Another draining Alabama-LSU game

By Hunter Ford

It was just another typical Alabama-LSU game; two old school football teams playing smash-mouth football to the bitter end.

Well, a bitter end for LSU.  The Tigers were hoping that a win over the Tide would give them a case to be considered for the College Football Playoff.  Now, with three losses, that dream is certainly shattered for the Bayou Bengals.

Alabama is in a much better position, although the Tide cannot afford to stumble. Alabama will face number one-ranked Mississippi State next week in Tuscaloosa.

One thing about the Alabama-LSU game over the recent years is it tends to suck the life out of Alabama.  Alabama lost to Texas A&M in Tuscaloosa in 2012 after an emotional win at Baton Rouge.  After another hard fight with LSU, Alabama struggled against Mississippi State in a win in Starkville, last year. This year’s Bulldogs will certainly be tougher, so the Tide can’t afford a poor performance.

If the Tide gets past State, it will have a scrimmage against Western Carolina before taking on a capable Auburn team that was relegated to the role of spoiler in a loss at Auburn to Texas A&M.

Alabama has been dominant in its home games this season.  The loss at Ole Miss, the close win at Arkansas, and now the LSU game, were all nailbiters.  It even struggled during the Tennessee game, at times, letting the Vols go on a run in the second half, after building a big lead.  With all three remaining regular season games being played in Tuscaloosa, I hope the “at-home domination” trend continues.

It was a nice sight to see an Alabama kicker connect on a game-saving field goal, instead of sinking the Tide with a miss. Adam Griffith did doink a short one earlier in the LSU game, but he finally came through with the biggest kick of his career since last year’s attempt at the end of the Iron Bowl.  Perhaps the monkey is finally off the back of the kicking game.

Auburn finally had its day of reckoning with the forces of luck. Perhaps that trend will continue when it visits Georgia, and a deflated three-loss Auburn squad will limp into Tuscaloosa with a confidence deficit..

I watched the classic fantasy-comedy movie The Princess Bride over the weekend. Watching the Alabama-LSU game reminded me of the life sucking torture device used on Westley in the movie.

Hopefully, Alabama won’t need a miracle pill to recover from this draining game. It still has the number one team, its biggest rival, and maybe an SEC Championship game to play before it can even think about the College Football Playoffs.

Have fun storming the castle!