Descent-of-Jameis-WinstonITKJameis Winston has to be the dumbest human alive. There’s no doubt he loves the sound of his own voice, not to mention the sight of himself in the media. But the young man from Hueytown, Alabama simply cannot avoid the headlines.

The latest allegation may be what finally does him in because it involves a federal crime across state lines. Winston finds himself associated with a point shaving scandal involving an old high school teammate and a bookie here in Alabama. We’ll see. But only Auburn University can walk away from the number of accusations with teeth that Winston has faced.

TMZ is reporting that Winston tanked the 1st half of the FSU vs. Louisville game on October 30th after Chris Rabb, a high school teammate and friend, allegedly placed a bet for Louisville to be winning at halftime. After easily Winston’s worst 1st half performance of his career, Louisville led 21-7.

Another source goes into further detail, showing screen shots of Winston’s shared gambling account with Rabb, as well as more in-depth accounts of how word leaked out that he was on the take.

The bottom line is this: I’m really, really, really glad Winston chose Florida State over Alabama. But my glee is second only to him choosing Florida State over Auburn. Because then we’d have to hear Auburn fans defending him to the death, regardless of right, wrong or truth. Nobody worships their players like barners, or defends them blindly, though the players’ hands be covered in blood.

But if you are a Florida State fan, you have to be ready for this clown show to leave town. Somewhere Johnny Manziel is watching this saying, “Dude. What an idiot.” Well, either that or you’re one of the many outspoken Seminole football fans we’ve heard, where it’d take Winston throwing a flaming spear through the eye of a six-year-old on camera for them to alter their opinion of his innocence. And even then those fans would want multiple camera angles to prove it. Again, glad he isn’t at Auburn.

Point shaving is a serious crime that can carry a sentence of up to five years in federal prison. And, unlike the rape case, Jaboo isn’t dealing with local authorities who want the ‘Noles to do well. At last check the FBI collectively doesn’t give a crap about Florida State football. I know I, for one, am ready for him to pay. For something. Anything. Crab legs. What he might have done to an unconscious coed. Or just his sheer stupidity. The young man is simply an unlikeable character, from whom society likely needs protection.

At the time of this article, efforts to reach Seminole head coach Jimbo Fisher were unsuccessful, but it’s believed that Fisher thinks Winston…despite a rape accusation, ongoing student review, theft of property, public obsenities, strong suspicion of money received for autographs, and now point shaving…is “a fine young man.” Lord help us if he ever joins ISIS.

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7 thoughts on “Will latest accusation of point shaving finally do Jameis Winston in?”

  1. How the hell did you and Cap come to be a National Sports Headline on my Cricket/AT&T/HTC News, Sports and Weather App? Are you shitting me, or is this legitimate. If there’s even an ounce of truth to it, Jaboo should never suit up again for FSU. Damn!

    1. Crimsonite, I can’t answer your first question. But your second question, yes, at least those are the allegations. It’s gonna be mighty hard for him to skate this one. Now, I’d still expect FSU to go Auburn 2010 and play him until they’re forced not to, but unlike Auburn, the administration will probably do the right thing eventually and take him off the field…that’s what happened when he was forced to sit the whole Clemson game.

      It’s just gotten to ridiculous proportions in Tallahassee, and eventually you get to the point that it’s just downright embarassing for your program to let him keep suiting up.

  2. I think they get hammered in February. All they’ve been able to do all year (actually, the last two years) is delay the inevitable including trials, meetings and penalties. Winston won’t care when he’s declared ineligible because he’ll be gone and won’t return for his senior season like he promised, n9ot that FSU’s boosters want him to return necessarily (nor do I think Winston’s word ever carried more weight than a cold fart).

    1. I wouldn’t pit them against CNN, but at the same time they’re far from the Enquirer. No UFO, Big Foot or Elvis stories. What they report usually fleshes out to some extent.

  3. Wow, just wow!! And Rabb is a linebacker at UAB?

    Saw where UAB is investigating Rabb’s part

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