you go back and look there has been quite a few BIG TIME recruits vanish from the bama football program. So now we are suppose to give bama credit for something else they really dont have? Damn isnt it enough that you claim 13 NC’s ? LOL typical bammers.

  32. “…out of that so called “70%” of 4 and 5 star recruits how many of them are still on bama’s campus/team?…”

    How many of Awbarn’s 40% are now in JAIL?


  33. The level of obsession that bammers have with Auburn cracks me up. I grew up in a bammer family and once I realized the bammer nation was a bunch of classless, third grade, sidewalk alumni I began bleeding orange and blue. I saw the light! I saw the light! See you in November, losers.

  34. The best thing about this wonderful website is not the first class journalism, but being able to watch the way you sidewalk, third-grade alumni bammers fight amongst each other. It’s comedy gold.

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